Design and Evaluation of Multi-Protocol Communication on a Cluster of SMP's (CSD-98-1032)
Steven Sam Lumetta

Virtual Log Based File Systems for a Programmable Disk (CSD-98-1031)
Randolph Y. Wang, Thomas E. Anderson and David A. Patterson

ISTORE: Introspective Storage for Data-Intensive Network Services (CSD-98-1030)
Aaron Brown, David Oppenheimer, Kimberly Keeton, Randi Thomas, John Kubiatowicz and David A. Patterson

Characteristics of File System Workloads (CSD-98-1029)
Drew Roselli and Thomas E. Anderson

Bayesian Problem-Solving Applied to Scheduling (CSD-98-1028)
Othar Hansson

Policy-Enabled Handoffs Across Heterogeneous Wireless Networks (CSD-98-1027)
Helen J. Wang

Multivalent Documents: Anytime, Anywhere, Any Type, Every Way User-Improvable Digital Documents and Systems (CSD-98-1026)
Thomas Arthur Phelps

Design and Implementation of the IRAM Architecture Manual and Functional Simulator (CSD-98-1025)
David R. Martin

Soft ARQ for Streaming Layered Multimedia (CSD-98-1024)
Matthew Podolsky, Steven McCanne and Martin Vetterli

Implementation Issues in Modern Cache Memory (CSD-98-1023)
Jih-Kwon Peir, Windsor W. Hsu and Alan Jay Smith

Designing Graphic Presentations from First Principles (CSD-98-1022)
Michael Schiff

Algorithms for Index-Assisted Selectivity Estimation (CSD-98-1021)
Paul M. Aoki

The PHiPAC v1.0 Matrix-Multiply Distribution (CSD-98-1020)
Jeff A. Bilmes, Krste Asanović, Chee-Whye Chin and Jim Demmel

Inference of Multicast Routing Trees and Bottleneck Bandwidths using End-to-end Measurements (CSD-98-1019)
Sylvia Ratnasamy and Steven McCanne

Comparing PC Operating Systems for Storage Report (CSD-98-1018)
Nisha Talagala, Satoshi Asami and David A. Patterson

Fast and Effective Optimization of Statically Typed Object-Oriented Languages (CSD-98-1017)
David Francis Bacon

Addressing the Challenges of Web Data Transport (CSD-98-1016)
Venkata Narayana Padmanabhan

An Exploration of Lightweight Meeting Capture (CSD-98-1015)
Richard C. Davis and James A. Landay

Vector Microprocessors (CSD-98-1014)
Krste Asanović

On the Generation of 2-Dimensional Index Workloads (CSD-98-1013)
Joseph M. Hellerstein, Lisa Hellerstein and George Kollios

Near-Neighbor Query Performance in Search Trees (CSD-98-1012)
Shuanhu Wang, Joseph M. Hellerstein and Ilya Lipkind

Search Party: Using Randomcast for Reliable Multicast with Local Recovery (CSD-98-1011)
Adam M. Costello and Steven McCanne

Challenges to Reliable Data Transport over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks (CSD-98-1010)
Hari Balakrishnan

Writing robust IEEE recommended functions in "100% Pure Java"(TM) (CSD-98-1009)
Joseph D. Darcy

Enabling "Smart Spaces:" Entity Description and User Interface Generation for a Heterogeneous Component-based Distributed System (CSD-98-1008)
Todd D. Hodes and Randy H. Katz

Recursive Oscillators on a Fixed-Point Vector Microprocessor for High Performance Phase-Accurate Real-Time Additive Synthesis (CSD-98-1007)
Todd David Hodes

An Agent-based Approach to Real-time Multimedia Transmission over Heterogeneous Environments (CSD-98-1006)
Elan Amir

Value Determination with General Function Approximators (CSD-98-1005)
Vassilis Papavassiliou and Stuart Russell

Online Association Rule Mining (CSD-98-1004)
Christian Hidber

Efficient View-Dependent Image-Based Rendering with Projective Texture-Mapping (CSD-98-1003)
Paul Debevec, Yizhou Yu and George Boshokov

Scalable Multimedia Communication with Internet Multicast, Light-weight Sessions, and the MBone (CSD-98-1002)
Steven McCanne

Performance Characterization of the Quad Pentium Pro SMP Using OLTP Workloads (CSD-98-1001)
Kimberly Keeton, David A. Patterson, Yong Qiang He, Roger C. Raphael and Walter E. Baker

