CPSGrader: Auto-Grading and Feedback Generation for Cyber-Physical Systems Education (EECS-2014-237)
Garvit Juniwal

A Multi-material Low Phase Noise Optomechanical Oscillator (EECS-2014-235)
Turker Beyazoglu

Dynamic Geometry Capture with a Multi-View Structured-Light System (EECS-2014-234)
Ricardo Garcia and Avideh Zakhor

Modeling Radiation-Induced Soft Errors in Logic and the Overhead of Resiliency Techniques (EECS-2014-233)
Steven Bailey

Subdivision Surface Evaluation as Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication (EECS-2014-231)
Michael Driscoll

SPLASH: Single-chip Planetary Low-power ASIC Spectrometer with High-resolution (EECS-2014-230)
Rachel Hochman

Automated Discovery of User Trackers (EECS-2014-229)
Sakshi Jain

Achieving Consistent Latencies in Datacenter Networks (EECS-2014-228)
David Zats

Novel Material Integration for Reliable and Energy-Efficient NEM Relay Technology (EECS-2014-227)
I-Ru Chen

Steep On/Off Transistors for Future Low Power Electronics (EECS-2014-226)
Chun Wing Yeung

Developing Spin Devices for Logic and Memory Applications (EECS-2014-225)
Zheng Gu

Automatic Sparsity Detection in LAPACK (EECS-2014-224)
Razvan Carbunescu

Operating System Support for Parallel Processes (EECS-2014-223)
Barret Rhoden

Power Conditioning and Stimulation for Wireless Neural Interface ICs (EECS-2014-222)
Will Biederman

Queries with Bounded Errors & Bounded Response Times on Very Large Data (EECS-2014-221)
Sameer Agarwal

Machine Learning for Helicopter Dynamics Models (EECS-2014-219)
Ali Punjani and Pieter Abbeel

Wireless Neural Interface Design (EECS-2014-218)
Daniel Yeager

High Quality Factor Lamb Wave Resonators (EECS-2014-217)
Jie Zou

High Quality Factor Lamb Wave Resonators (EECS-2014-216)
Jie Zou

Wireless Sensing Applications for Critical Industrial Environments (EECS-2014-215)
Fabien Joseph Chraim

Selectively De-animating and Stabilizing Videos (EECS-2014-213)
Jiamin Bai

Quantum Algorithms for Linear Algebra and Machine Learning. (EECS-2014-211)
Anupam Prakash

A Framework for Composing High-Performance OpenCL from Python Descriptions (EECS-2014-210)
Michael Anderson

Collecting Data With the Crowd (EECS-2014-208)
Beth Trushkowsky

Anytime Recognition of Objects and Scenes (EECS-2014-207)
Sergey Karayev

A Low-Power, Lightweight, Wireless Neural Recording and Stimulating Headstage for Brain Machine Interfaces (EECS-2014-206)
Jaclyn Leverett

Optimizing Random Forests on GPU (EECS-2014-205)
Derrick Cheng and John F. Canny

A Perceptually Based Model of Visual Adaptation (EECS-2014-204)
Armin Samii and James O'Brien

High Voltage Level-Shifter Circuit Design for Efficiently High Voltage Transducer Driving (EECS-2014-203)
Hao-Yen Tang

Analysis of Multilayer Neural Networks for Object Recognition (EECS-2014-202)
Pulkit Agrawal

High Contrast Gratings for Integrated Optoelectronics (EECS-2014-197)
Weijian Yang

III-V Nanostructures on Dissimilar Substrates for Optoelectronic Applications (EECS-2014-196)
Kar Wei Ng and Constance Chang-Hasnain

BAG: A Designer-Oriented Framework for the Development of AMS Circuit Generators (EECS-2014-195)
John Wiley Crossley

Gravure-printed Highly-scaled Organic Thin-film Transistors for Low-cost and Large-area Electronics (EECS-2014-194)
Hongki Kang and Vivek Subramanian

