Speed Advisory System Using Real-Time Actuated Traffic Light Phase Length Prediction (EECS-2019-184)
Mikhail Burov

Frequency Regulation for Power System Dynamics with Variable and Low Inertia due to Renewable Energy (EECS-2019-183)
Patricia Hidalgo-Gonzalez

Compiling Communication-Minimizing Query Plans (EECS-2019-181)
Eric Love

e-mission: an open source, extensible platform for human mobility systems (EECS-2019-180)

Scalable Systems for Large Scale Dynamic Connected Data Processing (EECS-2019-178)
Anand Padmanabha Iyer

Oxygen-insertion Technology for CMOS Performance Enhancement (EECS-2019-177)
Xi Zhang

Remedying Security Concerns at an Internet Scale (EECS-2019-176)
Frank Li

Towards More Scalable and Robust Machine Learning (EECS-2019-175)
Dong Yin

Learning to Segment Every Thing (EECS-2019-174)
Ronghang Hu

Sharp and Practical Performance Bounds for MCMC and Multiple Testing (EECS-2019-173)
Maxim Rabinovich

Abstract Syntax Networks for Code Generation and Semantic Parsing (EECS-2019-172)
Maxim Rabinovich, Mitchell Stern and Daniel Klein

The Design and Implementation of Low-Latency Prediction Serving Systems (EECS-2019-171)
Daniel Crankshaw

Converting a Möbius-Torus Into a Walkable Sculpture (EECS-2019-170)
Brian Aronowitz and Carlo H. Séquin

Bayesian Posterior Sampling via Stochastic Gradient Descent with Collisions (EECS-2019-169)
Quico Spaen

Unlocking Design Reuse with Hardware Compiler Frameworks (EECS-2019-168)
Adam Izraelevitz

Efficient Sampling of SAT and SMT Solutions for Testing and Verification (EECS-2019-167)
Rafael Dutra

MEMS-Actuated Carbon Fibers (EECS-2019-166)
Rachel Zoll

Risk Averse Robust Adversarial Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2019-165)
Xinlei Pan, Daniel Seita, Yang Gao and John Canny

Risk Averse Robust Adversarial Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2019-164)
Xinlei Pan, Daniel Seita, Yang Gao and John Canny

A Hierarchical Approach to the Design and Optimization of Photonics (EECS-2019-163)
Andrew Michaels

Flexible Hybrid Electronics for Wireless Communication (EECS-2019-162)
Carol Baumbauer

Deep learning for single-shot autofocus microscopy (EECS-2019-161)
Henry Pinkard, Zachary Phillips, Arman Babakhani, Daniel Fletcher and Laura Waller

Expanding the Scalability and Applications of III-V Optoelectronic Devices by Evolution of Thin-Film Vapor-Liquid-Solid Growth (EECS-2019-160)
Mark Hettick

A Multi-Parametric Microwave-Optical Biomolecular Sensor (EECS-2019-159)
Luya Zhang and Ali Niknejad

New RF Transmitter Techniques for RFID, Cellular, and mmW Applications (EECS-2019-158)
NaiChung Kuo and Ali Niknejad

Neuromodulation IC for System Integration and Self-Interference Cancellation (EECS-2019-157)
Seobin Jung

Configurable Data Converters for Digitally Adaptive Radio (EECS-2019-156)
Amy Whitcombe

Design, Modeling and Control of the Integrated Stacked Resonant Switched Capacitor DC-DC Converter (EECS-2019-155)
Yongjun Li

Enabling Efficient and Transparent Remote Memory Access in Disaggregated Datacenters (EECS-2019-154)
Nathan Pemberton

Personalized Modeling for Human-Robot Collaborative Manipulation (EECS-2019-153)
Aaron Bestick

High Performance FM Gyroscopes (EECS-2019-152)
Burak Eminoglu

All-Mechanical Receivers (EECS-2019-151)
Ruonan Liu

Reconfigurable Micromechanical Filters (EECS-2019-150)
Jalal Naghsh Nilchi

System Architecture and Signal Processing Techniques for Massive Multi-user Antenna Arrays (EECS-2019-149)
Antonio Puglielli, Borivoje Nikolic and Elad Alon

FMCW Lidar: Scaling to the Chip-Level and Improving Phase-Noise-Limited Performance (EECS-2019-148)
Phillip Sandborn

