Systems for Using Far Memory in Datacenters (EECS-2021-268)
Emmanuel Amaro

Acquiring Motor Skills Through Motion Imitation and Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2021-267)
Xue Bin Peng

Modin OpenMPI Compute Engine (EECS-2021-265)
Andrew Zhang, Richard Lin, Sean Meng and Crystal Jin

Speaking Truth to Power (EECS-2021-264)
Prabal Dutta and Noah Klugman

Adaptive Prediction and Planning for Safe and Effective Autonomous Vehicles (EECS-2021-263)
Vijay Govindarajan

Adaptation Based Approaches to Distribution Shift Problems (EECS-2021-262)
Marvin Zhang

YouVerify: An Intermediate Representation and Framework for Symbolic Execution (EECS-2021-261)
Griffin Prechter

Computational Woodworking: Tools for Designing Stable Decorative Joints and Flexible Kerf Patterns (EECS-2021-260)
Jia Xian Yao

Human-Centered Circuit Board Design With Flexible Levels of Abstraction and Ambiguity (EECS-2021-259)
Richard Lin

TeraPipe: Token-Level Pipeline Parallelism for Training Large-Scale Language Models (EECS-2021-258)
Zhuohan Li, Siyuan Zhuang, Shiyuan Guo, Danyang Zhuo, Hao Zhang, Dawn Song and Ion Stoica

Cassie Learning Dodging Skills: A Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Based Approach (EECS-2021-254)
Jesus Navarro

Rapid Fabrication of Low Impedance, 3D Dry Electrodes for Physiological Sensing (EECS-2021-253)
Natalie Tetreault and Ryan Kaveh

Robust deep-reinforcement learning policies for mixed-autonomy traffic (EECS-2021-252)
Kathy Jang

Hybrid Convolutional Optoelectronic Reservoir Computing for Image Recognition (EECS-2021-251)
Philip Jacobson, Mizuki Shirao, Kerry Yu, Guan-Lin Su and Ming C. Wu

Three-Dimensional Phase Contrast Electron Tomography For Multiple Scattering Samples (EECS-2021-250)
Yonghuan David Ren

Implicit Models: Theories and Applications (EECS-2021-249)
Fangda Gu

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Through the Lens of Nonlinear Optimization (EECS-2021-248)
Amay Saxena

Learning Grounded Pragmatic Communication (EECS-2021-247)
Daniel Fried

Infrastructure Support for Datacenter Applications (EECS-2021-246)
Michael Chang

Trustworthy ML: Robustness and Foresight (EECS-2021-245)
Saurav Kadavath

Infrastructure Support for Datacenter Applications (EECS-2021-244)
Michael Chang

Masked Layer Distillation: Fast and Robust Training Through Knowledge Transfer Normalization (EECS-2021-243)
Derek Wan, Paras Jain and Tianjun Zhang

Towards Evaluating and Understanding the Adversarial Robustness of Random Transformation Defenses (EECS-2021-241)
Zachary Golan-Strieb and David A. Wagner

N-for-1-Auth: N-wise Decentralized Authentication via One Authentication (EECS-2021-240)
Ryan Deng, Weikeng Chen and Raluca Ada Popa

Millivolt Micro-Electro-Mechanical Relay Devices & Circuits (EECS-2021-239)
Alice Ye

Practical and Scalable Serverless Computing (EECS-2021-238)
Joao Menezes Carreira

Hybrid Switched-Capacitor Power Converters: Fundamental Limits and Design Techniques (EECS-2021-236)
Zichao Ye

Generator-Based Broadband Analog Baseband Receivers for Massive MIMO Arrays (EECS-2021-235)
Ethan Chou

Low-loss and nonlinear silicon-based integrated photonic circuits (EECS-2021-234)
Jean-Etienne Tremblay

Phasor-Based Control on Islanded Networks (EECS-2021-233)
Kyle Brady

Developing a Digital Twin for Indoor Environments: A Case Study (EECS-2021-232)
Yu-wen Lin

