An Efficient Method for Mining Association Rules with Item Constraints (CSD-99-1089)
Shin-Mu Vincent Tseng

Sampling from Gibbs Distributions (CSD-99-1088)
Eric Joseph Vigoda

Minerva: An Adaptive Subblock Coherence Protocol for Improved SMP Performance (CSD-99-1087)
Jeffrey B. Rothman and Alan Jay Smith

A Classification of Symbolic Transition Systems (CSD-99-1086)
Thomas A. Henzinger and Rupak Majumdar

Dynamic Memory Model based Optimization of Scalar and Vector Quantizer Encoder (CSD-99-1085)
Gene Cheung and Steven McCanne

TCP Performance over Satellite Channels (CSD-99-1083)
Thomas R. Henderson and Randy H. Katz

Visualizing Fuzzy Points in Parallel Coordinates (CSD-99-1082)
Michael R. Berthold and Lawrence O. Hall

Creating a Customized Access Method for Blobworld (CSD-99-1081)
Megan Thomas

An Network Measurement Architecture for Adaptive Applications (CSD-99-1080)
Mark Richard Stemm

Interpreting Fuzzy Models: the Discriminative Power of Input Features (CSD-99-1079)
Rosaria Silipo and Michael R. Berthold

Continuous Query Optimization (CSD-99-1078)
Ron Avnur and Joseph M. Hellerstein

Non-Transparent Debugging of Optimized Code (CSD-99-1077)
Caroline Mae Tice

Axioms for Real-Time Logics (CSD-99-1076)
Pierre-Yves Schobbens, Jean-Francois Raskin, Thomas A. Henzinger and L. Ferier

Symbolic Representation of Upwards Closed Sets (CSD-99-1075)
Giorgio Delzanno and Jean-Francois Raskin

Temporal Logics, Automata, and Classical Theories for Defining Real-Time Languages (CSD-99-1074)
Thomas A. Henzinger, Jean-Francois Raskin and Pierre-Yves Schobbens

Robust Undecidability of Timed and Hybrid Systems (CSD-99-1073)
Thomas A. Henzinger and Jean-Francois Raskin

Type Systems for Distributed Data Structures (CSD-99-1072)
Ben Liblit and Alexander Aiken

I/O Reference Behavior of Production Database Workloads and the TPC Benchmarks - An Analysis at the Logical Level (CSD-99-1071)
Windsor W. Hsu, Alan Jay Smith and Honesty C. Young

Analysis of the Characteristics of Production Database Workloads and Comparison with the TPC Benchmarks (CSD-99-1070)
Windsor W. Hsu, Alan Jay Smith and Honesty C. Young

Visual Similarity of Pen Gestures (CSD-99-1069)
A. Chris Long, James A. Landay, Lawrence A. Rowe and Joseph Michiels

The Breadcrumb Forwarding Service and the Digital Fountain Rainbow: Toward a TCP-Friendly Reliable Multicast (CSD-99-1068)
Koichi Yano and Steven McCanne

Vector IRAM Memory Performance for Image Access Patterns (CSD-99-1067)
Richard M. Fromm

Characterizing Large Storage Systems: Error Behavior and Performance Benchmarks (CSD-99-1066)
Nisha Darshi Talagala

DENIM: Finding a Tighter Fit Between Tools and Practice for Web Site Design (CSD-99-1065)
James Lin, Mark Newman, Jason I. Hong and James A. Landay

Analysis of Shared Memory Misses and Reference Patterns (CSD-99-1064)
Jeffrey B. Rothman and Alan Jay Smith

Microbenchmark-based Extraction of Local and Global Disk Characteristics (CSD-99-1063)
Nisha Talagala, Remzi H. Arpaci-Dusseau and D. Patterson

Sitemaps, Storyboards, and Specifications: A Sketch of Web Site Design Practice as Manifested Through Artifacts (CSD-99-1062)
Mark W. Newman and James A. Landay

Network Provisioning and Resource Management for IP Telephony (CSD-99-1061)
Chen-Nee Chuah and Randy H. Katz

Jagged Bite Problem NP-Complete Construction (CSD-99-1060)
Kris Hildrum and Megan Thomas

A Media-Enhanced Vector Architecture for Embedded Memory Systems (CSD-99-1059)
Christoforos Kozyrakis

SATIN: A Toolkit for Informal Ink-based Applications (CSD-99-1058)
James I. Hong and James A. Landay

Projecting the Performance of Decision Support Workloads on Systems with Smart Storage (SmartSTOR) (CSD-99-1057)
Windsor W. Hsu, Alan J. Smith and Honesty C. Young

Janus: an Approach for Confinement of Untrusted Applications (CSD-99-1056)
David A. Wagner

