Syllable based Lattice Transduction for Keyword Search (EECS-2015-268)
Hang Su

Hold ’em or Fold ’em? Aggregation Queries under Performance Variations (EECS-2015-267)
Gautam Kumar, Ganesh Ananthanarayanan, Sylvia Ratnasamy and Ion Stoica

End-User Record and Replay for the Web (EECS-2015-266)
Shaon Barman

Mixed Precision Vector Processors (EECS-2015-265)
Albert Ou

Hwacha Preliminary Evaluation Results, Version 3.8.1 (EECS-2015-264)
Yunsup Lee, Colin Schmidt, Sagar Karandikar, Daniel Dabbelt, Albert Ou and Krste Asanović

The Hwacha Microarchitecture Manual, Version 3.8.1 (EECS-2015-263)
Yunsup Lee, Albert Ou, Colin Schmidt, Sagar Karandikar, Howard Mao and Krste Asanović

The Hwacha Vector-Fetch Architecture Manual, Version 3.8.1 (EECS-2015-262)
Yunsup Lee, Colin Schmidt, Albert Ou, Andrew Waterman and Krste Asanović

Opportunities for Fine-Grained Adaptive Voltage Scaling to Improve System-Level Energy Efficiency (EECS-2015-257)
Ben Keller

Flexible FFT Optimization and RTL Generation in the Chisel Hardware Design Language (EECS-2015-256)
Stephen Twigg

Frequency Tunable MEMS-Based Timing Oscillators and Narrowband Filters (EECS-2015-255)
Henry Barrow

Supervised Text Region Identification on Historical Documents (EECS-2015-254)
Jonathan Eng

Characterization and applications of piezoelectric polymers (EECS-2015-253)
Tae hoon Kim

Coarse-to-fine MCMC in a seismic monitoring system (EECS-2015-252)
Xiaofei Zhou

Fast and Effective Approximations for Summarization and Categorization of Very Large Text Corpora (EECS-2015-251)
Andrew Godbehere

Modeling and Control of an Ornithopter for Non-Equilibrium Maneuvers (EECS-2015-250)
Cameron Rose

Introduction to the Language of Convex Optimization (EECS-2015-249)
Elan Frenkel

pin orbit torque driven magnetic switching for low power computing and memory (EECS-2015-248)
Debanjan Bhowmik

High-Q AlN Contour Mode Resonators with Unattached, Voltage-Actuated Electrodes (EECS-2015-247)
Robert Schneider

Ressort: An Auto-Tuning Framework for Parallel Shuffle Kernels (EECS-2015-246)
Eric Love

Exploiting Structure and Input-Output Properties in Networked Dynamical Systems (EECS-2015-245)
Ana Sofia Rufino Ferreira

Visual Representations for Fine-grained Categorization (EECS-2015-244)
Ning Zhang

Short-Term Traffic Forecasting: Modeling and Learning Spatio-Temporal Relations in Transportation Networks Using Graph Neural Networks (EECS-2015-243)
Behrooz Shahsavari and Pieter Abbeel

Data-centric Programming for Distributed Systems (EECS-2015-242)
Peter Alvaro

Large-Margin Structured Prediction Extensions of Neural Networks for Automatic Speech Recognition (EECS-2015-241)
Suman Ravuri

A Scalable DC Microgrid Architecture for Rural Electrification in Emerging Regions (EECS-2015-240)
Achintya Madduri

Machine Learning and Optimization for Neural Circuit Reconstruction (EECS-2015-239)
Jeremy Maitin-Shepard

Model-Based Fault Detection and Identification for Power Electronics Systems (EECS-2015-238)
Jason Poon

Tools for Creating Audio Stories (EECS-2015-237)
Steven Rubin

On the Power of Lasserre SDP Hierarchy (EECS-2015-236)
Ning Tan

Unsupervised Analysis of Structured Human Artifacts (EECS-2015-235)
Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick

Global Data Plane Router on Click (EECS-2015-234)
Nikhil Goyal, John Wawrzynek and John D. Kubiatowicz

Connecting the Last Billion (EECS-2015-233)
Yahel Ben David

Privacy-preserving Messaging and Search: A Collaborative Approach (EECS-2015-230)
Giulia Fanti

Efficient Reproducible Floating Point Summation and BLAS (EECS-2015-229)
Willow Ahrens, Hong Diep Nguyen and James Demmel