An Exploration of Network RAM (CSD-98-1000)
Eric A. Anderson and Jeanna M. Neefe

Multivalent Documents: A New Model for Digital Documents (CSD-98-999)
Robert Wilensky and Thomas Phelps

Experience with a Language for Writing Coherence Protocols (CSD-98-998)
Satish Chandra, Michael Dahlin, Bradley Richards, Randolph Y. Wang, Thomas E. Anderson and James R Larus

NotePals: Lightweight Note Taking by the Group, for the Group (CSD-98-997)
Richard C. Davis, Jason A. Brotherton, James A. Landay, Morgan N. Price and Bill N. Schilit

Tracking down Exceptions in Standard ML Programs (CSD-98-996)
Manuel Fahndrich, Jeffrey S. Foster, Jason Cu and Alexander Aiken

User Customization of Virtual Network Interfaces with U-Net/SLE (CSD-98-995)
David Oppenheimer and Matt Welsh

Heuristics for the Automatic Construction of Coarse Grids in Multigrid Solvers for Finite Element Matrices (CSD-98-994)
Mark Adams

A Parallel Maximal Independent Set Algorithm (CSD-98-993)
Mark Adams

Execution Time of Symmetric Eigensolvers (CSD-98-992)
Kendall Swenson Stanley

Empirical Evaluation of Global Memory Support on the Cray-T3D and Cray-T3E (CSD-98-991)
Arvind Krishnamurthy, David E. Culler and Katherine Yelick

Inference and Learning in Hybrid Bayesian Networks (CSD-98-990)
Kevin P. Murphy

Tertiary Disk: Large Scale Distributed Storage (CSD-98-989)
Nisha Talagala, Satoshi Asami, Thomas Anderson and David Patterson

Virtual Network Transport Protocols for Myrinet (CSD-98-988)
Brent N. Chun, Alan M. Mainwaring and David E. Culler

Experience with a Distributed File System Implementation (CSD-98-986)
Randolph Y. Wang, Thomas E. Anderson and Michael D. Dahlin

Evaluation of Architectural Support for Global Address-Based Communication in Large-Scale Parallel Machines (CSD-98-984)
Arvind Krishnamurthy, Klaus E. Schauser, Chris J. Scheiman, David E. Culler, Katherine Yelick and Randolph Y. Wang

Serverless Network File Systems (CSD-98-983)
Thomas E. Anderson, Michael D. Dahlin, Jeanna M. Neefe, Drew S. Roselli, Randolph Y. Wang and David A. Patterson

Adaptive Control for Packet Video (CSD-98-982)
Randolph Wang and Soumen Chakrabarti

Towards a Theory of Optimal Communication Pipelines (CSD-98-981)
Randolph Y. Wang, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Richard P. Martin, Thomas E. Anderson and David E. Culler

An Introduction to Variational Methods for Graphical Models (CSD-98-980)
Michael I. Jordan, Zoubin Ghahramani, Tommi S. Jaakkola and Lawrence K. Saul

End-user Interaction with Clutter Reduction Techniques (CSD-98-979)
Allison Woodruff, James Landay and Michael Stonebraker

Interactive Kinematic Objects in Virtual Environments (CSD-98-978)
Randall G Keller

On-line Collision Avoidance for Multiple Robots Using B-Splines (CSD-98-977)
Eric Paulos

Run to Run Control in Semiconductor Manufacturing (M98/79)
J. Musacchio

Hybrid Systems: Computation and Abstraction (M98/78)
George J. Pappas

WEBTP: A User-Centric Receiver-Driven Web Transport Protocol (M98/77)
R. Gupta

Programmable, Low-Noise, High-Linearity Baseband Filter for a Fully-Integrated, Multi-Standard, CMOS RF Receiver (M98/76)
T-L.D. Au

Programmable High-Dynamic Range Sigma-Delta A/O Converters for Multistandard Fully- Integrated RF Receivers (CMOS) (M98/75)
K.B-H. Khoo

Continuous Time and Mixed-Signal Simulation in Ptolemy II (M98/74)
J. Liu

System-Level Modeling and Evaluation of Network Protocol (M98/73)
S-P. Chang

Heterogeneous Concurrent Modeling and Design in Java (M98/72)
J. Davis II, M. Goel, G. Galicia, C. Hylands, Edward A. Lee, J. Liu, X. Liu, L. Muliadi, S. Neuendorffer, J. Reekie, N. Smyth, J. Tsay and Y. Xiong

