Technical Reports - 1985

Static Semantics and Compiler Error Recovery (CSD-85-251)
Robert Paul Corbett

The Berkeley UNIX 4.3BSD Time Synchronization Protocol (CSD-85-250)
Riccardo Gusella and Stefano Zatti

Experiences with Ada Code Generation (CSD-85-249)
Benjamin G. Zorn

An Implementation of a Remote Procedure Call Protocol in the Berkeley UNIX Kernel (CSD-85-248)
Karen White

The Impact of Buffer Management on Networking Software Performance in Berkeley UNIX 4.2BSD: A Case Study (CSD-85-247)
Luis Felipe Cabrera, Michael J. Karels and David A. Mosher

An Appraisal of the Instrumentation in Berkeley UNIX 4.2BSD (CSD-85-246)
Michael David Kupfer

Performance Improvements and Functional Enhancements in 4.3BSD (CSD-85-245)
M. Kirk McKusick, Michael J. Karels and Samuel J. Leffler

A Minimum-Area Circuit for l-Selection (CSD-85-244)
Pavol Duris, Ondrej Sykora, Clark D. Thompson and Imrich Vrto

Signal Delay in RC Trees with Charge Sharing or Leakage (CSD-85-243)
Arvind Raghunathan and Clark D. Thompson

Randomized Rounding: A Technique for Provably Good Algorithms and Algorithmic Proofs (CSD-85-242)
Prabhakar Raghavan and Clark D. Thompson

Research Highlights in Computer Graphics at Berkeley (CSD-85-241)
Brian A. Barsky

UniQuadrix (CSD-85-240)
Eugene Kenneth Ressler

Line (Block) Size Choice for CPU Cache Memories (CSD-85-239)
Alan Jay Smith

A Study of An Internet Protocol Implementation (CSD-85-238)
David A. Mosher

Talking to Smalltalk (CSD-85-237)
Jeffrey Lo

DFS925: A Distributed File System in a Workstation/LAN Environment (CSD-85-236)
Michelle Joy Arden

A File System Tracing Package for Berkeley UNIX (CSD-85-235)
Songnian Zhou, Herve Da Costa and Alan Jay Smith

A Multivariable Information Scheme to Balance the Load in a Distributed System (CSD-85-234)
Stefano Zatti

TLB For Free: In-Cache Address Translation For A Multiprocessor Workstation (CSD-85-233)
Scott Allen Ritchie

The Multibus Design Frame (CSD-85-232)
Gaetano Borriello, Randy H. Katz and Alan G. Bell

Replicated Distributed Programs (CSD-85-231)
Eric Charles Cooper

A Trace-Driven Analysis of the UNIX 4.2BSD File System (CSD-85-230)
John K. Ousterhout, Herve Da Costa, David Harrison, John A. Kunze, Michael Kupfer and James G. Thompson

Cache Evaluation and the Impact of Workload Choice (CSD-85-229)
Alan Jay Smith

Distributed Name Servers: Naming and Caching in Large Distributed Computing Environments (CSD-85-228)
Douglas Brian Terry

The Understanding and Generation of Ellipses in a Natural Language System (CSD-85-227)
Lisa F. Rau

SOAR Architecture (CSD-85-226)
Alan Dain Samples, Mike Klein and Pete Foley

1985 VLSI Tools: More Works by the Original Artists (CSD-85-225)
Walter S. Scott, Gordon Hamachi, John Ousterhout and Robert N. Mayo

Adding Remote File Access to Berkeley UNIX 4.2BSD Through Remote Mount (CSD-85-224)
Edward Hunter

Performance of a Remote Instrumentation Program (CSD-85-223)
Michael Kupfer

Sensitivity Study of the Clustering Approach to Workload Modeling (CSD-85-222)
Maria Calzarossa and Domenico Ferrari

Memory Hierarchy Aspects of a Multiprocessor RISC: Cache and Bus Analyses (CSD-85-221)
Randy H. Katz, Susan J. Eggers, Garth A. Gibson, Paul Mark Hansen, Mark Donald Hill, J. M. Pendleton, Scott Allen Ritchie, George S. Taylor, David A. Wood and David A. Patterson

