Designing a Low Voltage, High Current Tunneling Transistor (EECS-2013-250)
Sapan Agarwal and Eli Yablonovitch

Engineering the Electron-Hole Bilayer Tunneling Field-Effect Transistor (EECS-2013-249)
Sapan Agarwal, James Teherani, Judy Hoyt, Dimitri Antoniadis and Eli Yablonovitch

Pronounced Effect of pn-Junction Dimensionality on Tunnel Switch Threshold Shape (EECS-2013-248)
Sapan Agarwal and Eli Yablonovitch

Fundamental Conductance ÷ Voltage Limit in Low Voltage Tunnel Switches (EECS-2013-247)
Sapan Agarwal and Eli Yablonovitch

Band-Edge Steepness Obtained from Esaki/Backward Diode Current-Voltage Characteristics (EECS-2013-245)
Sapan Agarwal and Eli Yablonovitch

Controlling Energy-Efficient Buildings in the Context of Smart Grid: A Cyber Physical System Approach (EECS-2013-244)
Mehdi Maasoumy Haghighi

First-Order Open-Universe POMDPs: Formulation and Algorithms (EECS-2013-243)
Siddharth Srivastava, Xiang Cheng, Stuart J. Russell and Avi Pfeffer

Parallel Layout Engines: Synthesis and Optimization of Tree Traversals (EECS-2013-242)
Leo Meyerovich

Towards Programmable Buildings: A Study of System Design for Application Portability in Buildings (EECS-2013-241)
Andrew Krioukov

Compensation for Camera Motion on Unsteady Robots for Optical Flow (EECS-2013-240)
Fernando L. Garcia Bermudez

Statistical, algorithmic, and robustness aspects of population demographic inference from genomic variation data (EECS-2013-239)
Anand Bhaskar

Modern Low-Complexity Capacity-Achieving Codes For Network Communication (EECS-2013-238)
Naveen Goela

Building trust into light-handed regulations for cognitive radio (EECS-2013-236)
Kristen Ann Woyach

Optical Whispering-Gallery Mode Resonators for Applications in Optical Communication and Frequency Control (EECS-2013-235)
Karen Grutter

Harsh Environment Silicon Carbide Metal-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor (EECS-2013-234)
Wei-Cheng Lien

Information Flow in Linear Systems (EECS-2013-233)
Se Yong Park

Protecting User Privacy in Remotely Managed Applications (EECS-2013-232)
Prashanth Mohan

Texture Mapping 3D Models of Indoor Environments with Noisy Camera Poses (EECS-2013-231)
Peter Cheng

Designing Networks for Large-Scale Blackout Circumvention (EECS-2013-230)
Shaddi Hasan

Changes in Neural Activity during Brain-Machine Interface Control: from Information Encoding and Connectivity to Local Field Potentials (EECS-2013-229)
Kelvin So

Formal Verification and Synthesis for Quality-of-Service in On-Chip Networks (EECS-2013-228)
Daniel Holcomb

Program Verification with Property Directed Reachability (EECS-2013-225)
Tobias Welp

Secure Virtualization with Formal Methods (EECS-2013-224)
Cynthia Sturton

Assessment and Methods for Supply-Following Loads in Modern Electricity Grids with Deep Renewables Penetration (EECS-2013-223)
Jayant Taneja

Formal Methods for Reverse Engineering Gate-Level Netlists (EECS-2013-222)
Wenchao Li

Community Cellular Networks (EECS-2013-220)
Kurtis Heimerl

Efficient inference algorithms for near-deterministic systems (EECS-2013-219)
Shaunak Chatterjee

Data Exchange Problems: Algorithms and Complexity (EECS-2013-218)
Nebojsa Milosavljevic

Techniques for Model Inference and Bug Finding (EECS-2013-217)
Chia Yuan Cho

A Framework for Productive, Efficient and Portable Parallel Computing (EECS-2013-216)
Ekaterina I. Gonina

PULSE: Peeling-based Ultra-Low complexity algorithms for Sparse signal Estimation (EECS-2013-215)
Sameer Pawar

Minimax Optimality in Online Learning under Logarithmic Loss with Parametric Constant Experts (EECS-2013-213)
Fares Hedayati

Techniques for Modifying and Augmenting Existing Charts for Improved Usability (EECS-2013-212)
Nicholas Kong