Overview of the Ptolemy Project (M98/71)
Edward A. Lee

Communicating Sequential Processed Domain in Ptolemy II (M98/70)
N. Smyth

Process Networks in Ptolemy II (M98/69)
M. Goel

A Layout and Design Methodology for Deep Sub-micron Applications Using Networks of PLAs (M98/68)
S.P. Khatri, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

An Active Contour Algorithm for Continuous- Time Cellular Neural Networks (M98/67)
D.L. Vilarino, T. Kozek and Leon O. Chua

Delay Cognizant Video Coding (M98/66)
Yuan-Chi Chang

Euclidean Reconstruction and Reprojection Up To Subgroups (M98/65)
Y. Ma, S. Soatto, J. Kosecka and S. Sastry

A Mathematical Theory of Camera Self- Calibration (M98/64)
Y. Ma, J. Kosecka and S. Shankar Sastry

Towards an Automatic Air Traffic Controller (M98/63)
S. Sekhavat and S. Shankar Sastry

Ion Energy Distributions in RF Sheaths; Review, Analysis and Simulation (M98/62)
E. Kawamura, V. Vahedi, Michael A. Lieberman and Charles K. (Ned) Birdsall

A Survey of Multi-valued Synthesis Techniques (M98/61)
Robert K. Brayton and S.P. Khatri

Combinational Verification Revisted (M98/60)
S.P. Khatri, S.C. Krishnan, Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and Robert K. Brayton

Study on Real-Time Develop Rate Monitors for Control of Deep Ultraviolet Lithography (M98/59)
M. Claassen

Accurate Automatic Timing Characterization of Static CMOS Libraries (M98/58)
S.P. Khatri, Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and Robert K. Brayton

Hybrid Control of Air Traffic Management Systems (M98/57)
Claire J. Tomlin

Algorithms for Defining Visual Region-of- Interest (M98/56)
C. Privitera and L.W. Stark

RTL Generation of Hardware Components of a Mixed Hardware/Software Implementation of Embedded Systems for System Level Co-Simulation in VHDL (M98/55)
B. Tabbara, E. Filippi, L. Lavagno and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Fast Hardware-Software Co-Simulation Using VHDL Models (M98/54)
B. Tabbara, E. Filippi, L. Lavagno and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Learning Control of Complex Skills (M98/53)
L.S. Crawford

The Design of a 1.9 GHz, 250 mW CMOS Power Amplifier for DECT (M98/52)
R.S. Narayanaswami

BSIM 3v3.2 MOSFET Model Users' Manual (M98/51)
W. Liu, X. Jin, J. Chen, M-C. Jeng, Z. Liu, Y. Cheng, K. Chen, M. Chan, K. Hui, J. Huang, R. Tu, P.K. Ko and Chenming Hu

Tempest Version 5.0 (M98/50)
A. Wong and T. Pistor

Storm Version 1.0 (M98/49)
E. Croffie and M. Zuniga

Position Sensing for Electrostatic Micropositioners (M98/48)
Naiyavudhi Wongkomet

An Accurate MOSFET Intrinsic Capacitance Model Considering Quantum Mechanic Effect for BSIM 3v3.2 (M98/47)
W. Liu, X. Jin, Y-C. King and Chenming Hu

Fair End-to-End Widow-Based Congestion Control (M98/46)
J. Mo and Jean Walrand

Synthesis of Parallel Hardware Implementations from Synchronous Dataflow Graph Specifications (M98/45)
Michael C. Williamson

Multi-Valued Network Compaction Using Redundancy Removal (M98/44)
S.P. Khatri, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Computation of Rate Coefficients for Electron Impact Collisions (M98/43)
T.M. Philip

The Criteria for Symmetric Vector State Equations of Cellular Neural Networks (M98/42)
T. Yang and Leon O. Chua

Reactive Modules (M98/41)
R. Alur and Thomas A. Henzinger

It's About Time: Real-Time Logics Reviewed (M98/40)
Thomas A. Henzinger

Decidable Hybrid Systems (M98/39)
G. Lafferriere, G.J. Pappas and S. Yovine

Euclidean Structure and Motion from Image Sequences (M98/38)
Y. Ma, J. Kosecka and S. Shankar Sastry

Optimal Motion from Image Sequences: A Riemannian Viewpoint (M98/37)
Y. Ma, J. Kosecka and S. Shankar Sastry

Vision Theory in Spaces of Constant Curvature (M98/36)
Y. Ma and S. Shankar Sastry