Interference-Resilient CMOS Receiver Front-Ends for Next Generation Radios (EECS-2021-231)
Sashank Krishnamurthy

3D Building Detection and Reconstruction from Aerial Drone Imagery (EECS-2021-230)
Marc WuDunn

CoMParE: Conductance based Model Parameter Evaluation (EECS-2021-229)
Kyung Geun Kim

Design and Fabrication of VCSELs for 3D Sensing (EECS-2021-228)
Kevin Cook

Design of Spectral Filtering Wireless Transmitters (EECS-2021-227)
Bonjern Yang

Design of Spectral Filtering Wireless Transmitters (EECS-2021-226)
Bonjern Yang

Low Thermal Budget Process Engineering for Flexible Electronics, Sensors, and Nanoscale Patterning (EECS-2021-225)
Thomas Rembert and Tsu-Jae King Liu

Design, Development and Applications of Portable Field Emission Devices (EECS-2021-224)
Nishita Deka, Vivek Subramanian and Kristofer Pister

De-Multiplexed Multiwavelength Interferometry for High Precision Metrology (EECS-2021-222)
Syed Zain-Ul-Abideen Zaidi

Human Intranet: Connecting Wearable and Implantable Devices (EECS-2021-221)
Ali Moin, Jan M. Rabaey and Elad Alon

Circuits and Systems for Decentralized Power Conversion (EECS-2021-220)
Jason Poon

Inducing Structure in Reward Learning by Learning Features (EECS-2021-219)
Andreea Bobu, Marius Wiggert, Claire Tomlin and Anca Dragan

Lifted Neural Networks (EECS-2021-218)
Armin Askari, Geoff Negiar, Rajiv Sambarhya and Laurent El Ghaoui

Graphical Lasso based Cluster Analysis in Energy-Game Theoretic Frameworks (EECS-2021-217)
Hari Prasanna Das

Behavioral Network Economics (EECS-2021-216)
Soham Phade

Unsupervised Text Generation and its Application to News Interfaces (EECS-2021-215)
Philippe Laban

Privacy and Scalability for Decentralized Cryptographic Systems (EECS-2021-214)
Pratyush Mishra

Code Patternz - A tool to record the programming process (EECS-2021-213)
Renaldo Williams

The Principal-Agent Alignment Problem in Artificial Intelligence (EECS-2021-207)
Dylan Hadfield-Menell

Local Phasor-Based Control on Three-phase Radial Distribution Networks (EECS-2021-206)
Jaimie Swartz

Cost Savings Analysis of Semiconductor Foundries in Southeast Asian Countries (EECS-2021-205)
Andrew Tirtowijoyo Young

RayLEAF: Benchmarking Compressed Federated Models (EECS-2021-204)
Ryan Panwar

Empirical Evaluation of Adversarial Surprise (EECS-2021-203)
Samyak Parajuli

Co-design of Algorithms, Hardware, and Scheduling for Deep Learning Applications (EECS-2021-202)
Qijing Huang

Hydroflow: A Model and Runtime for Distributed Systems Programming (EECS-2021-201)
Mingwei Samuel

Formally Verifying Trusted Execution Environments with UCLID5 (EECS-2021-200)
Pranav Gaddamadugu

Enabling Generalization of Human Models for Human-AI Collaboration to New Tasks (EECS-2021-199)
Xiaocheng Yang and Anca Dragan

A Systematic Study of the Muscle Force–Deformation Relationship at the Human Elbow: Toward Physiology-Aware Assistive Device Control and Noninvasive Muscle Force Sensing (EECS-2021-198)
Laura Hallock

Representation Learning for Perception and Control (EECS-2021-197)
Aravind Srinivas Lakshminarayanan

Applications of Time Synchronized Measurements in the Electric Grid (EECS-2021-196)
Mohini Bariya

One-Shot Interactions with Intelligent Assistants in Unfamiliar Smart Spaces (EECS-2021-195)
Meghan Clark

Dataframe Systems: Theory, Architecture, and Implementation (EECS-2021-193)
Devin Petersohn

Berkeley Open MOS dataBase (BOMB): A Dataset for Silicon Technology Representation Learning (EECS-2021-192)
Rohan Lageweg

How to Train Your Robot: Techniques for Enabling Robotic Learning in the Real World (EECS-2021-191)
Abhishek Gupta

Characterizing Circuits with Deep Embeddings (EECS-2021-190)
Arjun Mishra

High-Performance Architectures for Vehicle Propulsion: An Unconventional Approach to Design, Fabrication and Analysis using Scalable Flying Capacitor Multilevel Converter Modules (EECS-2021-189)
Nathan Pallo

Optical Flow for De-Identification and Driver Behavior Classification (EECS-2021-188)
Arjun Sarup

Extending Temporal-Vector Microarchitectures for Two-Dimensional Computations (EECS-2021-186)
Colin Schmidt

Accelerating Robot Learning and Deformable Manipulation Using Simulated Interactions, Architectural Priors, and Curricula (EECS-2021-185)
Daniel Seita

Quantum Simulation: Upper and Lower Bounds (EECS-2021-184)
Bryan O'Gorman

Generalized Partitioning for Dataset Versions in OrpheusDB (EECS-2021-183)
Vincent Truong

Connected Quadratic Programs for Autonomy (EECS-2021-182)
Forrest Laine

HASTE: Serverless DAG Execution Optimizer (EECS-2021-181)
Avinash Arjavalingam

Principled Statistical Approaches For Sampling and Inference in High Dimensions (EECS-2021-180)
Raaz Dwivedi

Real World Robot Learning: Learned Rewards, Offline Datasets and Skill Re-Use (EECS-2021-179)
Avi Singh

Building Reinforcement Learning Algorithms that Generalize: From Latent Dynamics Models to Meta-Learning (EECS-2021-178)
JD Co-Reyes

Goal-Directed Exploration and Skill Reuse (EECS-2021-176)
Vitchyr Pong

Control of High-Dimensional Systems with Applications in Transportation (EECS-2021-175)
Stanley Smith

Interactive Perception for Robotic Manipulation of Liquids, Grains, and Doughs (EECS-2021-174)
Carolyn Matl

Compartmentalizing State Machine Replication (EECS-2021-172)
Michael Whittaker

Detecting Synthetic Faces by Understanding Real Faces (EECS-2021-171)
Shruti Agarwal

Reliable Machine Learning in Feedback Systems (EECS-2021-170)
Sarah Dean

Offline Learning for Scalable Decision Making (EECS-2021-168)
Justin Fu

Designing Algorithms for Learning and Decision-Making in Societal Systems (EECS-2021-166)
Eric Mazumdar

Lucid Fabrication (EECS-2021-165)
Rundong Tian

Model Selection for Contextual Bandits and Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2021-164)
Aldo Pacchiano

Approximation bounds for sparse programs (EECS-2021-163)
Armin Askari

Models of Ice Skating for the Development of Robotic Ice Skating Gaits (EECS-2021-162)
Deirdre Quillen and Sarah Dean

Digital System Design and Fullchip Integration for Asynchronous Stochastic Neural Accelerator (EECS-2021-161)
Adhiraj Datar

Crank, Shake, and Tilt: Transforming Social Media Interfaces with Embodied Constraints (EECS-2021-160)
Janaki Vivrekar

Self-Adapting Software for Cyberphysical Systems (EECS-2021-159)
Gabe Fierro

Hypercontracts (EECS-2021-158)
Inigo Incer, Albert Benveniste, Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and Sanjit A. Seshia

Active Academic Integrity (EECS-2021-157)
Alex Kassil

Computer-Based Testing using PrairieLearn in BJC (EECS-2021-156)
Bojin Yao

Enabling Verifiable Execution of Distributed Secure Enclave Platforms (EECS-2021-153)
Saharsh Agrawal and Karen Tu

How Close is your Function to Depending on a Small Number of its Inputs? (EECS-2021-152)
Michael Whitmeyer

How to See Impossible Colors: First Steps Toward the Oz Vision Display (EECS-2021-151)
James Fong

