Technical Reports - 2007

Estimating Haplotype Frequencies from Genotypes of Pooled DNA (EECS-2007-180)
Bonnie Kirkpatrick

Using GPUs to Accelerate the Bisection Algorithm for Finding Eigenvalues of Symmetric Tridiagonal Matrices (EECS-2007-179)
Vasily Volkov and James Demmel

Fully Distributed EM for Very Large Datasets (EECS-2007-178)
Jason Wolfe, Aria Delier Haghighi and Daniel Klein

On a Cut-Matching Game for the Sparsest Cut Problem (EECS-2007-177)
Rohit Khandekar, Subhash A. Khot, Lorenzo Orecchia and Nisheeth K. Vishnoi

Readout Techniques for High-Q Micromachined Vibratory Rate Gyroscopes (EECS-2007-176)
Chinwuba David Ezekwe

Collaborative Platform for DFM (EECS-2007-175)
Wojciech Jacob Poppe

A Framework for Compositional Design and Analysis of Systems (EECS-2007-174)
Arindam Chakrabarti

Using the Web as an Implicit Training Set: Application to Noun Compound Syntax and Semantics (EECS-2007-173)
Preslav Ivanov Nakov

Stirling Engines for Low-Temperature Solar-Thermal-Electric Power Generation (EECS-2007-172)
Artin Der Minassians

Predicting Protein Molecular Function (EECS-2007-171)
Barbara Elizabeth Engelhardt

OTFT-based DNA Detection System (EECS-2007-170)
Qintao Zhang

Compact Modeling of Nanoscale CMOS (EECS-2007-169)
Chung-Hsun Lin

Rethinking the Minimum Distance: Channels With Varying Sampling Rate and Iterative Decoding of LDPC Codes (EECS-2007-168)
Lara Dolecek

Building Reliable Voting Machine Software (EECS-2007-167)
Ka-Ping Yee

Composing and Validating Orthogonal Concerns and Heterogeneous Models (EECS-2007-166)
Guang Yang

P4P: A Practical Framework for Privacy-Preserving Distributed Computation (EECS-2007-165)
Yitao Duan

Streaming source coding with delay (EECS-2007-164)
Cheng Chang

CMOS Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications (EECS-2007-161)
King Chun Tsai

Microwave and mm-Wave CMOS Low Noise Amplifiers (EECS-2007-160)
Ehsan Adabi Firouzjaei and Ali Niknejad

Autonomous Jumping Microrobots (EECS-2007-159)
Sarah Elizabeth Bergbreiter

SNSP: a Distributed Operating System for Sensor Networks (EECS-2007-158)
Jana Van Greunen

Spatial Modeling of Gate Length Variation for Process-Design Co-Optimization (EECS-2007-157)
Paul David Friedberg

Cognitive Radios: System Design Perspective (EECS-2007-156)
Danijela Branislav Cabric and Robert W. Brodersen

The source coding game with a cheating switcher (EECS-2007-155)
Harikrishna R Palaiyanur, Cheng Chang and Anant Sahai

Two Multi-Terminal Communication Problems: Distributed Estimation and Source-Channel Broadcast (EECS-2007-154)
Vinod Prabhakaran

Fluid Animation from Simulation on Tetrahedral Meshes (EECS-2007-153)
Bryan Eric Feldman

Model Selection Through Sparse Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Multivariate Gaussian or Binary Data (EECS-2007-151)
Onureena Banerjee

Scheduling and Fairness in Multi-hop Wireless Networks (EECS-2007-150)
Ananth Rao

Task Allocation and Scheduling of Concurrent Applications to Multiprocessor Systems (EECS-2007-149)
Kaushik Ravindran

Modeling and Software Tools for Freeway Operational Planning (EECS-2007-148)
Alex A. Kurzhanskiy

Generic Programming and Proving for Programming Language Metatheory (EECS-2007-147)
Adam Chlipala

A Convex Upper Bound on the Log-Partition Function for Binary Graphical Models (EECS-2007-146)
Laurent El Ghaoui

