Master's Theses & Technical Reports - 2020

M.S. | 5th Year M.S.


A Modular Design Framework for the Systematic Development of Primitive, Application-Specific Optical Modulation Tools
Nathan Tessema Ersumo [advisor: Rikky Muller]

A Review of the Smith-Waterman GPU Landscape
Richard Barnes [advisor: Katherine A. Yelick]

Applying the Four Russians Technique to Banded Extension and X-Drop Sequence Alignment
Cristina Teodoropol [advisor: Katherine A. Yelick and Jonathan Ragan-Kelley]

Broadcast Encryption with Fine-grained Delegation and its Application to IoT
Yuncong Hu [advisor: Raluca Ada Popa]

Continual Learning with Neural Networks
Sayna Ebrahimi [advisor: Trevor Darrell]

Design of Negative Capacitance Field-Effect Transistor
Ming-Yen Kao [advisor: Chenming Hu]

Design of Negative Capacitance Field-Effect Transistor
Ming-Yen Kao [advisor: Chenming Hu]

Efficient D-Band Power Amplifier Design for Massive MIMO Systems
Hossein Shirinabadi [advisor: Ali Niknejad]

Evaluation of Scaled Segmented Channel MOSFETs for Analog/RF Applications
Lars Tatum [advisor: Tsu-Jae King Liu]

Fanout Optimization for an Inductor-less Broadband Variable Gain Cherry-Hooper Amplifier
Sashank Krishnamurthy [advisor: Ali Niknejad]

Generator-Based Broadband Analog Baseband Receivers for Massive MIMO Arrays
Ethan Chou [advisor: Ali Niknejad]

Ghostor: Toward a Secure Data-Sharing System from Decentralized Trust
Sam Kumar [advisor: David Culler and Raluca Ada Popa]

GPU Accelerated T-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding
David Chan [advisor: John F. Canny]

HD Recall of Reactive Behavior through Multi-Modal Sensor Fusion
Alisha Menon [advisor: Jan M. Rabaey]

High-throughput Ultrasonic Implant Communication Link Using ML-assisted CDMA Decoder
Sina Faraji Alamouti [advisor: Rikky Muller]

Implicit Structures for Graph Neural Networks
Fangda Gu [advisor: Laurent El Ghaoui]

Learning to play collaborative-competitive games
Kshama Dwarakanath [advisor: S. Shankar Sastry and Yi Ma]

Object Management in a Distributed Futures System
Edward Oakes [advisor: Scott Shenker]

ObliCheck: Efficient Verification of Oblivious Algorithms with Unobservable State
Jeongseok Son [advisor: Raluca Ada Popa]

Optimal Prosumer Aggregations: Design and Modeling
Utkarsha Agwan [advisor: Costas J. Spanos]

Practical limits to thermophotovoltaic efficiency
Zunaid Omair [advisor: Eli Yablonovitch]

Program Synthesis for Autonomous Driving Decisions
Yiteng Zhang [advisor: Trevor Darrell]

QFAST: Quantum Synthesis Using a Hierarchical Continuous Circuit Space
Abdullah Younis [advisor: Katherine A. Yelick]

Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Assembly with Force Control
Jianlan Luo [advisor: Pieter Abbeel]

Tightening the SDP Relaxation Gap in Neural Network Verification
Ziye Ma [advisor: Somayeh Sojoudi]

Time-interleaved SAR ADC Design Using Berkeley Analog Generator
Zhaokai Liu [advisor: Borivoje Nikolic]

Towards Wideband Signal Acquisition Systems
Nima Baniasadi [advisor: Ali Niknejad]

5th Year M.S.