Low-Complexity Interactive Algorithms for Synchronization from Deletions, Insertions, and Substitutions (EECS-2015-227)
Vasuki Narasimha Swamy, Kannan Ramchandran and Ramji Venkataramanan

Non-Epitaxial Thin-Film Indium Phosphide Photovoltaics: Growth, Devices, and Cost Analysis (EECS-2015-226)
Maxwell Zheng

Learning Manipulation of Deformable Objects from Multiple Demonstrations (EECS-2015-225)
Henry Lu

Wideband Signal Acquisition via Frequency-Interleaved Sampling (EECS-2015-224)
Steven Callender

Worker Expertise and Expert Rubrics in Crowdsourced Design Critique (EECS-2015-223)
Alvin Yuan, Kurt Luther, Markus Krause, Steven P. Dow and Björn Hartmann

Occlusion-aware Depth Estimation Using Light-field Cameras (EECS-2015-222)
Ting-Chun Wang, Alexei (Alyosha) Efros and Ravi Ramamoorthi

CMOS and Memristor Technologies for Neuromorphic Computing Applications (EECS-2015-219)
Jeff Sun

Efficient Multi-Level Modeling and Monitoring of End-use Energy Profile in Commercial Buildings (EECS-2015-217)
Costas J. Spanos and Zhaoyi Kang

Robust Optimization and Data Approximation in Machine Learning (EECS-2015-216)
Gia Vinh Anh Pham

Modeling and Selection for Real-time Wafer-to-Wafer Fault Detection Applications (EECS-2015-215)
Jae Yeon (Claire) Baek

Readout Circuits for Frequency-Modulated Gyroscopes (EECS-2015-214)
Igor Izyumin

Modeling and Applications of Highly-Scaled Gravure Printing (EECS-2015-213)
Rungrot Kitsomboonloha

Micromechanical Resonant Switches ("Resoswitches") and Resonant Power Converters (EECS-2015-212)
Yang Lin

Coflow: A Networking Abstraction for Distributed Data-Parallel Applications (EECS-2015-211)
Mosharaf Chowdhury

Abstract Semantics for Software Security Analysis (EECS-2015-210)
Kevin Zhijie Chen

The RISC-V Compressed Instruction Set Manual, Version 1.9 (EECS-2015-209)
Andrew Waterman, Yunsup Lee, David A. Patterson and Krste Asanović

Rethinking the First Look at Data by Framing It (EECS-2015-208)
Sara Alspaugh, Anna Swigart, Ian MacFarland, Randy H. Katz and Marti Hearst

Deconstructing and Restyling D3 Visualizations (EECS-2015-207)
Jonathan Harper

Coordination Avoidance in Distributed Databases (EECS-2015-206)
Peter Bailis

A Fast Parameterized SHA3 Accelerator (EECS-2015-204)
Colin Schmidt and Adam Izraelevitz

Improving the HLA-CERTI framework (EECS-2015-202)
David Come

Games with vector payoffs : a dynamic programming approach (EECS-2015-201)
Vijay Kamble

Intuitive Appliance Identification using Image Matching in Smart Buildings (EECS-2015-200)
Kaifei Chen, John Kolb, Jonathan Fürst, Dezhi Hong, David E. Culler and Randy H. Katz

Leveraging Similar Regions to Improve Genome Data Processing (EECS-2015-199)
Kristal Curtis

Building Reliable Distributed Systems With P (EECS-2015-198)
Ankush Desai, Ethan Jackson, Amar Phanishayee, Shaz Qadeer and Sanjit A. Seshia

XBOS: An Extensible Building Operating System (EECS-2015-197)
Gabriel Fierro and David E. Culler

Design Considerations for Nano-Electromechanical Relay Circuits (EECS-2015-195)
Matthew Spencer

Scalable Platform for Malicious Content Detection Integrating Machine Learning and Manual Review (EECS-2015-194)
Bradley Miller

Beyond Bounding Boxes: Precise Localization of Objects in Images (EECS-2015-193)
Bharath Hariharan

Convex geometric tools in information theory (EECS-2015-192)
Varun Jog

Monte Carlo Methods for SLAM with Data Association Uncertainty (EECS-2015-191)
Constantin Berzan and Stuart J. Russell

Reachability-based Safe Learning with Gaussian Processes (EECS-2015-190)
Anayo Akametalu