The ZeroAccess Auto-Clicking and Search-Hijacking Click Fraud Modules (EECS-2013-211)
Paul Pearce, Chris Grier, Vern Paxson, Vacha Dave, Damon McCoy, Geoffrey M. Voelker and Stefan Savage

Wireless Weigh-In-Motion: using road vibrations to estimate truck weights (EECS-2013-210)
Ravneet Bajwa

Graph Structured Data Viewed Through a Fourier Lens (EECS-2013-209)
Venkatesan Ekambaram

ADAM: Genomics Formats and Processing Patterns for Cloud Scale Computing (EECS-2013-207)
Matt Massie, Frank Nothaft, Christopher Hartl, Christos Kozanitis, André Schumacher, Anthony D. Joseph and David A. Patterson

A Computational Light Field Display for Correcting Visual Aberrations (EECS-2013-206)
Fu-Chung Huang

A Dual-Channel Approach to Protocol Design in the Presence of Middleboxes (EECS-2013-205)
Steve Wang, Justine Sherry and Sangjin Han

Delay Comparison of Different Switch Architectures (EECS-2013-204)
Stephan Adams, Longbo Huang, Abhay Parekh and Jean Walrand

Designing an Exploratory Text Analysis Tool for Humanities and Social Sciences Research (EECS-2013-203)
Aditi Shrikumar

Beyond Deep Learning: Scalable Methods and Models for Learning (EECS-2013-202)
Oriol Vinyals

The Role of the Underground Economy in Social Network Spam and Abuse (EECS-2013-201)
Kurt Thomas

A Context Menu for the Real World: Controlling Physical Appliances Through Head-Worn Infrared Targeting (EECS-2013-200)
Yu-Hsiang Chen, Ben Zhang, Claire Tuna, Yang Li, Edward A. Lee and Björn Hartmann

GSM Whitespaces: An Opportunity for Rural Cellular Service (EECS-2013-198)
Shaddi Hasan, Kurtis Heimerl, Kate Harrison, Kashif Ali, Sean Roberts, Anant Sahai and Eric Brewer

Data-Driven Probabilistic Modeling and Verification of Human Driver Behavior (EECS-2013-197)
Dorsa Sadigh, Katherine Driggs Campbell, Alberto Alessandro Angelo Puggelli, Wenchao Li, Victor Shia, Ruzena Bajcsy, Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, S. Shankar Sastry and Sanjit A. Seshia

A Platform Architecture for Sensor Data Processing and Verification in Buildings (EECS-2013-196)
Jorge Ortiz

Hybrid Aerial and Terrestrial Locomotion, and Implications for Avian Flight Evolution (EECS-2013-195)
Kevin Peterson

Low-Dimensional Models for PCA and Regression (EECS-2013-194)
Dapo Omidiran

Jie Luo

Millimeter-Wave Circuit Design for Radar Transceivers (EECS-2013-192)
Paul Swirhun

Performance Analysis of Nonlinear Systems Combining Integral Quadratic Constraints and Sum-of-Squares Techniques (EECS-2013-191)
Melissa Erin Summers

Engineering Optical Antenna for Efficient Local Field Enhancement (EECS-2013-190)
Tae Joon Seok

Experimental Study of Fine Frequency Selection Techniques for Piezoelectric Aluminum Nitride Lamb Wave Resonators (EECS-2013-189)
Ting-Ta Yen

Time-Domain Ultra-Wideband Synthetic Imager in Silicon (EECS-2013-188)
Amin Arbabian

Sparse Principal Component Analysis: Algorithms and Applications (EECS-2013-187)
Youwei Zhang

On Quantum Search, Experts and Geometry (EECS-2013-186)
Milosh Drezgich

Three Fingered Jack: Productively Addressing Platform Diversity (EECS-2013-185)
David Sheffield

Scheduling and Optimizing Stream Programs on Multicore Machines by Exploiting High-Level Abstractions (EECS-2013-184)
Dai Bui

Control Improvisation with Application to Music (EECS-2013-183)
Alexandre Donze, Sophie Libkind, Sanjit A. Seshia and David Wessel

Scalable Model Checking Beyond Safety - A Communication Fabric Perspective (EECS-2013-181)
Sayak Ray