Shallow Diffusion of GeSe in GaAs Using Rapid Thermal Annealing to Form Non-Alloyed Ohmic Contacts (M85/104)
N. Kepler

A General Architecture for Data Link Layer Controllers (M85/103)
R. Cieslak and A. Fawaz

Double Scroll Family: Part I - Rigorous Proof of Chaos; Part II - Rigorous Analysis of Bifurcation Phenomena (M85/102)
Leon O. Chua, M. Komuro and T. Matsumoto

Transfer Maps and Return for Piecewise- Linear Three-Region Dynamical Systems (M85/101)
C. Kahlert and Leon O. Chua

Canonical Nonlinear Programming Circuits (M85/100)
J.L. Huertas, A. Rueda, A. Rodriguez-Vazquez and Leon O. Chua

On Stochastic Optimal Control Problems with Selection Among Different Costly Observations (M85/99)
S. Lafortune

Devil's Staircase Route to Chaos in a Nonlinear Circuit (M85/98)
Leon O. Chua, Y. Yao and Q. Yang

Van Der Pol and Chaos (M85/97)
M.P. Kennedy and Leon O. Chua

High-Frequency Voltage Amplification and Comparison in a One-Micron NMOS Technology. (M85/96)
David C.-F. Soo

The Design of POSTGRES (M85/95)
Michael Stonebraker and Lawrence A. Rowe

Discrete Time Adaptive Control Utilizing Prior Information (M85/94)
E.W. Bai and S. Shankar Sastry

An Algebraic Approach to Recursive Inference (M85/93)
Y.E. Ioannidis and Eugene Wong

Nonlinear Averaging Theorems, and the Determination of Parameter Convergence Rates in Adaptive Control (M85/92)
M. Bodson, S. Shankar Sastry, B.D.O. Anderson, I. Mareels and R. Bitmead

The Alfven Ion-Cyclotron Instability: Simulation Theory and Techniques (M85/91)
N.F. Otani

Multirate Integration Properties of Waveform Relaxation with Application to Circuit Simulation and Parallel Computation (M85/90)
Jacob K. White

a Design Methodology for VLSI Processors, Vol. II (M85/89)
J.M. Pendleton

A Design Methodology for VLSI Processors, Vol. I (M85/88)
J.M. Pendleton

Architectural Alternatives for Database Machines (M85/87)
Marguerite C. Murphy

A High-Speed, High-Precision Comparator Design for a 10-Bit 15 MHz A/D Converter (M85/86)
T. Baji

MOS Transistor Modeling and Characterization for Circuit Simulation (M85/85)
Bing J. Sheu

Node Emulator Architecture for the U.C. Berkeley Protocol Workroom Facility (M85/84)
A. Fawaz, L. Ludwig and M. Peck

A Flexible 10Mbps Channel Emulation System for Communications Research (M85/83)
A. Kao and L. Ludwig

The PROTOCOL WORKROOM: An Experimental Protocol and Distributed Systems Research Facility for U.C. Berkeley (M85/82)
A. Fawaz, D. Giralt and L. Ludwig

Parameter Identification Using Prior Information (M85/81)
E.W. Bai and S. Shankar Sastry

Trigger System for Multiple Mirror Experiment (M85/80)
B.T. Archer, R.T. Hamilton and H. Meuth

BSIM Parameter Extraction - Algorithms and User's Guide (M85/79)
M.C. Jeng, B.J. Sheu and P.K. Ko

Computer Implementation of Two Topological Uniqueness Tests (M85/78)
T.S. Parker, M.P. Kennedy, Y. Liao and Leon O. Chua

Extensions of Channel Routing Techniques and the Implementation of a Standard-Cell Placement and Routing System (M85/77)
D. Braun

Characterization of Inorganic Resist for VLSI Fabrication (M85/76)
Wingyu Leung

A State Transition Model for Distributed Query Processing (M85/75)
S. Lafortune and Eugene Wong

Many-Dimensional Hamiltonian Systems (M85/74)
Michael A. Lieberman

Specifying Integrated Circuit Photolithography Processes Using Heuristic and Algorithmic Techniques (Computer-Aided Design, Expert System) (M85/73)
Michael F. Klein