Ultra-Low Power Inductively-Coupled Wireless Transcranial Links (EECS-2019-147)
Wen Li

Energy-Efficient System Design Through Adaptive Voltage Scaling (EECS-2019-146)
Ben Keller

Design of a Two-Wheeled Mars Rover with Sprawl Ability and Metal Brush Traction (EECS-2019-145)
Ivan Davydychev

Design and Automatic Generation of 60Gb/s Wireline Transceivers (EECS-2019-143)
Jaeduk Han

Acoustically Driven Ferromagnetic Resonance for Device Applications (EECS-2019-142)
Dominic Labanowski

Queries on Compressed Data (EECS-2019-141)
Anurag Khandelwal

Haptic Perception of Liquids Enclosed in Containers (EECS-2019-140)
Carolyn Chen

Democratizing Web Automation: Programming for Social Scientists and Other Domain Experts (EECS-2019-139)
Sarah Chasins

Deep learing for single-shot autofocus microscopy (EECS-2019-138)
Henry Pinkard, Zachary Phillips, Arman Babakhani, Daniel Fletcher and Laura Waller

Closed Loop Digital LDO Linear Controller (EECS-2019-137)
Zinia Tuli

Faster Algorithms and Graph Structure via Gaussian Elimination (EECS-2019-136)
Aaron Schild

Advances in Machine Learning: Nearest Neighbour Search, Learning to Optimize and Generative Modelling (EECS-2019-135)
Ke Li

TripAware: Separate Related Works Document (EECS-2019-134)
Jesse Zhang, Jack Sullivan, Vasudev Venkatesh P. B., Kyle Tse, Andy Yan, John Leyden, Kalyanaraman Shankari and Randy H. Katz

Algorithmic Improvisation (EECS-2019-133)
Daniel J. Fremont

Learning to Generalize via Self-Supervised Prediction (EECS-2019-132)
Deepak Pathak

Complex-valued Deep Learning with Applications to Magnetic Resonance Image Synthesis (EECS-2019-130)
Pat Virtue

Effect of Model Dissimilarity on Learning to Communicate in a Wireless Setting with Limited Information (EECS-2019-129)
Caryn Tran, Vignesh Subramanian, Kailas Vodrahalli and Anant Sahai

Untethered Microrobots of the Rolling, Jumping & Flying kinds (EECS-2019-128)
Palak Bhushan and Claire Tomlin

Complex-valued Deep Learning with Applications to Magnetic Resonance Image Synthesis (EECS-2019-126)
Patrick Virtue

Stochastic Local Search and the Lovasz Local Lemma (EECS-2019-125)
Fotios Iliopoulos

Ray: A Distributed Execution Engine for the Machine Learning Ecosystem (EECS-2019-124)
Philipp Moritz

Towards Automatic Machine Learning Pipeline Design (EECS-2019-123)
Mitar Milutinovic

Anna: A KVS For Any Scale (EECS-2019-122)
Chenggang Wu, Jose Faleiro, Yihan Lin and Joseph M. Hellerstein

Visual Dynamics Models for Robotic Planning and Control (EECS-2019-121)
Alex Lee

Efficient Deep Neural Networks (EECS-2019-120)
Bichen Wu

Learning Robotic Grasping Policies for Suction Cups and Parallel Jaws in Simulation (EECS-2019-119)
Matthew Matl

Constructive Formal Control Synthesis through Abstraction and Decomposition (EECS-2019-118)
Eric Kim

Optimizing for Robot Transparency (EECS-2019-115)
Sandy Huang

Context and Interaction in the Internet of Things (EECS-2019-114)
Matthew Weber

Decentralized Authorization with Private Delegation (EECS-2019-113)
Michael P Andersen

System Design for Software Packet Processing (EECS-2019-112)
Sangjin Han

Approximate counting, phase transitions and geometry of polynomials (EECS-2019-110)
Jingcheng Liu

Hybrid Aesthetics: Bridging Material Practices and Digital Fabrication through Computational Crafting Proxies (EECS-2019-109)
Cesar Torres

Model-Free Cooperative Step Climbing for Under-actuated Legged Millirobots (EECS-2019-108)
Guangzhao Yang

Reduce Static Code Size and Improve RISC-V Compression (EECS-2019-107)
Peijie Li

Design of an Effective Ontology and Query Processor Enabling Portable Building Applications (EECS-2019-106)
Gabriel Fierro

