Technical Reports - 2022

Large-Scale Real-World Robotic Manipulation Using Diverse Data (EECS-2022-261)
Frederik Ebert

Towards Trustworthy Machine Learning (EECS-2022-260)
Adam Gleave

Efficient Optimization Algorithms for Machine Learning (EECS-2022-259)
Armin Askari

Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra: A Perspective on the Field with an Eye to Software (EECS-2022-258)
Riley Murray, James Demmel, Michael W. Mahoney, N. Benjamin Erichson, Maksim Melnichenko, Osman Asif Malik, Laura Grigori, Piotr Luszczek, Michal Derezinski, Miles E. Lopes, Tianyu Liang, Hengrui Luo and Jack Dongarra

Designing Exercises to Teach Programming Patterns (EECS-2022-257)
Nathaniel Weinman

Generative Modelling of Quantum Processes via Quantum-Probabilistic Information Geometry (EECS-2022-256)
Sahil Patel, Faris Sbahi, Antonio Martinez, Dmitri Saberi, Jae Yoo, Geoffrey Roeder and Guillaume Verdon

Depression Severity Estimation Using Learned Vocal Biomarkers (EECS-2022-255)
Harrison Costantino

Object-Level Representation Learning for Natural and Medical Images (EECS-2022-254)
Akash Gokul

Machine Learning Safety (EECS-2022-253)
Daniel Hendrycks

Contributions to Rust and C++ Cryptographic Libraries for zkSNARKS (EECS-2022-252)
Solomon Joseph

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Relay Technology for Beyond-Von-Neumann Computer Architectures (EECS-2022-251)
Xiaoer Hu

Privacy Controls for Always-Listening Devices (EECS-2022-249)
Nathan Malkin

Physically Aware Design of Generated Systems-on-Chip (EECS-2022-248)
John Wright

Generator-Based Design of Custom Systems-on-Chip for Numerical Data Analysis (EECS-2022-247)
Alon Amid

Millimeter-wave Impedance Spectroscopy for High Sensitivity and Selectivity Biomolecular Detection (EECS-2022-246)
Luya Zhang and Ali Niknejad

Multi-Vehicle Collision Avoidance via Hamilton-Jacobi Reachability and Integer Linear Programming (EECS-2022-245)
Chia-Yin Shih

Improving Situational Awareness to Reduce the Wildfire Risks of Operating Power Distribution Infrastructure (EECS-2022-244)
Timothy Barat

Integrated Hybrid Switched-Capacitor Converters for Point of Load Power Delivery (EECS-2022-243)
Pourya Assem

Development of a Magnesium Semi-solid Redox Flow Battery (EECS-2022-241)
Matthew McPhail

Designing New Memory Systems for Next-Generation Data Centers (EECS-2022-240)
Howard Mao

Generators for Wireless Systems Prototyping (EECS-2022-239)
Paul Rigge

Spectral Purification Techniques for Clock Generation Circuits (EECS-2022-238)
Yi-An Li

Towards Ubiquitous Augmented Reality in Structured Environments (EECS-2022-237)
Joseph Menke

Lower bounds on the complexity of quantum proofs (EECS-2022-236)
Chinmay Nirkhe

Exploratory and Explanatory Tools for ML Application Development (EECS-2022-234)
Eldon Schoop

Learning Representations that Enable Generalization in Assistive Tasks (EECS-2022-233)
Zhiyang He and Anca Dragan

SCL: A Secure Concurrency Layer For Paranoid Stateful Lambdas (EECS-2022-232)
Eric Chen, Alexander Thomas, Hanming Lu, William Mullen, Jeffery Ichnowski, Rahul Arya, Nivedha Krishnakumar, Ryan Teoh, Willis Wang, Anthony D. Joseph and John D. Kubiatowicz

Hardware-Aware Efficient Deep Learning (EECS-2022-231)
Zhen Dong

Learning to Generalize in Dynamic Environments (EECS-2022-229)
Dequan Wang

Rigid Scene Flow Estimation and Prediction on Temporal LiDAR for Autonomous Driving (EECS-2022-228)
David Deng

Influence of Capacitive Transducer Nonlinearities on the Amplitude Limiting of MEMS Based Oscillators (EECS-2022-227)
Sherwin Afshar

