Understanding and Exploring Serverless Cloud Computing (EECS-2022-273)
Johann Schleier-Smith

Towards Socially and Economically Beneficial Machine Learning (EECS-2022-272)
Wenshuo Guo

The Design and Implementation of User-Schedulable Languages (EECS-2022-271)
Alexander Reinking

Take Out the TraChe: Maximizing (Tra)nsactional Ca(che) Hit Rate (EECS-2022-270)
Audrey Cheng

Semantic Analysis of Programs using Graph Neural Networks (EECS-2022-269)
Aayan Kumar

A Case for Application Driven Design of Energy Harvesting Sensor Systems (EECS-2022-268)
Neal Jackson

DCR: DataCapsule Replication System (EECS-2022-267)
Hanming Lu

Dex-NeRF: Using a Neural Radiance Field to Grasp Transparent Objects (EECS-2022-266)
Yahav Avigal

Robust Learning of Optimal Auctions (EECS-2022-265)
Wenshuo Guo

Challenges on Decarbonization of Electric Power Systems (EECS-2022-264)
Rodrigo Marti Henriquez Auba

Controlling Devices to Achieve Stability Guarantees on Electric Distribution Grids (EECS-2022-263)
Jaimie Swartz

Network Optimization Algorithms and Applications to Molecular Biology (EECS-2022-262)
Alex Khodaverdian

Large-Scale Real-World Robotic Manipulation Using Diverse Data (EECS-2022-261)
Frederik Ebert

Towards Trustworthy Machine Learning (EECS-2022-260)
Adam Gleave

Efficient Optimization Algorithms for Machine Learning (EECS-2022-259)
Armin Askari

Designing Exercises to Teach Programming Patterns (EECS-2022-257)
Nathaniel Weinman

Generative Modelling of Quantum Processes via Quantum-Probabilistic Information Geometry (EECS-2022-256)
Sahil Patel, Faris Sbahi, Antonio Martinez, Dmitri Saberi, Jae Yoo, Geoffrey Roeder and Guillaume Verdon

Depression Severity Estimation Using Learned Vocal Biomarkers (EECS-2022-255)
Harrison Costantino

Object-Level Representation Learning for Natural and Medical Images (EECS-2022-254)
Akash Gokul

Machine Learning Safety (EECS-2022-253)
Daniel Hendrycks

Contributions to Rust and C++ Cryptographic Libraries for zkSNARKS (EECS-2022-252)
Solomon Joseph

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Relay Technology for Beyond-Von-Neumann Computer Architectures (EECS-2022-251)
Xiaoer Hu

Privacy Controls for Always-Listening Devices (EECS-2022-249)
Nathan Malkin

Physically Aware Design of Generated Systems-on-Chip (EECS-2022-248)
John Wright

Generator-Based Design of Custom Systems-on-Chip for Numerical Data Analysis (EECS-2022-247)
Alon Amid

Millimeter-wave Impedance Spectroscopy for High Sensitivity and Selectivity Biomolecular Detection (EECS-2022-246)
Luya Zhang and Ali Niknejad

Multi-Vehicle Collision Avoidance via Hamilton-Jacobi Reachability and Integer Linear Programming (EECS-2022-245)
Chia-Yin Shih

Improving Situational Awareness to Reduce the Wildfire Risks of Operating Power Distribution Infrastructure (EECS-2022-244)
Timothy Barat

Integrated Hybrid Switched-Capacitor Converters for Point of Load Power Delivery (EECS-2022-243)
Pourya Assem

Development of a Magnesium Semi-solid Redox Flow Battery (EECS-2022-241)
Matthew McPhail

Designing New Memory Systems for Next-Generation Data Centers (EECS-2022-240)
Howard Mao

Generators for Wireless Systems Prototyping (EECS-2022-239)
Paul Rigge

Spectral Purification Techniques for Clock Generation Circuits (EECS-2022-238)
Yi-An Li

Towards Ubiquitous Augmented Reality in Structured Environments (EECS-2022-237)
Joseph Menke

Lower bounds on the complexity of quantum proofs (EECS-2022-236)
Chinmay Nirkhe

Exploratory and Explanatory Tools for ML Application Development (EECS-2022-234)
Eldon Schoop

Learning Representations that Enable Generalization in Assistive Tasks (EECS-2022-233)
Zhiyang He and Anca Dragan

SCL: A Secure Concurrency Layer For Paranoid Stateful Lambdas (EECS-2022-232)
Eric Chen, Alexander Thomas, Hanming Lu, William Mullen, Jeffery Ichnowski, Rahul Arya, Nivedha Krishnakumar, Ryan Teoh, Willis Wang, Anthony D. Joseph and John D. Kubiatowicz

Hardware-Aware Efficient Deep Learning (EECS-2022-231)
Zhen Dong

Learning to Generalize in Dynamic Environments (EECS-2022-229)
Dequan Wang

Rigid Scene Flow Estimation and Prediction on Temporal LiDAR for Autonomous Driving (EECS-2022-228)
David Deng

Influence of Capacitive Transducer Nonlinearities on the Amplitude Limiting of MEMS Based Oscillators (EECS-2022-227)
Sherwin Afshar

Learning, Control and Optimization for Electricity Distribution Networks (EECS-2022-225)
Keith Moffat

Single-Shot 3D Microscopy: Optics and Algorithms Co-Design (EECS-2022-224)
Linda Liu

Developing Accessible and Equitable Remote Exams at Scale During the COVID-19 Pandemic (EECS-2022-223)
Peyrin Kao

Interactive Cross-Dimensional Media for Collaboration and Guidance in Mixed Reality Environments (EECS-2022-221)
Bala Thoravi Kumaravel

Towards Adaptive, Continual Embodied Agents (EECS-2022-220)
Kelvin Xu

High Efficiency Computation of Game Tree Exploration in Connect 4 (EECS-2022-219)
Justin Yokota

Low-Rank and Temporal Smoothness Regularization on Value-Based Deep Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2022-218)
Edward Yam

Social Optimality via Dynamic Tolling and Adaptive Incentive Design (EECS-2022-217)
Kshitij Kulkarni and S. Shankar Sastry

Machine Learning Prediction of TCR-Epitope Binding (EECS-2022-216)
Julian Faust and Yun S. Song

Neural Network Compression with Low Rank Structured Layers (EECS-2022-214)
Dimitris Papadimitriou

Learning Transferable Representations across Domains (EECS-2022-213)
Xiangyu Yue

Cognitive analyses of machine learning systems (EECS-2022-209)
Erin Grant

Tools and Techniques for Building Programming Assistants for Data Analysis (EECS-2022-208)
Rohan Bavishi

Process-Sensitive Creativity Support Tools (EECS-2022-207)
Sarah Sterman

Multimodal Contrastive Learning for Unsupervised Video Representation Learning (EECS-2022-206)
Anup Hiremath

Efficient and Scalable Neural Architectures for Visual Recognition (EECS-2022-205)
Zhuang Liu

Scalable Robot Learning (EECS-2022-204)
Ashvin Nair

An Automated Control System for Beat Pilot Tone in MRI (EECS-2022-203)
Jordan Grelling

On the E􏰀ectiveness of Fine Tuning versus Meta-reinforcement Learning (EECS-2022-202)
Mandi Zhao, Pieter Abbeel and Stephen James

Multi-task Policy Learning with Minimal Human Supervision (EECS-2022-200)
Parsa Mahmoudieh

When do machine learning models generalize well? A signal-processing perspective (EECS-2022-199)
Vignesh Subramanian

Oscillator-Based Potts Machine (OPM) for the Implementation of the Vector Potts Model (EECS-2022-198)
Jaijeet Roychowdhury and Sayan Seal

Integrated Multiport Conversion with Rotating Transformer (EECS-2022-197)
Richard Liou

Parallel Algorithms for De Novo Long Read Genome Assembly via Sparse Linear Algebra (EECS-2022-196)
Giulia Guidi

Directed Shortest Walk on Temporal Graphs (EECS-2022-195)
Alex Khodaverdian and Nir Yosef

Machine Learning for Query Optimization (EECS-2022-194)
Zongheng Yang

Beyond Conservatism in Offline Reinforcement Learning: The Importance of Effective Representations (EECS-2022-193)
Kevin Li

Using neural-machine interfaces to explore skill learning in central and peripheral nervous systems (EECS-2022-191)
Paul Botros

Learning Objective Functions from Many Diverse Signals (EECS-2022-190)
Smitha Milli

The impact of information-aware routing on road traffic, from case studies to game-theoretical analysis and simulations (EECS-2022-183)
Theophile Cabannes

Learning Beyond the Standard Model (of Data) (EECS-2022-182)
Nilesh Tripuraneni

Bridging Safety and Learning in Human-Robot Interaction (EECS-2022-181)
Andrea Bajcsy

Validity Challenges in Machine Learning Benchmarks (EECS-2022-180)
John Miller

The Dynamics of Recommender Systems (EECS-2022-178)
Karl Krauth

Physics-Informed Machine Learning for Computational Imaging (EECS-2022-177)
Kristina Monakhova

Building a Ring Resonator Feedback Loop (EECS-2022-176)
Parth Patel

Human-Guided Generation of Sketches and Prototypes (EECS-2022-175)
Forrest Huang

Towards Privacy-Preserving and Regulation-Compliant Data Analysis (EECS-2022-174)
Lun Wang

Automatically Converting Code-Writing Exercises to Variably-Scaffolded Parsons Problems (EECS-2022-173)
Logan Caraco, Nate Weinman, Stanley Ko and Armando Fox

Learning when Objectives are Hard to Specify (EECS-2022-172)
Kush Bhatia

An Optics-Free Ultra-Thin Time-Resolved Intraoperative Imager Using Upconverting Nanoparticles (EECS-2022-170)
Hossein Najafiaghdam

CapsuleDB: A Secure Key-Value Store for the Global Data Plane (EECS-2022-168)
William Mullen

Group Probability-Weighted Tree Sums for Interpretable Modeling of Heterogeneous Data (EECS-2022-167)
Keyan Abou-Nasseri

Joist Detection and Climbing Method for Hexapod Robots (EECS-2022-166)
Yibin Li

Proximity Detection Using Wi-Fi Fingerprints and Smartphone Magnetometers, With Applications to COVID-19 Surveillance (EECS-2022-165)
Zach Van Hyfte

Computational Methods for Assessing and Improving Quality of Study Group Formation (EECS-2022-163)
Ana Tudor

Generative Modeling for Healthcare Applications and Energy Demand Response with Normalizing Flows (EECS-2022-162)
Japjot Singh

Towards a Real-Time Vision Correcting Display (EECS-2022-160)
Shiyun Xu

Optimization Methods for Tracking and Mapping the Human Retina (EECS-2022-159)
Jay Shenoy

A Compiler in Snap!: Compiling a Block-Based Language (EECS-2022-157)
Oscar Chan

The Beauty and Joy of Physical Computing (EECS-2022-156)
Deanna Gelosi

Learning Rate Estimation for Stochastic Gradient Descent (EECS-2022-155)
Nadia Hyder and Gerald Friedland

Environment Reconstruction from an Aerial Perspective with RGB-D and Fisheye Cameras (EECS-2022-154)
Ritika Shrivastava

Learning to Perceive and Manipulate Deformable Objects by Leveraging Simulation and Cloud Robotics (EECS-2022-153)
Aditya Ganapathi

Extending Succinct Zero Knowledge Proofs for Set Membership to Ring Signatures (EECS-2022-152)
Jialin Li

CANClassify: Automated Decoding and Labeling of CAN Bus Signals (EECS-2022-151)
Paul Ngo, Jonathan Sprinkle and Rahul Bhadani

LEM: A Configurable RISC-V Vector Unit Based on Parameterized Microcode Expander (EECS-2022-150)
Zitao Fang

Lifting Hardware Models from Implementations for Verification (EECS-2022-149)
Jonathan Shi

GamesmanUni GUI Accessibility and Combinatorial Games (EECS-2022-148)
Avery Liou

Machine Learning Safety (EECS-2022-147)
Jiaming Zou

Learning to Walk: Legged Hexapod Locomotion from Simulation to the Real World (EECS-2022-146)
Maxime Kawawa-Beaudan

High-Performance FPGA-accelerated Chiplet Modeling (EECS-2022-145)
Xingyu Li

Low Overhead Remote Procedure Call System for Saturn DSP (EECS-2022-144)
Christiaan Banister

3D Wireframe Reconstruction of Buildings from Point Cloud Data (EECS-2022-143)
Richard Wang

Dynamic Linking in Trusted Execution Environments in RISC-V (EECS-2022-142)
Catherine Lu

A System for Automated Security Knowledge Extraction (EECS-2022-141)
Edward Choi

Representation Learning in Video and Text - A Social Media Misinformation Perspective (EECS-2022-140)
Kehan Wang

The Effect of Model Size on Worst-Group Generalization (EECS-2022-138)
Alan Pham

Reliable Visual Question Answering: Abstain Rather Than Answer Incorrectly (EECS-2022-137)
Vedaad Shakib, Spencer Whitehead and Suzanne Petryk

Single-Chip Micro Mote in EEG, fMRI, and TMS Systems (EECS-2022-136)
Joshua Alexander

Software-in-the-loop Testing for Autonomous Vehicles With Docker (EECS-2022-135)
Sarah Bhaskaran

Learning Causal Overhypotheses through Exploration in Children and Computational Models (EECS-2022-134)
Jiakun Liu

Machine Learning Safety (EECS-2022-133)
Daniel Hendrycks

An Investigation of Sense Disambiguation in Scientific Texts (EECS-2022-132)
Manav Rathod

Creating a Video Classification Neural Network Architecture to Map American Sign Language Gestures to Computer Cursor Controls (EECS-2022-131)
Rohan Hajela

Overhead-communication Exploration in Large-Scale Machine Learning Frameworks (EECS-2022-130)
Wai Cheuk Chadwick Leung

Assisting Reinforcement Learning in Real-time Strategy Environments with SCENIC (EECS-2022-129)
Qiancheng Wu

Investigating Intuitions and Predicting Success using Fine Grained Student Code Snapshot Data (EECS-2022-128)
Henry Maier

Visualizing High-Dimensional Hyperbolic Data (EECS-2022-127)
Haoran Guo, Yunhui Guo and Stella Yu

Contrastive Feature Learning for Audio Classification (EECS-2022-126)
Daniel Lin

A Case Study on COVID-19 Intervention Visualizations: The Role of Trust, Beliefs, and Interpretations (EECS-2022-125)
Priyam Mohanty and Aditya Parameswaran

Coverage Path Planning in Dynamic Environment through Guided Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2022-123)
Ming Lung Raymond Chong

Machine Learning Safety (EECS-2022-122)
Daniel Hendrycks

A Simulator and Benchmark for the RingWorld Protocol (EECS-2022-121)
Yichi Zhang

Evaluating the use of sequence-to-expression predictors for personalized expression prediction (EECS-2022-120)
Parth Baokar

Suppression of Oscillator Bias Voltage Phase Noise via MEMS Resonator Arraying (EECS-2022-119)
Jeffrey Ni

Low-Power Hyperdimensional Computing Processors for Real-Time Wearable Sensor Fusion and Keyword Classification (EECS-2022-118)
Daniel Sun

Towards diffraction-limited short-wavelength imaging systems (EECS-2022-117)
Gautam Gunjala

Accessible Two-handed Gesture Control for Human Computer Interaction (EECS-2022-116)
Patricia Ouyang

NumS: Scalable Array Programming for the Cloud (EECS-2022-115)
Huseyin Elibol, Michael Jordan and Ion Stoica

Reliable Prediction and Decision-Making in Sequential Environments (EECS-2022-114)
Paria Rashidinejad

PolyVI: Deep Generative Models for Gene Expression, Chromatin Accessibility, and Surface Protein Expression Data (EECS-2022-113)
Rohan Koodli

Compatibility, Maintainability, and Portability Improvements to the Taichi Graphics Programming Framework (EECS-2022-112)
Cheng Cao

Single-Mode Lasing in Cavities of Different Dimensionalities (EECS-2022-111)
Wanwoo Noh

Compressive Deconvolution Algorithms for a Computational Lightfield Display for Correcting Visual Aberrations (EECS-2022-110)
Anmol Parande

Vision and Language for Digital Forensics (EECS-2022-109)
Grace Luo

An Updated Model of Computation for VLSI and Applications to FPGA Implementation (EECS-2022-108)
Nathaniel Young

Specifications from Demonstrations: Learning, Teaching, and Control (EECS-2022-107)
Marcell Vazquez-Chanlatte

Decentralized Ledgers: Design and Applications (EECS-2022-104)
Yuncong Hu

Simulating Spin Orbit Torque Driven Switching with Ultrafast Thermal Effects (EECS-2022-103)
Ashwin Rastogi

City Alive: Interactive Tools to Improve Local Civic Engagement (EECS-2022-102)
Odysseus Pyrinis

Accelerating Deep Learning on Heterogenous Architectures (EECS-2022-100)
Avinash Nandakumar

The Algebra of Contracts (EECS-2022-99)
Inigo Incer

Manipulation and Perception Policies for Robot Mechanical Search (EECS-2022-98)
Michael Danielczuk

Algorithms for Robust Linear Models against Strong Adversarial Corruptions (EECS-2022-97)
Yimeng Wang

Building Trusted Execution Environments (EECS-2022-96)
Dayeol Lee

Design and Implementation of Physical Experiments for Evaluation of the AlphaGarden: an Autonomous Polyculture Garden (EECS-2022-95)
Mark Presten

Power, Performance, and Area Analysis of Asynchronous Stochastic Neural Accelerator PASSOv1 (EECS-2022-94)
Steven Lu

RDMA-Based Distributed Data Structures for Large-Scale Parallel Systems (EECS-2022-93)
Benjamin Brock

Factoring Matrices into Linear Neural Networks (EECS-2022-92)
Sagnik Bhattacharya and Jonathan Shewchuk

Interpreting batch correction of single-cell variational inference at scale (EECS-2022-91)
Katherine Wu

Neurotoxin: Durable Backdoors in Federated Learning (EECS-2022-89)
Linyue Song, Zhengming Zhang, Ashwinee Panda, Yaoqing Yang, Michael Mahoney, Joseph Gonzalez and Prateek Prateek Mittal

Making the Most of Serverless Accelerators (EECS-2022-88)
Aditya Ramkumar

The Serverless Datacenter: Hardware and Software Techniques for Resource Disaggregation (EECS-2022-86)
Nathan Pemberton

Hallucination Is All You Need: Using Generative Models for Test Time Data Augmentation (EECS-2022-85)
Dhruv Jhamb

Disruptive Research on Distributed Machine Learning Systems (EECS-2022-83)
Guanhua Wang

Towards Accessible Fabrication of Proprioceptive Soft Robotic Tentacles Without External Sensors (EECS-2022-81)
Josephine Koe

Accelerating Visual Data Exploration via Sampling: A Case Study with Lux (EECS-2022-80)
Kunal Agarwal

Bridging the Gap Between Modular and End-to-end Autonomous Driving Systems (EECS-2022-79)
Eric Leong

Critique of and System Design for Optimization in Construction Supply Chain Management with Consideration for the SEAD Village (EECS-2022-78)
Alec Zhou

Scalable Supervision for Safe and Efficient Online Robot Learning (EECS-2022-77)
Ashwin Balakrishna

Scalable Supervision for Safe and Efficient Online Robot Learning (EECS-2022-76)
Ashwin Balakrishna

Enhancing Privacy and Security on the Extensible Internet (EECS-2022-75)
William Lin

Towards Mutual Understanding between Mortals and Machines in Motion for Safety (EECS-2022-74)
David McPherson

Incorporating Intent, Impact, and Context for Beneficial Machine Learning (EECS-2022-73)
Esther Rolf

IPC-GraspSim: Reducing the Sim2Real Gap for Parallel-Jaw Grasping with the Incremental Potential Contact Model (EECS-2022-72)
Chung Min Kim

A Study of Generalization Metrics for Natural Language Processing: Correlational Analysis and a Simpson's Paradox (EECS-2022-71)
Raguvir Kunani

Anatomy Inspired Hardware for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (EECS-2022-70)
Karthik Gopalan

Efficiently Designing Efficient Deep Neural Networks (EECS-2022-69)
Alvin Wan

Voicing Silent Speech (EECS-2022-68)
David Gaddy

Christopher De Leon

Safe Reinforcement Learning Using Learned Safe Sets (EECS-2022-66)
Brijen Thananjeyan

Synergy of Prediction and Control in Model-based Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2022-65)
Nathan Lambert

Optimization Methods Leveraging V2X Communication and Traffic Management Apps for Transportation Control (EECS-2022-64)
Mikhail Burov

Human-in-the-Loop Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Assistive Interfaces (EECS-2022-62)
Jensen Gao

Forecasting Future World Events with Neural Networks (EECS-2022-61)
Tristan Xiao

Peak Load Estimation with the Generalized Extreme Value Distribution (EECS-2022-60)
Jonathan Lee, Mohini Bariya and Duncan Callaway

Study of Program Synthesizers & Novice Programmers (EECS-2022-59)
Dhanya Jayagopal, Justin Lubin and Sarah Chasins

Building Cryptographic Systems from Distributed Trust (EECS-2022-57)
Weikeng Chen

Knowledge-Guided Self-Supervised Vision Transformers for Medical Imaging (EECS-2022-56)
Kevin Miao, Colorado Reed, Akash Gokul, Suzanne Petryk, Raghav Singh, Kurt Keutzer, Joseph Gonzalez and Trevor Darrell

Mutual Information for Exploration in Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2022-54)
Abhinav Gopal

Improved Algorithms and Upper Bounds in Differential Privacy (EECS-2022-53)
Arun Ganesh

Tuning Doubly Randomized Block Kaczmarz Method (EECS-2022-52)
Rahul Jain

A Dramaturgical Framework for Interactive Performance: Sensitizing Concepts at the Intersection of Performance and Technology (EECS-2022-49)
Molly Nicholas

Robust Imitation Learning for Risk-Aware Behavior and Sim2Real Transfer (EECS-2022-48)
Zaynah Javed

Comparative Studies on Sample Complexity Bounds in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2022-47)
Jiaqi Yang

FogROS: An Adaptive Framework for Automating Fog Robotics Deployment and Co-scheduling Feature Updates and Queries for Feature Stores (EECS-2022-46)
Yafei Liang

Teaching Robots to Span the Space of Functional Expressive Motion (EECS-2022-45)
Arjun Sripathy, Andreea Bobu, Zhongyu Li, Koushil Sreenath, Daniel Brown and Anca Dragan

Fault Tolerance in Distributed Systems (EECS-2022-44)
Aisha Mushtaq

Data Science in Snap!: A Block-Based Approach to Data Science Education (EECS-2022-43)
Isaac Merritt

Learning-Based Program Synthesis: Towards Synthesizing Complex Programs from Multi-Modal Specifications in the Wild (EECS-2022-42)
Xinyun Chen

Social Dynamics of Machine Learning for Decision Making (EECS-2022-41)
Lydia Liu

Useful interpretability for real-world machine learning (EECS-2022-40)
Chandan Singh

Indoor Scene Augmentation via Scene Graph Priors (EECS-2022-39)
Mohammad Keshavarzi

Understanding Radiative Recombination in Two Dimensional Semiconductors (EECS-2022-38)

New Information Inequalities with Applications to Statistics (EECS-2022-37)
Kuan-Yun Lee

A Modular Framework for Socially Compliant Robot Navigation in Complex Indoor Environments (EECS-2022-36)
Sara Pohland and Claire Tomlin

Pre-training Agents for Design Optimization and Control (EECS-2022-35)
Kourosh Hakhamaneshi

Negative Capacitance Field-Effect Transistor Design and Machine Learning Applications in Compact Models (EECS-2022-34)
Ming-Yen Kao

Improved Bounds for Incoherent Matrix Completion (EECS-2022-33)
Emaan Hariri

Modeling and Design of Nanoscale Ferroelectric and Negative-Capacitance Gate Transistors (EECS-2022-32)
Yu-Hung Liao

Safety Methods for Robotic Systems (EECS-2022-31)
Chia-Yin Shih

Robust 3D Quantitative Phase Imaging (EECS-2022-29)
Regina Eckert

Perceiving 3D Humans and Objects in Motion (EECS-2022-28)
Zhe Cao

Practical Solutions to Accelerating ASIC Design Development Using Machine Learning (EECS-2022-27)
Keertana Settaluri

Stone soup: digesting the epigenome through the window of chromatin accessibility (EECS-2022-26)
Alyssa Morrow

Perceiving 3D Humans and Objects in Motion (EECS-2022-25)
Zhe Cao

Improving FPGA Simulation Capacity with Automatic Resource Multi-Threading (EECS-2022-24)
Albert Magyar

Nanoelectromechanical Switch Design and Implementation in Back-End-of-Line Technology (EECS-2022-23)
Urmita Sikder

Circuits and Control for High-Performance Grid-tied Ac-Dc Conversion Systems (EECS-2022-22)
Zitao Liao, Robert Pilawa-Podgurski, Seth R. Sanders, Duncan Callaway and Minjie Chen

Automated, FPGA-Based Hardware Emulation of Dynamic Frequency Scaling (EECS-2022-21)
David Biancolin

Nanoelectromechanical Switch Design and Implementation in Back-End-of-Line Technology (EECS-2022-20)
Urmita Sikder

Single-Mode Waveguide Coupling of Optical Antenna-LED for Optical Interconnects (EECS-2022-19)
Nicolas Andrade

Optical Antenna-Enhanced Light-Emitting Diodes and Inverse Electromagnetic Design (EECS-2022-18)
Sean Hooten

Towards High-Endurance, Nonvolatile, CMOS-Compatible Ferroelectric Memories for Next-Generation Computing (EECS-2022-17)
Ava Tan

Energy Efficient Communication Links for Smart Devices (EECS-2022-16)
Nathan Narevsky

Nanopore Methylation Calling from Limited Training Data (EECS-2022-15)
Brian Yao and Jennifer Listgarten

Two-Dimensional Semiconductors for Next-Generation Optoelectronics (EECS-2022-14)
Hyungjin Kim

HD Recall of Reactive Behavior through Multi-Modal Sensor Fusion (EECS-2022-13)
Alisha Menon

Printed, Flexible Electrochemical Sensors (EECS-2022-12)
Margaret Payne

Drug Monitoring with Wearable Sweat Sensors (EECS-2022-11)
Li-Chia Tai

Inductive Wireless Power Transfer to Multiple Biomedical Implants (EECS-2022-10)
George Alexandrov

Practical limits to thermophotovoltaic efficiency (EECS-2022-8)
Zunaid Omair

Building Assistive Sensorimotor Interfaces through Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning (EECS-2022-7)
Siddharth Reddy

Hierarchical Actor-Critic Exploration with Synchronized, Adversarial, & Knowledge-Based Actions (EECS-2022-6)
Ayush Jain

Full Stack engineering in Robot Open Autonomous Racing (EECS-2022-4)
Michael Wu

Characterizations and Computation of Controlled Invariants for Monotone Dynamical Systems (EECS-2022-2)
Adnane Saoud and Murat Arcak

Training, Evaluating, and Understanding Evolutionary Models for Protein Sequences (EECS-2022-1)
Roshan Rao

An Ultra-Low Loss Radio Frequency Beamforming Technique for Power-Constrainted Phased Array Applications ()
Matthew Anderson

Browsing in the Library of Babel: Leveraging Evolutionary Information to Improve Protein Modeling ()
Neil Thomas