A Language-Based Approach to Run-Time Assurance for Autonomous Systems
Sumukh Shivakumar [advisor: Sanjit A. Seshia]

A Large-Scale Analysis of Attacker Activity in Compromised Enterprise Accounts
Neil Shah [advisor: David A. Wagner]

A Likelihood-based Deconvolution of Bulk Gene Expression Data Using Single-cell References
Justin Hong [advisor: Kannan Ramchandran and Yun S. Song]

A Positive Association Between Weekly Practice and Exam Performance in CS 1
Alexander Stennet [advisor: John DeNero]

A Scalable Synchronous System for Robust Real Time Human-Machine Collaboration
Christopher Powers [advisor: Trevor Darrell]

A Study of Transfer Learning Methods within Natural Language Processing and Reinforcement Learning
Shrishti Jeswani [advisor: Joseph Gonzalez]

Adapting Vision Correcting Displays to 3D
Jacob Holesinger [advisor: Brian A. Barsky]

Adapting with Latent Variables in Model-Based Reinforcement Learning for Quadcopter Flight
Rachel Li [advisor: Sergey Levine]

Adaptive Text-to-Speech in Low Computational Resource Scenarios
Flora Xue [advisor: Kurt Keutzer and Joseph Gonzalez]

AI for HADR: Progress and Opportunities
Ross Luo [advisor: Trevor Darrell]

Algorithms for Multi-task Reinforcement Learning
Alexander Li [advisor: Pieter Abbeel]

Analyzing 18th-20th Century Art and Music with Contrastive Cross-Modal Learning
Vivien Nguyen [advisor: Ren Ng]

Arterial Traffic Flow Prediction: A Deep Learning Approach with Embedded Signal Phasing Information
Victor Chan [advisor: Alexandre Bayen]

AuthorIVE: Authoring Interactions for Virtual Environments through Disambiguating Demonstrations
Stephanie Claudino Daffara [advisor: Björn Hartmann]

Beamforming Software Defined Radios for Wireless Sensor Network Interference Evaluation
William Zhao [advisor: David E. Culler]

Challenges and Tradeoffs in Trajectory Prediction for Autonomous Driving
Alvin Kao [advisor: Joseph Gonzalez]

Closing the Domain Gap for Data-Efficient Robotic Learning
Sarah Young [advisor: Pieter Abbeel]

Communication-Efficient Federated Learning with Sketching
Ashwinee Panda [advisor: Raluca Ada Popa and Joseph Gonzalez]

CoMParE: Conductance based Model Parameter Evaluation
Kyung Geun Kim [advisor: Kannan Ramchandran]

Comparing Game Planners
Sherman Luo [advisor: Anca Dragan]

Contrastive Learning for Context-Based Off-Policy Actor-Critic Reinforcement Learning
Bernie Wang [advisor: Kurt Keutzer]

Deep Autoregressive Models for Join Cardinality Estimation
Amog Kamsetty [advisor: Ion Stoica]

DisCo RL: Distribution-Conditioned Reinforcement Learning for General-Purpose Policies
Soroush Nasiriany [advisor: Sergey Levine]

Dynamic Deadlines in Motion Planning for Autonomous Driving Systems
Edward Fang [advisor: Joseph Gonzalez]

Efficient Distribution of Robotics Workloads using Fog Computing
Raghav Anand [advisor: Ken Goldberg and Joseph Gonzalez]

Efficient Parallel Computing for Machine Learning at Scale
Arissa Wongpanich [advisor: James Demmel]

Evolving Robotic Leg Shapes via Deep Reinforcement Learning
Hayden Sheung [advisor: Ronald S. Fearing]

Exploring the Use of Parsons Problems for Learning a New Programming Language
Mansi Shah [advisor: Dan Garcia]

Fully Printed Zn-Ag2O Battery Arrays for High Potential Devices
Cher Yeoh [advisor: Ana Claudia Arias]

Generalization via Information Bottleneck in Deep Reinforcement Learning
Xingyu Lu [advisor: Pieter Abbeel]

Generating Semantic Adversarial Examples through Differentiable Rendering
Lakshya Jain [advisor: Sanjit A. Seshia]

How well do student software engineering teams practice Continuous Integration?
Joshua Zeitsoff [advisor: Armando Fox]