Learning, Control and Optimization for Electricity Distribution Networks (EECS-2022-225)
Keith Moffat

Single-Shot 3D Microscopy: Optics and Algorithms Co-Design (EECS-2022-224)
Linda Liu

Developing Accessible and Equitable Remote Exams at Scale During the COVID-19 Pandemic (EECS-2022-223)
Peyrin Kao

Interactive Cross-Dimensional Media for Collaboration and Guidance in Mixed Reality Environments (EECS-2022-221)
Bala Thoravi Kumaravel

Towards Adaptive, Continual Embodied Agents (EECS-2022-220)
Kelvin Xu

High Efficiency Computation of Game Tree Exploration in Connect 4 (EECS-2022-219)
Justin Yokota

Low-Rank and Temporal Smoothness Regularization on Value-Based Deep Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2022-218)
Edward Yam

Social Optimality via Dynamic Tolling and Adaptive Incentive Design (EECS-2022-217)
Kshitij Kulkarni and S. Shankar Sastry

Machine Learning Prediction of TCR-Epitope Binding (EECS-2022-216)
Julian Faust and Yun S. Song

Neural Network Compression with Low Rank Structured Layers (EECS-2022-214)
Dimitris Papadimitriou

Learning Transferable Representations across Domains (EECS-2022-213)
Xiangyu Yue

Cognitive analyses of machine learning systems (EECS-2022-209)
Erin Grant

Tools and Techniques for Building Programming Assistants for Data Analysis (EECS-2022-208)
Rohan Bavishi

Process-Sensitive Creativity Support Tools (EECS-2022-207)
Sarah Sterman

Multimodal Contrastive Learning for Unsupervised Video Representation Learning (EECS-2022-206)
Anup Hiremath

Efficient and Scalable Neural Architectures for Visual Recognition (EECS-2022-205)
Zhuang Liu

Scalable Robot Learning (EECS-2022-204)
Ashvin Nair

An Automated Control System for Beat Pilot Tone in MRI (EECS-2022-203)
Jordan Grelling

On the E􏰀ectiveness of Fine Tuning versus Meta-reinforcement Learning (EECS-2022-202)
Mandi Zhao, Pieter Abbeel and Stephen James

Multi-task Policy Learning with Minimal Human Supervision (EECS-2022-200)
Parsa Mahmoudieh

When do machine learning models generalize well? A signal-processing perspective (EECS-2022-199)
Vignesh Subramanian

Oscillator-Based Potts Machine (OPM) for the Implementation of the Vector Potts Model (EECS-2022-198)
Jaijeet Roychowdhury and Sayan Seal

Integrated Multiport Conversion with Rotating Transformer (EECS-2022-197)
Richard Liou

Parallel Algorithms for De Novo Long Read Genome Assembly via Sparse Linear Algebra (EECS-2022-196)
Giulia Guidi

Directed Shortest Walk on Temporal Graphs (EECS-2022-195)
Alex Khodaverdian and Nir Yosef

Machine Learning for Query Optimization (EECS-2022-194)
Zongheng Yang

Beyond Conservatism in Offline Reinforcement Learning: The Importance of Effective Representations (EECS-2022-193)
Kevin Li

Using neural-machine interfaces to explore skill learning in central and peripheral nervous systems (EECS-2022-191)
Paul Botros

Learning Objective Functions from Many Diverse Signals (EECS-2022-190)
Smitha Milli

The impact of information-aware routing on road traffic, from case studies to game-theoretical analysis and simulations (EECS-2022-183)
Theophile Cabannes

Learning Beyond the Standard Model (of Data) (EECS-2022-182)
Nilesh Tripuraneni

Bridging Safety and Learning in Human-Robot Interaction (EECS-2022-181)
Andrea Bajcsy

Validity Challenges in Machine Learning Benchmarks (EECS-2022-180)
John Miller

The Dynamics of Recommender Systems (EECS-2022-178)
Karl Krauth

Physics-Informed Machine Learning for Computational Imaging (EECS-2022-177)
Kristina Monakhova

Building a Ring Resonator Feedback Loop (EECS-2022-176)
Parth Patel

Human-Guided Generation of Sketches and Prototypes (EECS-2022-175)
Forrest Huang

Towards Privacy-Preserving and Regulation-Compliant Data Analysis (EECS-2022-174)
Lun Wang

