Sculpture Designs Based on Borromean Soap Films (EECS-2018-192)
Carlo H. Séquin

Scaling Interactive Data Science Transparently with Modin (EECS-2018-191)
Devin Petersohn

HindSight: Enhancing Spatial Awareness by Sonifying Detected Objects in Real-Time 360-Degree Video (EECS-2018-190)
Eldon Schoop, James Smith and Björn Hartmann

Reducing Actuation Voltage in RF MEMS Switches and the Impact of Scaling on Performance and Reliability (EECS-2018-189)
Jaime Castro

Reducing Actuation Voltage in RF MEMS Switches and the Impact of Scaling on Performance and Reliability (EECS-2018-188)
Jaime Castro

Negative capacitance and hyperdimensional computing for unconventional low-power computing (EECS-2018-187)
Justin Wong

Scaling Effect on RF MEMS Switch (EECS-2018-186)
Xiao Chen

Optimization Everywhere: Convex, Combinatorial, and Economic (EECS-2018-185)
Sam Wong

Domain-Specific Techniques for High-Performance Computational Image Reconstruction (EECS-2018-184)
Michael Driscoll

Non-Linear Stiffness Extraction & Modeling of Wineglass Disk Resonators (EECS-2018-183)
Alain Anton

Low Dimensional Methods for High Dimensional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (EECS-2018-181)
Frank Ong

Parametric Oscillation with Wineglass Disk Resonators (EECS-2018-179)
Thanh-Phong Nguyen

Deep Networks for Equalization in Communications (EECS-2018-177)
Laura Brink

Acquiring Diverse Robot Skills via Maximum Entropy Deep Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2018-176)
Tuomas Haarnoja

Adaptive and Diverse Techniques for Generating Adversarial Examples (EECS-2018-175)
Warren He

Quantifying the Development Value of Code Contributions (EECS-2018-174)
Hezheng Yin

A Platform-Based Approach to Verification and Synthesis of Linear Temporal Logic Specifications (EECS-2018-173)
Antonio Iannopollo

3D Object Detection with Sparse Sampling Neural Networks (EECS-2018-172)
Ryan Goy and Avideh Zakhor

Towards Practical Privacy-Preserving Data Analytics (EECS-2018-171)
Noah Johnson

Learning to Navigate in Visual Environments (EECS-2018-169)
Peter Jin

Zephyr: Simple, Ready-to-use Software-based Power Evaluation for Background Sensing Smartphone Applications (EECS-2018-168)
K. Shankari, Jonathan Fürst, Yawen Wang, Philippe Bonnet, David E. Culler and Randy H. Katz

The Sparse Manifold Transform (EECS-2018-167)
Yubei Chen, Dylan Paiton and Bruno Olshausen

Cell Geometry Impact on the Cell Filling Process in Gravure Printing for Printed Electronics (EECS-2018-165)
Xiaoer Hu

The Ionocraft: Flying Microrobots With No Moving Parts (EECS-2018-164)
Daniel Drew

Reverse Curriculum Generation for Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2018-162)
Carlos Florensa Campo, David Held, Markus Wulfmeier, Michael Zhang and Pieter Abbeel

Curriculum Distillation to Teach Playing Atari (EECS-2018-161)
Chen Tang and John F. Canny

Differential methods in phase imaging for optical lithography (EECS-2018-160)
Aamod Shanker and Antoine Wojdyla

Understanding and Engineering Surface and Edge Defects of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides (EECS-2018-157)
Peida Zhao

Bottom-up Memory Design Techniques for Energy-Efficient and Resilient Computing (EECS-2018-156)
Pi-Feng Chiu

Dynamic Analysis for JavaScript (EECS-2018-155)
Liang Gong

FireSim: FPGA-Accelerated Cycle-Exact Scale-Out System Simulation in the Public Cloud (EECS-2018-154)
Sagar Karandikar

RFID Reader Design for Neural Implants (EECS-2018-153)
Christopher Sutardja

Hardware and Software Support for Managed-Language Workloads in Data Centers (EECS-2018-152)
Martin Maas

A Highly Productive Implementation of an Out-of-Order Processor Generator (EECS-2018-151)
Christopher Celio