Improving Situational Awareness to Reduce the Wildfire Risks of Operating Power Distribution Infrastructure
Timothy Barat [advisor: Jonathan Bachrach and Prabal Dutta]

Interpretable Few-Shot Image Classification with Neural-Backed Decision Trees
Scott Lee [advisor: Joseph Gonzalez]

Leaderless Byzantine Fault Tolerance
Tian Qin [advisor: Dawn Song]

Learning with Humans in the Loop
Gokul Swamy [advisor: Anca Dragan]

Low Noise Transimpedance Amplifier Design Using Berkeley Analog Generator
Eric Jan [advisor: Vladimir Stojanovic]

Low Overhead Materialization with Flor
Eric Liu [advisor: Joseph M. Hellerstein]

MicroBotNet: Low Power Neural Networks for Microrobots
Brian Liao [advisor: Kristofer Pister]

Micro-Domain Adaptation on Long-Running Videos
Victor Sun [advisor: Joseph Gonzalez]

Model-Based Meta-Learning for Flight with Suspended Payloads
Suneel Belkhale [advisor: Sergey Levine]

Modular Integration Platform for Printed Electronics
Seiya Ono [advisor: Ana Claudia Arias]

Montag: Cloud Native Data Tainting and Policy Enforcement
Hantao Wang [advisor: Scott Shenker]

Multi-Task Learning Architectures and Applications
Andy Yan [advisor: Joseph Gonzalez]

NBDT: Neural-Backed Decision Trees
Daniel Ho [advisor: Kurt Keutzer and Joseph Gonzalez]

NDSGD: A Practical Method to Improve Robustness of Deep Learning Model on Noisy Dataset
Zhi Chen [advisor: Dawn Song]

Neural Kernels and ImageNet Multi-Label Accuracy
Alex Fang [advisor: Jonathan Ragan-Kelley]

Object Tracking for Autonomous Driving Systems
Aman Dhar [advisor: Joseph Gonzalez]

On the Robustness of Learned Task Weights in Cross-modal Retrieval
David Nahm [advisor: Gerald Friedland]

On Training Robust Policies for Flow Smoothing
Kanaad Parvate [advisor: Alexandre Bayen]

Overparameterized classification problems: How many support vectors do I have, and do increasing margins bode well for generalization?
Adhyyan Narang [advisor: Anant Sahai]

PSec: A Programming Language for Secure Distributed Computing
Shivendra Kushwah [advisor: Sanjit A. Seshia]

PyPlover: A System for GPU-enabled Serverless Instances
Ryan Yang [advisor: Randy H. Katz]

Robotic and Computer Simulated Burrowing Inspired by Mole Crabs
Aakash Parikh [advisor: Robert Full]

Robotic Fabric Manipulation with Deep Imitation Learning and Reinforcement Learning in Simulation
Ryan Hoque [advisor: Ken Goldberg]

Robust and Unsupervised Interest Point Detection for Efficient Visual Odometry
Farhan Toddywala [advisor: Kristofer Pister]

Scoring Confidence in Neural Networks
Nikita Vemuri [advisor: Joseph Gonzalez]

Temperature-Compensated BLE Transmission from a Crystal-Free Mote
Titan Yuan [advisor: Kristofer Pister and Jaijeet Roychowdhury]

To Send or to Not Send: A Case Study on Computer Vision for Low Power Edge Devices
Ajay Gopi [advisor: Prabal Dutta]

Towards Privacy-Preserving Collaborative Gradient Boosted Decision Tree Learning
Chester Leung [advisor: Raluca Ada Popa]

TranSketch Dataset: Learning to Transform Sketches
Luming Chen [advisor: John F. Canny]

User Private Clouds
Nicholas Riasanovsky [advisor: David E. Culler]

Using Dataflow for Machine Learning Inference
Harikaran Subbaraj [advisor: Joseph Gonzalez]

Vertex: Programming the Edge
Brian Kim [advisor: Scott Shenker]

3D Building Detection and Reconstruction from Aerial Drone Imagery
Marc WuDunn [advisor: Avideh Zakhor]