Scalable Statistical Methods for Ancestral Inference from Genomic Variation Data (EECS-2014-193)
Andrew Chan

Design Techniques for Robust and Reliable Ultra-Low Power Radios (EECS-2014-192)
Jesse Aaron Richmond

Energy-Efficient 60GHz Phased-Array Design for Multi-Gb/s Communication Systems (EECS-2014-191)
Lingkai Kong

Actuated Mobile Sensing in Distributed, Unstructured Environments (EECS-2014-190)
Andrew Tinka

Design of Multi-Gb/s Multi-Coefficient Mixed-Signal Equalizers (EECS-2014-189)
Chintan Thakkar and Elad Alon

InP-based Long Wavelength VCSEL using High Contrast Grating (EECS-2014-188)
Yi Rao

Interference Management Techniques for Multi-Standard Wireless Receivers (EECS-2014-187)
Ashkan Borna

Nanodiamond Imaging: Methods and Apparatus (EECS-2014-186)
Alex Hegyi

Multi-Mode Sub-Nyquist Rate D/A Converter for TV Band Cognitive Radio (EECS-2014-185)
Stanley Yuan-Shih Chen

Quantifying the Energy Efficiency of Object Recognition and Optical Flow (EECS-2014-184)
Michael Anderson, Forrest Iandola and Kurt Keutzer

Micromechanical Disk Array for Enhanced Frequency Stability Against Bias Voltage Fluctuations (EECS-2014-182)
Lingqi Wu

Synthesis of Layout Engines from Relational Constraints (EECS-2014-181)
Thibaud Hottelier and Ras Bodik

Long-term Recurrent Convolutional Networks for Visual Recognition and Description (EECS-2014-180)
Jeffrey Donahue, Lisa Hendricks, Sergio Guadarrama, Marcus Rohrbach, Subhashini Venugopalan, Kate Saenko and Trevor Darrell

Large-Scale, Low-Latency State Estimation Of Cyber- physical Systems With An Application To Traffic Estimation (EECS-2014-176)
Timothy Hunter

Bounds on the Energy Consumption of Computational Kernels (EECS-2014-175)
Andrew Gearhart

Fast 4D Sheared Filtering for Interactive Rendering of Distribution Effects (EECS-2014-174)
Ling-Qi Yan, Soham Uday Mehta, Ravi Ramamoorthi and Fredo Durand

MultiSE: Multi-Path Symbolic Execution using Value Summaries (EECS-2014-173)
Koushik Sen, George Necula, Liang Gong and Philip Wontae Choi

A Longitudinal and Cross-Dataset Study of Internet Latency and Path Stability (EECS-2014-172)
Mosharaf Chowdhury, Rachit Agarwal, Vyas Sekar and Ion Stoica

TypeDevil: Dynamic Type Inconsistency Analysis for JavaScript (EECS-2014-171)
Michael Pradel, Parker Schuh and Koushik Sen

Provably Efficient Algorithms for Numerical Tensor Algebra (EECS-2014-170)
Edgar Solomonik

High Performance Machine Learning through Codesign and Rooflining (EECS-2014-169)
Huasha Zhao and John F. Canny

A Hybrid Dynamical Systems Theory for Legged Locomotion (EECS-2014-167)
Samuel Burden

A Learning Based Approach to Control Synthesis of Markov Decision Processes for Linear Temporal Logic Specifications (EECS-2014-166)
Dorsa Sadigh, Eric Kim, Samuel Coogan, S. Shankar Sastry and Sanjit A. Seshia

Accuracy of the s-step Lanczos method for the symmetric eigenproblem (EECS-2014-165)
Erin Carson and James Demmel

Ptolemy Coding Style (EECS-2014-164)
Christopher Brooks and Edward A. Lee

System Design Trade-Offs in a Next-Generation Embedded Wireless Platform (EECS-2014-162)
Michael P Andersen and David E. Culler