A Systematic Characterization of Application Sensitivity to Network Performance (CSD-99-1055)
Richard Paul Martin

Multiprocessor Memory Reference Generation Using Cerberus (CSD-99-1054)
Jeffrey B. Rothman and Alan Jay Smith

A Case for Flow-Adaptive Wireless Links (CSD-99-1053)
Reiner Ludwig

Implicit Coscheduling: Coordinated Scheduling with Implicit Information in Distributed Systems (CSD-99-1052)
Andrea Carol Arpaci-Dusseau

An Analysis Framework for Access Methods (CSD-99-1051)
Marcel Kornacker, Mehul Shah and Joseph M. Hellerstein

Reliable Multicast Protocol Specialization for Caching and Collaboration within the World-Wide Web (CSD-99-1050)
L. Kristin Wright

A Scalable Framework for Secure Multicast (CSD-99-1049)
Sreedhar Mukkamalla and Randy H. Katz

Personal Mobility in the ICEBERG Integrated Communication Network (CSD-99-1048)
Bhaskaran Raman, Randy H. Katz and Anthony D. Joseph

Learning Mixtures of Gaussians (CSD-99-1047)
Sanjoy Dasgupta

Correctness of Belief Propogation in Gaussian Graphical Models of Arbitrary Topology (CSD-99-1046)
Yair Weiss and William T. Freeman

Symbolic Layout Evaluator for Floor Plans (CSD-99-1045)
Amy Shih-Chun Hsu

Rectangular Hybrid Games (Extended Abstract) (CSD-99-1044)
Thomas A. Henzinger, Benjamin Horowitz and Rupak Majumdar

Online Dynamic Reordering for Interactive Data Processing (CSD-99-1043)
Vijayshankar Raman, Bhaskaran Raman and Joseph M. Hellerstein

An Analysis of Error Behavior in a Large Storage System (CSD-99-1042)
Nisha Talagala and David Patterson

Blobworld: a System for Region-Based Image Indexing and Retrieval (long version) (CSD-99-1041)
Chad Carson, Megan Thomas, Serge Belongie, Joseph M. Hellerstein and Jitendra Malik

Software Synthesis of Variable-length Code Decoder using a Mixture of Programmed Logic and Table Lookups (CSD-99-1040)
Gene Cheung, Steven McCanne and Christos Papadimitriou

Execution Time of Symmetric Eigensolvers (CSD-99-1039)
Kendall Swenson Stanley

Analysis of Personal Computer Workloads (CSD-99-1038)
Min Zhou and Alan Jay Smith

Tracing Windows95 (CSD-99-1037)
Min Zhou and Alan Jay Smith

Parallel Multigrid Algorithms for Unstructured 3D Large Deformation Elasticity and Plasticity Finite Element Problems (CSD-99-1036)
Mark Adams

The Pool of Subsectors Cache Design (CSD-99-1035)
Jeffrey B. Rothman and Alan Jay Smith

Sector Cache Design and Performance (CSD-99-1034)
Jeffrey B. Rothman and Alan Jay Smith

Multigrid Equation Solvers for Large Scale Nonlinear Finite Element Simulations (CSD-99-1033)
Mark Francis Adams

A Compact and Universal RTD-Based CNN Cell: Circuit, Piecewise-Linear Model, and Functional Capabilities (M99/72)
R. Dogaru, Leon O. Chua and M. Hänggi

The Mechanism of Radiation Induced Densification in Fused Silica (M99/71)
F. Piao

Cross-Talk Noise Immune VLSI Design Using Regular Layout Fabrics (M99/70)
Sunil P. Khatri

Geographical Routing Using Partial Information for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks (M99/69)
R. Jain, A. Puri and R. Sengupta

Theory and Simulation of Oscillations on Near-Steady State in Crossed-Field Electron Flow and the Resulting Transport (M99/68)
K.L. Cartwright

Ion Acoustic Waves and Solitons in Bounded Plasmas (M99/67)
K.L. Cartwright

The Design and Implementation of a Downconversion Mixer for a Wideband CDMA Mixed Receiver (M99/66)
B. Limketkai

Controlled Invariance of Discrete Time Systems (M99/65)
R. Vidal, S. Schaffert, J. Lygeros and S. Shankar Sastry

Landing an Unmanned Air Vehicle: Vision Based Motion Estimation and Nonlinear Control (M99/64)
O. Shakernia

Embedded Software - An Agenda for Research (M99/63)
Edward A. Lee

Algebraic Methods for Multi-Valued Logic (M99/62)
Robert K. Brayton

A Low-Power, 8-Bit, 200 MHz Digital-to- Analog Converter (M99/61)
S. Blackman

Storm Version 2.0 (M99/60)
E. Croffie

Optimal Motion Estimation from Multiple Images by Normalized Epipolar Constraint (M99/59)
Y. Ma, R. Vidal, S. Hsu and S. Shankar Sastry