Automatic Detection of Interesting Cellular Automata (EECS-2021-150)
Qitian Liao

Hardware Accelerators for Graph Convolutional Networks (EECS-2021-148)
Kareem Ahmad

GamesmanPuzzles: A Leap Into the Puzzles Domain (EECS-2021-146)
Anthony Ling

Spreadsheet Bubbles: Showing Contextually Relevant Data During Formula Editing (EECS-2021-145)
Nidhi Kakulawaram and John Zamfirescu-Pereira

Machine Learning for Deep Image Synthesis (EECS-2021-143)
Taesung Park

A Curiosity-Driven Approach for Generating Textual Descriptions of Environments (EECS-2021-142)
Xinyun Zhang

Towards Achieving Stronger Isolation in Serverless Computing (EECS-2021-141)
Saurav Chhatrapati

Exploring the Effects of View Transforms on Self-Supervised Video Representation Learning Techniques (EECS-2021-140)
Ilian Herzi

Language Guided Out-of-Distribution Detection (EECS-2021-139)
William Gan

Secure Multi-threading in Keystone Enclaves (EECS-2021-136)
Stephan Kaminsky

Neural Guidance in Constraint Solvers (EECS-2021-135)
Gil Lederman

Enclaves in Real-Time Operating Systems (EECS-2021-134)
Alex Thomas

Design and Application of a Co-Simulation Framework for Chisel (EECS-2021-133)
Ryan Lund

Dynamic Verification Library for Chisel (EECS-2021-132)
Yuan-Cheng Tsai

Incremental Learning via Rate Reduction (EECS-2021-130)
Kyung Eun Baek

Small Autonomous Robot Actuator (SARA): A Solar-powered Wireless MEMS Gripper (EECS-2021-129)
Alexis Moreno

The Cost of OPS in Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2021-128)
Yao Fu

Spatiotemporal Algorithms for Neural Activity Tracking with Diffuser-Based Microscopes (EECS-2021-127)
Tiffany Chien

Towards Characterizing Model Extraction Queries and How to Detect Them (EECS-2021-126)
Zhanyuan Zhang, Yizheng Chen and David A. Wagner

Joining Interactive Graphics and Procedural Modeling for Precise Free-Form Designs (EECS-2021-125)
Randy Fan

Redesigning Power Systems on a Single Chip Micro Mote with Berkeley Analog Generator Low Dropout Series Regulator Generation (EECS-2021-124)
Jackson Paddock

Ultrasound Detection with Silicon Microring Resonators (EECS-2021-123)
Sarika Madhvapathy

Pedagogy and Infrastructure for Upper-Division Data Science Courses (EECS-2021-122)
Allen Shen

Robotic Untangling and Disentangling of Cables via Learned Manipulation and Recovery Strategies (EECS-2021-121)
Priya Sundaresan

Designing an Assistive Mouse for Human Computer Interaction Using Hand Gestures (EECS-2021-119)
Michael Qi

Snaps: A Tool for Understanding Students in Large Computer Science Classes (EECS-2021-118)
Itai Smith

Fast Low-Overhead Logging Extending Time (EECS-2021-117)
Anusha Dandamudi

Flexible Architectures for Image Synthesis (EECS-2021-115)
Ajay Jain

Understanding and Evaluating the User Data Exploration Experience with Lux (EECS-2021-114)
Jerry Song

Learning and Logic for Formal Synthesis (EECS-2021-113)
Benjamin Caulfield

Efficient Unicontact Grasping in Cluttered Scenes (EECS-2021-112)
Vishal Satish

Comparing Human and AI Behavior in 3D Navigation Environments (EECS-2021-111)
Jeffrey Liu

Efficient Empowerment Estimation for Unsupervised Stabilization (EECS-2021-109)
Ruihan Zhao, Kevin Lu, Pieter Abbeel and Stas Tiomkin

Scalable Machine Learning Algorithms for Biological Sequence Data (EECS-2021-108)
Jeffrey Chan