Programming by Manipulation for Layout (EECS-2014-161)
Thibaud Hottelier, Ras Bodik and Kimiko Ryokai

Dynamic and Interactive Synthesis of Code Snippets (EECS-2014-160)
Joel Galenson

Enabling Portable Building Applications through Automated Metadata Transformation (EECS-2014-159)
Arka Bhattacharya, David E. Culler, Jorge Ortiz, Dezhi Hong and Kamin Whitehouse

Programming Layout by Manipulation (EECS-2014-158)
Thibaud Hottelier

Requirements for Hybrid Cosimulation (EECS-2014-157)
David Broman, Lev Greenberg, Edward A. Lee, Michael Masin, Stavros Tripakis and Michael Wetter

Topics in Cell Phone Security (EECS-2014-156)
Jethro Beekman

Formal Techniques for the Verification and Optimal Control of Probabilistic Systems in the Presence of Modeling Uncertainties (EECS-2014-155)
Alberto Puggelli

Language Support for Loosely Consistent Distributed Programming (EECS-2014-153)
Neil Conway

System Design of Cooperative Wireless Networks (EECS-2014-151)
Milos Jorgovanovic

Mercury - A Laboratory Information and Management System (EECS-2014-149)
Todd Merport, Alexander Proskurowski and Katalin Voros

Learning with Parsimony for Large Scale Object Detection and Discovery (EECS-2014-148)
Hyun Oh Song

Contention Bounds for Combinations of Computation Graphs and Network Topologies (EECS-2014-147)
Grey Ballard, James Demmel, Andrew Gearhart, Benjamin Lipshitz, Oded Schwartz and Sivan Toledo

Instruction Sets Should Be Free: The Case For RISC-V (EECS-2014-146)
Krste Asanović and David A. Patterson

JITProf: Pinpointing JIT-unfriendly JavaScript Code (EECS-2014-144)
Liang Gong, Michael Pradel and Koushik Sen

A massively parallel tensor contraction framework for coupled-cluster computations (EECS-2014-143)
Edgar Solomonik, Devin Matthews, Jeff Hammond, John Stanton and James Demmel

Counting and Correlation Decay in Spin Systems (EECS-2014-142)
Piyush Srivastava

When is Big Data Big Enough? Implications of Using GPS-Based Surveys for Travel Demand Analysis (EECS-2014-141)
Akshay Vij and Kalyanaraman Shankari

E-Mission: Automated transportation emission calculation using smart phones (EECS-2014-140)
Kalyanaraman Shankari, Mogeng Yin, Shanthi Shanmugam, David E. Culler and Randy H. Katz

Program Synthesis for Hierarchical Specifications (EECS-2014-139)
Thibaud Hottelier and Ras Bodik

The Emperor’s New Password Manager: Security Analysis of Web-based Password Managers (EECS-2014-138)
Zhiwei Li, Warren He, Devdatta Akhawe and Dawn Song

Building an Adaptive Operating System for Predictability and Efficiency (EECS-2014-137)
Gage Eads, Juan Colmenares, Steven Hofmeyr, Sarah Bird, Davide Bartolini, David Chou, Brian Glutzman, Krste Asanović and John D. Kubiatowicz

Reliable, Memory Speed Storage for Cluster Computing Frameworks (EECS-2014-135)
Haoyuan Li, Ali Ghodsi, Matei Zaharia, Scott Shenker and Ion Stoica

Fabryq: Using phones as smart proxies to control wearable devices from the Web (EECS-2014-134)
Mozziyar Etemadi, Will McGrath, Shuvo Roy and Björn Hartmann

Adaptive Stream Processing using Dynamic Batch Sizing (EECS-2014-133)
Tathagata Das, Yuan Zhong, Ion Stoica and Scott Shenker

Analyzing Data-Dependent Timing and Timing Repeatability with GameTime (EECS-2014-132)
Zachariah Wasson

A Comparison of Error Metrics for Learning Model Parameters in Bayesian Knowledge Tracing (EECS-2014-131)
Asif Dhanani, Seung Yeon Lee, Phitchaya Phothilimthana and Zachary Pardos