Compositional Design of Cyber-Physical Systems Using Contracts (EECS-2015-189)
Pierluigi Nuzzo

OS and Runtime Support for Efficiently Managing Cores in Parallel Applications (EECS-2015-188)
Kevin Klues

Statistical Models for Genome Assembly and Analysis (EECS-2015-186)
Atif Rahman

Communication-Optimal Loop Nests (EECS-2015-185)
Nick Knight

Refinements in Syntactic Parsing (EECS-2015-184)
David Hall

Security Mechanisms and Security-Aware Mapping for Real-Time Distributed Embedded Systems (EECS-2015-183)
Chung-Wei Lin

Design of control algorithms for redundant neuroprosthetic brain-machine interfaces (EECS-2015-182)
Suraj Gowda

Predictable Processors for Mixed-Criticality Systems and Precision-Timed I/O (EECS-2015-181)
Michael Zimmer

Communication-Avoiding Krylov Subspace Methods in Theory and Practice (EECS-2015-179)
Erin Carson

Incentivizing Efficiency in Societal-Scale Cyber-Physical Systems (EECS-2015-178)
Lillian Ratliff

Exploring Privacy Preservation in Outsourced K-Nearest Neighbors with Multiple Data Owners (EECS-2015-177)
Frank Li, Richard Shin and Vern Paxson

Risk Management and Combinatorial Optimization for Large-Scale Demand Response and Renewable Energy Integration (EECS-2015-176)
Insoon Yang

Synthesis and Verification of Networked Systems with Applications to Transportation Networks (EECS-2015-175)
Samuel Coogan

Unified Multi-Cue Depth Estimation from Light-Field Images: Correspondence, Defocus, Shading, and Specularity (EECS-2015-174)
Michael Tao

A Compartmental Lateral Inhibition System to Generate Contrasting Patterns (EECS-2015-173)
Ana Sofia Rufino Ferreira, Justin Hsia and Murat Arcak

Towards Digital Apprenticeship: Wearable Activity Recognition in the Workshop Setting (EECS-2015-172)
Timothy Campbell, Jonathan Harper, Björn Hartmann and Eric Paulos

Negative Capacitance for Ultra-low Power Computing (EECS-2015-171)
Asif Islam Khan

Formal Methods for Engineering Education (EECS-2015-170)

Rendering Issues in Pacioli’s Rhombicuboctahedron (EECS-2015-169)
Carlo H. Séquin and Raymond Shiau

Scalable Transactions for Scalable Distributed Database Systems (EECS-2015-168)
Gene Pang

The Berkeley Out-of-Order Machine (BOOM): An Industry-Competitive, Synthesizable, Parameterized RISC-V Processor (EECS-2015-167)
Christopher Celio, David A. Patterson and Krste Asanović

Variability Modeling and Statistical Parameter Extraction for CMOS Devices (EECS-2015-165)
Kun Qian

Filtering Environment Illumination for Interactive Physically-Based Rendering in Mixed Reality (EECS-2015-164)
Soham Uday Mehta, Kihwan Kim, Dawid Pajak, Kari Pulli, Jan Kautz and Ravi Ramamoorthi

Write-Avoiding Algorithms (EECS-2015-163)
Erin Carson, James Demmel, Laura Grigori, Nick Knight, Penporn Koanantakool, Oded Schwartz and Harsha Vardhan Simhadri

Verification of Confidentiality Properties of Enclave Programs (EECS-2015-162)
Rohit Sinha, Sriram Rajamani, Sanjit A. Seshia and Kapil Vaswani

Design and Fabrication of cm-scale Tesla Turbines (EECS-2015-161)
Vedavalli Krishnan

Ultra-low energy photoreceivers for optical interconnects (EECS-2015-160)
Ryan Going

SiRen: Leveraging Similar Regions for Efficient & Accurate Variant Calling (EECS-2015-159)
Kristal Curtis, Ameet Talwalkar, Matei Zaharia, Armando Fox and David A. Patterson

Approximate Synchrony: An Abstraction for Distributed Almost-Synchronous Systems (EECS-2015-158)
Ankush Desai, Sanjit A. Seshia, Shaz Qadeer, David Broman and John Eidson

The RISC-V Compressed Instruction Set Manual, Version 1.7 (EECS-2015-157)
Andrew Waterman, Yunsup Lee, David A. Patterson and Krste Asanović