Toward a more reliable power system: frequency regulation from buildings and secure estimation against cyber attacks (EECS-2018-150)
Qie Hu

Guided GUI Testing of Android Apps with Minimal Restart and Approximate Learning (EECS-2018-149)
Wonae Choi

Variability-Aware Compact Modeling of Nano-scale Technologies with Customized Test Structure Designs (EECS-2018-148)
Ying Qiao

Screen Printed MRI Receive Coils (EECS-2018-147)
Joseph Corea

Neural Dust: Ultrasonic Biological Interface (EECS-2018-146)
Dongjin (DJ) Seo

Sparse optimization models with robust sketching and applications (EECS-2018-145)
Vu Pham

Better, Faster, Stronger: Measuring and Transcending Your Physical Limits with Wearable Robots (EECS-2018-143)
Robert Matthew

Design of Reconfigurable Radio Front-Ends (EECS-2018-142)
Xiao Xiao

Learning from Language (EECS-2018-141)
Jacob Andreas

Statistical Learning Towards Gamification in Human-Centric Cyber-Physical Systems (EECS-2018-139)
Ioannis Konstantakopoulos

Large-Batch Training for LSTM and Beyond (EECS-2018-138)
Yang You, James Demmel, Kurt Keutzer, Cho-Jui Hsieh, Chris Ying and Jonathan Hseu

numpywren: serverless linear algebra (EECS-2018-137)
Vaishaal Shankar, Karl Krauth, Qifan Pu, Eric Jonas, Shivaram Venkataraman, Ion Stoica, Benjamin Recht and Jonathan Ragan-Kelley

Evaluating Software Switches: Hard or Hopeless? (EECS-2018-136)
Vivian Fang, Tamás Lévai, Sangjin Han, Sylvia Ratnasamy, Barath Raghavan and Justine Sherry

Accountable Data Fusion and Privacy Preservation Techniques in Cyber-Physical Systems (EECS-2018-135)
Ruoxi Jia

Programming Abstractions and Synthesis-Aided Compilation for Emerging Computing Platforms (EECS-2018-134)
Phitchaya Phothilimthana

Computational Sensorimotor Learning (EECS-2018-133)
Pulkit Agrawal

Learning and Optimization for Mixed Autonomy Systems - A Mobility Context (EECS-2018-132)
Cathy Wu

Design and Characterization of Ferroelectric Negative Capacitance (EECS-2018-131)
Korok Chatterjee

An Architecture for a Widely Distributed Storage and Communication Infrastructure (EECS-2018-130)
Nitesh Mor, Eric Allman, Richard Pratt, Kenneth Lutz and John D. Kubiatowicz

Electronic Interfaces for Bacteria-Based Biosensing (EECS-2018-129)
Tom Zajdel

Visual Learning Beyond Direct Supervision (EECS-2018-128)
Tinghui Zhou

Soter: Programming Safe Robotics System using Runtime Assurance (EECS-2018-127)
Ankush Desai, Shromona Ghosh, Sanjit A. Seshia, Natarajan Shankar and Ashish Tiwari

Statistics meets Optimization: Computational guarantees for statistical learning algorithms (EECS-2018-126)
Fanny Yang

Further Stochastic Analysis of the k-Server Problem on the Circle (EECS-2018-125)
Jarett Schwartz

MR Shuffling: Accelerated Single-Scan Multi-Contrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (EECS-2018-124)
Jonathan Tamir

Method of Local Corrections Solver for Manycore Architectures (EECS-2018-122)
Brian Van Straalen

Optimal Differential Drag Control of Small Satellite Constellations (EECS-2018-121)
Andrew Blatner

Efficient Policy Learning for Robust Robot Grasping (EECS-2018-120)
Jeffrey Mahler

Adapting Swarm Applications: A Systematic and Quantitative Approach (EECS-2018-119)
Ben Zhang

Evaluation and Design of Robust Neural Network Defenses (EECS-2018-118)
Nicholas Carlini

Real-time Communication Systems For Automation Over Wireless: Enabling Future Interactive Tech (EECS-2018-114)
Vasuki Narasimha Swamy