Generalized Arrows (EECS-2014-130)
Adam Megacz Joseph

Temporal Lensing and its Application in Pulsing Denial of Service Attacks (EECS-2014-129)
Ryan Rasti, Mukul Murthy and Vern Paxson

Real-time Musical Score Following from a Live Audio Source (EECS-2014-127)
Andrew Lee

Statistical Methods for Genome Assembly (EECS-2014-125)
Maayan Bresler

Towards Autonomous Situation Awareness (EECS-2014-124)
Nikhil Naikal

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System Design for CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EECS-2014-123)

Scalable Automated Model Search (EECS-2014-122)
Evan Sparks

Line Segment-based Aerial Image Registration (EECS-2014-121)
Youngwook Paul Kwon

Polynomial-Time Verification of PCTL Properties of MDPs with Convex Uncertainties (EECS-2014-118)
Alberto Alessandro Angelo Puggelli

Real-time Image Processing on Low Cost Embedded Computers (EECS-2014-117)
Sunil Shah

Viability of Tensegrity Robots in Space Exploration (EECS-2014-116)
Cheng-yu Hong

A Robust Compressed Sensing IC for Bio-Signals (EECS-2014-114)
Jun Kwang Oh

A Comprehensive Surface Mount Technology Solution for Integrated Circuits onto Flexible Screen Printed Electrical Interconnects (EECS-2014-113)
Meriem Ben Salah Ep Akin

Formal Modeling and Verification of CloudProxy (EECS-2014-112)
Wei Yang Tan

Extracting Chemical Reactions from Biological Literature (EECS-2014-109)
Jeffrey Tsui

Viewpoints, Formalisms, Languages, and Tools for Cyber-Physical Systems (EECS-2014-106)
David Broman, Edward A. Lee, Stavros Tripakis and Martin Törngren

Defocus based phase imaging for quantifying electromagnetic edge effects in photomasks (EECS-2014-105)
Aamod Shanker

Access Point Selection for Multi-Rate IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs (EECS-2014-104)
Shicong Yang and Avideh Zakhor

4H-Silicon Carbide PN Diode for Harsh Environment Temperature Sensing Applications (EECS-2014-103)
Nuo Zhang

Compressed Sensing ICs for Bio-Sensor Applications (EECS-2014-102)
Kevin Park

Automatic Functional Datapath Optimization (EECS-2014-101)
Wenyu Tang

ML-o-scope: a diagnostic visualization system for deep machine learning pipelines (EECS-2014-99)
Daniel Bruckner

Building Operating Systems Services: An Architecture for Programmable Buildings (EECS-2014-96)
Stephen Dawson-Haggerty

Leveraging Smartphone Hardware Capabilities for Alternative Authentication (EECS-2014-95)
Isaac Long

9.7-ENOB SAR ADC for Compressed Sensing (EECS-2014-94)
Brian Wang

Learning Semantic Image Representations at a Large Scale (EECS-2014-93)
Yangqing Jia

Ocular Cellscope (EECS-2014-91)
Christopher Echanique

NEM Relay Scaling for Ultra-low Power Digital Logic (EECS-2014-90)
Jack Yaung

PHANTOM: Practical Oblivious Computation in a Secure Processor (EECS-2014-89)
Martin Maas

DSP Chip of Compressed Sensing Algorithm for Bio-Sensor Application (EECS-2014-88)
Xinping Zhang

Optimizing Resource Allocations for Dynamic Interactive Applications (EECS-2014-87)
Sarah Bird

Bribecaster: Documenting Bribes Through Community Participation (EECS-2014-85)
Manas Mittal

Health Solutions Assessment (EECS-2014-84)
Kevin Johnson

Image patch modeling in a light field (EECS-2014-81)
Zeyu Li

Improving TCP latency with super-packets (EECS-2014-80)
David Schinazi

Multiple Optimality Guarantees in Statistical Learning (EECS-2014-79)
John Duchi

ACES: Automatic Evaluation of Coding Style (EECS-2014-77)
Stephanie Rogers, Dan Garcia, John F. Canny, Steven Tang and Daniel Kang

OCTAL: The Online Course Tool for Adaptive Learning (EECS-2014-76)
Daniel Armendariz

Exploiting Spatial Channel Occupancy Information in WLANs (EECS-2014-75)
Michael N Krishnan

Improving User Experiences in Indoor Navigation with Augmented Reality (EECS-2014-74)
Andrew Zhong

Improving User Experiences in Indoor Navigation Using Augmented Reality (EECS-2014-73)
Nahush Bhanage

Structural Health Monitoring For Unmanned Aerial Systems (EECS-2014-70)
Yong Keong Yap

Next Generation Financial Guidance Tool (EECS-2014-69)
Feng Hai

Low Dimensional Materials for Next Generation Electronics (EECS-2014-65)
Steven Chuang

Span Programs, Electrical Flows, and Beyond: New Approaches to Quantum Algorithms (EECS-2014-64)
Guoming Wang

Endlessly Circulating Messages in IEEE 1588-2008 Systems (EECS-2014-62)
David Broman, Patricia Derler, Ankush Desai, John Eidson and Sanjit A. Seshia

Applying Probabilistic Models for Knowledge Diagnosis and Educational Game Design (EECS-2014-61)
Anna Rafferty

New Mobility Solutions for a Changing Automotive Landscape: Development of a Shared Transportation Web Application (EECS-2014-60)
Gregory Quan

From the Telegraph to Twitter Group Chats (EECS-2014-59)
James Cook

Concentric Rings K-space Trajectory for Hyperpolarized C-13 MR Spectroscopic Imaging (EECS-2014-58)
Wenwen Jiang

Troubleshooting Blackbox SDN Control Software With Minimal Causal Sequences (EECS-2014-57)
Colin Scott

Towards High Assurance HTML5 Applications (EECS-2014-56)
Devdatta Akhawe

Error analysis of the s-step Lanczos method in finite precision (EECS-2014-55)
Erin Carson and James Demmel

The RISC-V Instruction Set Manual, Volume I: User-Level ISA, Version 2.0 (EECS-2014-54)
Andrew Waterman, Yunsup Lee, David A. Patterson and Krste Asanović

Enabling Eutectic Soldering of 3D Opto-Electronics onto Low Tg Flexible Polymers (EECS-2014-53)
Meriem Ben Salah Ep Akin, Lutz Rissing and Wolfgang Heumann

Design guidelines for efficient eutectic soldering onto low Tg polymeric multimode light waveguides (EECS-2014-52)
Meriem Ben Salah Ep Akin, Lutz Rissing and Elke Pichler

A quantitative Gibbard-Satterthwaite theorem without neutrality (EECS-2014-48)
Elchanan Mossel and Miklos Racz

Differential Disclosure of Information (EECS-2014-47)
Daniel Aranki and Ruzena Bajcsy

Methuselah: Intelligent Data Aging (EECS-2014-46)
Nick Lanham

Application of Inkjet-Printing Technology to Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (EECS-2014-44)
Eung Seok Park

Archipelago - An Open Source FPGA with Toolflow Support (EECS-2014-43)
Hao Jun Liu

Advanced Architectures for Efficient mm-Wave CMOS Wireless Transmitters (EECS-2014-42)
JiaShu Chen

Real-time Safe Semi-Autonomous Control with Driver Modeling (EECS-2014-41)
Victor Shia

Tactile Sensors for Palm-Size Crawling Robots (EECS-2014-40)
Jaakko Karras

Minimally Actuated Dynamic Climbing in the Sagittal Plane (EECS-2014-39)
Paul Birkmeyer

Identification of Hybrid Dynamical Models for Human Movement via Switched System Optimal Control (EECS-2014-38)
Ram Vasudevan

