Ph.D. Dissertations - William G. Oldham

Dynamics, Control and Fabrication of Micromirrors for Maskless Lithography
Yijian Chen [2004]

Design, Fabrication, and Optical Analysis of Nanomirrors for Maskless EUV Lithography
Yashesh A. Shroff [2003]

Direct Aerial Image Monitoring for Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography Systems
Charles H. Fields [1997]

Ultraviolet Damage to Fused Silica
Richard E. Schenker [1997]

Issues in Deep-UV Photoresist Technology: Characterization and Modeling of Bulk and Surface Imaged Resists for 248 and 213 nm Lithography
John M. Hutchinson [1994]

Issues in Deep-UV Lithography Using Pulsed Laser Light Sources
William N. Partlo [1992]

The Selective Epitaxy of Silicon at Low Temperatures
Jen-Chung Lou [1991]

Hot-Wall Silicon Epitaxy
Carl J. Galewski [1990]

Investigation of a Focused-Image Lens-Hologram Projection System for Microlithography
Ginetto Addiego [1989]

Finite Element Methods for Process Simulation Application to Silicon Oxidation
Pantas Sutardja [1988]

Multilevel Interconnection Technologies ¿ A Framework and Examples
Pei-Lin Pai [1987]

Thin Nitride-Oxide Dielectrics
Kwang-Leei K. Young [1986]

Ion Implantation Effects in Silicon Dioxide
Seyed M. R. Kazerounian [1985]

A Family of Simulation Programs for IC Fabrication Processes (Their Structure, Design, and Implementation)
Sharad N. Nandgaonkar [1984]

Characterization and Modeling of Positive Photoresist
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Electromigration in Al+Si/Si Contacts
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Characterization of Plasma Etched Structures in IC Processing
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Investigation of Silicon Nitride Formed by Low-Energy Ion-Implantation
Tzu-Yin Chiu [1983]

Local Oxidation Process for Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits
Chi-Hung Hui [1983]

Shallow Junction Technology
Te-Yin M. Liu [1983]

Thin Gate Dielectrics for MOSFETs
Siu-Weng S. Wong [1983]

MOS Devices with Very Thin Gate Dielectrics
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Silicon MESFETs
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Optical Gain in GaAs
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Radiation Induced Failure Mechanisms in MOSFETs
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Study of PbTe Schottky Barrier Diodes
Hsing-hsien Kung [1975]

Minority Carrier Lifetime in Neutron Irradiated Silicon
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GaAs Electroluminescent Diodes
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Lifetime Degradation in Neutron-Irradiated Silicon
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Radiation Damage in Miniature Avalanche Diodes
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