Building a User Interface for a Temporal Machine Learning System (EECS-2015-156)
George Yiu

SoftNIC: A Software NIC to Augment Hardware (EECS-2015-155)
Sangjin Han, Keon Jang, Aurojit Panda, Shoumik Palkar, Dongsu Han and Sylvia Ratnasamy

Design and Analysis of a PVDF Acoustic Transducer Towards an Imager for Mobile Underwater Sensor Networks (EECS-2015-154)
Benjamin T Eovino

Transistor circuits for MEMS based transceiver (EECS-2015-151)
Soumya Mantha, Darryl Yu, Yuehan Xu, Kelvin Liang and Keli Hui

Transistor circuits for MEMS based transceiver (EECS-2015-150)
Clark Nguyen and Soumya Mantha

Characterization of Advective Micromolding in Vapor-Permeable Templates for Printed Electronics (EECS-2015-149)
John Herr

Room temperature approach to fully transparent, all-oxide thin-film transistors (EECS-2015-148)
Thomas Rembert and Ali Javey

Room temperature approach to fully transparent, all-oxide thin-film transistors (EECS-2015-147)
Thomas Rembert

Large Scale Text Analysis (EECS-2015-145)
Kevin Tee

High Availability on a Distributed Real Time Processing System (EECS-2015-144)
Enrico Tanuwidjaja, Jian Neng Li and Ashkon Soroudi

Petabit Switch Fabric Design (EECS-2015-143)
Surabhi Kumar

A quantitative approach to wireless spectrum regulation (EECS-2015-142)
Kate Harrison

A Low-noise Amplifier for Electrocardiogram Signals (EECS-2015-141)
Jonghun Kwak

Remote Pair Programming in a Visual Programming Language (EECS-2015-139)
Jonathan McKinsey

High Availability on a Distributed Real Time Processing System (EECS-2015-137)
Jian Neng Li, Ashkon Soroudi and Enrico Tanuwidjaja

Large Scale Text Analysis (EECS-2015-136)
Xinchen Ye, Kevin Tee and Weijia Jin

High Availability on a Distributed Real Time Processing System (EECS-2015-135)
Ashkon Soroudi, Enrico Tanuwidjaja and Jian Neng Li

High Availability on a Distributed Real Time Processing System (EECS-2015-134)
Enrico Tanuwidjaja

High Speed Analog Circuit for Solving Optimization Problems (EECS-2015-133)
Kristel Deems

Large Scale Text Analysis (EECS-2015-129)
Kevin Tee, Xinchen Ye and Weijia Jin

Big Data Analytics (EECS-2015-128)
Feiyang Xue

Model-Based Embedded Software (EECS-2015-127)
Kevin Albers, Robert Bui, Jose Oyola Cabello and Naren Vasanad

Two Optimal Path Problems in Synthetic Biology (EECS-2015-126)
Matthew Fong

Digital Image Manipulation Forensics (EECS-2015-125)
Omar Ramadan, Anthony Sutardja and Yan Zhao

Model-based Embedded Software (EECS-2015-124)
Naren Vasanad, Kevin Albers, Robert Bui and Jose Oyola Cabello

Metal Optics Based nanoLEDs: In Search of a Fast, Efficient, Nanoscale Light Emitter (EECS-2015-122)
Michael Eggleston

Chlorophyll: Synthesis-Aided Compiler for Low-Power Spatial Architectures (EECS-2015-121)
Phitchaya Phothilimthana

Model-Based Embedded Software (EECS-2015-120)
Jose Oyola Cabello, Kevin Albers, Robert Bui and Naren Vasanad

Optofluidic Devices for Droplet and Cell Manipulation (EECS-2015-119)
Shao Ning Pei

Discover Insights from Data Analysis (EECS-2015-118)
Andrew Ho

Model-Based Embedded Software (EECS-2015-117)
Robert Bui, Kevin Albers, Jose Oyola Cabello and Naren Vasanad

Petabit Switch Fabric Design (EECS-2015-116)
Bhavana Chaurasia, Yale Chen, Ian Juch, Surabhi Kumar and Jay Mistry

Next Generation Memory Interfaces (EECS-2015-115)
Kalika Saxena

Low-Latency, High-Reliability Wireless Networks for Control Applications (EECS-2015-114)
Matthew Weiner