Order Reducing Approximation of Two-Time- Scale Stochastic Discrete Linear Time- Varying Systems (M85/72)
N. Nordstrom

On the Efficient Formulation of Worst Case Control System Design (M85/71)
Elijah Polak and D.M. Stimler

Analytical Tools for System Restoration Conceptual Design (M85/70)
Felix F. Wu and A. Monticelli

Experimental Confirmation of the Period-Adding Route to Chaos in a Nonlinear Circuit (M85/69)
L.Q. Pei, F. Guo, S.X. Wu and Leon O. Chua

Computer-Aided Testing of A/D Converters Using Sinusoidal Fitting (M85/68)
M.L. Handler and M.J. Sabin

Inclusion of New Types in Relational Data Dase Systems (M85/67)
Michael Stonebraker

An Expert Database System for the Overland Search Problem (M85/66)
O. Gunther

Waveform Relaxation: Theory and Practice (M85/65)
J. White, F. Odeh, Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and A. Ruehli

Markov Processes on the Plane (M85/64)
Eugene Wong and M. Zakai

A Novel Approach to the Dynamics of Flexible Beams Under Large Overall Motions- The Plane Case (M85/63)
J.C. Simo and L. Vu-Quoc

A Conical Projection Algorithm for Linear Programming (M85/61)
C. Gonzaga

Precision Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Conversion Using Reference Recirculating Algorithmic Architectures (M85/60)
Cheng-Chung Shih

Extending a Data Base System with Procedures (M85/59)
Michael Stonebraker, Jeff Anton and Eric Hanson

A New Profit Maximization Methodology for Statistical Design of Integrated Circuits Part I: Problem Formulation (M85/58)
D. Riley and Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

A System for Testing Custom Designed VLSI (M85/57)
J. Dinur

Transient Chaotic Distributions in Dissipative Systems (M85/56)
K.Y. Tsang and Michael A. Lieberman

SIMPL-2 (Simulated Profiles from the Layout - Version 2) (M85/55)
Keunmyung Lee

Bounded Plasma Dynamics from Particle Simulations; Movie Script (M85/54)
C.K. Birdsall, T.L. Crystal, P.C. Gray and S. Kuhn

Automated Synthesis in Multi-Level Combinational Logic in CMOS Technology (M85/53)
Mark E. Hofmann

An Exact Penalty Function Algorithm for Control Problems with State and Control Constraints (M85/52)
D.Q. Mayne and Elijah Polak

Simulation of Developed Resist Profiles for Masked Ion Beam Lithography (MIBL) (M85/51)
G.M. Atkinson

Generalized Gradient Control Scheme for Robot Manipulators (M85/50)
B.E. Paden and S. Shankar Sastry

Electric and Magnetic Field Measurements of MHD Modes in the Berkeley Multiple Mirror (M85/49)
R. Close

Smalltalk on a RISC-CMOS Implementation (M85/48)
C.C. Marino

Triggers and Inference in Data Base Systems (M85/46)
Michael Stonebraker

Saturation Characteristics of Counterstreaming Warm Electrons (M85/45)
A. Wendt

Chaos in a Switched Capacitor Circuit (M85/44)
A. Rodriguez-Vazquez, J.J. Huertas and Leon O. Chua

Algebra Design of Linear Multivariable Feedback Systems (M85/43)
D.A. Desoer and A.N. Gündeş

SPICE2 Implementation of BSIM (M85/42)
B.J. Sheu, D.L. Scharfetter and P.K. Ko

Observation of a Curvature Driven, Trapped Particle Mode Created by a Potential Barrier (M85/41)
J.C. Fernandez, C.P. Chang, Allan J. Lichtenberg, Michael A. Lieberman and H. Meuth

A Routing Toolbox for Interactive Custom IC Layout (M85/40)
D.E. Ryan

Algorithms and Architecture for Multiprocessor-Based Circuit Simulation (M85/39)
Jeffrey T. Deutsch

Synchronous Electron Beam Diagnostic for Plasma Etching Discharges (M85/38)
C.P. Chang and Michael A. Lieberman

Partial Response Coding in Digital Subscriber Loops (M85/37)
N-S. Lin, David A. Hodges and David G. Messerschmitt

