Technical Reports - 1984

Problems, Directions and Issues in Memory Hierarchies (CSD-84-220)
Alan Jay Smith

Trends and Prospects in Computer System Design (CSD-84-219)
Alan Jay Smith

Measuring and Improving the Performance of 4.2BSD (CSD-84-218)
Samuel J. Leffler, Michael J. Karels and M. Kirk McKusick

A User-Process Oriented Performance Study of Ethernet Networking Under Berkeley UNIX 4.2BSD (CSD-84-217)
Luis Felipe Cabrera, Edward Hunter, Michael J. Karels and David A. Mosher

Development of a Control Process for the Berkeley UNIX Distributed Programs Monitor (CSD-84-216)
Cathryn Marcia Macrander

CoLab, Tools for Computer-Based Cooperation: A Proposed Research Program (CSD-84-215)
Gregg Foster

Register Allocation and Data Conversion in Machine Independent Code Generators (CSD-84-214)
Marshall Kirk McKusick

Automated Discovery of Machine-Specific Code Improvements (CSD-84-213)
Peter Bernard Kessler

The Traveling Salesman Problem: The Development of a Distributed Computation (CSD-84-212)
Nick Lai and Barton P. Miller

Process Control in a Distributed Berkeley Unix Environment (CSD-84-211)
Ramon Caceres

PLA Driver Selection: An Analytic Approach (CSD-84-210)
Fred W. Obermeier and Randy H. Katz

Considerations on the Insularity of Performance Evaluation (CSD-84-209)
Domenico Ferrari

Well-solved Special Cases of the Traveling Salesman Problem (CSD-84-208)
P. C. Gilmore, Eugene L. Lawler and D. B. Shmoys

Implementing a Cache Consistency Protocol (CSD-84-207)
Randy H. Katz, David A. Wood, Susan J. Eggers, Charles Perkins and Robert G. Sheldon

A Distributed Programs Monitor for Berkeley UNIX (CSD-84-206)
Barton P. Miller, Cathryn Macrander and Stuart Sechrest

Geometric Continuity of Parametric Curves (CSD-84-205)
Brian A. Barsky and Anthony D. DeRose

Issues in Caching Prolog Goals (CSD-84-204)
Barry Fagin

A Prolog Compiler for the PLM (CSD-84-203)
Peter Lodewijk Van Roy

Randomized Routing in Gate-Arrays (CSD-84-202)
Prabhakar Raghavan and Clark D. Thompson

New Results in Fuzzy Clustering Based on The Concept of Indistinguishability Relation (CSD-84-201)
R. Lopez de Manteres and L. Valverde

On the Structure of F-Indistinguishability Operators (CSD-84-200)
L. Valverde

Design and Implementation of An Integrated Snooping Data Cache (CSD-84-199)
Gaetano Borriello, Susan J. Eggers, Randy H. Katz, Harry McKinley, Charles Perkins, Walter Scott, Robert Sheldon, Shaun Whalen and David A. Wood

PHRED: A Generator for Natural Language Interfaces (CSD-84-198)
Paul S. Jacobs

Performance Characterization of Distributed Programs (CSD-84-197)
Barton Paul Miller

Circus: A Replicated Procedure Call Facility (CSD-84-196)
Eric C. Cooper

Replicated Procedure Call (CSD-84-195)
Eric C. Cooper

Predicting Performance in UNIX Systems From Portable Workload Estimators Based on the Terminal Probe Method (CSD-84-194)
Luis Felipe Cabrera and German Rodriguez-Galant

DREAMS: Display REpresentation for Algebraic Manipulation Systems (CSD-84-193)
Gregg Foster

User Interface Considerations for Algebraic Manipulation Systems (CSD-84-192)
Gregg Foster

Tutorial Examples of Interprocess Communication in Berkeley UNIX 4.2 BSD (CSD-84-191)
Stuart Sechrest

The Cryptographic Security of the Sum of Bits (CSD-84-190)
Richard Berger, Howard J. Karloff and David B. Shmoys

Matching Modulo Divisors, and a Simple N^1/4 Factoring Algorithm (CSD-84-187)
Eric Bach

