A Flux-Shuttle Shift Register and Computer Architecture for Superconductive Digital Systems
Jay E. Fleischman [advisor: Theodore Van Duzer]

A Hardware-Software Co-Simulation Environment
Seungjun Lee [advisor: Jan M. Rabaey]

A Josephson Bit-Serial Decoder for Application in a Crossbar Switch
David A. Feld [advisor: Theodore Van Duzer]

A Parallel Architecture for High-Data-Rate Digital Receivers in Scaled CMOS Technology
Timothy H.-T. Hu [advisor: Paul R. Gray]

A Parallel Object-Oriented System for Realizing Reusable and Efficient Data Abstractions
Chu-Cheow Lim [advisor: Abhiram G. Ranade]

A Study of Phase Noise in Semiconductor Lasers: Effects on Interferometric Noise and Gain-Switching Pulse Stability.
Petar K. Pepelijugoski [advisor: Kam Y. Lau]

Active Messages: An Efficient Communication Architecture for Multiprocessors
Thorsten H. von Eicken [advisor: John Wawrzynek and David E. Culler]

Algebraic Methods for Timing Analysis and Testing in High-Performance Designs
William K.-C. Lam [advisor: Robert K. Brayton]

An Event-Based Architecture for Graphical User Interface Toolkits
Joseph A. Konstan [advisor: Lawrence A. Rowe]

Analog Behavioral Simulation and Modeling
Edward W. Y. Liu [advisor: Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli]

Analysis of Cache Performance in Vector Processors and Multiprocessors
Jeffrey D. Gee [advisor: Alan J. Smith]

Automated Design of Signal Acquisition Modules
Monte F. Mar [advisor: Robert W. Brodersen]

Automatic Design of Computer Instruction Sets
Bruce K. Holmer [advisor: David E. Culler]

Automatic Synthesis of CMOS Algorithmic Analog-to-Digital Converter
Gani Jusuf [advisor: Paul R. Gray]

Capacity Planning and Topology Optimization of Corporate Communication Networks
Ning Xiao [advisor: Felix F. Wu]

Chaos in the Double-Hook Family: An Application of Silnikov Theory
Christopher P. Silva [advisor: Leon O. Chua]

Circuit Techniques and Considerations for Implementation of High Speed CMOS Analog-to-Digital Interfaces for DSP-Based PRML Magnetic Disk Read Channels
Gregory T. Uehara [advisor: Paul R. Gray]

Combined Hierarchical Approaches to Integrated Circuit Layout Based on a Common Data Model
Brian D. N. Lee [advisor: A. Richard Newton]

Combining Windows: A Performance Evaluation of Design Options
Philip Bitar [advisor: Edward A. Lee]

Communication Based Logic Partitioning
John M. Beardslee [advisor: Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli]

Congestion Control and Traffic Modeling in Broadband Networks
Michael K.-H. Wong [advisor: Pravin P. Varaiya]

Database and Display Algorithms for Interactive Visualization of Architectural Models
Thomas Allen Funkhouser [advisor: Carlo H. Séquin]

Design Issues in ATM Networks: Traffic Shaping and Congestion Control
Gustavo A. de Veciana [advisor: Jean C. Walrand]

Design-Oriented Mixed-Level Circuit and Device Simulation
David A. Gates [advisor: Ping K. Ko]

Development of Epitaxial n and p-Type Gallium Nitride by Ionized Molecular Beam Epitaxy and Reactive Magnetron Sputtering
Jennifer T. Ross [advisor: T. Kenneth Gustafson]

Efficient Collision Detection for Animation and Robotics
Ming C. Lin [advisor: John F. Canny]

Evaluation of Heterogeneous Architectures for Artificial Neural Networks
Chedsada Chinrungrueng [advisor: Carlo H. Séquin]

Evaluation of Multithreading and Caching in Large Shared Memory Parallel Computers
Robert Francis Boothe [advisor: Abhiram G. Ranade]

Extensions of Result Checking and Authentication
Peter S. Gemmell [advisor: Manuel Blum]

Finding, Evaluating, and Counting DNA Physical Maps
Lee A. Newberg [advisor: Richard M. Karp]

Flexibility in the Interactions Between High-Speed Networks and Communications Applications
Paul E. Haskell [advisor: David G. Messerschmitt]