Ambiguous fragment assignment for high-throughput sequencing experiments (EECS-2013-177)
Adam Roberts

Let's Draw a Graph: An Introduction with Graphviz (EECS-2013-176)
Marc Khoury

Reconstructing Householder Vectors from Tall-Skinny QR (EECS-2013-175)
Grey Ballard, James Demmel, Laura Grigori, Mathias Jacquelin, Hong Diep Nguyen and Edgar Solomonik

NbQ-CLOCK: A Non-blocking Queue-based CLOCK Algorithm for Web-Object Caching (EECS-2013-174)
Gage Eads

FastLane: Agile Drop Notification for Datacenter Networks (EECS-2013-173)
David Zats, Anand Padmanabha Iyer, Ganesh Ananthanarayanan, Randy H. Katz, Ion Stoica and Amin Vahdat

FlexPRET: A Processor Platform for Mixed-Criticality Systems (EECS-2013-172)
Michael Zimmer, David Broman, Christopher Shaver and Edward A. Lee

A New Derivation and Dataset for Fitts' Law of Human Motion (EECS-2013-171)
Ken Goldberg, Siamak Faridani and Ron Alterovitz

Design of Flexible Soft Output MIMO Detector for Cooperative MIMO (EECS-2013-170)
Milos Jorgovanovic

Efficient learning algorithms with limited information (EECS-2013-169)
Anindya De

Teaching People and Machines to Enhance Images (EECS-2013-168)
Floraine Berthouzoz

Browsing and Analyzing the Command-Level Structure of Large Collections of Image Manipulation Tutorials (EECS-2013-167)
Amy Pavel, Floraine Berthouzoz, Björn Hartmann and Maneesh Agrawala

From Poisson to Silicon - Advancing Compact SPICE Models for IC Design (EECS-2013-166)
Sriramkumar Venugopalan

Scale-Independent Relational Query Processing (EECS-2013-165)
Michael Armbrust

Tunneling in low-power device-design: A bottom-up view of issues, challenges, and opportunities (EECS-2013-164)
Kartik Ganapathi

Schedulability Analysis and Verification of Real-Time Discrete-Event Systems (EECS-2013-163)
Christos Stergiou

Reactive Synthesis vs. Supervisory Control: Bridging the Gap (EECS-2013-162)
Ruediger Ehlers, Stephane Lafortune, Stavros Tripakis and Moshe Vardi

Precision Timed Infrastructure: Design Challenges (EECS-2013-161)
David Broman, Michael Zimmer, Yooseong Kim, Hokeun Kim, Jian Cai, Aviral Shrivastava, Stephen A. Edwards and Edward A. Lee

Appendix to the History of the UC Berkeley Microlab (EECS-2013-159)
Katalin Voros

History of the UC Berkeley Microlab (EECS-2013-158)
Katalin Voros

On Relating Visual Elements to City Statistics (EECS-2013-157)
Sean Arietta, Maneesh Agrawala and Ravi Ramamoorthi

Regularization-Based Identification for Level Set Equations (EECS-2013-156)
Insoon Yang and Claire Tomlin

Towards Adapting ImageNet to Reality: Scalable Domain Adaptation with Implicit Low-rank Transformations (EECS-2013-154)
Erik Rodner, Judith Hoffman, Jeffrey Donahue, Trevor Darrell and Kate Saenko

Determinate Composition of FMUs for Co-Simulation (EECS-2013-153)
David Broman, Christopher Brooks, Lev Greenberg, Edward A. Lee, Michael Masin, Stavros Tripakis and Michael Wetter

A Warping Framework for Wide-Angle Imaging and Perspective Manipulation (EECS-2013-152)
Robert Carroll

Avoiding Communication in Dense Linear Algebra (EECS-2013-151)
Grey Ballard

A study of some problems in network information theory (EECS-2013-148)
Sudeep Kamath

Automatic Mapping of Real Time Radio Astronomy Signal Processing Pipelines onto Heterogeneous Clusters (EECS-2013-147)
Terry Esther Filiba

Control and Optimization of Power Systems with Renewables: Voltage Regulation and Generator Dispatch (EECS-2013-146)
Baosen Zhang

Pebble Games and Complexity (EECS-2013-145)
Siu Man Chan

Nanomaterials processing toward large-scale flexible/stretchable electronics (EECS-2013-144)
Toshitake Takahashi

