Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Modeling of Brain Magnetic Susceptibility (EECS-2024-7)
Jingjia Chen

Better Embedded Design Tools with Automated Reasoning (EECS-2024-5)
Rohit Ramesh

Application-Integrated Record-Replay of Distributed Systems (EECS-2024-4)
Narek Galstyan

Towards a Distributed OS for Data-Intensive Cloud Applications (EECS-2024-3)
Stephanie Wang

Topics in the Theory of Learning (EECS-2024-2)
Jonathan Shafer

Systems for Machine Learning on Edge Devices (EECS-2024-1)
Shishir Patil

BeeGees: Stayin' Alive in Chained BFT ()
Neil Giridharan, Florian Suri-Payer, Matthew Ding, Heidi Howard, Ittai Abraham and Natacha Crooks

Scaling of Single-Mode Operation in Lasers ()
Rushin Contractor