Discrete Logarithms and Factoring (CSD-84-186)
Eric Bach

Simulation of Hierarchical Routing Algorithms (CSD-84-185)
C. V. Ramamoorthy, O. Nishiguchi and W.-T. Tsai

Graham-Glanville Code Generators (CSD-84-184)
Robert Rettig Henry

Configuring Local Area Network-based Distributed Systems (CSD-84-183)
Tzong-yu Paul Lee

The Berkeley Internet Name Domain Server (CSD-84-182)
Douglas B. Terry, Mark Painter, David W. Riggle and Songnian Zhou

A Comparison of Tile-Based Wire Representations for Interactive IC Layout Tools (CSD-84-181)
David E. Wallace

A Decomposition Solution to a Queueing Network Model of a Distributed File System with Dynamic Locking (CSD-84-180)
Anna Hac

The APPLOG LANGUAGE: PROLOG vs. LISP -- if you can't fight them join them (CSD-84-179)
Shimon Cohen

Multi-Version Structures in PROLOG (CSD-84-178)
Shimon Cohen

The Design and Implementation of the Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) Servers (CSD-84-177)
Songnian Zhou

The Design and Implementation of a "Domain Names" Resolver (CSD-84-176)
Mark Painter

Experimental Evaluation of On-Chip Microprocessor Cache Memories (CSD-84-175)
Mark D. Hill and Alan Jay Smith

A Name Server Database (CSD-84-174)
David W. Riggle

Processor Design Tradeoffs in VLSI (CSD-84-173)
Robert Warren Sherburne, Jr.

Hidden Feature Elimination and Visible Polygon Return in UNIGRAFIX 2 (CSD-84-172)
Paul Wensley

Finding a Maximum Density Subgraph (CSD-84-171)
A. V. Goldberg

Theoretical Issues Concerning Protection in Operating Systems (CSD-84-170)
Michael A. Harrison

Discrete Characterization of Program Referencing Dynamics (CSD-84-169)
Philippe De Smedt

Monte-Carlo Methods for Estimating System Reliability (CSD-84-168)
Michael G. Luby

High Performance Storage Reclamation in an Object-Based Memory System (CSD-84-167)
Scott B. Baden

Combining Graphics and Procedures in a VLSI Layout Tool: The Tpack System (CSD-84-166)
Robert N. Mayo

Modeling Lift-Off Deposition (M84/112)
L. Winemberg

Additions to the Imaging Capability of SAMPLE (M84/111)
M.D. Prouty

Robust Stability Under Additive Perturbation (M84/110)
A. Bhaya and Charles A. Desoer

Topological Transformations of Electrical Networks (M84/109)
H. Narayanan

Violation of Port Conditions in the Interconnection of Multiports (M84/108)
H. Narayanan

On the Equivalence of Minty's Painting Theorem and Tellegen's Theorem (M84/107)
H. Narayanan

On the Design of Large Flexible Space Structures (M84/106)
A. Bhaya and Charles A. Desoer

Multiparameter Martingale Differential Forms (M84/105)
Eugene Wong and M. Zakai

Swept-Frequency, 8mm Microwave Interferomete for MXX (M84/104)
B.T. Archer, H. Meuth and Michael A. Lieberman

Object-Oriented Programming in BIASlisp (M84/103)
K. Mayaram

Corrections to Quasilinear Diffusion in Area Preserving Maps (M84/102)
N.W. Murray, Michael A. Lieberman and Allan J. Lichtenberg

A MOS Parameter Extraction Program for the BSIM Model, Appendix 5: BSIM 1.0 Pascal Source Code (M84/100)
J.R. Pierret

A MOS Parameter Extraction Program for the BSIM Model (M84/99)
J.R. Pierret

Precision CMOS Operational Amplifier (M84/98)
Lawrence Tze-Leung Tse

Chaos in Chua's Circuit (M84/97)
F. Ayrom and G-Q. Zhong

Fading Memory and the Problems of Approximating Nonlinear Operators with Volterra Series (M84/96)
S. Boyd and Leon O. Chua

PANDA: A PLA Generator for Multiply-Folded PLAs (M84/95)
Grace H. Mah

Computer Generation of Digital Filter Banks (M84/94)
P.A. Ruetz

Design of a 300-Baud FSK Modem Using Customized Digital Signal Processors (M84/93)
William L. Abbott

Electron Beam Time-of-Flight Measurements of Plasma Potential in Tandem Mirrors (M84/92)
Michael A. Lieberman and C-P. Chang

Persistency of Excitation, Sufficient Richness and Parameter Convergence in Discrete Time Adaptive Control (M84/91)
E.W. Bai and S. Shankar Sastry

A Family of Simulation Programs for IC Fabrication Processes (Their Structure, Design, and Implementation) (M84/90)
Sharad N. Nandgaonkar

Topological Proof of the Nielsen-Willson Theorem (M84/89)
T. Nishi and Leon O. Chua

Uniqueness of Solution for Nonlinear Resistive Containing CCCSs or VCVSs whose Controlling Coefficients are Finite (M84/88)
T. Nishi and Leon O. Chua

Problems in Supporting Database Transactions in an Operating System Transaction Manager (M84/87)
Michael Stonebraker, D. DuBourdieux and W. Edwards

Multiple Time Scales for Nonlinear Systems (M84/86)
R. Silva-Madriz and S. Shankar Sastry

Data Acquisition and Data Reduction for MMX (M84/85)
B.T. Archer III

Berkeley CMOS Process: A User Guide (M84/84)
William G. Oldham, Andrew R. Neureuther, Y. Shacham and F. Dupois

On a Class of SC Resistors and Its Application to the Synthesis of Nonlinear Driving-Point and Transfer-Characteristic Plots (M84/83)
A. Rodriguez-Vazquez, J.L. Huertas and Leon O. Chua

Electron Beam Lithography for Josephson Junction Fabrication (M84/82)
N.K.L. Raja

Periodicity and Chaos in Chua's Circuit (M84/81)
G-Q. Zhong and F. Ayrom

RUBICC: A Rule-Based Expert System for VLSI Integrated Circuit Critique (M84/80)
C. Lob

LEBES Operation Guide (M84/79)
N.K.L. Raja

LEBES Reference Guide (M84/78)
N.K.L. Raja

A New Locking Protocol that Achieves all Serializable Executions (M84/77)
S. Lafortune and Eugene Wong

Geometric Interpretation of Manipulator Singularities (M84/76)
B.E. Paden and S. Shankar Sastry

SQL-Like and QUEL-Like Correlation Queries with Aggregates Revisited (M84/75)
W. Kiessling

Particle Simulations of the Low-a Pierce Diode (M84/74)
T. Crystal and S. Kuhn

A Double-Scroll Chaotic Attractor from a Third Order Reciprocal Circuit (M84/73)
T. Matsumoto, Leon O. Chua and M. Komuro

Direct Methods for Transient Stability Analysis of Power Systems: Recent Results (M84/72)
Pravin Varaiya, Felix F. Wu and R-L. Chen

RAMP: Gate-Array, Standard-Cell and Masterimage Placement Manual (M84/71)
C.K. Cheng and Ernest S. Kuh

Small Signal I/O Stability of Nonlinear Control Systems: Application to the Robustness of a MRAC Scheme (M84/70)
M. Bodson and S. Shankar Sastry

Proximity Exposure Studies in Electron Beam Lithography (M84/69)
P.R. Deshmukh

Rigid Mode Ballooning Instability Calculation for the MMX (M84/68)
B.K. Kang

Low-Voltage Low-Power MOS Switched-Capacitor Signal-Processing Techniques (M84/67)
Rinaldo Castello

Ratio-Independent Algorithmic Analog to Digital Conversion Techniques (M84/66)
Ping-Wai Li

Characterization and Modeling of Positive Photoresist (M84/65)
Deok J. Kim

Simulation of Quiet Start Magnetized Plasmas, Including Maxwellian and Velocity-Space Ring Distributions (M84/64)
K.P. Kenyon