Automatically Converting Code-Writing Exercises to Variably-Scaffolded Parsons Problems (EECS-2022-173)
Logan Caraco, Nate Weinman, Stanley Ko and Armando Fox

Learning when Objectives are Hard to Specify (EECS-2022-172)
Kush Bhatia

An Optics-Free Ultra-Thin Time-Resolved Intraoperative Imager Using Upconverting Nanoparticles (EECS-2022-170)
Hossein Najafiaghdam

CapsuleDB: A Secure Key-Value Store for the Global Data Plane (EECS-2022-168)
William Mullen

Group Probability-Weighted Tree Sums for Interpretable Modeling of Heterogeneous Data (EECS-2022-167)
Keyan Abou-Nasseri

Joist Detection and Climbing Method for Hexapod Robots (EECS-2022-166)
Yibin Li

Proximity Detection Using Wi-Fi Fingerprints and Smartphone Magnetometers, With Applications to COVID-19 Surveillance (EECS-2022-165)
Zach Van Hyfte

Computational Methods for Assessing and Improving Quality of Study Group Formation (EECS-2022-163)
Ana Tudor

Generative Modeling for Healthcare Applications and Energy Demand Response with Normalizing Flows (EECS-2022-162)
Japjot Singh

Towards a Real-Time Vision Correcting Display (EECS-2022-160)
Shiyun Xu

Optimization Methods for Tracking and Mapping the Human Retina (EECS-2022-159)
Jay Shenoy

A Compiler in Snap!: Compiling a Block-Based Language (EECS-2022-157)
Oscar Chan

The Beauty and Joy of Physical Computing (EECS-2022-156)
Deanna Gelosi

Learning Rate Estimation for Stochastic Gradient Descent (EECS-2022-155)
Nadia Hyder and Gerald Friedland

Environment Reconstruction from an Aerial Perspective with RGB-D and Fisheye Cameras (EECS-2022-154)
Ritika Shrivastava

Learning to Perceive and Manipulate Deformable Objects by Leveraging Simulation and Cloud Robotics (EECS-2022-153)
Aditya Ganapathi

Extending Succinct Zero Knowledge Proofs for Set Membership to Ring Signatures (EECS-2022-152)
Jialin Li

CANClassify: Automated Decoding and Labeling of CAN Bus Signals (EECS-2022-151)
Paul Ngo, Jonathan Sprinkle and Rahul Bhadani

LEM: A Configurable RISC-V Vector Unit Based on Parameterized Microcode Expander (EECS-2022-150)
Zitao Fang

Lifting Hardware Models from Implementations for Verification (EECS-2022-149)
Jonathan Shi

GamesmanUni GUI Accessibility and Combinatorial Games (EECS-2022-148)
Avery Liou

Machine Learning Safety (EECS-2022-147)
Jiaming Zou

Learning to Walk: Legged Hexapod Locomotion from Simulation to the Real World (EECS-2022-146)
Maxime Kawawa-Beaudan

High-Performance FPGA-accelerated Chiplet Modeling (EECS-2022-145)
Xingyu Li

Low Overhead Remote Procedure Call System for Saturn DSP (EECS-2022-144)
Christiaan Banister

3D Wireframe Reconstruction of Buildings from Point Cloud Data (EECS-2022-143)
Richard Wang

Dynamic Linking in Trusted Execution Environments in RISC-V (EECS-2022-142)
Catherine Lu

A System for Automated Security Knowledge Extraction (EECS-2022-141)
Edward Choi

Representation Learning in Video and Text - A Social Media Misinformation Perspective (EECS-2022-140)
Kehan Wang

The Effect of Model Size on Worst-Group Generalization (EECS-2022-138)
Alan Pham

Reliable Visual Question Answering: Abstain Rather Than Answer Incorrectly (EECS-2022-137)
Vedaad Shakib, Spencer Whitehead and Suzanne Petryk

Single-Chip Micro Mote in EEG, fMRI, and TMS Systems (EECS-2022-136)
Joshua Alexander

Software-in-the-loop Testing for Autonomous Vehicles With Docker (EECS-2022-135)
Sarah Bhaskaran