A Spreadsheet Interface for Dataframes (EECS-2021-107)
Richard Lin

A New Data-Focused Introductory Programming Course (EECS-2021-106)
Suraj Rampure

Model-Agnostic Defense for Lane Detection Against Adversarial Attack (EECS-2021-105)
Henry Xu, An Ju and David A. Wagner

Intermittent Visual Servoing: Effciently Learning Policies Robust to Instrument Changes for High-precision Surgical Manipulation (EECS-2021-104)
Samuel Paradis, Ken Goldberg and Joseph Gonzalez

Scalable Techniques for Sampling-Based Falsification of AI-Based Cyber Physical Systems (EECS-2021-103)
Kesav Viswanadha

Optimizations and Improvements to Cryptographic Libraries for zkSNARKs (EECS-2021-102)
Alexander Wu

Safe and Sample-Efficient Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2021-101)
Michael Luo, Ashwin Balakrishna and Brijen Thananjeyan

Automating Kitting Novel 3D Objects into Novel 3D Cavities Using Self-Supervised Learning of SE(3) Transforms (EECS-2021-100)
Shivin Devgon

Marlin: Preprocessing zkSNARKs with Universal and Updatable SRS (EECS-2021-99)
Nicholas Ward, Alessandro Chiesa, Pratyush Mishra, Yuncong Hu, Noah Vesely and Mary Maller

Using Learned Image Compression for Training Accurate and Robust Convolutional Neural Networks (EECS-2021-98)
Navneedh Maudgalya

Sharp Switching in Tunnel Transistors and Physics-based Machines for Optimization (EECS-2021-97)
Sri Krishna Vadlamani

Accelerate Then Imitate: Learning from Task and Motion Planing (EECS-2021-96)
Michael McDonald

Explainable Classification of Nuclear Facility Operational State Using Node and Region Importance for Sensor Networks (EECS-2021-95)
Jake Tibbetts

On Memorability and Style of Audio Features in Multimedia Evaluation (EECS-2021-94)
Yutong Zhao

Modeling Assumptions Clash with the Real World: Transparency, Equity, and Community Challenges for Student Assignment Algorithms (EECS-2021-93)
Sam Robertson, Tonya Nguyen and Niloufar Salehi

In vivo Two-photon Excitation Magnetic Resonance Imaging (EECS-2021-92)
Jianshu Chi

Deep Learning Applications in Computational MRI: A Thesis in Two Parts (EECS-2021-91)
Sukrit Arora

Detecting Backdoored Neural Networks with Structured Adversarial Attacks (EECS-2021-90)
Charles Yang

Provable and Efficient Algorithms for Federated, Batch and Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2021-89)
Avishek Ghosh, Kannan Ramchandran and Aditya Guntuboyina

Compact and Efficient Power Electronics System Design for Automotive, Solar, and Aerospace Applications (EECS-2021-88)
Derek Chou

Integrating a Localized B0 Shim Array into a Solenoid Transmit-Receive Coil for Permanent Magnet Scanners (EECS-2021-87)
Celine Veys and Rafael Calleja

Detection of Node Pore Sensing Signals (EECS-2021-86)
Maxwell Lin-He

Inclusive and Scalable Study Group Formation (EECS-2021-85)
Gloria Tumushabe

Local B0 Shim Array Integrated onto a Solenoid TRX Coil for Permanent Magnet Scanners (EECS-2021-84)
Rafael Calleja and Celine Veys

Fast Secure and Robust Aggregation Learning Frameworks on Distributed and Federated Setups (EECS-2021-83)
Beom Jin Lee, Swanand Kadhe and Kannan Ramchandran

Approaching the Issue of Limited Annotation for Instance Segmentation (EECS-2021-82)
Vishnu Doppalapudi

Adversarial Swarm Defense with Decentralized Swarms (EECS-2021-81)
Jason Zhou

Towards Ubiquitous Serverless Computing: Fast Large-Scale Machine Learning and Optimal Pricing for the Cloud (EECS-2021-80)
Vipul Gupta

Geometric Properties of Backdoored Neural Networks (EECS-2021-78)
Dominic Carrano

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping: A Rapprochement of Filtering and Optimization-Based Approaches (EECS-2021-76)
Chih-Yuan Chiu and S. Shankar Sastry

Visual Content Creation by Generative Adversarial Networks (EECS-2021-75)
Samaneh Azadi

Multi-Modal Semantic Inconsistency Detection in Social Media News Posts (EECS-2021-73)
Scott McCrae

Multi-Modal Semantic Inconsistency Detection in Social Media News Posts (EECS-2021-72)
Scott McCrae

Vertex: A Unified Edge Computing Environment (EECS-2021-71)
Michael Perry

Interaction History for Building Human-Data Interfaces (EECS-2021-70)
Yifan Wu

Extremely Lightweight Vocoders for On-device Speech Synthesis (EECS-2021-69)
Tianren Gao

Improving the Efficiency of Robust Generative Classifiers (EECS-2021-68)
Alan Rosenthal

Parallel Architectures for Hyperdimensional Computing (EECS-2021-67)
Ryan Moughan

Robust Naive Bayes (EECS-2021-66)
Aditya Mishra

Automating Execution Verification in Distributed Enclave-Based Data Analysis Applications (EECS-2021-65)
Karen Tu

Learning Self-Supervised Representations of Code Functionality (EECS-2021-62)
Paras Jain, Ajay Jain, Tianjun Zhang, Pieter Abbeel, Joseph Gonzalez and Ion Stoica

Real-time Robotic Safety Set Blending Schemes (EECS-2021-61)
Charles Tang

Usable and Efficient Systems for Machine Learning (EECS-2021-59)
Doris Xin

Data Efficient Language-Supervised Zero-Shot Recognition with Optimal Transport Distillation (EECS-2021-58)
Ruizhe Cheng

Theory and Application of Bonus-based Exploration in Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2021-57)
Bryan Chen

Toward the Control of Non-Linear, Non-Minimum Phase Systems via Feedback Linearization and Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2021-54)
Michael Estrada

Manipulation of Objects with Tethers and Millirobots (EECS-2021-53)
Tiffany Cappellari

Towards Light Charge Association in Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers (EECS-2021-52)
John Newsom

Interpolation Learning (EECS-2021-51)
Zitong Yang, Yi Ma and Jacob Steinhardt

Scalable Reinforcement Learning Systems and their Applications (EECS-2021-48)
Eric Liang

Generative Models as a Robust Alternative for Image Classification: Progress and Challenges (EECS-2021-47)
An Ju

Analyzing the Prediction Accuracy of Trajectory-Based Models with High-Dimensional Control Policies for Long-term Planning in MBRL (EECS-2021-46)
Howard Zhang

Learning Predictive Models for Efficient Policy Learning (EECS-2021-45)
Huazhe Xu

Post Verification of Integrity of Remote Queries in Opaque (EECS-2021-44)
Andrew Law How Hung

Expanding the Reach of Fuzz Testing (EECS-2021-43)
Caroline Lemieux

Proof-of-Stream: A Robust Incentivization Protocol for Blockchain-based Hybrid Video on Demand Systems (EECS-2021-42)
Yudi Tan, Swanand Kadhe and Kannan Ramchandran

Supporting Multiple Clients in Opaque (EECS-2021-40)
Eric Feng

Learning, Planning, and Acting with Models (EECS-2021-39)
Thanard Kurutach

A Scalable Generator of Massive MIMO Baseband Processing Systems (EECS-2021-38)
Yue Dai

End-to-end Model Inference and Training on Gemmini (EECS-2021-37)
Pranav Prakash

You Only Group Once: Efficient Point-Cloud Processing with Token Representation and Relation Inference Module (EECS-2021-35)
Bohan Zhai

Exploration and Safety in Deep Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2021-34)
Joshua Achiam

Statistical Complexity and Regret in Linear Control (EECS-2021-33)
Max Simchowitz

Progress and Proposals: A Case Study of Monocular Depth Estimation (EECS-2021-32)
Khalil Sarwari, Forrest Laine and Claire Tomlin