Black-Box Complexity of Encryption and Commitment (EECS-2007-144)
Hoe Teck Wee

Distributed Segmentation and Classification of Human Actions Using a Wearable Motion Sensor Network (EECS-2007-143)
Allen Yang, Roozbeh Jafari, Philip Kuryloski, Sameer Iyengar, S. Shankar Sastry and Ruzena Bajcsy

Generating Surface Crack Patterns (EECS-2007-142)
Hayley Nicole Iben

Comparative and Evolutionary Analysis of Cellular Pathways (EECS-2007-141)
Manikandan Narayanan

Optimizing Partitioned Global Address Space Programs for Cluster Architectures (EECS-2007-140)
Wei-Yu Chen

Heterogeneous Composition of Models of Computation (EECS-2007-139)
Antoon Goderis, Christopher Brooks, Ilkay Altintas, Edward A. Lee and Carol Goble

End-User Service Composition in Ubiquitous Computing Environments (EECS-2007-138)
Mark Webster Newman

Privacy Preserving Joins (EECS-2007-137)
Yaping Li and Minghua Chen

Report on the Pvote security review (EECS-2007-136)
Ka-Ping Yee

The Weiner Lecture Archives : An Ontology-Driven Interface for Viewing Synchronized Lectures and Notes (EECS-2007-135)
Gene Zhang, Sean Carr, Sameer Iyengar, Hava Edelstein, Albert Liu and Dan Garcia

Modeling Cloth from Examples (EECS-2007-134)
Ryan White

Implementation of Real-Time Distributed Discrete-Event Execution with Fault Tolerance (EECS-2007-133)
Thomas Huining Feng and Edward A. Lee

Probabilistic Reachability for Stochastic Hybrid Systems: Theory, Computations, and Applications (EECS-2007-132)
Alessandro Abate

CPO Semantics of Timed Interactive Actor Networks (EECS-2007-131)
Xiaojun Liu and Edward A. Lee

A Methodology and an Open Software Infrastructure for Constraint-Driven Synthesis of On-Chip Communications (EECS-2007-130)
Alessandro Pinto, Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and Luca Carloni

Tutorial: Building Ptolemy II Models Graphically (EECS-2007-129)
Edward A. Lee and Stephen Neuendorffer

Reducing Network Energy Consumption via Rate-Adaptation and Sleeping (EECS-2007-128)
Sergiu Nedevschi, Lucian Popa, Gianluca Iannaccone, Sylvia Ratnasamy and David Wetherall

On the Off-Label Use of Outer Approximations: An External Active Set Strategy (EECS-2007-127)
Hoam Chung, Elijah Polak and S. Shankar Sastry

Reinforcement Learning in Large or Unknown MDPs (EECS-2007-126)
Ambuj Tewari

Refinement-Based Program Analysis Tools (EECS-2007-125)
Manu Sridharan

Learning Mixtures of Distributions (EECS-2007-124)
Kamalika Chaudhuri

Avoiding Communication in Computing Krylov Subspaces (EECS-2007-123)
James Demmel, Mark Frederick Hoemmen, Marghoob Mohiyuddin and Katherine A. Yelick

Stochastic Omega-Regular Games (EECS-2007-122)
Krishnendu Chatterjee

Improving Dependability of Commodity Operating Systems with Program Analysis (EECS-2007-121)
Feng Zhou

Finitary Winning in \omega-Regular Games (EECS-2007-120)
Krishnendu Chatterjee, Thomas A. Henzinger and Florian Horn

D-Trigger: A General Framework for Efcient Online Detection (EECS-2007-119)
Ling Huang

Methods and Devices for Optical and Electrical Metrology with Application to Phase-Shifting Interferometers, Torsional Microstructures, and Levitated Accelerometers (EECS-2007-118)
David G Garmire