StreaMorph: A Case for Synthesizing Energy-Efficient Adaptive Programs Using High-Level Abstractions (EECS-2013-143)
Dai Bui and Edward A. Lee

Shapes, Paint, and Light (EECS-2013-142)
Jonathan Barron

Towards Sound HTTP Request Causation Inference (EECS-2013-141)
Kristin Stephens

Eliciting Private Information from Selfish Agents (EECS-2013-138)
Rafael Frongillo

Reflective Impulse Radios: Principles and Design (EECS-2013-137)
Yuhui David Chen

Novel Technologies for Next Generation Memory (EECS-2013-136)
WookHyun Kwon

The CloudProxy Tao for Trusted Computing (EECS-2013-135)
John Manferdelli, Tom Roeder and Fred Schneider

Synthesis for Human-in-the-Loop Control Systems (EECS-2013-134)
Wenchao Li, Dorsa Sadigh, S. Shankar Sastry and Sanjit A. Seshia

Blazes: Coordination Analysis for Distributed Programs (EECS-2013-133)
Peter Alvaro, Neil Conway, Joseph M. Hellerstein and David Maier

Geometric Image Segmentation via Multiscale TILT Clustering (EECS-2013-132)
Chi Pang Lam, Allen Yang, Ehsan Elhamifar and S. Shankar Sastry

Avoiding Communication in Successive Band Reduction (EECS-2013-131)
Grey Ballard, James Demmel and Nicholas Knight

Construction of a Cubist Girl Cap (EECS-2013-130)
Carlo H. Séquin

Optimal Mixed Spectrum Auction (EECS-2013-129)
Alonso Silva, Fernando Beltran and Jean Walrand

Rangzen: Circumventing Government-Imposed Communication Blackouts (EECS-2013-128)
Giulia Fanti, Yahel Ben David, Sebastian Benthall, Eric Brewer and Scott Shenker

Communication-Avoiding Symmetric-Indefinite Factorization (EECS-2013-127)
Grey Ballard, Dulceneia Becker, James Demmel, Jack Dongarra, Alex Druinsky, Inon Peled, Oded Schwartz, Sivan Toledo and Ichitaro Yamazaki

An arithmetic complexity lower bound for computing rational functions, with applications to linear algebra (EECS-2013-126)
James Demmel

Transformation-Aware Symbolic Execution for System Test Generation (EECS-2013-125)
Stephen McCamant, Mathias Payer, Dan Caselden, Alex Bazhanyuk and Dawn Song

Using FPGAs to Simulate Novel Datacenter Network Architectures At Scale (EECS-2013-124)
Zhangxi Tan

How to Build a Bad Research Center (EECS-2013-123)
David A. Patterson

The Fixed-Point Theory of Strictly Causal Functions (EECS-2013-122)
Eleftherios Matsikoudis and Edward A. Lee

Material Science and Device Physics of (EECS-2013-121)
Rehan Kapadia

Estimating the Resources for Quantum Computation with the QuRE Toolbox (EECS-2013-119)
Martin Suchara, Arvin Faruque, Ching-Yi Lai, Gerardo Paz, Frederic Chong and John D. Kubiatowicz

A Fast Filter for Physically-Based Rendering (EECS-2013-118)
Brandon Wang

Shape, Illumination, and Reflectance from Shading (EECS-2013-117)
Jonathan Barron and Jitendra Malik

The Internals of GameTime: Implementation and Evaluation of a Timing Analyzer for Embedded Software (EECS-2013-116)
Jonathan Prakash Kotker

Indoor Floorplan with WiFi Coverage Map Android Application (EECS-2013-115)
Zeying Xin

FastLane: An Agile Congestion Signaling Mechanism for Improving Datacenter Performance (EECS-2013-113)
David Zats, Anand Padmanabha Iyer, Randy H. Katz, Ion Stoica and Amin Vahdat

Automatic Gesture Recognition and Tracking System for Physiotherapy (EECS-2013-112)
Aarthi Ravi

Investigation of Peptoid Thin Films and Their Potential Use in a Biosensor (EECS-2013-111)
Brian Lunt, Gloria Olivier, Felippe Pavinatto, Ronald Zuckermann and Ana Claudia Arias

