The Network Event Manager (CSD-86-299)
Yih-Farn Chen, Atul Prakash and C.V. Ramamoorthy

An Experimental Assessment of Resource Queue Lengths as Load Indices (CSD-86-298)
Songnian Zhou

Smalltalk-80 to SOAR Code (CSD-86-297)
William R. Bush

Query Optimization in Distributed Databases Through Load Balancing (CSD-86-296)
Rafael Alonso

Knowledge-Based Distributed Systems Management (CSD-86-295)
Joseph Pasquale

CLUSTER: An Approach to Contextual Language Understanding (CSD-86-293)
Yigal Arens

A Browser for Directed Graphs (CSD-86-292)
Lawrence A. Rowe, Michael Davis, Eli Messinger, Carl Meyer, Charles Spirakis and Allen Tuan

An Obstacle-Avoiding Router for Custom VLSI (CSD-86-291)
Gordon Taro Hamachi

CPU Cache Consistency with Software Support and Using "One Time Identifiers" (CSD-86-290)
Alan Jay Smith

The Memory Architecture and the Cache and Memory Management Unit for the Fairchild CLIPPER Processor (CSD-86-289)
James Cho, Alan Jay Smith and Howard Sachs

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About "An Introduction to Computers" (CSD-86-288)
David A. Patterson

The Design and Evaluation of A High Performance Smalltalk System (CSD-86-287)
David Michael Ungar

Cell Design in Prolog (CSD-86-286)
Ashar A. Butt

Transistor Sizing (CSD-86-285)
Jonathan Pincus

Partitioning Polyhedral Objects into Non-Intersecting Parts (CSD-86-284)
Mark Gordon Segal

ALANA -- Augmentable LANguage Analyzer (CSD-86-283)
Charles A. Cox

Hidden Feature Removal and Display of Intersecting Objects in UNIGRAFIX (CSD-86-282)
Nachshon Gal

The Berkeley UNIGRAFIX Tools, Version 2.5 (CSD-86-281)
Carlo H. Séquin

Binary Space Partitioning for Previewing UNIGRAFIX Scenes (CSD-86-280)
Ziv Gigus

Jessie: An Interactive Editor for Unigrafix (CSD-86-279)
H. B. Siegel

More ... Creative Geometric Modeling (CSD-86-278)
Carlo H. Séquin

A Model of Evidential Reasoning In a Hierarchical Hypothesis Space (CSD-86-277)
John Yen

Load Balancing With Maitre d' (CSD-86-276)
Brian Bershad

An Election Algorithm for a Distributed Clock Synchronization Program (CSD-86-275)
Riccardo Gusella and Stefano Zatti

A Characterization of the Use of the UNIX C Shell (CSD-86-274)
Rita K. Hanson

SPUR: A VLSI Multiprocessor Workstation (CSD-86-273)
Mark Donald Hill, Susan J. Eggers, James Richard Larus, George S. Taylor, Glenn D. Adams, Bidyut Kumar Bose, Garth A. Gibson, Paul Mark Hansen, John Keller, Shing I. Kong, Corinna Grace Lee, Daebum Lee, J. M. Pendleton, Scott Allen Ritchie, David A. Wood, Benjamin G. Zorn, Paul N. Hilfinger, D. A. Hodges, Randy H. Katz, John K. Ousterhout and David A. Patterson

1986 VLSI Tools: Still More Works by the Original Artists (CSD-86-272)
Walter S. Scott, Robert N. Mayo, Gordon Hamachi and John K. Ousterhout

Iteration Theorems for Deterministic Families of Languages (CSD-86-271)
Michael A. Harrison

Version Modeling Concepts for Computer-Aided Design Databases (CSD-86-270)
Randy H. Katz, Ellis E. Chang and Rajiv Bhateja

Compaction and Circuit Extraction in the MAGIC IC Layout System (CSD-86-269)
Walter Stewart Scott

The Administration of Distributed Computations in a Networked Environment: An Interim Report (CSD-86-268)
Luis Felipe Cabrera, Stuart Sechrest and Ramon Caceres

Object Management in Local Distributed Systems (CSD-86-267)
Songnian Zhou and Roberto Zicari

A Version Server for Computer-Aided Design Data (CSD-86-266)
Randy H. Katz, M. Anwaruddin and Ellis E. Chang

Arbitrary Subdivision of Bezier Curves (CSD-86-265)
Brian A. Barsky

Corner-Based Geometric Layout Rule Checking for VLSI Circuits (CSD-86-264)
Michael Helmut Arnold

High Performance Execution of Prolog Programs Based on A Static Data Dependency Analysis (CSD-86-263)
Jung-Herng Chang