Dependent Types for Safe Systems Software (EECS-2007-117)
Jeremy Paul Condit

A Usability Study of Doppelganger, A Tool for Better Browser Privacy (EECS-2007-116)
Chris K. Karlof and Umesh Shankar

Automated Mapping for Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Embedded Systems (EECS-2007-115)
Abhijit Davare

Identity-based routing (EECS-2007-114)
Matthew Chapman Caesar

Implementing Certified Programming Language Tools in Dependent Type Theory (EECS-2007-113)
Adam Chlipala

Actor-Oriented Programming for Wireless Sensor Networks (EECS-2007-112)
Elaine Cheong

Learning in decentralized systems: A nonparametric approach (EECS-2007-111)
Xuanlong Nguyen

The Complexity of Stochastic Müller Games (EECS-2007-110)
Krishnendu Chatterjee

Closing the Gap between Bandit and Full-Information Online Optimization: High-Probability Regret Bound (EECS-2007-109)
Alexander Rakhlin, Ambuj Tewari and Peter Bartlett

A CMOS Biosensor for Infectious Disease Detection (EECS-2007-108)
Turgut Sefket Aytur

EFLoW: End-to-end Fairness using Local Weights (EECS-2007-107)
Ananth Rao and Ion Stoica

High-Speed Rapid-Single-Flux-Quantum Multiplexer and Demultiplexer Design and Testing (EECS-2007-106)
Lizhen Zheng

Markov Decision Processes with Multiple Long-run Average Objectives (EECS-2007-105)
Krishnendu Chatterjee

Tetrahedral Mesh Generation with Good Dihedral Angles Using Point Lattices (EECS-2007-104)
Francois Labelle

Mechanisms to Tolerate Misbehavior in Replicated Systems (EECS-2007-103)
Byung-Gon Chun

Tunable Optical Microresonators with Micro-Electro-Mechanical-System (MEMS) Integration (EECS-2007-102)
Jin Yao

Ultra Low Power Clock Generation (EECS-2007-101)
Asako Toda and Jan M. Rabaey

On Algorithms for Technology Mapping (EECS-2007-100)
Satrajit Chatterjee

Feature Selection in Face Recognition: A Sparse Representation Perspective (EECS-2007-99)
Allan Y. Yang, John Wright, Yi Ma and S. Shankar Sastry

Learning Local Distance Functions for Exemplar-Based Object Recognition (EECS-2007-98)
Andrea Lynn Frome

Siddharth Jain

Jitter Reduction on High-Speed Clock Signals (EECS-2007-96)
Tina Harriet Smilkstein

Image registration and statistical analysis for quantitative in vivo spin-lock magnetic resonance imaging of the intervertebral disc response to compression (EECS-2007-95)
Joey Ann Kimdon

Privacy in Camera Networks: a Technical Perspective (EECS-2007-94)
Marci Lenore Meingast, Sameer Pai, Stephen Wicker and S. Shankar Sastry

Practical Distributed Source Coding and Its Application to the Compression of Encrypted Data (EECS-2007-93)
Daniel Hillel Schonberg

BORPH: An Operating System for FPGA-Based Reconfigurable Computers (EECS-2007-92)
Hayden Kwok-Hay So and Robert W. Brodersen

Wireless Sensor Networks for High Fidelity Sampling (EECS-2007-91)
Sukun Kim

An External Active-Set Strategy for Solving Optimal Control Problems (EECS-2007-90)
Elijah Polak, Hoam Chung and S. Shankar Sastry

Angelic Semantics for High-Level Actions (EECS-2007-89)
Bhaskara Marthi, Stuart J. Russell and Jason Wolfe

Distributed Fair Scheduling with Variable Transmission Lengths in IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks (EECS-2007-88)
Libin Jiang and Jean Walrand

Latency and Connectivity Analysis Tools for Wireless Mesh Networks (EECS-2007-87)
Phoebus Wei-Chih Chen and S. Shankar Sastry

Shifting: One-Inclusion Mistake Bounds and Sample Compression (EECS-2007-86)
Benjamin I. P. Rubinstein, Peter Bartlett and J. Hyam Rubinstein

Platform Based Design for Wireless Sensor Networks (EECS-2007-85)
Alvise Bonivento

Diatom-Inspired Microfluidic Generation of Tunable Emulsions for Macroporous Silica (EECS-2007-84)
Frank Zendejas

Data-Centric Scientific Workflow Management Systems (EECS-2007-83)
David T Liu

Adaptive Online Gradient Descent (EECS-2007-82)
Peter Bartlett, Elad Hazan and Alexander Rakhlin

An OSEK/VDX Implementation of Synchronous Reactive Semantics Preserving Communication Protococls (EECS-2007-81)
Guoqiang Wang, Marco Di Natale and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Shape Analysis with Structural Invariant Checkers (EECS-2007-80)
Bor-Yuh Evan Chang, Xavier Rival and George Necula

Data Triage (EECS-2007-79)
Frederick Ralph Reiss

Strategy Logic (EECS-2007-78)
Krishnendu Chatterjee, Thomas A. Henzinger and Nir Piterman

Extra-precise Iterative Refinement for Overdetermined Least Squares Problems (EECS-2007-77)
James Demmel, Yozo Hida, Xiaoye Li and Edward Jason Riedy

Easily Adaptable Handwriting Recognition in Historical Manuscripts (EECS-2007-76)
John Alexander Edwards

Robust Reputations for Peer-to-peer Markets (EECS-2007-75)
Jonathan David Traupman

Deep Sub-Micron SRAM Design for Ultra-Low Leakage Standby Operation (EECS-2007-74)
Huifang Qin

Adapting Learning Techniques for Visual Recognition (EECS-2007-73)
Hao Zhang

Computing Foundations and Practice for Cyber-Physical Systems: A Preliminary Report (EECS-2007-72)
Edward A. Lee

Implementation of a Collaborative Observatory for Natural Environments (EECS-2007-71)
Andrew Barton Christian Dahl

Automated Design for Current-Mode Pass-Transistor Logic Blocks (EECS-2007-70)
Matthew David Pierson

Modeling Categorization as a Dirichlet Process Mixture (EECS-2007-69)
Kevin Canini

Operational Semantics of Hybrid Systems (EECS-2007-68)
Haiyang Zheng

Exploiting Ultrasound Sensitivity Patterns to Accurately Localize Mobile Motes in Real Time using Particle Filtering (EECS-2007-67)
Nathan Burkhart

Policies in Routing (EECS-2007-66)
Cheng Tien Ee

Dependent Types for Assembly Code Safety (EECS-2007-65)
Matthew Thomas Harren

Exploiting Words and Pictures (EECS-2007-64)
Tamara Lee Berg

ZeroCollision Random Backoff Algorithm (EECS-2007-63)
Ji Woong Lee and Jean Walrand

Novel Processes for Poly-Si Thin-Film Transistors on Plastic Substrates (EECS-2007-62)
Daniel Albert Good

Verifying Security Properties in Electronic Voting Machines (EECS-2007-61)
Naveen K. Sastry

Transistors and Synapses: Robust, Low Power Analog Circuits in CMOS Radios and the Rabbit Retina (EECS-2007-60)
Alyosha Christopher Molnar

A Design Flow for the Development, Characterization, and Refinement of System Level Architectural Services (EECS-2007-59)
Douglas Michael Densmore

Supporting early-stage ubicomp experimentation (EECS-2007-58)
Scott Alan Carter

Low Energy RF Transceiver Design (EECS-2007-57)
Ben Walter Cook

Designing and Evaluating Glanceable Peripheral Displays (EECS-2007-56)
Tara Lynn Matthews

Enhanced Friction and Adhesion with Biologically Inspired Fiber Arrays (EECS-2007-55)
Carmel Majidi

Hybrid Artist- and Data-driven Techniques for Character Animation (EECS-2007-54)
Leslie Kanani Michiko Ikemoto