Physical and Numerical Methods of Speeding Up Particle Codes and Paralleling as Applied to RF Discharges (M99/58)
E. Kawamura, Charles K. (Ned) Birdsall and V. Vahedi

Image Denoising and Interpolation Based on Compression and Edge Models (M99/57)
Sai-Hsueh Grace Chang

From Pre-Historic to Post-Modern Symbolic Model Checking (M99/56)
Thomas A. Henzinger, O. Kupferman and S. Qadeer

Verifying Sequential Consistency on Shared-Memory Multiprocessor Systems (M99/55)
Thomas A. Henzinger, S. Qadeer and S.K. Rajamani

Asymptotically Optimal Water Filling in Vector Multiple Access Channels (M99/54)
P. Viswanath, David Tse and Venkat Anantharam

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce (M99/53)
L.P. Carloni and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Don't Care Wires in Logical/Physical Design (M99/52)
P. Chong, Y. Jiang, S. Khatri, S. Sinha and Robert K. Brayton

Binary and Multi-Valued SPFD-Based Wire Removal in PLA Networks (M99/51)
S.P. Khatri, S. Sinha, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

A VLSI Design Methodology Using a Network of PLAs Embedded in a Regular Layout Fabric (M99/50)
S.P. Khatri, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Representation of Human Vision in the Brain: How Does Human Perception Recognize Images? (M99/49)
L.W. Stark, M. Azzariti, T. Blackmon, D. Chernyak, Y.F. Ho, C.M. Privitera and H. Yang

Thermal Effects in Deep Sub-Micron VLSI Interconnects and Implications for Reliability and Performance (M99/48)
Kaustav Banerjee

Total Capacity of Multi-Access Vector Channels (M99/47)
P. Viswanath and Venkat Anantharam

Non-Transparent Debugging of Optimized Code (M99/46)
Caroline Mae Tice

Inter-Module Interconnect Strategy for System on Chip Applications (M99/45)
B. Tabbara and A. Tabbara

BSIM01 v2.0 MOSFET Model - User's Manual for BSIMFD2.0 (M99/44)
Chenming Hu, J-N. Feng, W-D. Liu, S.K.H. Fung, P. Su and S. Tang

BSIMS01 v2.0 MOSFET Model - User's Manual for BSIM002.0 (M99/43)
Chenming Hu, J-N. Feng, W-D. Liu, S.K.H. Fung, P. Su and S. Tang

Timing Analysis and Optimization for High-Performance Digital Circuits (M99/42)
Yuji Kukimoto

A Syntactic Method for Analyzing Plasma Etching Signals (M99/41)
Dong Wu Zhao

Heterogeneous Concurrent Modeling and Design in Java (M99/40)
J. Davis II, M. Goel, C. Hylands, B. Kienhuis, Edward A. Lee, J. Liu, X. Liu, L. Muliadi, S. Neuendorffer, J. Reekie, N. Smyth, J. Tsay and Y. Xiong

Design Methodologies for RF and Mixed-Signal Systems (M99/39)
Iason Vassiliou

Simulation-Oriented Behavioral Verification (M99/38)
B. Tabbara and A. Tabbara

Overview of the Ptolemy Project (M99/37)
J. Davis II, M. Goel, C. Hylands, B. Kienhuis, Edward A. Lee, J. Liu, X. Liu, L. Muliadi, S. Neuendorffer, J. Reekie, N. Smyth, J. Tsay and Y. Xiong

Cyclostationary Noise in Communication Systems (M99/36)
M.T. Terrovitis and Robert G. Meyer

A New Fair Window Algorithm for ECN Capable TCP (New-ECN) (M99/35)

Hybrid Systems: Modeling, Analysis and Control - EECS 291E Lecture Notes and Class Projects (M99/34)
J. Lygeros, S. Shankar Sastry, P. Arroyo, C. Cloet, G. Gomes, B. Horowitz, J. Hu, L. Munoz, J. Musacchio, M. Ozaki, A. Nilim, C. Pinello, O. Shakernia, A. Sweet, B. Sinopoli, Takkuen John Koo, S. Rashid, H. Jin Kim, S. Schaffert, R. Vidal and J. Zhang

Optimization Criteria and Geometric Algorithms for Motion and Structure Estimation (M99/33)
Y. Ma, J. Kosecka and S. Shankar Sastry

Camera Self-Calibration: Geometry and Algorithms (M99/32)
Y. Ma, R. Vidal, J. Kosecka and S. Shankar Sastry