Learning Causal Overhypotheses through Exploration in Children and Computational Models (EECS-2022-134)
Jiakun Liu

Machine Learning Safety (EECS-2022-133)
Daniel Hendrycks

An Investigation of Sense Disambiguation in Scientific Texts (EECS-2022-132)
Manav Rathod

Creating a Video Classification Neural Network Architecture to Map American Sign Language Gestures to Computer Cursor Controls (EECS-2022-131)
Rohan Hajela

Overhead-communication Exploration in Large-Scale Machine Learning Frameworks (EECS-2022-130)
Wai Cheuk Chadwick Leung

Assisting Reinforcement Learning in Real-time Strategy Environments with SCENIC (EECS-2022-129)
Qiancheng Wu

Investigating Intuitions and Predicting Success using Fine Grained Student Code Snapshot Data (EECS-2022-128)
Henry Maier

Visualizing High-Dimensional Hyperbolic Data (EECS-2022-127)
Haoran Guo, Yunhui Guo and Stella Yu

Contrastive Feature Learning for Audio Classification (EECS-2022-126)
Daniel Lin

A Case Study on COVID-19 Intervention Visualizations: The Role of Trust, Beliefs, and Interpretations (EECS-2022-125)
Priyam Mohanty and Aditya Parameswaran

Coverage Path Planning in Dynamic Environment through Guided Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2022-123)
Ming Lung Raymond Chong

Machine Learning Safety (EECS-2022-122)
Daniel Hendrycks

A Simulator and Benchmark for the RingWorld Protocol (EECS-2022-121)
Yichi Zhang

Evaluating the use of sequence-to-expression predictors for personalized expression prediction (EECS-2022-120)
Parth Baokar

Suppression of Oscillator Bias Voltage Phase Noise via MEMS Resonator Arraying (EECS-2022-119)
Jeffrey Ni

Low-Power Hyperdimensional Computing Processors for Real-Time Wearable Sensor Fusion and Keyword Classification (EECS-2022-118)
Daniel Sun

Towards diffraction-limited short-wavelength imaging systems (EECS-2022-117)
Gautam Gunjala

Accessible Two-handed Gesture Control for Human Computer Interaction (EECS-2022-116)
Patricia Ouyang

NumS: Scalable Array Programming for the Cloud (EECS-2022-115)
Huseyin Elibol, Michael Jordan and Ion Stoica

Reliable Prediction and Decision-Making in Sequential Environments (EECS-2022-114)
Paria Rashidinejad

PolyVI: Deep Generative Models for Gene Expression, Chromatin Accessibility, and Surface Protein Expression Data (EECS-2022-113)
Rohan Koodli

Compatibility, Maintainability, and Portability Improvements to the Taichi Graphics Programming Framework (EECS-2022-112)
Cheng Cao

Single-Mode Lasing in Cavities of Different Dimensionalities (EECS-2022-111)
Wanwoo Noh

Compressive Deconvolution Algorithms for a Computational Lightfield Display for Correcting Visual Aberrations (EECS-2022-110)
Anmol Parande

Vision and Language for Digital Forensics (EECS-2022-109)
Grace Luo

An Updated Model of Computation for VLSI and Applications to FPGA Implementation (EECS-2022-108)
Nathaniel Young

Specifications from Demonstrations: Learning, Teaching, and Control (EECS-2022-107)
Marcell Vazquez-Chanlatte

Decentralized Ledgers: Design and Applications (EECS-2022-104)
Yuncong Hu

Simulating Spin Orbit Torque Driven Switching with Ultrafast Thermal Effects (EECS-2022-103)
Ashwin Rastogi

City Alive: Interactive Tools to Improve Local Civic Engagement (EECS-2022-102)
Odysseus Pyrinis

Accelerating Deep Learning on Heterogenous Architectures (EECS-2022-100)
Avinash Nandakumar

The Algebra of Contracts (EECS-2022-99)
Inigo Incer

Manipulation and Perception Policies for Robot Mechanical Search (EECS-2022-98)
Michael Danielczuk

Algorithms for Robust Linear Models against Strong Adversarial Corruptions (EECS-2022-97)
Yimeng Wang

Building Trusted Execution Environments (EECS-2022-96)
Dayeol Lee

Design and Implementation of Physical Experiments for Evaluation of the AlphaGarden: an Autonomous Polyculture Garden (EECS-2022-95)
Mark Presten

Power, Performance, and Area Analysis of Asynchronous Stochastic Neural Accelerator PASSOv1 (EECS-2022-94)
Steven Lu

RDMA-Based Distributed Data Structures for Large-Scale Parallel Systems (EECS-2022-93)
Benjamin Brock

Factoring Matrices into Linear Neural Networks (EECS-2022-92)
Sagnik Bhattacharya and Jonathan Shewchuk

Interpreting batch correction of single-cell variational inference at scale (EECS-2022-91)
Katherine Wu

Neurotoxin: Durable Backdoors in Federated Learning (EECS-2022-89)
Linyue Song, Zhengming Zhang, Ashwinee Panda, Yaoqing Yang, Michael Mahoney, Joseph Gonzalez and Prateek Prateek Mittal

Making the Most of Serverless Accelerators (EECS-2022-88)
Aditya Ramkumar

The Serverless Datacenter: Hardware and Software Techniques for Resource Disaggregation (EECS-2022-86)
Nathan Pemberton

Hallucination Is All You Need: Using Generative Models for Test Time Data Augmentation (EECS-2022-85)
Dhruv Jhamb

Disruptive Research on Distributed Machine Learning Systems (EECS-2022-83)
Guanhua Wang

Contextual Inquiry into Programmers’ Use of Mimi and Implications for Embedded DSL Design (EECS-2022-82)
Lisa Rennels and Sarah Chasins

Towards Accessible Fabrication of Proprioceptive Soft Robotic Tentacles Without External Sensors (EECS-2022-81)
Josephine Koe

Accelerating Visual Data Exploration via Sampling: A Case Study with Lux (EECS-2022-80)
Kunal Agarwal

Bridging the Gap Between Modular and End-to-end Autonomous Driving Systems (EECS-2022-79)
Eric Leong

Critique of and System Design for Optimization in Construction Supply Chain Management with Consideration for the SEAD Village (EECS-2022-78)
Alec Zhou

Scalable Supervision for Safe and Efficient Online Robot Learning (EECS-2022-77)
Ashwin Balakrishna

Scalable Supervision for Safe and Efficient Online Robot Learning (EECS-2022-76)
Ashwin Balakrishna

Enhancing Privacy and Security on the Extensible Internet (EECS-2022-75)
William Lin

Towards Mutual Understanding between Mortals and Machines in Motion for Safety (EECS-2022-74)
David McPherson

Incorporating Intent, Impact, and Context for Beneficial Machine Learning (EECS-2022-73)
Esther Rolf

IPC-GraspSim: Reducing the Sim2Real Gap for Parallel-Jaw Grasping with the Incremental Potential Contact Model (EECS-2022-72)
Chung Min Kim

A Study of Generalization Metrics for Natural Language Processing: Correlational Analysis and a Simpson's Paradox (EECS-2022-71)
Raguvir Kunani

Anatomy Inspired Hardware for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (EECS-2022-70)
Karthik Gopalan

Efficiently Designing Efficient Deep Neural Networks (EECS-2022-69)
Alvin Wan

Voicing Silent Speech (EECS-2022-68)
David Gaddy

Christopher De Leon

Safe Reinforcement Learning Using Learned Safe Sets (EECS-2022-66)
Brijen Thananjeyan

Synergy of Prediction and Control in Model-based Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2022-65)
Nathan Lambert

Optimization Methods Leveraging V2X Communication and Traffic Management Apps for Transportation Control (EECS-2022-64)
Mikhail Burov

Human-in-the-Loop Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Assistive Interfaces (EECS-2022-62)
Jensen Gao

Forecasting Future World Events with Neural Networks (EECS-2022-61)
Tristan Xiao

Peak Load Estimation with the Generalized Extreme Value Distribution (EECS-2022-60)
Jonathan Lee, Mohini Bariya and Duncan Callaway

Study of Program Synthesizers & Novice Programmers (EECS-2022-59)
Dhanya Jayagopal, Justin Lubin and Sarah Chasins

Building Cryptographic Systems from Distributed Trust (EECS-2022-57)
Weikeng Chen

Knowledge-Guided Self-Supervised Vision Transformers for Medical Imaging (EECS-2022-56)
Kevin Miao, Colorado Reed, Akash Gokul, Suzanne Petryk, Raghav Singh, Kurt Keutzer, Joseph Gonzalez and Trevor Darrell

Mutual Information for Exploration in Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2022-54)
Abhinav Gopal

Improved Algorithms and Upper Bounds in Differential Privacy (EECS-2022-53)
Arun Ganesh

Tuning Doubly Randomized Block Kaczmarz Method (EECS-2022-52)
Rahul Jain

A Dramaturgical Framework for Interactive Performance: Sensitizing Concepts at the Intersection of Performance and Technology (EECS-2022-49)
Molly Nicholas

Robust Imitation Learning for Risk-Aware Behavior and Sim2Real Transfer (EECS-2022-48)
Zaynah Javed

Comparative Studies on Sample Complexity Bounds in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2022-47)
Jiaqi Yang

FogROS: An Adaptive Framework for Automating Fog Robotics Deployment and Co-scheduling Feature Updates and Queries for Feature Stores (EECS-2022-46)
Yafei Liang

Teaching Robots to Span the Space of Functional Expressive Motion (EECS-2022-45)
Arjun Sripathy, Andreea Bobu, Zhongyu Li, Koushil Sreenath, Daniel Brown and Anca Dragan

Fault Tolerance in Distributed Systems (EECS-2022-44)
Aisha Mushtaq

Data Science in Snap!: A Block-Based Approach to Data Science Education (EECS-2022-43)
Isaac Merritt

Learning-Based Program Synthesis: Towards Synthesizing Complex Programs from Multi-Modal Specifications in the Wild (EECS-2022-42)
Xinyun Chen

Social Dynamics of Machine Learning for Decision Making (EECS-2022-41)
Lydia Liu

Useful interpretability for real-world machine learning (EECS-2022-40)
Chandan Singh

Indoor Scene Augmentation via Scene Graph Priors (EECS-2022-39)
Mohammad Keshavarzi

Understanding Radiative Recombination in Two Dimensional Semiconductors (EECS-2022-38)

New Information Inequalities with Applications to Statistics (EECS-2022-37)
Kuan-Yun Lee

A Modular Framework for Socially Compliant Robot Navigation in Complex Indoor Environments (EECS-2022-36)
Sara Pohland and Claire Tomlin

Pre-training Agents for Design Optimization and Control (EECS-2022-35)
Kourosh Hakhamaneshi

Negative Capacitance Field-Effect Transistor Design and Machine Learning Applications in Compact Models (EECS-2022-34)
Ming-Yen Kao

Improved Bounds for Incoherent Matrix Completion (EECS-2022-33)
Emaan Hariri

Modeling and Design of Nanoscale Ferroelectric and Negative-Capacitance Gate Transistors (EECS-2022-32)
Yu-Hung Liao

Safety Methods for Robotic Systems (EECS-2022-31)
Chia-Yin Shih

Robust 3D Quantitative Phase Imaging (EECS-2022-29)
Regina Eckert

Perceiving 3D Humans and Objects in Motion (EECS-2022-28)
Zhe Cao

Practical Solutions to Accelerating ASIC Design Development Using Machine Learning (EECS-2022-27)
Keertana Settaluri

Stone soup: digesting the epigenome through the window of chromatin accessibility (EECS-2022-26)
Alyssa Morrow

Perceiving 3D Humans and Objects in Motion (EECS-2022-25)
Zhe Cao

Improving FPGA Simulation Capacity with Automatic Resource Multi-Threading (EECS-2022-24)
Albert Magyar

Nanoelectromechanical Switch Design and Implementation in Back-End-of-Line Technology (EECS-2022-23)
Urmita Sikder

Circuits and Control for High-Performance Grid-tied Ac-Dc Conversion Systems (EECS-2022-22)
Zitao Liao, Robert Pilawa-Podgurski, Seth R. Sanders, Duncan Callaway and Minjie Chen

Automated, FPGA-Based Hardware Emulation of Dynamic Frequency Scaling (EECS-2022-21)
David Biancolin

Nanoelectromechanical Switch Design and Implementation in Back-End-of-Line Technology (EECS-2022-20)
Urmita Sikder