Charting Cellular States, One Cell at a Time: Computational, Inferential and Modeling Perspectives (EECS-2021-31)
Romain Lopez

Applications of Machine Learning for Character Animation (EECS-2021-30)
Stephen Bailey

ObliCheck: Efficient Verification of Oblivious Algorithms with Unobservable State (EECS-2021-29)
Jeongseok Son, Griffin Prechter, Rishabh Poddar, Raluca Ada Popa and Koushik Sen

Data Driven Algorithms For Perception With Applications To Autonomous Driving, Energy And Mixed Reality (EECS-2021-28)
Oladapo Afolabi

Milli-Volt Micro-Electro-Mechanical Relay Technology for Energy-Efficient Computing (EECS-2021-27)
Benjamin Osoba

Hybrid Switched-Capacitor Converters for High-Performance Power Conversions (EECS-2021-25)
Wen Chuen Liu

High-throughput Ultrasonic Implant Communication Link Using ML-assisted CDMA Decoder (EECS-2021-24)
Sina Faraji Alamouti

Fanout Optimization for an Inductor-less Broadband Variable Gain Cherry-Hooper Amplifier (EECS-2021-23)
Sashank Krishnamurthy and Ali Niknejad

Biomechanical Models and Robotic Systems for Human Motion Assessment (EECS-2021-22)
Sarah Seko

A Likelihood-based Deconvolution of Bulk Gene Expression Data Using Single-cell References (EECS-2021-21)
Justin Hong, Dan D. Erdmann-Pham, Jonathan Fischer and Yun S. Song

Actuation and Localization of Resource-Constrained Autonomous Microrobotic Systems (EECS-2021-20)
Brian Kilberg

Design Techniques for Energy-Efficient, Low Latency High Speed Wireline Links (EECS-2021-19)
Nick Sutardja

Collaborative Tools and Strategies for Data-driven Development Engineering (EECS-2021-18)
Jordan Freitas and Eric Brewer

Directional Wireless Mesh Network Design (EECS-2021-17)
James Martin

Two-Dimensional Semiconductor Optoelectronics (EECS-2021-16)
Matin Amani

Efficient Inference on Video, In Real-Time and At Scale (EECS-2021-15)
Samvit Jain

Design and Physics of VCSELs for Emerging Applications (EECS-2021-14)
Jonas Horst Kapraun

Expert-Level Detection of Acute Intracranial Hemorrhage on Head Computed Tomography using Deep Learning (EECS-2021-13)
Wei-Cheng Kuo, Christian Haene, Pratik Mukherjee, Esther Yuh and Jitendra Malik

Two-Dimensional Materials for Infrared Detection (EECS-2021-12)
George Zhang

Efficient Inference on Video, In Real-Time and At Scale (EECS-2021-11)
Samvit Jain

Satisfiability and Synthesis Modulo Oracles (EECS-2021-10)
Elizabeth Polgreen, Andrew Reynolds and Sanjit A. Seshia

Laser Chirp Linearization and Phase Noise Compensation for Frequency-modulated Continuous-wave LiDAR (EECS-2021-9)
Xiaosheng Zhang

Model-based Formalization of the Autonomy-to-Human Perception Hand-off (EECS-2021-8)
Yash Vardhan Pant, Balasaravanan Thoravi Kumaravel, Ameesh Shah, Erin Kraemer, Marcell Vazquez-Chanlatte, K Kulkarni, Björn Hartmann and Sanjit A. Seshia

Finite-time analysis of approximate policy iteration for the linear quadratic regulator (EECS-2021-7)
Karl Krauth, Stephen Tu and Benjamin Recht

Monotonicity-Based Symbolic Control for Safety in Real Driving Scenarios (EECS-2021-5)
Stanley Smith, Adnane Saoud and Murat Arcak

Machine Learning in Compiler Optimization (EECS-2021-2)
Ameer Haj Ali

Bridging Machine Learning and Computational Photography to Bring Professional Quality into Casual Photos and Videos (EECS-2021-1)
Cecilia Zhang

Neural Circuit Dynamics Estimation and Control ()
Sang Min Han