Combining Speech and Speaker Recognition - A Joint Modeling Approach (EECS-2018-113)
Hang Su

Mechanical Energy Storage for Self-Destructing Motes and Jumping Microrobots (EECS-2018-112)
Joseph Greenspun

Vision-based Appliance Identification and Control with Smartphone Sensors in Commercial Buildings (EECS-2018-111)
Kaifei Chen

Machine Learning for Automatic Resource Management in the Datacenter and the Cloud (EECS-2018-110)
Neeraja Yadwadkar

Exploration for Range Based Indoor Localization Technologies and Algorithms (EECS-2018-109)
Casey Mackin

On and Off-Policy Deep Imitation Learning for Robotics (EECS-2018-108)
Michael Laskey

Inductive Program Synthesis in BLOG (EECS-2018-107)
Jared Rulison

Learning to Learn with Gradients (EECS-2018-105)
Chelsea Finn

Representations for Visually Guided Actions (EECS-2018-104)
Saurabh Gupta

Towards a More Stable Network Infrastructure (EECS-2018-103)
Radhika Mittal

A Tool for Computational Analysis of Narrative Film (EECS-2018-102)
Alexei (Alyosha) Efros, Frederick Alexander Hall and Maneesh Agrawala

Hierarchical Deep Reinforcement Learning For Robotics and Data Science (EECS-2018-101)
Sanjay Krishnan

Energy-efficient and High-bandwidth Density Monolithic Optical Transceivers in Advanced CMOS Processes (EECS-2018-100)
Sajjad Moazeni and Vladimir Stojanovic

Methods and Systems for Understanding Large-Scale Internet Threats (EECS-2018-98)
Paul Pearce

Three-Dimensional Structure Formation via Inkjet-printed Metal Nanoparticles: Ink and Application Development (EECS-2018-96)
Dwipayan Patnaik

Compositional Programming and Testing of Dynamic Distributed Systems (EECS-2018-95)
Ankush Desai, Amar Phanishayee, Shaz Qadeer and Sanjit A. Seshia

Extended Formulation Lower Bounds for Combinatorial Optimization (EECS-2018-94)
Jonah Brown-Cohen

Learning Single-view 3D Reconstruction of Objects and Scenes (EECS-2018-93)
Shubham Tulsiani

Avoiding Communication in First Order Methods for Optimization (EECS-2018-92)
Aditya Devarakonda

Equalization of Backplane Channels Using Transmitter FFE and Receiver CTLE+DFE (EECS-2018-90)
Jesse Brannon, Hari Vemuri and Yuda Wang

New Generation Verilog-A Model Development Tools: VAPP and VALint (EECS-2018-89)
A. Gokcen Mahmutoglu, Xufeng Wang and Jaijeet Roychowdhury

Classical Verification and Blind Delegation of Quantum Computations (EECS-2018-88)
Urmila Mahadev

Optical Phase Space Measurements and Applications to 3D Imaging and Light Scattering (EECS-2018-87)
Hsiou-Yuan Liu

Design of a Brushless Servomotor for a Low-cost Compliant Robotic Manipulator (EECS-2018-86)
Allan Zhao

Mr. Plotter: Unifying Data Reduction Techniques in Storage and Visualization Systems (EECS-2018-85)
Sam Kumar, Michael P Andersen and David E. Culler

Ray DataFrames: A library for parallel data analysis (EECS-2018-84)
Patrick Yang

An Attention-Based Model for Transcription Factor Binding Site Prediction (EECS-2018-83)
Gunjan Baid

An arithmetic complexity lower bound for computing rational functions, with applications to structured and sparse linear algebra (EECS-2018-82)
James Demmel

Pedagogy, Infrastructure, and Analytics for Data Science Education at Scale (EECS-2018-81)
Vinitra Swamy

Arrhythmia Classification in Multi-Channel ECG Signals Using Deep Neural Networks (EECS-2018-80)
Kyungna Kim

Meta-analysis of massive parallel reporter assay enables functional regulatory elements prediction (EECS-2018-79)
Zhongxia Yan