A software approach for combining real time data measurement and building energy model to improve energy efficiency (EECS-2014-37)
Jiechao Li

Towards an Ultra-Low Energy Computation with Asynchronous Circuits (EECS-2014-36)
Tsung-Te Liu

Resilient Control and Intrusion Detection for SCADA Systems (EECS-2014-34)
Bonnie Xia Zhu

Applied Estimation of Mobile Environments (EECS-2014-32)
Kevin Weekly

Towards a Minimal Architecture for a Printable, Modular, and Robust Sensing Skin (EECS-2014-31)
Austin Buchan

Bridging the Semantic Gap Between Heterogeneous Modeling Formalisms and FMI (EECS-2014-30)
Stavros Tripakis and David Broman

Hypnos: Unobtrusive Power Proportionality for HPC frameworks (EECS-2014-29)
Arka Bhattacharya and David E. Culler

A More Powerful Two-Sample Test in High Dimensions using Random Projection (EECS-2014-28)
Miles Lopes, Laurent Jacob and Martin Wainwright

Towards Interactive Timing Analysis for Designing Reactive Systems (EECS-2014-26)
Insa Fuhrmann, David Broman, Steven Smyth and Reinhard von Hanxleden

From Relational Interfaces to Assume-Guarantee Contracts (EECS-2014-21)
Pierluigi Nuzzo, Antonio Iannopollo, Stavros Tripakis and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Specification Mining: New Formalisms, Algorithms and Applications (EECS-2014-20)
Wenchao Li

A Three-Stage Colonel Blotto Game with Applications to Cyber-Physical Security (EECS-2014-19)
Abhishek Gupta, Galina Schwartz, Cedric Langbort, S. Shankar Sastry and Tamer Basar

Analysis of the finite precision s-step biconjugate gradient method (EECS-2014-18)
Erin Carson and James Demmel

Software Engineering Curriculum Technology Transfer: Lessons learned from MOOCs and SPOCs (EECS-2014-17)
Armando Fox, David A. Patterson, Richard Ilson, Samuel Joseph, Kristen Walcott-Justice and Rose Williams

Robust Strategy Synthesis for Probabilistic Systems Applied to Risk-Limiting Renewable-Energy Pricing (EECS-2014-16)
Alberto Alessandro Angelo Puggelli, Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and Sanjit A. Seshia

Constructive Models of Discrete and Continuous Physical Phenomena (EECS-2014-15)
Edward A. Lee

An Architecture for Fast and General Data Processing on Large Clusters (EECS-2014-12)
Matei Zaharia

Near-optimal Assembly for Shotgun Sequencing with Noisy Reads (EECS-2014-10)
Ka Kit Lam, David Tse and Asif Khalak

Optimizing Parallel Job Performance in Data-Intensive Clusters (EECS-2014-9)
Ganesh Ananthanarayanan

Tradeoffs between synchronization, communication, and work in parallel linear algebra computations (EECS-2014-8)
Edgar Solomonik, Erin Carson, Nicholas Knight and James Demmel

Generalized Ultrametric Semilattices of Linear Signals (EECS-2014-7)
Eleftherios Matsikoudis and Edward A. Lee

Fundamental Tradeoff between Conductance and Subthreshold Swing Voltage for Barrier Thickness Modulation in Tunnel Field Effect Transistors (EECS-2014-6)
Sapan Agarwal and Eli Yablonovitch

First Draft of the act Programming Language (EECS-2014-5)
Eleftherios Matsikoudis and Christos Stergiou

Basic Problems in Multi-View Modeling (EECS-2014-4)
Jan Reineke and Stavros Tripakis

Switching Dynamics of Thin Film Ferroelectric Devices - A Massively Parallel Phase Field Study (EECS-2014-2)
Khalid Md Ashraf

Shark: SQL and Analytics with Cost-Based Query Optimization on Coarse-Grained Distributed Memory (EECS-2014-1)
Antonio Lupher