Low-Power Low-Voltage High Performance Switched-Capacitor Filter (M84/63)
R. Castello and Paul R. Gray

Performance Limitations in Switched- Capacitor Filters (M84/62)
R. Castello and Paul R. Gray

Axial Feedback Stabilization of Flute Modes for Mirror Machines (M84/61)
B.K. Kang, Michael A. Lieberman and A.K. Sen

Circuit Simulation in LISP (M84/60)
K. Mayaram and Donald O. Pederson

Minimal Swapping Finite Element and Finite Difference Implementations (M84/59)
Edward A. Lee

Heuristic Search in Database Systems (M84/58)
R-M. Kung, E. Hanson, Y. Ioannidis, T. Sellis, L. Shapiro and Michael Stonebraker

Scheduling Jobs with Stochastically Ordered Processing Times on Parallel Machines to Minimize Expected Flowtime (M84/57)
R.R. Weber, Pravin Varaiya and Jean Walrand

Experimental Confirmation of Chaos from Chua's Circuit (M84/56)
G-Q. Zhong and F. Ayrom

A Floating Point Coprocessor for the Butterfly Multiprocessor System (M84/55)
D.Y. Cheng

An Electronic Circuit CAD Framework (M84/54)
Kenneth H. Keller

Negative Resistance Curve Tracer, Part II: Manual (M84/53)
Leon O. Chua, G-Q. Zhong and F. Ayrom

New Features for a Relational Database System to Support Computer Aided Design (M84/52)
Antonin Guttman

Subharmonic Functions and Performance Bounds on Linear Time-Invariant Feedback Systems (M84/51)
S. Boyd and Charles A. Desoer

Exploiting the Op Amp Nonlinearity in Circuit Design (M84/50)
Leon O. Chua and F. Ayrom

Application of Nonlinear Constants of Motion in a Single Electromagnetic Wave to the Study of the Alfven. Ion Cyclotron Instability (M84/49)
N.F. Otani

Advanced Mixed-Mode Simulation Techniques (M84/48)
James E. Kleckner

Vlasov-Poisson and Modified k-dV Theory and Simulation of Weak and Strong Double Layers (M84/47)
K-Y. Kim

Simulation of the Ion-Beam-Driven Drift Instability in a Magnetic Trap II (M84/46)
V.A. Thomas and W.M. Nevins

Simulation of the Ion-Beam-Driven Drift Instability in a Magnetic Trap I (M84/45)
V.A. Thomas, W.M. Nevins and Y-J. Chen

Empirical MOSFET Models for Circuit Simulation (M84/43)
J.L. Burns

Tracking and Disturbance Rejection of MIMO Nonlinear Systems with PI Controller (M84/42)
Charles A. Desoer and C-A. Lin

Controlling Plants with Delay (M84/41)
A. Bhaya and Charles A. Desoer

Placement Algorithms and Applications to VLSI Design (M84/40)
Chung-Kuan Cheng

Stability Studies of Multimachine Power Systems with the Effects of Automatic Voltage Regulators (M84/39)
H. Miyagi and Arthur R. Bergen

Full-Speed Testing of A/D Converters (M84/38)
T. Doernberg, H-S. Lee and David A. Hodges

PDW1 User's Manual (M84/37)
W.S. Lawson

A Chaotic Attractor From Chua's Circuit (M84/36)
T. Matsumoto

Control System Design via Semi-Infinite Optimization: A Review (M84/35)
Elijah Polak, D.Q. Mayne and D.M. Stimler

Probabilistic Hill Climbing Algorithms: Properties and Applications (M84/34)
F. Romeo and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Self-Calibration Techniques for Successive Approximation Analog-to-Digital Converters (M84/33)
Hae-Seung Lee

Circuits, k-Ports, Hidden Modes and Stability of Interconnected k-Ports (M84/32)
Charles A. Desoer and A. N. Gündeş