Constraints And Techniques For Software Power Management In Production Clusters (EECS-2013-110)
Arka Bhattacharya

Predicting Student Retention in Massive Open Online Courses using Hidden Markov Models (EECS-2013-109)
Girish Balakrishnan

Speaker Diarization: Current Limitations and New Directions (EECS-2013-108)
Mary Tai Knox

Spontaneous Emission Rate Enhancement Using Optical Antennas (EECS-2013-107)
Nikhil Kumar

User Interface: 3D Feedback (EECS-2013-105)
Seyed Hassan Elahi

User-Guided Inverse 3D Modeling (EECS-2013-103)
James Andrews

Autonomous Navigation and Collision Avoidance Robot (EECS-2013-102)
Pengqi Cheng

Design a Natural User Interface for Gesture Recognition Application (EECS-2013-101)
Zhaochen Liu

Communication-Avoiding Parallel Recursive Algorithms for Matrix Multiplication (EECS-2013-100)
Benjamin Lipshitz

Design and Analysis of Digitally Modulated Transmitters for Efficiency Enhancement (EECS-2013-99)
Lu Ye

Hardware Construction in Chisel (EECS-2013-98)
Huy Vo

How structured data (Linked Data) help in Big Data Analysis --- Expand Patent Data with Linked Data Cloud (EECS-2013-96)
Lishan Zhang

CrowdCritter: Strategies for Crowdsourcing Visual Design Critique (EECS-2013-95)
Wei Wu, Kurt Luther, Amy Pavel, Björn Hartmann, Steven Dow and Maneesh Agrawala

Learning from Subsampled Data: Active and Randomized Strategies (EECS-2013-94)
Fabian Wauthier

Hinted Collection (EECS-2013-93)
Philip Reames

An Automated Physiotherapy Exercise Generator (EECS-2013-91)
Ross Yeager

Simple & Secure Wi-Fi Configuration for Internet of Things (EECS-2013-89)
Jia Xu

User Interface Issues of 3D Gesture Mobile Devices and Visual Feedback of Physiotherapy Application (EECS-2013-88)
Ryan Rho

A hybrid approach of physical laws and data-driven modeling for estimation: the example of queuing networks (EECS-2013-87)
Aude Hofleitner

Shujing Zhang

Transformation-aware Exploit Generation using a HI-CFG (EECS-2013-85)
Dan Caselden, Alex Bazhanyuk, Mathias Payer, Laszlo Szekeres, Stephen McCamant and Dawn Song

Nanodiamond Imaging: a New Molecular Imaging Approach (EECS-2013-84)
Alex Hegyi

Benefits and Practicality of Super-Packets (EECS-2013-83)
Yunlong Li

Transparent Micro-electrocorticography (μECoG) Arrays for Optogenetic Mapping of Surface Potentials (EECS-2013-82)
Brian Pepin

Scalable Scheduling for Sub-Second Parallel Jobs (EECS-2013-79)
Patrick Wendell

Using Linked Data to improve the query performance of Patent Data (EECS-2013-78)
Xiaoting Yin

Differential Slicing: Identifying Causal Execution Differences for Security Applications (EECS-2013-77)
Noah Johnson-Walls

Equalization for Intracortical Microstimulation Artifact Reduction (EECS-2013-76)
Philip Chu

Autonomous Navigation and Collision Avoidance of a Scale Model Robot Using Smartphone Sensors (EECS-2013-75)
Garen Der-Khachadourian

Android Application for Indoor Wi-Fi Layout (EECS-2013-74)
Zhengyin Qian

Loop Closure Transformation Estimation and Verification Using 2D LiDAR Scanners (EECS-2013-73)
Nicholas Corso

Integrated Nuclear Power Generation Project (EECS-2013-72)
Tzu-An Huang

Fully Automatic Standard Cell Creation in an Analog Generator Framework (EECS-2013-71)
Rachel Nancollas

Watertight Floor Plans Generated from Laser Range Data (EECS-2013-69)
Eric Turner

Quicksilver: Automatic Synthesis of Relational Queries (EECS-2013-68)
Edward Lu and Ras Bodik

Speech-enabled Systems for Language Learning (EECS-2013-67)
Anuj Tewari

Economics and Computation: Ad Auctions and Other Stories (EECS-2013-66)
Christopher Wilkens

Deterministic Execution of Ptides Programs (EECS-2013-65)
Patricia Derler, John Eidson, Stuart Goose, Edward A. Lee and Michael Zimmer

CANDID: Classifying Assets in Networks by Determining Importance and Dependencies (EECS-2013-64)
Scott Marshall

Fully Printed, Flexible, High Performance Carbon Nanotube Top-gated Thin-film Transistors (EECS-2013-63)
Pak Heng Lau

Using Telemetry to Illuminate Policy Interactions: A Case Study with RequestPolicy (EECS-2013-62)
Justin Samuel

Communication Lower Bounds and Optimal Algorithms for Programs That Reference Arrays - Part 1 (EECS-2013-61)
Michael Christ, James Demmel, Nicholas Knight, Thomas Scanlon and Katherine A. Yelick

Flight Simulation of an Ornithopter (EECS-2013-60)
Cameron Rose and Ronald S. Fearing

AdDroid: Privilege Separation for Applications and Advertisers in Android (EECS-2013-59)
Paul Pearce, Adrienne Porter Felt, Gabriel Nunez and David Wagner

Helping Developers Construct Secure Mobile Applications (EECS-2013-58)
Erika Chin

Hardness of Maximum Constraint Satisfaction (EECS-2013-57)
Siu On Chan

Measurement and characterization of EUV mask performance at high-NA (EECS-2013-56)
Rikon Chao

Energy Efficient Digital Logic Using Nanoscale Magnetic Devices (EECS-2013-55)
Brian Lambson

Local Optima of Nonconvex Regularized M-Estimators (EECS-2013-54)
Po-Ling Loh

Low-Complexity Message-Passing Algorithms for Distributed Computation (EECS-2013-53)
Nima Noorshams

The BLOG Language Reference (EECS-2013-51)
Lei Li and Stuart J. Russell

Towards Evidence-Based Assessment of Factors Contributing to the Introduction and Detection of Software Vulnerabilities (EECS-2013-49)
Matthew Finifter

The Extended Parameter Filter (EECS-2013-48)
Yusuf Erol, Lei Li, Bharath Ramsundar and Stuart J. Russell

Exploiting Data Sparsity in Parallel Matrix Powers Computations (EECS-2013-47)
Nicholas Knight, Erin Carson and James Demmel

Communication Avoiding Rank Revealing QR Factorization with Column Pivoting (EECS-2013-46)
James Demmel, Laura Grigori, Ming Gu and Hua Xiang

Nano-Electro-Mechanical (NEM) Relay Devices and Technology for Ultra-Low Energy Digital Integrated Circuits (EECS-2013-45)
Rhesa Nathanael

Fundamental limits and insights: from wireless communication to DNA sequencing (EECS-2013-43)
Guy Bresler

Conditional Sampling Distributions for Coalescent Models Incorporating Recombination (EECS-2013-42)
Joshua Paul

Designing plant dynamics to optimize task-specific closed-loop performance of brain-machine interfaces (EECS-2013-41)
Suraj Gowda

Exploiting Memory-level Parallelism in Reconfigurable Accelerators (EECS-2013-40)
Shaoyi Cheng

A Succinct Control Theory Derivation and New Experiments with the Square-Root Variant of Fitts' Law for Heterogeneous Targets (EECS-2013-39)
Siamak Faridani

Experimental and Simulation Study of Resistive Switches for Memory Applications (EECS-2013-38)
Feng Pan

Resilient Design Methodology for Energy-Efficient SRAM (EECS-2013-37)
Brian Zimmer, Borivoje Nikolic and Krste Asanović

Fully Integrated Silicon Terahertz Transceivers for Sensing and Communication Applications (EECS-2013-36)
Jung-Dong Park

Shark: Fast Data Analysis Using Coarse-grained Distributed Memory (EECS-2013-35)
Clifford Engle

Band-to-Band Tunneling Transistors: Scalability and Circuit Performance (EECS-2013-34)
Zachery Jacobson

Formation Control with Size Scaling using Relative Position Feedback (EECS-2013-33)
Samuel Coogan

The Complexity of Entangled Games (EECS-2013-32)
Thomas Vidick

Engineering Scalable Combinational Logic in Escherichia coli Using Zinc Finger Proteins (EECS-2013-31)
William J. Holtz