A Study of Load Indices for Load Balancing Schemes (CSD-86-262)
Domenico Ferrari

Prefix Tables: A Simple Mechanism for Locating Files in a Distributed System (CSD-86-261)
Brent Ballinger Welch and John K. Ousterhout

Graphic Presentation of Data Structures in the DBX Debugger (CSD-86-260)
David B. Baskerville

Proceedings of CS292i: Implementation of VLSI Systems, Spring 1985 (CSD-86-259)
Randy H. Katz and SPUR Hardware Design Team

Properties and Update Semantics of Consistent Views (CSD-86-258)
G. Gottlob, P. Paolini and Roberto Zicari

The Berkeley PLM Instruction Set: An Instruction Set for Prolog (CSD-86-257)
Barry Fagin and Tep Dobry

Fault Tolerance for VLSI Multicomputers (CSD-86-256)
Yuval Tamir

Geometric Continuity: A Parametrization Independent Measure of Continuity for Computer Aided Geometric Design (CSD-86-255)
Anthony D. DeRose

A Knowledge-Based Approach to Language Production (CSD-86-254)
Paul Schafran Jacobs

Power and Ground Requirements for a High-speed 32 Bit Computer Chip Set (CSD-86-253)
John Keller

Time-Optimal Design of a CMOS Adder (CSD-86-252)
Belle W. Y. Wei, Clark D. Thompson and Yih-Farn Chen

A Superlinearly Convergent Algorithm for Min-Max Problems (M86/103)
Elijah Polak, D.Q. Mayne and J.E. Higgins

On the Design of Stabilizing Compensators Via Semi-Infinite Optimization (M86/102)
Elijah Polak and S. Wuu

Axial Feedback Stabilization of Flute Modes for Mirror Machines (M86/101)
B.K. Kang, Michael A. Lieberman and A.K. Sen

The Effect of Quasi-Accelerator Modes on Diffusion (M86/100)
Allan J. Lichtenberg, Michael A. Lieberman and N.W. Murray

The Dual Double Scroll Equation (M86/99)
T.S. Parker and Leon O. Chua

A Performance Analysis of View Materialization Strategies (M86/98)
E. Hanson

Probabilistic Hill Climbing Algorithms: Properties and Applications (M86/97)
F.I. Romeo

The Design of a GaAs MESFET Temperature Independent Voltage Reference Circuit and the Evaluation of GaAs Large Signal MESFET Models (M86/96)
R.K. Hung

Topological Optimization of Multiple Level Array Logic (M86/95)
S. Devadas

Linear Magnetized Plasma Response to an Oblique Electrostatic Wave (M86/94)
W.S. Lawson

On the Verification of Sequential Machines at Differing Levels of Abstraction (M86/93)
S. Devadas, H.K. Ma and A. Richard Newton

Algorithms for Hardware Allocation in Data Path Synthesis (M86/92)
S. Devadas and A. Richard Newton

Algorithms for Pipeline Scheduling and Synthesis (M86/91)
S. Devadas and A. Richard Newton

DELIGHT.MIMO: An Interactive System for Optimization-Based Multivariable Control System Design (M86/90)
Tzyh-Lih Wuu

The Cell Tree: An Index for Geometric Data (M86/89)
O. Gunther

A Dual Approach to Detect Polyhedral Intersections in Arbitrary Dimensions (M86/88)
O. Gunther and Eugene Wong

A Dual Space Representation for Geometric Data (M86/87)
O. Gunther and Eugene Wong

Large Deviations in Dissipative Dynamics: An Optimal Control Approach (M86/86)
Efthimios Kappos

The POSTGRES papers (M86/85)
Michael Stonebraker and Lawrence A. Rowe

Switched Capacitor Signal Processing Circuits in Scaled Technologies (M86/84)
Chorng-Kuang Wang

Model Based Tactile Object Recognition for Polyhedra (M86/83)
C.F. Elia

An Attached Processor for MOS-Transistor Model Evaluation (M86/82)
Ronald S. Gyurcsik

Global Lyapunov Function Theory (M86/81)
E. Kappos and S. Shankar Sastry

The Design of the POSTGRES Rules System (M86/80)
Michael Stonebraker, E. Hanson and C-H. Hong

Partial Response Coding in Digital Subscriber Loops (M86/79)
Nan-Sheng Lin

Wide-Band, Low-Noise, Matched Impedance Amplifiers in Submicron MOS Technology (M86/78)
Kai-Yap Toh

A-TREES: An Indexing Abstraction for Ordered Aggregates (M86/77)
W.B. Rubenstein

Stochasticity and Resonances in the Two Beam Accelerator (M86/76)
N.W. Murray and Michael A. Lieberman

Characterization of the Boron+ Planar Dopant Source Moisture Enhanced Process (M86/75)
R. Alley, P.K. Ko and K. Voros

Quick Simulation Method for Excessive Backlogs in Networks of Queues (M86/74)
Shyam Parekh and Jean Walrand

Instability and Geometric Transience of the Aloha Protocol (M86/73)
Shyam Parekh, F. Schoute and Jean Walrand

Modeling Considerations for Bipolar Transistors (M86/72)
J.D. Burnett

Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems With Degenerate Linearization (M86/71)
S. Behtash and S. Shankar Sastry

Application of Microphone Arrays in Hands-Free Telephony (M86/70)
T. Chujo

Processing Recursion in Database Systems (M86/69)
Yannis E. Ioannidis

Observation of a Potential Barrier Created by Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating in a Multiple Mirror Plasma (M86/68)
C.P. Chang, Michael A. Lieberman, H. Meuth and Allan J. Lichtenberg

Averaging Analysis for Discrete Time and Sampled Data Adaptive Systems (M86/67)
E-W. Bai, L-C. Fu and S. Shankar Sastry

Stability, Convergence, and Robustness of Adaptive Systems (M86/66)
Marc Bodson

Multiple-Valued Logic Minimization for PLA Synthesis (M86/65)
Richard L. Rudell

BSIM - Substrate Current Modeling Appendix C: SPICE Implementation of the BSIM Substrate Current and Degradation Models (M86/64)
P.M. Lee, P.K. Ko and Chenming Hu

Supervisory Control of Discrete Event Processes with Partial Observations (M86/63)
R. Cieslak, C. Desclaux, A. Fawaz and Pravin Varaiya

Asymptotically Efficient Allocation Rules for the Multiarmed Bandit Problem with Multiple Plays Part I: I.I.D. Rewards, Part II: Markovian Rewards (M86/62)
Venkat Anantharam, Pravin Varaiya and Jean Walrand

3-D Rotation Instrument for Displaying Strange Attractors (M86/61)
Leon O. Chua and T. Sugawara

Use of Specific Prior Information in the Adaptive Identification of Continuous Time Systems (M86/60)
J. Mason

Object Management in POSTGRES Using Procedures (M86/59)
Michael Stonebraker

Optimization of Extended Relational Database Systems (M86/58)
Timoleon K. Sellis

Two-Dimensional Optical Imaging for Photolithography Simulation (M86/57)
P.D. Flanner III

Applications of SIMPL (M86/56)
L. Gibson

NUTCRACKER: An Intelligent Channel Spacer (M86/55)
X-M. Xiong

A Coupled Hardware and Software Architecture for Programmable Digital Signal Processors (M86/54)
Edward A. Lee

Proximity Algorithms: Theory and Implementation (M86/53)
J.E. Hauser

Adaptive Stabilization of Sampled Systems (M86/52)
E. Bai and S. Shankar Sastry

On the Computation of the Transitive Closure of Relational Operators (M86/51)
Y.E. Ioannidis

Numerical Simulations of Turbulent Trapping in the Weak Beam-Plasma Instability (M86/50)
K. Theilhaber, G. Laval and D. Pesme

BSIM - Substrate Current Modeling (M86/49)
P.M. Lee

Effect of Large-Amplitude Perpendicularly- Propagating RF Waves on the Interchange Instability (M86/48)
N.F. Otani and B.I. Cohen

Simulation of Plasma Dynamics Using Many Particles (M86/47)
Charles K. (Ned) Birdsall, N.F. Otani and B.I. Cohen

NOnlinear ELectronics (NOEL) Package 8: Phase Portrait of Second Order Nonlinear Circuits (M86/46)
A-C. Deng and Leon O. Chua

Weakly Nonlinear Oscillator Circuits and Averaging: A General Approach (M86/45)
G.M. Bernstein and Leon O. Chua

Limits of Linear Response of a Vlasov Distribution (M86/44)
W.A. Lawson

Task Oriented Optimal Grasping by Multifingered Robot Hands (M86/43)
Z. Li and S. Shankar Sastry

A Fully Automated BSIM Parameter Extraction System Using the HP 4062 Test System (M86/41)
N. Yuen

A Shared Object Hierarchy (M86/40)
Lawrence A. Rowe

The Design and Evaluation of a Speech Recognition System for Engineering Workstations (M86/39)
Robert A. Kavaler

Design of a Video Histogrammer Using Automated Layout Tools (M86/38)
B.C. Richards

Architecture and Design Techniques for Real-Time Image Processing ICs (M86/37)
Peter A. Ruetz

Dynamics of Flexible Structures Performing Large Overall Motions: A Geometrically- Nonlinear Approach (M86/36)
L. Vu-Quoc

Distributed Information and Distributed Control: Cases from Stochastic Systems and Database Management (M86/35)
Stéphane Lafortune

NOnlinear ELectronics (NOEL) Package 7: Canonical Piecewise-Linear Transient Analysis (M86/34)
A-C. Deng and Leon O. Chua

NOnlinear ELectronics (NOEL) Package 6: Canonical Piecewise-Linear DC Analysis (M86/33)
A-C. Deng and Leon O. Chua

NOnlinear ELectronics (NOEL) Package 5: Canonical Piecewise-Linear Modeling (M86/32)
A-C. Deng and Leon O. Chua

Stability Regions of Nonlinear Autonomous Dynamical Systems (M86/31)
H-D. Chiang, M.W. Hirsch and Felix F. Wu

Persistency of Excitation in Possibly Unstable Continuous Time Systems and Parameter Convergence in Adaptive Identification (M86/30)
N. Nordstrom and S. Shankar Sastry

On the Dynamics of Earth-Orbiting Flexible Satellites with Multibody Components (M86/29)
L. Vu-Quoc and J.C. Simo

NOnlinear ELectronics (NOEL) Package 9 RKF: A Single-Stop, Variable Step-Size Integration Routine for Non-Stiff Odes (M86/28)
T.S. Parker, G.M. Bernstein and Leon O. Chua

NOnlinear ELectronics (NOEL) Package 4: Nonlinear Transient Analysis (M86/27)
A-C. Deng and Leon O. Chua

NOnlinear ELectronics (NOEL) Package 3: Nonlinear DC Analysis (M86/26)
A-C. Deng and Leon O. Chua

Slow Drift Instability in Model Reference Adaptive System--An Averaging Analysis (M86/25)
L-C. Fu and S. Shankar Sastry

NOnlinear ELectronics (NOEL) Package 2: Computer Generation of Symbolic Transfer Function (M86/24)
A-C. Deng and Leon O. Chua

NOnlinear ELectronics (NOEL) Package 1: Linear Circuit Formulations, N-Port Representations, and State Equations (M86/23)
A-C. Deng and Leon O. Chua

NOnlinear ELectronics (NOEL) Package 0: General Description (M86/22)
A-C. Deng and Leon O. Chua

Managing Text as Data (M86/21)
G. Pavlovic-Lazetic and Eugene Wong

Global Stability Proofs for Continuous Time Indirect Adaptive Control Schemes (M86/20)
E-W. Bai and S. Shankar Sastry

Global Query Optimization (M86/19)
T.K. Selis

Stabilizing Effects of Finite-Amplitude RF Waves on the Interchange Instability (M86/18)
N.F. Otani

Characterization of Ion Implanted and Annealed GaAs for an Integrated Circuit Process (M86/17)
J.E. Van Leeuwen

Computer-Aided Design for VLSI Circuits (M86/16)
A. Richard Newton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Saturation and Post-Saturation Behavior of the Alfven Ion-Cyclotron Instability: A Simulation Study (M86/15)
N.F. Otani

A Diagonalization Technique for the Computation of Sensitivity Functions of Linear Time-Invariant Systems (M86/13)
T.L. Wuu, R.G. Becker and Elijah Polak

Low Distortion Switched Capacitor Filters (M86/12)
Kuang-Lu Lee

On the Dynamics of Finite-Strain Rods Undergoing Large Motions - The Three-Dimensional Case (M86/11)
J.C. Simo and L. Vu-Quoc

The Role of Nonlinear Theories in Dynamic Analysis of Rotating Structures (M86/10)
J.C. Simo and L. Vu-Quoc

Stability of Nonlinear Systems With Three Time Scales (M86/9)
Charles A. Desoer and S.M. Shahruz

A Unified Approach to Circuit Partitioning and Placement (M86/8)
R-S. Tsay and Ernest S. Kuh

Experimental Observation of Wall Stabilization of Axisymmetric Mirrors at High Beta (M86/7)
R.M. Close, B.K. Kang, Allan J. Lichtenberg, Michael A. Lieberman and H. Meuth

An Analysis of Rule Indexing Implementations in Data Base Systems (M86/6)
Michael Stonebraker, T. Sellis and E. Hanson

Kinematics and Control of Robot Manipulators (M86/5)
Bradley E. Paden

A Behavioral Simulator for DSP ICs (M86/4)
C-S. Shung

Adaptive Control of Mechanical Manipulators (M86/3)
J.J. Craig, Ping Hsu and S. Shankar Sastry

ELOGIC: A Relaxation-Based Switch-Level Simulation Technique (M86/2)
Y.H. Kim

Double Scroll Via A Two-Transistor Circuit (M86/1)
T. Matsumoto, Leon O. Chua and K. Tokumasu