Canonical Piecewise-Linear Analysis: Generalize Brake Point Hopping Algorithm (M85/36)
Leon O. Chua and A-C. Deng

Canonical Piecewise-Linear Modeling (M85/35)
Leon O. Chua and A-C. Deng

Time-of-Flight He+ Beam Potential Diagnostic in Tandem Mirror (M85/34)
B.T. Archer and Michael A. Lieberman

Algorithms for Optimization Problems with Exclusion Constraints (M85/33)
D. Q. Mayne and Elijah Polak

DELIGHT for Intermediates (M85/32)
B. Nye and D. Wang

Three Dimensional Finite Strain Rod Model Part II: Computational Aspects (M85/31)
J.C. Simo and L. Vu-Quoc

Bifurcation Phenomena in a Third Order Electrical Circuit (M85/30)
T. Matsumoto, Leon O. Chua and M. Komuro

Timing Recovery in Digital Subscriber Loops (M85/29)
Chin-Pyng J. Tzeng

Efficient Solution of the Variational Equation for Piece-Wise Linear Differential Equation (M85/28)
T.S. Parker and Leon O. Chua

A State Model for the Concurrency Control Problem in Database Management Systems (M85/27)
S. Lafortune and Eugene Wong

Transient Chaos in Dissipatively Perturbed Near-Integrable Hamiltonian Systems (M85/26)
Michael A. Lieberman and K.Y. Tsang

Point-Matched Time Domain Finite Element Methods for Electromagnetic Radiation and Scattering (M85/25)
A.C. Cangellaris, C.C. Lin and Kenneth K. Mei

Analysis of MOSFET LEVEL II Model in SPICE 2G.6 (M85/24)
A.A. Malik

Convergence and Finite-Time Behavior of Simulated Annealing (M85/23)
D. Mitra, F. Romeo and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

A Subthreshold Conduction Model for BSIM (M85/22)
A.H-C. Fung

New Stability Theorems for Averaging and Their Applications to the Convergence Analysis of Adaptive Identification and Control Schemes (M85/21)
L-C. Fu, M. Bodson and S. Shankar Sastry

Conditioned Invariant Subspaces, Disturbance Decoupling and Solutions of Rational Matrix Equations (M85/20)
Z. Li and S. Shankar Sastry

High-Frequency CMOS Continuous Time Filters (M85/19)
Haideh Khorramabadi

On the Mathematical Foundations of Nondifferentiable Optimization in Engineering Design (M85/17)
Elijah Polak

YACR2: Yet Another Channel Router (M85/16)
J.B. Reed

A Sequential Optimal Redesign Procedure for Linear Feedback Systems (M85/15)
Elijah Polak, S. Salcudean and D.Q. Mayne

Building Block Layout: Routing Region Definition and Ordering Scheme (M85/14)
W.M. Dai, T. Asano and Ernest S. Kuh

Solving Rational Matrix Equations in the State Space with Applications to Computer Aided Control System Design (M85/13)
A.K. Packard and S. Shankar Sastry

Automatic Generation of Signal Processing Integrated Circuits (M85/11)
Stephen P. Pope

Some Design Techniques for High-Performance MOS Circuits (M85/10)
S.I. Kong

Decoupling of Linear Multivariable Plants by Dynamical Output Feedback: An Algebraic Theory (M85/9)
Charles A. Desoer and A.N. Gündeş

Bounded Recursion in Deductive Databases (M85/6)
Y.E. Ioannidis

LAGER: An Automated Layout Generating System for Digital Signal Processing Circuits. User Manual - Version 1.3 (M85/5)
Jan M. Rabaey

Robust Stability Under Additive Pertubrations: The Nonlinear Case (M85/4)
A. Bhaya and Charles A. Desoer

Extended Domain Types and Specification of User Defined Operators (M85/3)
Eugene Wong

BBL.2 User's Manual (M85/2)
N.-P. Chen, C.-C. Chen, C.-P. Hsu, H.H. Chen, Ernest S. Kuh and M. Marek-Sadowska

Optimization of Extended Database Query Languages (M85/1)
T.K. Sellis and L. Shapiro