Towards Practical Serverless Analytics (EECS-2019-105)
Qifan Pu

Real-World Robotic Perception and Control Using Synthetic Data (EECS-2019-104)
Joshua Tobin

Large Batch Optimization for Deep Learning: Training BERT in 76 minutes (EECS-2019-103)
Yang You, Jing Li, Sashank Reddi, Jonathan Hseu, Sanjiv Kumar, Srinadh Bhojanapalli, Xiaodan Song, James Demmel and Cho-Jui Hsieh

Measuring Generalization and Overfitting in Machine Learning (EECS-2019-102)
Rebecca Roelofs

Daily Data Assimilation of a Hydrologic Model Using the Ensemble Kalman Filter (EECS-2019-101)
Sami Andrew Malek

Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenide NanoLEDs: Towards High Speed and High Efficiency (EECS-2019-100)
Kevin Han

A Berkeley View of Teaching CS at Scale (EECS-2019-99)
Kevin Lin

Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Dynamics (EECS-2019-98)
McKane Andrus

Online One-Shot Learning for Indoor Asset Detection (EECS-2019-97)
Adith Balamurugan and Avideh Zakhor

An Analysis of Introductory Courses Affect on Student Sentiment and Stereotype Toward Computer Science (EECS-2019-96)
Lara McConnaughey

Secure Speculation: From Vulnerability to Assurances with UCLID5 (EECS-2019-95)
Cameron Rasmussen

Building a Target Recognition Pipeline for Mechanical Search and Algorithmically Generating Adversarial Grasp Objects with Minimal Random Perturbations (EECS-2019-94)
David Wang

Addressing and Understanding Shortcomings in Vision and Language (EECS-2019-93)
Kaylee Burns

Computing and Evaluating Adversarial Grasp Objects with Systematic Face Rotations and Applications of Dense Object Descriptors to Mechanical Search (EECS-2019-92)
David Tseng

A Secure Message Broker in an Untrusted Environment (EECS-2019-91)
Dylan Dreyer

Narrative Generation Using Learned Event Representations (EECS-2019-90)
Brenton Chu

Underpinnings of Political Leaning: Using Collocation Extraction and Semantic Analysis to Categorize Ideological Frames (EECS-2019-89)
Kavi Mehta

em-arch: A system architecture for reproducible and extensible collection of human mobility data (EECS-2019-88)
Kalyanaraman Shankari, Pavan Yedavalli, Ipsita Banerjee, Taha Rashidi, Randy H. Katz, Paul Waddell and David E. Culler

Tracking of Deformable Human Avatars through Fusion of Low-Dimensional 2D and 3D Kinematic Models (EECS-2019-87)
Ningjian Zhou and S. Shankar Sastry

A Low Power Mutual Noise-Canceling Receiver Front-End with Blocker Tolerance for IoT Applications (EECS-2019-86)
Tian Liu and Ali Niknejad

A Hardware Implementation of the Snappy Compression Algorithm (EECS-2019-85)
Kyle Kovacs

Capturing the impact of navigational app usage on road traffic from a gametheory point of view (EECS-2019-83)
Theophile Cabannes

Neural-Backed Generators for Program Synthesis (EECS-2019-82)
Rohan Bavishi

Goal-Induced Inverse Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2019-81)
Katie Luo

Facilitating Robotic Grasping using Pushing and Toppling (EECS-2019-80)
Christopher Correa

Eye Gaze Tracking for Assistive Devices (EECS-2019-79)
Evan Finnigan

Navigating Video Using Structured Text (EECS-2019-78)
Amy Pavel

Sentinel: A System for Decentralized Data Governance (EECS-2019-77)
Nikhil Sharma

On The Ridiculousness of Notice and Consent: Contradictions in App Privacy Policies (EECS-2019-76)
Ehimare Okoyomon

Emergency Broadcast Architecture (EECS-2019-75)
Michael Dong and Ian Rodney

Optoelectronics for refrigeration and analog circuits for combinatorial optimization (EECS-2019-74)
Patrick Xiao

Gaze Tracking in the Plane (EECS-2019-73)
Forest Finnigan

Jupyter’s Archive: Searchable Output Histories for Computational Notebooks (EECS-2019-72)
Kunal Chaudhary

Turn-by-WiAR: A Computationally-Mediated Approach to Rapid Prototyping of Physical Objects (EECS-2019-70)
Vedant Saran and Eric Paulos