Next Generation Memory Interfaces (EECS-2015-113)
Chenyang Xu

Online Video Data Analytics (EECS-2015-112)
Yaohui Ye, Wenxuan Cai, Benjamin Le, Jefferson Lai and Pierce Vollucci

Next Generation Memory Interfaces (EECS-2015-111)
Miron Veryanskiy, Kyle Dillon, Kalika Saxena, Sinan Liu and Chenyang Xu

Expanded Tele-heatlh Platform for Android (EECS-2015-110)
Adarsh Mani, Phillip Azar, Jochem Van Gaalen and Quan Peng

Interactive Device Design with Kinoma Create (EECS-2015-109)
Codanda Appachu, Steven Hong and Sean McQueen

Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording: Fundamental Limits to Inverse Electromagnetic Design (EECS-2015-106)
Samarth Bhargava

3D Modeling of Interior Building Environments and Objects from Noisy Sensor Suites (EECS-2015-105)
Eric Turner

Next Generation Memory Interfaces (EECS-2015-104)
Kyle Dillon

Thin Body InAs on Insulator Transistors (EECS-2015-103)
Jared Carter

Low-Noise Ring Amplifier with Thermal Noise Cancellation (EECS-2015-102)
Guanpeng Zhi, Jonghun Kwak and Zhiyang Song

Interactive Device Design with Kinoma Create (EECS-2015-101)
Sean McQueen, Steven Hong and Codanda Appachu

Online Video Data Analytics (EECS-2015-100)
Wenxuan Cai, Benjamin Le, Jefferson Lai, Pierce Vollucci and Yaohui Ye

Applications of Bayesian Knowledge Tracing to the Curation of Educational Videos (EECS-2015-98)
Zachary MacHardy

Interactive Device Design with Kinoma Create (EECS-2015-97)
Steven Hong, Codanda Appachu and Sean McQueen

Next Generation Memory Interfaces (EECS-2015-95)
Sinan Liu

Scalable Algorithms for Population Genomic Inference (EECS-2015-94)
Sara Sheehan

Petabit Switch Fabric Design (EECS-2015-93)
Yale Chen, Bhavana Chaurasia, Ian Juch, Surabhi Kumar and Jay Mistry

Interdigital Oil Droplets Sensor with Acoustic Enabled Pre-Positioning (EECS-2015-92)
Xiaoyue Jiang

Petabit Switch Fabric Design (EECS-2015-91)
Jay Mistry, Yale Chen, Bhavana Chaurasia, Ian Juch and Surabhi Kumar

Expanded Tele-Health Platform for Android (EECS-2015-90)
Quan Peng, Phillip Azar, Adarsh Mani and Jochem Van Gaalen

Robotic Manipulation with a Human in the Loop – Accuracy Comparison and Analysis (EECS-2015-89)
James Su, Sebastian Schweigert, Sunil Srinivasan, Jiewen Sun and Mark Jouppi

Petabit Switch-Fabric Design (EECS-2015-88)
Ian Juch, Bhavana Chaurasia, Yale Chen, Surabhi Kumar and Jay Mistry

Robotic Manipulation with a Human in the Loop - The Pipeline for Learning by Demonstration (EECS-2015-87)
Sunil Srinivasan, Sebastian Schweigert, Jiewen Sun, James Su and Mark Jouppi

Expanded Tele-Health Platform for Android (EECS-2015-86)
Jochem Van Gaalen, Phillip Azar, Adarsh Mani and Quan Peng

Digital Image Manipulation Forensic (EECS-2015-85)
Yan Zhao, Anthony Sutardja and Omar Ramadan

Forensic Methods for Detecting Image Manipulation - Copy Move (EECS-2015-84)
Anthony Sutardja, Omar Ramadan and Yan Zhao

Expanded Telehealth Platform for Android (EECS-2015-83)
Phillip Azar, Adarsh Mani, Quan Peng and Jochem Van Gaalen

Ring-Amplification Technique for Bio-Signal LNA Designs (EECS-2015-82)
Zhiyang Song

Robotic Manipulation with a Human in the Loop (EECS-2015-78)
Mark Jouppi, Sebastian Schweigert, Jiewen Sun, James Su and Sunil Srinivasan

Towards Secure and Privacy-Preserving Online Social Networking Services (EECS-2015-76)
Zhenqiang Gong