The Complexity of Optimal Auction Design (EECS-2013-30)
George Pierrakos

Sparrow: Scalable Scheduling for Sub-Second Parallel Jobs (EECS-2013-29)
Kay Ousterhout, Patrick Wendell, Matei Zaharia and Ion Stoica

Sauron: Embedded Single-Camera Sensing of Printed Physical User Interfaces (EECS-2013-28)
Valkyrie Savage, Colin Chang and Björn Hartmann

Anatomy of the Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center (BSAC): (EECS-2013-26)
John Huggins

Polynomial-Time Verification of PCTL Properties of MDPs with Convex Uncertainties (EECS-2013-24)
Alberto Alessandro Angelo Puggelli, Wenchao Li, Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and Sanjit A. Seshia

Interactive Code Snippet Synthesis Through Repository Mining (EECS-2013-23)
Zvonimir Pavlinovic and Domagoj Babic

Regular Homotopies of Low-Genus Non-Orientable Surfaces (EECS-2013-21)
Carlo H. Séquin

Data-Confined HTML5 Applications (EECS-2013-20)
Devdatta Akhawe, Frank Li, Warren He, Prateek Saxena and Dawn Song

Maximally Permissive Composition of Actors in Ptolemy II (EECS-2013-19)
Marten Lohstroh

Man-in-the-Middle Attack on T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling (EECS-2013-18)
Jethro Beekman and Christopher Thompson

Carat: Collaborative Energy Diagnosis for Mobile Devices (EECS-2013-17)
Adam Oliner, Anand Padmanabha Iyer, Ion Stoica, Eemil Lagerspetz and Sasu Tarkoma

Visual Grasp Affordances From Appearance-Based Cues (EECS-2013-16)
Hyun Oh Song, Mario Fritz, Chunhui Gu and Trevor Darrell

Enabling Advanced Environmental Conditioning with a Building Application Stack (EECS-2013-14)
Jay Taneja, Andrew Krioukov, Stephen Dawson-Haggerty and David E. Culler

Communication Optimal Parallel Multiplication of Sparse Random Matrices (EECS-2013-13)
Grey Ballard, Aydin Buluc, James Demmel, Laura Grigori, Benjamin Lipshitz, Oded Schwartz and Sivan Toledo

Communication Efficient Gaussian Elimination with Partial Pivoting using a Shape Morphing Data Layout (EECS-2013-12)
Grey Ballard, James Demmel, Benjamin Lipshitz, Oded Schwartz and Sivan Toledo

Cyclops Tensor Framework: reducing communication and eliminating load imbalance in massively parallel contractions (EECS-2013-11)
Edgar Solomonik, Devin Matthews, Jeff Hammond and James Demmel

Minimizing communication in all-pairs shortest paths (EECS-2013-10)
Edgar Solomonik, Aydin Buluc and James Demmel

A Tool Integration Approach for Architectural Exploration of Aircraft EPS with Ptolemy II / Metro II (EECS-2013-9)
Hokeun Kim, Liangpeng Guo and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

How Did We Get Into This Mess? Isolating Fault-Inducing Inputs to SDN Control Software (EECS-2013-8)
Colin Scott, Andreas Wundsam, Sam Whitlock, Andrew Or, Eugene Huang, Kyriakos Zarifis and Scott Shenker

SWATI: Synthesizing Word-Lengths Automatically Using Testing and Induction (EECS-2013-7)
Susmit Jha and Sanjit A. Seshia

The Computational Complexity of Randomness (EECS-2013-6)
Thomas Watson

Cloud Robotics and Automation: A Survey of Related Work (EECS-2013-5)
Ken Goldberg and Ben Kehoe

Register everyone: on the whitespace use of wireless microphone channels, channel 37, and the soon-to-be guard bands (EECS-2013-4)
Kate Harrison and Anant Sahai

Object Detection in RGB-D Indoor Scenes (EECS-2013-3)
Edmund Shanming Ye

Distributed Memory Breadth-First Search Revisited: Enabling Bottom-Up Search (EECS-2013-2)
Scott Beamer, Aydın Buluc ̧, Krste Asanović and David A. Patterson

Productive High Performance Parallel Programming with Auto-tuned Domain-Specific Embedded Languages (EECS-2013-1)
Shoaib Ashraf Kamil