Computer-Aided Synthesis of PLA-Based Systems (M84/31)
Giovanni De Micheli

Performance Estimates for Distributed Query Processing (M84/30)
M. Murphy

Negative Resistance Curve Tracer (M84/29)
Leon O. Chua and G-Q. Zhong

The Simplest Chaotic Non-Autonomous Circuit (M84/28)
T. Matsumoto, Leon O. Chua and S. Tanaka

Nonlinear Unity-Feedback Systems and Q-Parametrization (M84/27)
Charles A. Desoer and C.A. Lin

Berkeley CMOS Process Test Patterns (M84/26)
William G. Oldham, Andrew R. Neureuther and Y. Shacham

Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Parameter Convergence in Adaptive Control (M84/25)
S. Boyd and S. Shankar Sastry

A Method for Simulation of Vlasov Systems with Discontinuous Distribution Functions and GASBAG User's Manual (M84/24)
W.S. Lawson

Theoretical and Software Aspects of Optimization-Based Control System Design (M84/23)
Elijah Polak and D.Q. Mayne

Electrostatic Ion-Ion Two-Streaming Instability in a Thermal-Barrier Cell (M84/22)
V.A. Thomas and W.M. Nevins

RELAX2: A Modified Waveform Relaxation Approach to the Simulation of MOS Digital Circuits (M84/21)
J. White

Compact Short-Channel IGFET Model (CSIM) and A Compact IGFET Charge Model (M84/20)
B.J. Sheu, D. Scharfetter, H.C. Poon, B.J. Sheu, D.L. Scharfetter, Chenming Hu and D.O. Pederson

A Theoretical Study of ICRF Effects on Multiple Mirror Confinement (M84/19)
K.J. Doniger, Michael A. Lieberman and Allan J. Lichtenberg

A Fully Automated MOS Device Characterization System for Process- Oriented Integrated Circuit Design (M84/18)
B.S. Messenger

Syllogistic Reasoning in Fuzzy Logic and Its Application to Reasoning with Dispositions (M84/17)
Lotfi A. Zadeh

Analysis of Backscattered Electron Signals for X-ray Mask Inspection (M84/16)
Michael G. Rosenfield

Notes on the Mathematical Foundations of Nondifferentiable Optimization in Engineering Design (M84/15)
Elijah Polak

Analytical Foundations of Volterra Series (M84/14)
S. Boyd, Leon O. Chua and Charles A. Desoer

Invariant Distribution on Strange Attractors in Highly Dissipative Systems (M84/13)
K-Y. Tsang and Michael A. Lieberman

Canonical-Piecewise-Linear Analysis Part II: Tracing Diving-Point and Transfer Characteristics (M84/12)
Leon O. Chua and A.C. Deng

A Comparative Study of Linear and Nonlinear MIMO Feedback Configurations (M84/11)
Charles A. Desoer and C.A. Lin

Nonlinear Switched-Capacitor Networks: Basic Principles and Piecewise-Linear Design (M84/10)
J.L. Huertas, Leon O. Chua, A. Rodriguez-Vazquez and A. Rueda

An IC Process-Oriented Circuit Simulator Developed From SPICE2G.6 Using the CSIM MOSFET Model (M84/9)
R.C. Liu

Test Score Semantics as a Basis for a Computational Approach to the Representation of Meaning (M84/8)
Lotfi A. Zadeh

Application of Singular Perturbation Techniques to Power System Transient Stability Techniques (M84/7)
C.L. DeMarco and Arthur R. Bergen

LSI Circuit Simulation on Attached Array Processors (M84/6)
Andrei Vladimirescu

Implementation Techniques for Main Memory Database Systems (M84/5)
D.J. DeWitt, Randy H. Katz, F. Olken, L.D. Shapiro, Michael Stonebraker and D. Wood

S.P.U.D.S.: A Standardized Programmable User Development System (M84/4)
W. Baringer

Evaluation and Optimization of MOS Device Drain Conductance Modeling in the SPICE Level 2 Model (M84/3)
G. Anderson

Iterated Timing Analysis and SPLICE1 (M84/2)
R.A. Saleh

A Structure Preserving Energy Function for Power System Transient Stability Analysis (M84/1)
N. Tsolas, A. Arapostathis and Pravin Varaiya