Interface Theories for Causality Analysis in Actor Networks (EECS-2007-53)
Ye Zhou

Dynamic pharming attacks and the locked same-origin policies for web browsers (EECS-2007-52)
Chris K. Karlof, Umesh Shankar, Doug Tygar and David Wagner

Thin-Body Silicon FET Devices and Technology (EECS-2007-51)
Varadarajan Vidya

Devices, Structures, and Processes for Optical MEMS (EECS-2007-50)
Hyuck Choo

Josephson-CMOS hybrid memories (EECS-2007-49)
Qingguo Liu

Minimum-Time Reachability in Timed Games (EECS-2007-47)
Thomas Brihaye, Thomas A. Henzinger, Vinayak Prabhu and Jean-Francois Raskin

Nonmyopic Informative Path Planning in Spatio-Temporal Models (EECS-2007-44)
Alexandra Meliou, Andreas Krause, Carlos Guestrin and Joseph M. Hellerstein

Semantic Driven Synthesis for Heterogeneous Systems (EECS-2007-43)
Qi Zhu

Transmitter Linearization for Portable Wireless Communication Systems (EECS-2007-42)
Luns Tee

Modeling the Adoption of new Network Architectures (EECS-2007-41)
Dilip Antony Joseph, John Chuang and Ion Stoica

Pvote Software Review Assurance Document (EECS-2007-40)
Ka-Ping Yee

Posterior Decoding Methods for Optimization and Accuracy Control of Multiple Alignments (EECS-2007-39)
Ariel Shaul Schwartz

Soliciting User Feedback in a Dataspace System (EECS-2007-38)
Shawn Jeffery, Michael Franklin and Alon Halevy

Securing User-controlled Routing Infrastructures (EECS-2007-37)
Karthik Kalambur Lakshminarayanan, Daniel Giannico Adkins, Adrian Perrig and Ion Stoica

LATEST : Lazy Dynamic Test Input Generation (EECS-2007-36)
Rupak Majumdar and Koushik Sen

Predictive Testing: Amplifying the Effectiveness of Software Testing (EECS-2007-35)
Pallavi Joshi, Koushik Sen and Mark Shlimovich

Automatic calibration of sensor-phones using gaussian processes (EECS-2007-34)
Richard Edward Honicky

Simplifying Access Control in Enterprise Networks (EECS-2007-33)
Cheng Tien Ee, John Lee, Dave Maltz, Scott Shenker and Lakshminarayanan Subramanian

Symbolic Reachability Analysis of Lazy Linear Hybrid Automata (EECS-2007-32)
Susmit Kumar Jha, Bryan Brady and Sanjit A. Seshia

Novel Processes for Modular Integration of Silicon-Germanium MEMS with CMOS Electronics (EECS-2007-31)
Carrie Wing-Zin Low

Design of a Resilient and Customizable Routing Architecture (EECS-2007-30)
Karthik Kalambur Lakshminarayanan

A Code Generation Framework for Actor-Oriented Models with Partial Evaluation (EECS-2007-29)
Gang Zhou, Man-Kit Leung and Edward A. Lee

Achieving Convergence-Free Routing using Failure-Carrying Packets (EECS-2007-28)
Karthik Kalambur Lakshminarayanan, Matthew Chapman Caesar, Murali Rangan, Thomas Anderson, Scott Shenker and Ion Stoica

Resolving Inter-Domain Policy Disputes (EECS-2007-27)
Cheng Tien Ee, Vijay Ramachandran, Byung-Gon Chun, Kaushik Lakshminarayanan and Scott Shenker

0.35 µm CMOS PROCESS ON SIX-INCH WAFERS, Baseline Report V. (EECS-2007-26)
A. Pongracz and G. Vida

Locked cookies: Web authentication security against phishing, pharming, and active attacks (EECS-2007-25)
Chris K. Karlof, Umesh Shankar, Doug Tygar and David Wagner

