CS 280: Computer Vision

Prof. Jitendra Malik
Spring 1999, UC Berkeley
310 Soda Hall, MW 10:30-12 noon

I (Alyosha) am leaving the country so for any problems with the web page, please contact Prof. Malik. Have a good summer, everyone!

NEW: For homework 2, you can get sample image sequences and sample matlab code for Lucas-Kanade from CS287 homework page.

Course Handouts directory

Old Final Exams

Here is Spring 95 and Spring 96 final exams for CS 280. Please note that slightly difference material was convered this time around than in previous years. This means that you might not be able to solve some of the problems in these old exams.

Scribe Notes

We will use a scribe system to make course notes available through the semester. Each lecture, one or two students will take notes and type them up in LaTeX to be put on the web for everyone. Here is a simple LaTeX template that should be used when preparing notes. You are encouraged to draw diagrams (you can use xfig for that) and include outside material to enhance your notes. Remember, this will be graded as part of your homework. If you are new to LaTeX, here is an online tutorial that might be helpful. Click here to see all the LaTeX source files for the previous lectures. In particular, look at Lecture 3 or Lecture 7 for an example of a good style that we are looking for.

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