Data Flow and Control for Hardware and Software Co-Synthesis in Embedded Systems (M99/31)
B. Tabbara and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Instabilities in Low Pressure Inductive Discharges with Attaching Gases (M99/30)
M.A. Lieberman, A.J. Lichtenberg and A.M. Marakhtanov

Discrete Event Modeling in Ptolemy II (M99/29)
L. Muliadi

In-Situ Etch Rate Sensor Arrays for Plasma Etch Processes (M99/28)
M. Freed

An Integrated System of Optical Metrology for Deep Submicron Lithography (M99/27)
Xinhui Niu

Moving Boundary Models and Methods for Deep Submicron Resist Process Simulation (M99/26)
E. Croffie

Design for Reliability of Low-Voltage, Switched-Capacity Circuits (M99/25)
Andrew M. Abo

MicroElectroMechanical Devices and Fabrication Technologies for Radio-Frequency Analog Signal Processing (M99/24)
Darrin J. Young

On the Regulation of Zend Hybrid Automata (M99/23)
K.H. Johansson, M. Egerstedt, J. Lygeros and S. Shankar Sastry

Visual Search and Display of Metrics Functionality; Experimental Results (M99/22)
L.W. Stark, C.M. Privitera, Y.F. Ho and M. Azzariti

Resistance Triangle Inequality (M99/21)
Leon O. Chua

Comparing Human and Computer Top-Down Vision in a Recognition Task: Effects of Blur and Noise (M99/20)
M. Okubo and L.W. Stark

BSIM3v3.2.1 MOSFET Model Users' Manual (M99/19)
W. Liu, X. Jin, J. Chen, M-C. Jeng, Z. Liu, Y. Cheng, K. Chen, M. Chan, K. Hui, J. Huang, R. Tu, P.K. Ko and Chenming Hu

BSIM3v3.2.2 MOSFET Model Users' Manual (M99/18)
W. Liu, X. Jin, J. Chen, M-C. Jeng, Z. Liu, Y. Cheng, K. Chen, M. Chan, K. Hui, J. Huang, R. Tu, P.K. Ko and Chenming Hu

SPFD-Based Wire Removal in a Network of PLAs (M99/17)
S.P. Khatri, S. Sinha, Andreas Kuehlmann, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

A Multi-Layer Area Routing Methodology Using a Boolean Satisfiability Based Router (M99/16)
Y. Jiang, S.P. Khatri, Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and Robert K. Brayton

Routing Techniques for Deep Sub-Micron Technologies (M99/15)
S.P. Khatri, A. Mehrotra, M.R. Prasad, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Formal Specification and Verification of a Dataflow Processor Array (M99/14)
Thomas A. Henzinger, X. Liu, S. Qadeer and S.K. Rajamani

An Assume-Guaranteee Rule for Checking Simulation for Multipoint Moment Matching of Multiport Distributed Interconnect Networks (M99/13)
Thomas A. Henzinger, S. Qadeer, S.K. Rajamani, S. Tasiran, J.M.L. Wang and Ernest S. Kuh

An Algorithm for the Approximative Analysis of Rectangular Automata (M99/12)
J. Preubig, S. Kowalewski, H. Wong-Toi and Thomas A. Henzinger

Latency Insensitive Protocols (M99/11)
L.P. Carloni, K.L. McMillan and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Simulation Techniques for Noise in Non-Autonomous Radio Frequency Circuits (M99/10)
A. Mehrotra and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Why Is ATPG Easy? (M99/9)
P. Chong, M.R. Prasad and Kurt Keutzer

Investigation of Plasma Implantation and Gate Oxide Charging During Plasma Processing (M99/8)
Barry P. Linder

Optimal Power Allocation Over Parallel Gaussian Channels (M99/7)
David Tse

Autonomous Temperature Sensor for Semiconductor Processing (M00/6)
A. Gleckman

Capacity and Mutual Information of Wideband Multipath Fading Channels (M99/6)
E. Telatar and David Tse

Effective Interference and Effective Bandwidth of Linear Multiuser Receivers in Asynchronous Systems (M99/5)
Kiran and David Tse

Performance of Linear Multiuser Receivers in Random Environments (M99/4)
David Tse and O. Zeitouni

Towards a Geometric Theory of Hybrid Systems (M00/3)
Slobodan Simić, K.H. Johansson, S. Shankar Sastry and J. Lygeros

Issues in TCP Vegas (M99/3)
R.J. La, Jean Walrand and Venkat Anantharam

Beyond Traditional Transform Coding (M99/2)
Vivek K. Goyal

Synchronous Equivalence for Embedded Systems: A Tool for Design Exploration (M99/1)
H. Hsieh, F. Balarin and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli