Technical Reports - 2023

Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra: A Perspective on the Field With an Eye to Software (EECS-2023-19)
Riley Murray, James Demmel, Michael W. Mahoney, N. Benjamin Erichson, Maksim Melnichenko, Osman Asif Malik, Laura Grigori, Piotr Luszczek, Michal Derezinski, Miles E. Lopes, Tianyu Liang, Hengrui Luo and Jack Dongarra

Data and Label Efficient Representation Learning (EECS-2023-18)
Colorado Reed

A Principled Intelligent Occupational Training of Psychomotor Skills in Virtual Reality (EECS-2023-17)
Edward Kim, Zachary Pardos, Sanjit A. Seshia and Björn Hartmann

Conversation Regression Testing: A Design Technique for Prototyping Generalizable Prompt Strategies for Pre-trained Language Models (EECS-2023-16)
J.D. Zamfirescu-Pereira, Björn Hartmann and Qian Yang

Algorithms for Context-Aided Variable Elimination (EECS-2023-15)
Inigo Incer, Albert Benveniste, Richard M. Murray, Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and Sanjit A. Seshia

Differentiable Subdivision Surface Fitting (EECS-2023-14)
Tianhao Xie, Brian A. Barsky, Sudhir Mudur and Tiberiu Popa

Latency-Aware Short-Term Video Action Anticipation and its Application in Trajectory Prediction (EECS-2023-13)
Harshayu Girase

Resource-Constrained Sensing as a Shared Utility (EECS-2023-12)
Joshua Adkins

Microscopy Slide Image Segmentation of Invasive Melanoma (EECS-2023-10)
Franklin Wang, Mike Wang and Avideh Zakhor

Microscopy Slide Image Segmentation of Invasive Melanoma (EECS-2023-9)
Franklin Wang, Mike Wang and Avideh Zakhor

Expanding the Capabilities of Voxelwise Modeling for Naturalistic Brain Decoding (EECS-2023-5)
Ryan Ong

Developing and Deploying Sim-to-Real Reinforcement Learning Techniques with Applications in Energy Systems (EECS-2023-4)
Lucas Spangher

Hardware Accelerators and Optimization Algorithms for Unconventional Computing (EECS-2023-3)
Philip Canoza

Katara: Synthesizing CRDTs with Verified Lifting (EECS-2023-2)
Shadaj Laddad, Conor Power, Mae Milano, Alvin Cheung and Joseph M. Hellerstein

PCB-less Integration of a Robust Wireless MEMS Tactile Package (EECS-2023-1)
Dillon Acker-James

On Problem Specification and Self-Referential Claims ()
Michael Dennis

Distributional Interpretation of Control Strategies for a Multiplicative Observation Noise System ()
Moses Won

Neural Prosthetic with In-sensor Shared Control ()
Alisha Menon

Design of Linear mmWave Wideband Mixer-first Receivers ()
Rawan Al Kubaisy

Development of in vitro bioelectronic implant aging ()
Jacob Sporrer

Miniature Wireless Neural Implants ()
Mohammad Meraj Ghanbari

High-Performance Bio-sensing ICs ()
Sina Faraji Alamouti and Rikky Muller