Optimal Routing Control: Game Theoretic Approach (M98/35)
R.J. La and Venkat Anantharam

Concurrent Reachability Games (M98/33)
L. de Alfaro, Thomas A. Henzinger and O. Kupferman

Resource Allocation for Multimedia on Wireless Networks (M98/32)
Yuming Lu

Plasmas at the Edge, Part I (M98/31)
D.J. Cooperberg and Charles K. (Ned) Birdsall

w-Automata, Games and Synthesis (M98/30)
S.C. Krishnan

O-Minimal Hybrid Systems (M98/29)
G. Lafferriere, G.J. Pappas and S. Shankar Sastry

Volume Averaged Modeling of High Density Discharges (M98/28)
K. Patel

Hopf Bifurcations and Degeneracies in Chua's Circuit--A Perspective from a Frequency Domain Approach (M98/27)
J.L. Moiola and Leon O. Chua

On the Optimization Power of Retiming and Resynthesis Transformations (M98/26)
R.K. Ranjan, V. Singhal, F. Somenzi and Robert K. Brayton

Accurate Timing Analysis in the Presence of Cross-Talk Using Timed Automata (M98/25)
S. Tasiran, S.P. Khatri, S. Yovine, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

A Noise-Immune VLSI Layout Methodology with Highly Predictable Parasitics (M98/24)
S.P. Khatri, A. Mehrotra, Robert K. Brayton, R.H.J.M. Otten and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Symbolic Analysis of Hybrid Systems (M98/23)
R. Alur, Thomas A. Henzinger and H. Wong-Toi

What's Decidable About Hybrid Automata (M98/22)
Thomas A. Henzinger, P.W. Kopke, A. Puri and Pravin Varaiya

Symbolic Exploration of Transition Hierarchies (M98/21)
R. Alur, Thomas A. Henzinger and S.K. Rajamani

Alternating-Time Temporal Logic (M98/20)
R. Alur, Thomas A. Henzinger and O. Kupferman

Reachability Verification for Hybrid Automata (M98/19)
Thomas A. Henzinger and V. Rusu

Finitary Fairness (M98/18)
R. Alur and Thomas A. Henzinger

A Framework for Robust Measurement-Based Admission Control (M98/17)
M. Grossglauser and David Tse

Hierarchically Consistent Control Systems (M98/16)
G.J. Pappas, G. Lafferriere and S. Shankar Sastry

Hybrid Systems with Finite Bisimulations (M98/15)
G. Lafferriere, G.J. Pappas and S. Shankar Sastry

Passive Model Order Reduction Algorithm for Multipoint Moment Matching of Multiport Distributed Interconnect Networks (M98/13)
Q. Yu, J.M.L. Wang and Ernest S. Kuh

Optimal Sequences and Sum Capacity of Synchronous CDMA Systems (M98/12)
P. Viswanath and Venkat Anantharam

Motion Recovery from Image Sequences: Discrete Viewpoint vs. Differential Viewpoint (M98/11)
Y. Ma, J. Kosecka and S. Shankar Sastry

Architecture and Infrastructure for a Distributed Design Environment A Client Perspective (M98/10)
F.L. Chan

Quasi-Static Scheduling of Free-Choice Petri Nets (M98/9)
M. Sgroi, L. Lavagno and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Autonomous Image Processing Algorithms Locate Region-of-Interests: The Mars Rover Application (M98/8)
C. Privitera, M. Azzariti and L.W. Stark

Modeling Concurrent Real-Time Processes Using Discrete Events (M98/7)
Edward A. Lee

Optimal Sequences, Power Control and Capacity of Spread-Spectrum Systems with Multiuser Linear Receivers (M98/6)
P. Viswanath, Venkat Anantharam and David Tse

Low-Phase-Noise, Low-Timing-Jitter Design Techniques for Delay Cell Based VCOs and Frequency Synthesizers (M98/5)
Todd C. Weigandt

Rectification Neural Networks: A Novel Adaptive Architecture and Its Application for Implementing the Local Logic of Cellular Neural Networks (M98/4)
R. Dogaru and Leon O. Chua

A New Speech Enabled Applications Infrastructure for the INFOPAD (M98/3)
A.K. Sinha

Wireless Communications for Smart Dust (M98/2)
V.S. Hsu, Joseph M. Kahn and Kristofer Pister

Linear Multiuser Receivers: Effective Interference, Effective Bandwidth and Capacity (M98/1)
David Tse and S. Hanly