An Approach to Privacy Preserving Queries for Spatio-Temporal Data (EECS-2019-69)
John Sullivan

Local and Adaptive Image-to-Image Learning and Inference (EECS-2019-68)
Evan Shelhamer

Towards Scalable Community Networks (EECS-2019-67)
Shaddi Hasan

Learning to Predict Human Behavior from Video (EECS-2019-66)
Panna Felsen

Compression of Molecular Dynamics Simulation Data (EECS-2019-65)
Shuai Liu

Designing High Speed Current Steering Digital to Analog Converter Using Berkeley Analog Generator (EECS-2019-64)
Mohammadamin Torabi

Proactive Secret Sharing in Dynamic Environments (EECS-2019-62)
Andrew Low, Deepak Krishna, Fan Zhang, Lun Wang, Yupeng Zhang, Ari Juels and Dawn Song

Near-Linear Time Edit Distance for Indel Channels (EECS-2019-60)
Aaron Sy and Arun Ganesh

Temporal IK: Data-Driven Pose Estimation for Virtual Realiity (EECS-2019-59)
James Lin

LabelAR: A spatial guidance interface for fast computer vision image collection (EECS-2019-58)
James Smith, Michael Laielli, Giscard Biamby, Trevor Darrell and Björn Hartmann

FPGA-Accelerated Evaluation and Verification of RTL Designs (EECS-2019-57)
Donggyu Kim

Visual Understanding through Natural Language (EECS-2019-56)
Lisa Hendricks

Stateful detection of black box adversarial attacks (EECS-2019-55)
Steven Chen

Policy Transfer Algorithms for Meta Inverse Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2019-54)
Benjamin Kha

Machine Learning: Why Do Simple Algorithms Work So Well? (EECS-2019-53)
Chi Jin

Evaluation of Methods for Data-Driven Tools that Empower Mental Health Professionals (EECS-2019-52)
Orianna DeMasi

A Model-Predictive Controller for Joint Smart Building Systems (EECS-2019-51)
Prashanth Ganesh

Practical Volume-Based Attacks on Encrypted Databases (EECS-2019-50)
Stephanie Wang, Rishabh Poddar, Jianan Lu and Raluca Ada Popa

Approximation and Hardness: Beyond P and NP (EECS-2019-49)
Pasin Manurangsi

"My Videos are at the Mercy of the YouTube Algorithm": How Content Creators Craft Algorithmic Personas and Perceive the Algorithm that Dictates their Work (EECS-2019-48)
Emily Pedersen

Towards Secure Computation with Optimal Complexity (EECS-2019-47)
Peihan Miao

Reduce Static Code Size and Improve RISC-V Compression (EECS-2019-46)
Peijie Li

Leveraging Mobility for Robot Grasping Tasks (EECS-2019-45)
Samantha Wathugala

Multiple Domain Question-Answer Generation (EECS-2019-44)
Kimberly Lu

Model-Free Cooperative Step Climbing for Under-actuated Legged Millirobots (EECS-2019-43)
Guangzhao Yang

Sample Complexity Bounds for the Linear Quadratic Regulator (EECS-2019-42)
Stephen Tu

Safely Learning to Control the Linear Quadratic Regulator (EECS-2019-41)
Sarah Dean, Stephen Tu, Nikolai Matni and Benjamin Recht

End-to-End Robotic Reinforcement Learning without Reward Engineering (EECS-2019-40)
Avi Singh, Larry Yang, Kristian Hartikainen, Chelsea Finn and Sergey Levine

Time Constraints and Fault Tolerance in Autonomous Driving Systems (EECS-2019-39)
Yujia Luo

Using Reinforcement Learning to Learn Input Viewpoints for Scene Representation (EECS-2019-38)
Kevin Chiang

On Collaborative Intelligence (EECS-2019-37)
Ramasubramanian Balasubramanian

Low Power, Crystal-Free Design for Monolithic Receivers (EECS-2019-36)
Bradley Wheeler

Zero-Voltage Switching for Flying Capacitor Multi-Level Converters (EECS-2019-35)
Margaret Blackwell

Characterization and Modeling of Ceramic Capacitor Losses in High Density Power Converters (EECS-2019-34)
Samantha Coday

A Lower Bound for Identifying the Best Markovian Arm with Fixed Confidence (EECS-2019-33)
Vrettos Moulos