Closed-loop decoder adaptation algorithms for brain-machine interface systems (EECS-2015-75)
Siddharth Dangi

Electronic Properties of Low-Dimensional Materials Under Periodic Potential (EECS-2015-73)
Mehdi Jamei

Online Video Data Analytics (EECS-2015-72)
Jefferson Lai, Benjamin Le, Pierce Vollucci, Wenxuan Cai and Yaohui Ye

Online Video Data Analytics (EECS-2015-71)
Pierce Vollucci, Benjamin Le, Jefferson Lai, Wenxuan Cai and Yaohui Ye

Online Video Data Analytics (EECS-2015-70)
Benjamin Le, Jefferson Lai, Pierce Vollucci, Wenxuan Cai and Yaohui Ye

Robot Manipulation with a Human in the Loop - Trajectory Recording and Playback (EECS-2015-68)
Sebastian Schweigert, Jiewen Sun, James Su, Sunil Srinivasan and Mark Jouppi

Robotic Manipulation with a Human in the Loop - Accuracy Estimation of the Baxter Robot (EECS-2015-67)
Jiewen Sun, Sebastian Schweigert, James Su, Sunil Srinivasan and Mark Jouppi

Axis-aligned Filtering for Interactive Physically-based Rendering (EECS-2015-66)
Soham Uday Mehta

Scalable Genome Resequencing with ADAM and avocado (EECS-2015-65)
Frank Nothaft

Transistor Circuits for MEMS Based Transceiver (EECS-2015-62)
Yuehan Xu, Keli Hui, Darryl Yu, Soumya Mantha and Kelvin Liang

Optical Design Considerations for High Conversion Efficiency in Photovoltaics (EECS-2015-61)
Vidya Ganapati

Experimental Design for Human-in-the-Loop Driving Simulations (EECS-2015-59)
Katherine Driggs Campbell and Ruzena Bajcsy

Robust Scheduling for Queueing Networks (EECS-2015-58)
Ramtin Pedarsani

Piezoelectric Negative Capacitance (EECS-2015-57)
Justin Wong and Sayeef Salahuddin

Antonio De Lima Fernandes

Computational 3D Microscope (EECS-2015-54)
Ying Ou

Capstone Report Project NoScope (EECS-2015-53)
Longxiang Cui, Mark Hardiman, Zeyi Lee, Ying Ou and Ryan Frazier

Capstone Report - Project NoScope (EECS-2015-52)
Zeyi Lee, Mark Hardiman, Ryan Frazier, Ying Ou and Longxiang Cui

Project NoScope (EECS-2015-51)
Mark Hardiman, Ying Ou, Ryan Frazier, Zeyi Lee and Longxiang Cui

Capstone Report Project NoScope (EECS-2015-50)
Ryan Frazier, Ying Ou, Mark Hardiman, Zeyi Lee and Longxiang Cui

The RISC-V Instruction Set Manual Volume II: Privileged Architecture Version 1.7 (EECS-2015-49)
Andrew Waterman, Yunsup Lee, Rimas Avizienis, David A. Patterson and Krste Asanović

Transistor Circuits For A MEMS Based Transceiver (EECS-2015-48)
Kelvin Liang

Transistor Circuits for MEMS Based Transceiver (EECS-2015-47)
Keli Hui, Kelvin Liang, Darryl Yu, Yuehan Xu and Soumya Mantha

Transistor Circuits for MEMS-based Transceiver (EECS-2015-46)
Darryl Yu

Finite Element Analysis of the Effects of Package Induced Stress on Micromechanical Resonator Temperature Stability (EECS-2015-45)
Divya Kashyap

Active systems with uncertain parameters: an information-theoretic perspective (EECS-2015-43)
Gireeja Ranade

Large-Scale Silicon Photonic MEMS Switch (EECS-2015-42)
Sangyoon Han

Synthesis of Reliable and Cost-Effective Cyber-Physical System Architectures (EECS-2015-41)
Nikunj Bajaj

Large Scale Silicon Photonic MEMS Switch (EECS-2015-40)
Sangyoon Han

Bloom Cookies: Web Search Personalization without User Tracking (EECS-2015-39)
Nitesh Mor

A Micromechanical RF Channelizer (EECS-2015-38)
Mehmet Akgul

Study of Variability in Advanced Transistor Technologies (EECS-2015-37)
Nattapol Damrongplasit

Probabilistically Modeling Semantic Change (EECS-2015-36)
Aleksandr Nisnevich, David Hall and Daniel Klein

Parametric identification of concentration-dependent gene regulation networks (EECS-2015-34)
Qie Hu

Development of an air-stable, high energy density printed silver oxide battery for printed electronics (EECS-2015-33)
Kyle Braam

Model Predictive Control Approach to Electric Vehicle Charging in Smart Grids (EECS-2015-31)
Somil Bansal

Distributed Control and Synchronization of Diffusively Coupled Systems (EECS-2015-30)
Yusef Shafi

Matrix Multiplication Algorithm Selection with Support Vector Machines (EECS-2015-29)
Omer Spillinger, David Eliahu, Armando Fox and James Demmel

FRPA: A Framework for Recursive Parallel Algorithms (EECS-2015-28)
David Eliahu, Omer Spillinger, Armando Fox and James Demmel

Ultrasonic 3D Rangefinder on a Chip (EECS-2015-27)
Richard Przybyla

Frequency Modulated Gyroscopes (EECS-2015-26)
Mitchell Kline

A W-Band Phase-Locked Loop for Millimeter-Wave Applications (EECS-2015-25)
Shinwon Kang

Shark: SQL and Rich Analytics at Scale (EECS-2015-24)
Reynold Shi Xin

Semantics and Pragmatics of Spatial Reference (EECS-2015-23)
Dave Golland

Aircraft Design Optimization as a Geometric Program (EECS-2015-22)
Warren Hoburg

Design Techniques for Fully Integrated Switched-Capacitor Voltage Regulators (EECS-2015-21)
Hanh-Phuc Le

Surface Web Semantics for Structured Natural Language Processing (EECS-2015-20)
Mohit Bansal

Low Power, Scalable Platforms for Implantable Neural Recording (EECS-2015-19)
Rikky Muller

Efficient Switching Power Amplifiers using the Distributed Switch Architecture (EECS-2015-18)
Siva Viswanathan Thyagarajan and Ali Niknejad

Modularity Conserved during Evolution: Algorithms and Analysis (EECS-2015-17)
Luqman Hodgkinson

Avoiding communication in the Lanczos bidiagonalization routine and associated Least Squares QR solver (EECS-2015-15)
Erin Carson

Superoptimizer Construction Framework with Efficient Hybrid Search (EECS-2015-14)
Phitchaya Phothilimthana, Aditya Thakur, Ras Bodik and Dinakar Dhurjati

SJS: a Typed Subset of JavaScript with Fixed Object Layout (EECS-2015-13)
Philip Wontae Choi, Satish Chandra, George Necula and Koushik Sen

SWIFT: Compiled Inference for Probabilistic Programs (EECS-2015-12)
Lei Li, Yi Wu and Stuart J. Russell

From MetroII to Metronomy, Designing Contract-based Function-Architecture Co-simulation Framework for Timing Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems (EECS-2015-11)
Liangpeng Guo

CA-SVM: Communication-Avoiding Parallel Support Vector Machines on Distributed Systems (EECS-2015-9)
Yang You, James Demmel, Kenneth Czechowski, Le Song and Richard Vuduc

Participatory Classification in a System for Assessing Multimodal Transportation Patterns (EECS-2015-8)
Kalyanaraman Shankari, Mogeng Yin, Randy H. Katz and David E. Culler

Information Display for Societal Problems: Data, Game, or Choice? (EECS-2015-7)
Kalyanaraman Shankari, Janice Park, Tejomay Gadgil, Randy H. Katz and David E. Culler

A Dynamic Analysis for Tuning Floating-point Precision (EECS-2015-6)
Cuong Nguyen

DLint: Dynamically Checking Bad Coding Practices in JavaScript (EECS-2015-5)
Liang Gong, Michael Pradel, Manu Sridharan and Koushik Sen

RAID-CUBE: The Modern Datacenter Case for RAID (EECS-2015-4)
Jayanta Basak and Randy H. Katz

Social Game for Building Energy Efficiency: Utility Learning, Simulation, Analysis and Incentive Design (EECS-2015-3)
Ioannis Konstantakopoulos, Costas J. Spanos and S. Shankar Sastry

High Quality Factor Lamb Wave Resonators (EECS-2015-1)
Jie Zou