DIZK: A Distributed Zero-Knowledge Proof System (EECS-2018-78)
Howard Wu, Wenting Zheng, Alessandro Chiesa, Raluca Ada Popa and Ion Stoica

Scalable, Efficient Deep Learning by Means of Elastic Averaging (EECS-2018-77)
Kevin Peng

InferLine: ML Inference Pipeline Composition Framework (EECS-2018-76)
Corey Zumar

A Data Analysis of Student Success and Motivations in the BJCx MOOC (EECS-2018-75)
Yifat Amir

Exploring Novel Architectures For Serving Machine Learning Models (EECS-2018-73)
Aditya Chopra

The Design of an Analog Associative Memory Circuit for Applications in High-Dimensional Computing (EECS-2018-72)
Miles Rusch

Epigenetic Imputation (EECS-2018-71)
Alexander Ku

Visual Model Predictive Control (EECS-2018-69)
Varun Tolani

Using Physics Simulators to Aid in Real-Time Robot Planning (EECS-2018-68)
Michael Tong

Fighting Fake News: Image Splice Detection via Learned Self-Consistency (EECS-2018-67)
Minyoung Huh, Andrew Liu, Andrew Owens and Alexei (Alyosha) Efros

Table-based Device Modeling: Methods and Applications (EECS-2018-66)
Archit Gupta

ConNect: Exploring Augmented Reality Service using Image Localization and Neural Network Object Detection (EECS-2018-65)
Tong Li

ConNect: Exploring Augmented Reality Service using Image Localization and Neural Network Object Detection (EECS-2018-64)
Tong Li

A 12.5GHz High Speed Data Link (EECS-2018-63)
Glenn Kewley

See-Thru: Towards Minimally Obstructive Eye-Controlled Wheelchair Interfaces (EECS-2018-61)
Corten Singer

Hollow Disk Electromechanical Coupling Cx/Co Boosting (EECS-2018-60)
Yafei Li and Clark Nguyen

12.5 Gbit/sec Serial Link (EECS-2018-59)
Glenn Kewley

Thin-Film Electrostatic Actuators and Adhesives for High-Voltage Robotics (EECS-2018-58)
Ethan Schaler

nbinteract: Generate Interactive Web Pages From Jupyter Notebooks (EECS-2018-57)
Samuel Lau and Joshua Hug

An Internet-Spanning Content Distribution Mechanism for IoT (EECS-2018-56)
Griffin Potrock

Modeling Supervisor Safe Sets for Improving Collaboration in Human-Robot Teams (EECS-2018-55)
Dexter Scobee

AutoQuiz: an online, adaptive, test practice system (EECS-2018-54)
Zhiping Xiao

Frequency-swept Ferromagnetic Resonance Characterization of Permalloy Thin Films (EECS-2018-53)
Samuel Holladay

Lifted Recurrent Neural Networks (EECS-2018-52)
Rajiv Sambharya

A Hardware Accelerator for Computing an Exact Dot Product (EECS-2018-51)
Jack Koenig

Interpretable Machine Learning with Applications in Neuroscience (EECS-2018-50)
Reza Abbasi Asl

Program Synthesis for Systems Biology (EECS-2018-49)
Ali Sinan Koksal

Interactive CAD Software for the Design of 2-manifold Free-form Surfaces (NOME) (EECS-2018-48)
Gauthier Dieppedalle

Self-supervised Deep Reinforcement Learning with Generalized Computation Graphs for Robot Navigation (EECS-2018-47)
Gregory Kahn, Adam Villaflor, Bosen Ding, Pieter Abbeel and Sergey Levine

An Integrative Approach to Data-Driven Monitoring and Control of Electric Distribution Networks (EECS-2018-45)
Roel Dobbe

Extraction of Vehicle Trajectories from Online Video Streams (EECS-2018-44)
Xinhe Ren, David Wang, Michael Laskey and Ken Goldberg

Learning Image-Conditioned Dynamics Models for Control of Under-actuated Legged Millirobots (EECS-2018-43)
Anusha Nagabandi

Ultra Low Noise Preamplifier Design for Magnetic Particle Imaging (EECS-2018-42)
Quincy Huynh