Design and Analysis of Micro-Solar Power Systems for Wireless Sensor Networks (EECS-2007-24)
Jaein Jeong, Xiaofan Fred Jiang and David E. Culler

Catchconv: Symbolic execution and run-time type inference for integer conversion errors (EECS-2007-23)
David Alexander Molnar and David Wagner

On the Consistency of DHT-Based Routing (EECS-2007-22)
Jayanth Kumar Kannan, Matthew Chapman Caesar, Ion Stoica and Scott Shenker

The Design and Application of Structured Types in Ptolemy II (EECS-2007-21)
Yang Zhao, Yuhong Xiong, Edward A. Lee, Xiaojun Liu and Lizhi C. Zhong

Multitask Learning with Expert Advice (EECS-2007-20)
Jacob Duncan Abernethy, Peter Bartlett and Alexander Rakhlin

An Algorithm for Rendering Generalized Depth of Field Effects Based on Simulated Heat Diffusion (EECS-2007-19)
Todd Jerome Kosloff and Brian A. Barsky

Autonomous Vision-based Rotorcraft Landing and Accurate Aerial Terrain Mapping in an Unknown Environment (EECS-2007-18)
Todd Templeton

Low Voltage Analog to Digital Converter Design in 90nm CMOS (EECS-2007-17)
Simone Gambini and Jan M. Rabaey

A Neural Hybrid-System Model of the Basal Ganglia (EECS-2007-16)
Joseph Gerard Makin and Alessandro Abate

Verifying Security Properties using Type-Qualifier Inference (EECS-2007-15)
Robert Timothy Johnson

Building Interpolating and Approximating Implicit Surfaces Using Moving Least Squares (EECS-2007-14)
Chen Shen

Automatic Ranking of Iconic Images (EECS-2007-13)
Tamara Lee Berg and David Forsyth

Names and Faces (EECS-2007-12)
Tamara Lee Berg, Alexander Christiansen Berg, John Alexander Edwards, Michael Randolph Maire, Ryan White, Yee-Whye Teh, Erik Learned-Miller and David Forsyth

Improving Access to Remote Storage for Weakly Connected Users (EECS-2007-11)
Patrick Randolph Eaton

In-Network PCA and Anomaly Detection (EECS-2007-10)
Ling Huang, Xuanlong Nguyen, Minos Garofalakis, Michael Jordan, Anthony D. Joseph and Nina Taft

Heterogeneous Concurrent Modeling and Design in Java (Volume 3: Ptolemy II Domains) (EECS-2007-9)
Christopher Brooks, Edward A. Lee, Xiaojun Liu, Stephen Neuendorffer, Yang Zhao and Haiyang Zheng

Heterogeneous Concurrent Modeling and Design in Java (Volume 2: Ptolemy II Software Architecture) (EECS-2007-8)
Christopher Brooks, Edward A. Lee, Xiaojun Liu, Stephen Neuendorffer, Yang Zhao and Haiyang Zheng

Heterogeneous Concurrent Modeling and Design in Java (Volume 1: Introduction to Ptolemy II) (EECS-2007-7)
Christopher Brooks, Edward A. Lee, Xiaojun Liu, Stephen Neuendorffer, Yang Zhao and Haiyang Zheng

Deterministic list codes for state-constrained arbitrarily varying channels (EECS-2007-6)
Anand D. Sarwate and Michael Gastpar

Binary additive channels with individual noise sequences and limited active feedback (EECS-2007-5)
Krishnan Eswaran, Anand D. Sarwate, Anant Sahai and Michael Gastpar

A Kinetic Model for G protein-coupled Signal Transduction in Macrophage Cells (EECS-2007-4)
Patrick Joseph Flaherty

Solution Processing Techniques for Low-Cost Circuit Fabrication (EECS-2007-3)
David Howard Redinger

Distributed Networked Sensing and Control Systems: Robust Estimation and Real-time Control (EECS-2007-2)
Songhwai Oh

Static Analysis of C for Hybrid Type Checking (EECS-2007-1)
Zachary Ryan Anderson