Fully-Complementary BiCMOS on Thin-Film SOI Utilizing High-Performance Lateral BJT's
Stephen A. Parke [advisor: Ping K. Ko]

Hot-Carrier Reliability of Integrated Circuits
Khandker N. Quader [advisor: Chenming Hu]

Interconnection Network Design Based on Packaging Considerations
Mandayam Thondanur Raghunath [advisor: Abhiram G. Ranade]

Learning as Adaptive Interpolation in Neural Fuzzy Systems
Pratap S. Khedkar [advisor: Lotfi A. Zadeh]

Linear Adaptive Noise-Reduction Filters for Tomographic Image Reconstruction: Optimizing for Minimum Mean-Square Error
Winston Y. Sun [advisor: Thomas F. Budinger]

Logic Synthesis for Field-Programmable Gate Arrays
Rajeev Murgai [advisor: Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli]

Model Control of Image Processing for Telerobotics and Biomedical Instrumentation
An H. Nguyen [advisor: Jerome R. Singer]

Modeling and Simulation of RF Discharges Used for Plasma Processing
Vahid Vahedi [advisor: Charles K. Birdsall]

Nonlinear Control of a Two-Link Hopping Robot
Matthew D. Berkemeier [advisor: Ronald S. Fearing]

Novel Techniques for High Performance Field-Programmable Logic Devices
Narasimha B. Bhat [advisor: Ernest S. Kuh]

Observations of the W43 Star Forming Region and SIS Receivers for the BIMA Array
Niranjan A. Thatte [advisor: William J. Welch]

Operational Rationality through Compilation of Anytime Algorithms
Shlomo Zilberstein [advisor: Stuart J. Russell]

Optical Programmable Radio Frequency Matched Filtering Using Photorefractive Effect
Byoungho Lee [advisor: T. Kenneth Gustafson]

Optimum Partitioning of Analog and Digital Circuitry in Mixed-Signal Circuits for Signal Processing
Ken A. Nishimura [advisor: Paul R. Gray]

Part I: Fabrication and Applications of High T(c) Superconducting Thin Films. Part II: Optical Programmable Matched Filter.
Edward M. Yin [advisor: T. Kenneth Gustafson]

Performance Modeling and Analysis of Disk Arrays
Edward Kihyen Lee [advisor: Randy H. Katz]

Proofs with Potential
Edward F. Grove [advisor: Raimund Seidel]

RALPH-MEA: A Real-Time, Decision-Theoretic Agent Architecture
Gary Hayato Ogasawara [advisor: Stuart J. Russell]

Scheduling Dynamic Dataflow Graphs with Bounded Memory Using the Token Flow Model
Joseph T. Buck [advisor: Edward A. Lee]

Selectively Masked MBE Regrowth, Interdigitated Contacted Superlattice Optical Modulators and Three-Terminal Ballistic Electron Transistor
Xin Xin Wu [advisor: J. Stephen Smith and John R. Whinnery]

Sequential Circuit Synthesis at the Gate Level
Ellen M. Sentovich [advisor: Robert K. Brayton]

Service Disciplines for Packet-Switching Integrated-Services Networks
Hui Zhang [advisor: Domenico Ferrari]

Signal Processing for Multipoint Interactive Video in Broadband Packet Networks
Shih-Fu Chang [advisor: David G. Messerschmitt]

Structure and Rehabilitation of Bimanual Control
David J. Reinkensmeyer [advisor: Steven L. Lehman]

Thin Oxide Damage by Plasma Processing
Hyungcheol Shin [advisor: Chenming Hu]

Timing Issues in Sequential Circuits
Narendra V. Shenoy [advisor: Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli]

Verification and Control of Real-Time Discrete Event Dynamical Systems
Jennifer A. McManis [advisor: Pravin P. Varaiya]

Vertical-Cavity Laser Diodes Fabricated by Phase-Locked Epitaxy
Jeffrey D. Walker [advisor: J. Stephen Smith]

Lexical Modeling in a Speaker Independent Speech Understanding System
Chuck Wooters [advisor: Nelson Morgan]

Random Sampling from Databases
Frank Olken [advisor: Michael R. Stonebraker]