A Learning-Based Approach to Safety for Uncertain Robotic Systems (EECS-2018-41)
Anayo Akametalu

Imitation from Observation: Learning to Imitate Behaviors from Raw Video via Context Translation (EECS-2018-37)
YuXuan Liu, Abhishek Gupta, Pieter Abbeel and Sergey Levine

Image Synthesis for Self-Supervised Visual Representation Learning (EECS-2018-36)
Richard Zhang

Natural Language Understanding for Healthcare Queries (EECS-2018-35)
Vivek Raghuram

Exploratory model analysis for machine learning (EECS-2018-34)
Biye Jiang

Adaptive Memory Networks (EECS-2018-33)
Daniel Li

A Simple Neural Attentive Meta-Learner (EECS-2018-32)
Nikhil Mishra, Mostafa Rohaninejad, Xi Chen and Pieter Abbeel

Detection limits and fluctuation results in some spiked random matrix models and pooling of discrete data (EECS-2018-31)
Ahmed El Alaoui

Alluxio: A Virtual Distributed File System (EECS-2018-29)
Haoyuan Li

Joint State and Parameter Estimation in Temporal Models (EECS-2018-28)
Yusuf Erol, Stuart J. Russell and Laurent El Ghaoui

Lung Nodule Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks (EECS-2018-27)
Jiaying Shi

Go with the Flow: Graphs, Streaming and Relational Computations over Distributed Dataflow (EECS-2018-26)
Reynold Shi Xin

Formal Specification for Deep Neural Networks (EECS-2018-25)
Sanjit A. Seshia, Ankush Desai, Tommaso Dreossi, Daniel Fremont, Shromona Ghosh, Edward Kim, Sumukh Shivakumar, Marcell Vazquez-Chanlatte and Xiangyu Yue

Mathematical Compact Models of Advanced Transistors for Numerical Simulation and Hardware Design (EECS-2018-24)
Juan Duarte

Population Coding in Retinal Ganglion Cells (EECS-2018-23)
Reza Abbasi Asl

An Efficient, Full Stack Protocol for Body Area Mesh Networks (EECS-2018-22)
Ramakrishnan Menon

A deep generative model for gene expression profiles from single-cell RNA sequencing (EECS-2018-21)
Nir Yosef, Michael Jordan and Romain Lopez

Novel Processing Schemes for Material Systems on Amorphous and Flexible Substrates (EECS-2018-18)
Kevin Chen

A 60 GHz Development & Test Platform for Wireless Systems Research (EECS-2018-17)
Christopher Yarp

Stirling Engine for Solar Thermal Electric Generation (EECS-2018-15)
Mike Miao He

Powering OMNI: A Distributed and Modular Closed-Loop Neuromodulation Device (EECS-2018-14)
George Alexandrov

An Early Exploration of Causality Analysis for Irregularly Sampled Time Series via the Frequency Domain (EECS-2018-12)
Francois Belletti

Assembly of a Wireless Ultrasonic Backscatter System (EECS-2018-10)
Konlin Shen

Scenic: Language-Based Scene Generation (EECS-2018-8)
Daniel Fremont, Xiangyu Yue, Tommaso Dreossi, Shromona Ghosh, Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and Sanjit A. Seshia

Dueling Metrics: Choosing the Appropriate Error Metric for Models of Cognition in the Learning Analytics Field (EECS-2018-7)
Phitchaya Phothilimthana, Seung Yeon Lee and Zachary Pardos

Modeling and Control of Resonant Switched Capacitor DC-DC Converter (EECS-2018-6)
Yongjun Li

The Dark Net: De-Anonymization, Classification and Analysis (EECS-2018-5)
Rebecca Portnoff

Transconductance Amplifier for SC Filter (EECS-2018-4)
Emile Kowalski

Towards a Better Mechanistic Understanding of the Degradation Processes of Perovskite Solar Cells (EECS-2018-3)
Carlos Biaou

Lambda: An Autograder for Snap! (EECS-2018-2)
Michael Ball

Spawnpoint: Secure Deployment of Distributed, Managed Containers (EECS-2018-1)
John Kolb