Single-Mode Waveguide Coupling of Optical Antenna-LED for Optical Interconnects (EECS-2022-19)
Nicolas Andrade

Optical Antenna-Enhanced Light-Emitting Diodes and Inverse Electromagnetic Design (EECS-2022-18)
Sean Hooten

Towards High-Endurance, Nonvolatile, CMOS-Compatible Ferroelectric Memories for Next-Generation Computing (EECS-2022-17)
Ava Tan

Energy Efficient Communication Links for Smart Devices (EECS-2022-16)
Nathan Narevsky

Nanopore Methylation Calling from Limited Training Data (EECS-2022-15)
Brian Yao and Jennifer Listgarten

Two-Dimensional Semiconductors for Next-Generation Optoelectronics (EECS-2022-14)
Hyungjin Kim

HD Recall of Reactive Behavior through Multi-Modal Sensor Fusion (EECS-2022-13)
Alisha Menon

Printed, Flexible Electrochemical Sensors (EECS-2022-12)
Margaret Payne

Drug Monitoring with Wearable Sweat Sensors (EECS-2022-11)
Li-Chia Tai

Inductive Wireless Power Transfer to Multiple Biomedical Implants (EECS-2022-10)
George Alexandrov

Practical limits to thermophotovoltaic efficiency (EECS-2022-8)
Zunaid Omair

Building Assistive Sensorimotor Interfaces through Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning (EECS-2022-7)
Siddharth Reddy

Hierarchical Actor-Critic Exploration with Synchronized, Adversarial, & Knowledge-Based Actions (EECS-2022-6)
Ayush Jain

Full Stack engineering in Robot Open Autonomous Racing (EECS-2022-4)
Michael Wu

Characterizations and Computation of Controlled Invariants for Monotone Dynamical Systems (EECS-2022-2)
Adnane Saoud and Murat Arcak

Training, Evaluating, and Understanding Evolutionary Models for Protein Sequences (EECS-2022-1)
Roshan Rao

Browsing in the Library of Babel: Leveraging Evolutionary Information to Improve Protein Modeling ()
Neil Thomas

Harnessing Alpha Radiation to Power Miniaturized Implantable Medical Devices ()
Averal Kandala

Leveraging Speaker Context for Natural Language Processing ()
Samee Ibraheem

Hydrogel Actuated Carbon Fiber Microelectrode Array ()
Oliver Chen

Computational methods for regulating transcription and translation ()
Sanjit Batra

Printed Biodegradable Wireless Soil Nitrate Sensor Nodes ()
Carol Baumbauer

Ear EEG: Sensors and Systems for User-generic Neural Hearables ()
Ryan Kaveh

Optical Voltage Sensing: Micro- to Kilo-Scale ()
Jordan Edmunds

Generic architectures for efficient Hyper-Dimensional Computing ()
Sohum Datta

The impact of information-aware routing on road traffic ()
Theophile Cabannes

A Two-regime Model Of Network Pruning: Metrics And Scaling Laws ()
Yefan Zhou, Steven Gunarso, Chen Wang, Yaoqing Yang and Michael Mahoney

Passive Radio Frequency Beamformer Using Transmission-Line Transformers And Tunable Capacitors ()
Matthew Anderson, Ali Niknejad and Jan M. Rabaey

GeneDrive.jl: A Julian Approach to Simulating Biological Dynamics and Control ()
Valeri Vasquez, Murat Arcak and David Anthoff

Diversity in Dialogue Generation ()
Katherine Stasaski

High Speed Software Radio on General Purpose CPUs ()
Christopher Yarp

Intensity Based Visualization of Pulmonary Biomarkers on Ultrashort Echo Time (UTE) MRI ()
Darren Hsu

Multiphoton Magnetic Resonance Imaging ()
Victor Han

Scaling Phased Array Receivers to Massive MIMO and Wide Bandwidth with Analog Baseband Beamforming ()
Emily Naviasky

Understanding Radiative Recombination in Two Dimensional Semiconductors ()
Shiekh Zia Uddin

Analog Optical Links: Modeling and Implementation ()
Sidney Buchbinder

Millimeter-Wave Receiver and Package Design Close to the Device Activity Limits ()
Nima Baniasadi