Performance Guarantees in Learning and Robust Control (EECS-2019-32)
Ross Boczar

Chip-Scale Fluorescence Microscope (EECS-2019-31)
Efthymios Papageorgiou

On Systems and Algorithms for Distributed Machine Learning (EECS-2019-30)
Robert Nishihara

Design of an Effective Ontology and Query Processor Enabling Portable Building Applications (EECS-2019-29)
Gabe Fierro

Compact Modeling of Advanced CMOS and Emerging Devices for Circuit Simulation (EECS-2019-28)
Yen-Kai Lin

Private Queries on Public Certificate Transparency Data (EECS-2019-27)
Vy An Phan

BagNet: Berkeley Analog Generator with Layout Optimizer Boosted with Deep Neural Networks (EECS-2019-25)
kourosh hakhamaneshi

Combined Detection and Tracking Impacts on Vehicle Specific Data (EECS-2019-24)
David Zhang

Closing the Analog Design Loop with the Berkeley Analog Generator (EECS-2019-23)
Nicholas Werblun

Teaching with Reinforcement Learning: A Smarter AutoQuiz (EECS-2019-22)
Steven Hewitt

Path-Based Neural Constituency Parsing (EECS-2019-21)
Katia Patkin

An Optics-Free Ultra-Thin Time-Resolved Intraoperative Imaging Platform for Deep Infrared Imaging of Alloyed Upconverting Nanoparticles (EECS-2019-20)
Hossein Najafiaghdam

A Binary, 2048-dim. Generic Hyper-Dimensional Processor (EECS-2019-19)
Sohum Datta

Walking Silicon: Actuators and Legs for Small-Scale Terrestrial Robots (EECS-2019-18)
Daniel Contreras

An Architecture for Network Function Virtualization (EECS-2019-17)
Chang Lan

StimDust: Miniaturized Ultrasonic Peripheral Nerve Stimulator (EECS-2019-16)
Ka Yiu Li

Agile Design of Generator-Based Signal Processing Hardware (EECS-2019-15)
Angie Wang

Learning audio-visual correspondences for music-video recommendation (EECS-2019-14)
Thomas Langlois

2-D Materials: Low Power Electronics and Novel Device Possibilities (EECS-2019-13)
Varun Mishra

Perturbed Iterate Analysis for Asynchronous Stochastic Optimization (EECS-2019-12)
Horia Mania, Xinghao Pan, Dimitris Papailiopoulos, Benjamin Recht, Kannan Ramchandran and Michael Jordan

Link-Adaptive Antenna Systems (EECS-2019-11)
Michael Roe

Variability Analysis and Yield Optimization in Deep-Submicron Mixed-Signal Circuits (EECS-2019-10)
Katerina Papadopoulou

Making Edge-Computing Resilient (EECS-2019-9)
Yotam Harchol, Aisha Mushtaq, Vivian Fang, James McCauley, Aurojit Panda and Scott Shenker

Photonic Links -- From Theory to Automated Design (EECS-2019-8)
Krishna Settaluri

Photonic Links -- From Theory to Automated Design (EECS-2019-7)
Vladimir Stojanovic

Nested-Parallelism PageRank on RISC-V Vector Multi-Processors (EECS-2019-6)
Alon Amid

Crystal-free wireless communication with relaxation oscillators and its applications (EECS-2019-5)
David Burnett

Low Power ISM band receiver front end (EECS-2019-4)
Ali Niknejad and Hari VEMURI

Cloud Programming Simplified: A Berkeley View on Serverless Computing (EECS-2019-3)
Eric Jonas, Johann Schleier-Smith, Vikram Sreekanti, Chia-Che Tsai, Anurag Khandelwal, Qifan Pu, Vaishaal Shankar, Joao Menezes Carreira, Karl Krauth, Neeraja Yadwadkar, Joseph Gonzalez, Raluca Ada Popa, Ion Stoica and David A. Patterson

TripAware: Emotional and Informational Approaches to Encourage Sustainable Transportation via Mobile Applications (EECS-2019-2)
Jesse Zhang, John Sullivan, Vasudev Venkatesh P. B., Kyle Tse, Andy Yan, John Leyden, Kalyanaraman Shankari and Randy H. Katz

Gordian: Formal Reasoning Based Outlier Detection for Secure Localization (EECS-2019-1)
Matthew Weber, Baihong Jin, Gil Lederman, Yasser Shoukry, Edward A. Lee, Sanjit A. Seshia and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli