Technical Reports - 2006

Tracking and Texturing Liquid Surfaces (EECS-2006-196)
Adam Wade Bargteil

Unsupervised Segmentation of Natural Images via Lossy Data Compression (EECS-2006-195)
Allen Y. Yang, John Wright, S. Shankar Sastry and Yi Ma

A General Framework for Flow Control in Wireless Networks (EECS-2006-194)
Minghua Chen

MEMS-Based System for Particle Exposure Assessment Using Thin-Film Bulk Acoustic Wave Resonators and IR / UV Optical Discrimination (EECS-2006-193)
Justin Phelps Black

Technologies for enhancing multi-gate Si MOSFET performance (EECS-2006-192)
Kyoungsub Shin

Bridging the Gap Between People and Policies in Security and Privacy (EECS-2006-191)
Umesh Shankar

Lambda Data Grid: Communications Architecture in Support of Grid Computing (EECS-2006-190)
Tal I. Lavian

The Power of Higher-Order Composition Languages in System Design (EECS-2006-189)
James Adam Cataldo

High-Speed Modulation of Optical Injection-Locked Semiconductor Lasers (EECS-2006-188)
Erwin K Lau

Kernel Optimization for Support Vector Machines: Application to Speaker Verification (EECS-2006-187)
Andrew Oliver Hatch

Multipath Unicast and Multicast Video Communication over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks (EECS-2006-186)
Wei Wei

The concept of Box Invariance for biologically-inspired dynamical systems (EECS-2006-185)
Alessandro Abate, Ashish Tiwari and S. Shankar Sastry

Thin Slicing (EECS-2006-184)
Manu Sridharan, Stephen J. Fink and Ras Bodik

The Landscape of Parallel Computing Research: A View from Berkeley (EECS-2006-183)
Krste Asanović, Ras Bodik, Bryan Christopher Catanzaro, Joseph James Gebis, Parry Husbands, Kurt Keutzer, David A. Patterson, William Lester Plishker, John Shalf, Samuel Webb Williams and Katherine A. Yelick

Low Power Design Automation (EECS-2006-182)
David Graeme Chinnery

The Concept of Deadlock and Livelock in Hybrid Control Systems (EECS-2006-181)
Alessandro Abate, Alessandro D'Innocenzo, Giordano Pola, Maria Domenica Di Benedetto and S. Shankar Sastry

Quantitative and Probabilistic Modeling in Pathway Logic (EECS-2006-180)
Alessandro Abate, Yu Bai, Natalie Sznajder, Carolyn Talcott and Ashish Tiwari

Efficient Search in File-Sharing Networks (EECS-2006-179)
Paul Burstein and Alan J. Smith

A System Architecture for Ambient Intelligent Environments (EECS-2006-178)
Christopher R. Baker

The Design and Implementation of Declarative Networks (EECS-2006-177)
Boon Thau Loo

Using Criticality to Attack Performance Bottlenecks (EECS-2006-176)
Brian Allen Fields

Advanced Pulse Width Modulation Controller ICs for Buck DC-DC Converters (EECS-2006-175)
Jianhui Zhang and Seth R. Sanders

Probabilistic Models with Unknown Objects (EECS-2006-174)
Brian Christopher Milch

Evaluating Glanceable Visuals for Multitasking (EECS-2006-173)
Tara Lynn Matthews, Devin Blais, Aubrey Shick, Jennifer Mankoff, Jodi Forlizzi, Stacie Rohrbach and Roberta Klatzky

Model Driven Compression of 3-D Tele-Immersion Data (EECS-2006-170)
Jyh-Ming Lien and Ruzena Bajcsy

Flush: A Reliable Bulk Transport Protocol for Multihop Wireless Network (EECS-2006-169)
Sukun Kim, Rodrigo Fonseca, Prabal Dutta, Arsalan Tavakoli, David E. Culler, Philip Levis, Scott Shenker and Ion Stoica

Spectrum Sharing: Fundamental Limits, Scaling Laws, and Self-Enforcing Protocols (EECS-2006-168)
Raul Hernan Etkin

Towards Efficient Distribution of High-Volume Content (EECS-2006-167)
Mukund Seshadri

Classification, Customization, and Characterization: Using MILP for Task Allocation and Scheduling (EECS-2006-166)
Abhijit Davare, Jike Chong, Qi Zhu, Douglas Michael Densmore and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

A Categorical Theory of Hybrid Systems (EECS-2006-165)
Aaron David Ames

Power - Performance Optimization for Digital Circuits (EECS-2006-164)
Radu Zlatanovici

Replay Debugging for Distributed Applications (EECS-2006-163)
Dennis Michael Geels

Fully Integrated CMOS Power Amplifier (EECS-2006-162)
Gang Liu

A Dynamic Topic Model for Document Segmentation (EECS-2006-161)
John F. Canny and Tye Lawrence Rattenbury

Automatic Action Advisor for Storage System Performance Management (EECS-2006-160)
Li Yin

RAMP: A Research Accelerator for Multiple Processors (EECS-2006-158)
John Wawrzynek, Mark Oskin, Christoforos Kozyrakis, Derek Chiou, David A. Patterson, Shih-Lien Lu, James C. Hoe and Krste Asanović

Error-detection-based quantum fault tolerance against discrete Pauli noise (EECS-2006-157)
Benjamin W. Reichardt

High Speed Deep Packet Inspection with Hardware Support (EECS-2006-156)
Fang Yu

Short Range Pulse Based Inductive Transceiver (EECS-2006-155)
Davide Guermandi, Simone Gambini and Jan M. Rabaey

Classes and Inheritance in Actor-Oriented Design (EECS-2006-154)
Edward A. Lee, Xiaojun Liu and Stephen Andrew Neuendorffer

Linear Time Algorithm for Weak Parity Games (EECS-2006-153)
Krishnendu Chatterjee

QoS in Wireless Networks (EECS-2006-152)
Teresa Sheausan Tung

Estimation and Control Techniques in Power Converters (EECS-2006-151)
Gabriel Eirea

Joint Modeling and Design of Wireless Networks and Sensor Node Software (EECS-2006-150)
Elaine Cheong, Edward A. Lee and Yang Zhao

The Case for the Precision Timed (PRET) Machine (EECS-2006-149)
Stephen Edwards and Edward A. Lee

Causality Interfaces for Actor Networks (EECS-2006-148)
Ye Zhou and Edward A. Lee

Synthesis of On-Chip Interconnection Structures: From Point-To-Point Links to Networks-on-Chip (EECS-2006-147)
Alessandro Pinto, Luca Carloni and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Digital Control of PWM Converters: Analysis and Application to Voltage Regulation Modules (EECS-2006-146)
Angel Vladimirov Peterchev and Seth R. Sanders

Deploying Concurrent Applications on Heterogeneous Multiprocessors (EECS-2006-145)
Andrew Christopher Mihal

Generalized Parity Games (EECS-2006-144)
Krishnendu Chatterjee, Thomas A. Henzinger and Nir Piterman

Stochastic Limit-Average Games are in EXPTIME (EECS-2006-143)
Krishnendu Chatterjee, Rupak Majumdar and Thomas A. Henzinger

Inferring nuclear movements from fixed material (EECS-2006-142)
Charless Fowlkes and Jitendra Malik

The Complexity of Stochastic Müller Games (EECS-2006-141)
Krishnendu Chatterjee

Reduction of Stochastic Parity to Stochastic Mean-payoff Games (EECS-2006-140)
Krishnendu Chatterjee and Thomas A. Henzinger

Communication-Efficient Tracking of Distributed Cumulative Triggers (EECS-2006-139)
Ling Huang, Minos Garofalakis, Anthony D. Joseph and Nina Taft

Nanoscale thin-body MOSFET design and applications (EECS-2006-138)
Sriram Balasubramanian

Synthesis of Low Power NOC Topologies under Bandwidth Constraints (EECS-2006-137)
Alessandro Pinto, Luca Carloni and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

A 3-10GHz Ultra-Wideband Pulser (EECS-2006-136)
Jan M. Rabaey, Simone Gambini and Davide Guermandi

Sapheniea: Simplifying Configuration Using Classes (EECS-2006-135)
Cheng Tien Ee, Scott Shenker and Lakshminarayanan Subramanian

A Placement Technique for Multiple-Voltage Design (EECS-2006-133)
Qi Zhu, Farhana Sheikh and Philip Chong

The Design and Implementation of A Declarative Sensor Network System (EECS-2006-132)
David Chiyuan Chu, Lucian Popa, Arsalan Tavakoli, Joseph M. Hellerstein, Philip Levis, Scott Shenker and Ion Stoica

Stability and Approximation of Queueing Networks (EECS-2006-131)
Antonios Dimakis

Design and Evaluation of Distributed Wide-Area On-line Archival Storage Systems (EECS-2006-130)
Hakim Weatherspoon

Dependent Types for Low-Level Programming (EECS-2006-129)
Jeremy Paul Condit, Matthew Thomas Harren, Zachary Ryan Anderson, David Gay and George Necula

A Framework for Characterization and Comparison of Event Related Neuronal Activity (EECS-2006-128)
Parvez Ahammad, Ruzena Bajcsy and S. Shankar Sastry

On-Chip Networks Modeling and Simulation (EECS-2006-126)
Qi Zhu, Zhengya Zhang, Alessandro Pinto and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Ethno-Mining: Integrating Numbers and Words from the Ground Up (EECS-2006-125)
Ryan Aipperspach, Tye Lawrence Rattenbury, Allison Woodruff, Ken Anderson, John F. Canny and Paul Aoki

Automated Mapping of Domain Specific Languages to Application Specific Multiprocessors (EECS-2006-123)
William Lester Plishker

Optimal Strategy Synthesis in Stochastic Muller Games (EECS-2006-122)
Krishnendu Chatterjee

Health Monitoring of Civil Infrastructures Using Wireless Sensor Networks (EECS-2006-121)
Sukun Kim, Shamim Pakzad, David E. Culler, James Demmel, Gregory Fenves, Steve Glaser and Martin Turon

Scrap Your Web Application Boilerplate, or Metaprogramming with Row Types (EECS-2006-120)
Adam Chlipala

Designing a Sub-RISC Multi-Gigabit Regular Expression Processor (EECS-2006-119)
Andrew Christopher Mihal, Christian Sauer and Kurt Keutzer

Verification-Guided Soft Error Resilience (EECS-2006-118)
Sanjit A. Seshia, Wenchao Li and Subhasish Mitra

Automatic Model Generation for Black Box Real-Time Systems (EECS-2006-117)
Thomas Huining Feng, Lynn Tao-Ning Wang, Wei Zheng, Sri Kanajan and Sanjit A. Seshia

Semiconductor Nanowire Manipulation Using Optoelectronic Tweezers (EECS-2006-116)
Arash Jamshidi, Peter Pauzauskie, Aaron Takami Ohta, Pei-Yu Chiou, Hsan-yin Hsu, Peidong Yang and Ming C. Wu

Automating Malware Detection by Inferring Intent (EECS-2006-115)
Weidong Cui

Simulating Zeno Hybrid Systems Beyond Their Zeno Points (EECS-2006-114)
Haiyang Zheng

Designing Glanceable Peripheral Displays (EECS-2006-113)
Tara Lynn Matthews, Jodi Forlizzi and Stacie Rohrbach

Closing the Loop: Control and Robot Navigation in Wireless Sensor Networks (EECS-2006-112)
Shawn Michael Schaffert

Analytical and Practical Analysis of Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converters (EECS-2006-111)
Michael Douglas Seeman

Computational Analyses of Eukaryotic Gene Evolution (EECS-2006-110)
Sourav Chatterji

Effect of Slow Fading and Adaptive Modulation on TCP/UDP Performance of High-Speed Packet Wireless Networks (EECS-2006-109)
Xuanming Dong

Structured and Parameter-Dependent Eigensolvers for Simulation-Based Design of Resonant MEMS (EECS-2006-108)
David Samuel Bindel

Strong Optical Injection Locking of Edge-Emitting Lasers and Its Applications (EECS-2006-107)
Hyuk-Kee Sung

Types for Deterministic Concurrency (EECS-2006-106)
Tachio Terauchi

Automated Memory Allocation of Actor Code and Data Buffer in Heterochronous Dataflow Models to Scratchpad Memory (EECS-2006-105)
Shamik Bandyopadhyay

Whole-Genome Alignments and Polytopes for Comparative Genomics (EECS-2006-104)
Colin Noel Dewey

Integrated Verification for Robust Computing (EECS-2006-103)
Sanjit A. Seshia

Enabling Technologies for Organic Memories (EECS-2006-102)
Brian Alexander Mattis and Vivek Subramanian

Advanced Gate Technologies for Deep-Submicron CMOSFETs (EECS-2006-101)
Hiu Yung Wong

Program Manipulation via Interactive Transformations (EECS-2006-100)
Marat Boshernitsan

Distributed PCA and Network Anomaly Detection (EECS-2006-99)
Ling Huang, Xuanlong Nguyen, Minos Garofalakis, Michael Jordan, Anthony D. Joseph and Nina Taft

Sharing Aggregate Computation for Distributed Queries (EECS-2006-98)
Ryan Jay Huebsch, Minos Garofalakis, Joseph M. Hellerstein and Ion Stoica

Informal Videoconferencing and Awareness (EECS-2006-97)
Scott Alan Carter and Scott Matthew Lederer

iVSi: Ubiquitous Exposure (EECS-2006-96)
Scott Alan Carter and Ethan Eismann

Compile-Time Schedulability Analysis of Communicating Concurrent Programs (EECS-2006-94)
Cong Liu

Stationary points of a real-valued function of a complex variable (EECS-2006-93)
David G. Messerschmitt

Geometric interpretation of signals: applications (EECS-2006-92)
David G. Messerschmitt

Geometric interpretation of signals: background (EECS-2006-91)
David G. Messerschmitt

Autocorrelation matrix eigenvalues and the power spectrum (EECS-2006-90)
David G. Messerschmitt

Algorithms for Omega-Regular Games with Incomplete Information (EECS-2006-89)
Krishnendu Chatterjee, Laurent Doyen, Thomas A. Henzinger and Jean-Francois Raskin

Portable, But Not Mobile: A Study of Wireless Laptops in the Home (EECS-2006-88)
Allison Woodruff, Ken Anderson, Scott D. Mainwaring and Ryan Aipperspach

Compiler and Runtime Support for Scaling Adaptive Mesh Refinement Computations in Titanium (EECS-2006-87)
Jimmy Zhigang Su, Tong Wen and Katherine A. Yelick

Analysis of Low-Level Code Using Cooperating Decompilers (EECS-2006-86)
Bor-Yuh Evan Chang, Matthew Thomas Harren and George Necula

Joint Entropy Minimization for Learning in Nonparametric Framework (EECS-2006-85)
Parvez Ahammad

A Capability Calculus for Concurrency and Determinism (EECS-2006-84)
Tachio Terauchi and Alex Aiken

Reinventing Computing for Real Time (EECS-2006-83)
Edward A. Lee and Yang Zhao

Programming Temporally Integrated Distributed Embedded Systems (EECS-2006-82)
Yang Zhao, Edward A. Lee and Jie Liu

On the Price of Heterogeneity in Parallel Systems (EECS-2006-81)
Philip Brighten Godfrey and Richard M. Karp

Flight Simulation of a 3 gram Autonomous Glider (EECS-2006-80)
Jon Perry Entwistle and Ronald S. Fearing

Hierarchical Timing Language (EECS-2006-79)
Arkadeb Ghosal, Thomas A. Henzinger, Daniel Iercan, Christoph Kirsch and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Modularly Integrated MEMS Technology (EECS-2006-78)
Marie-Ange Naida Eyoum

Finding Celebrities in Video (EECS-2006-77)
Nazli Ikizler, Jai Vasanth, Linus Wong and David Forsyth

Fast and Memory-Efficient Regular Expression Matching for Deep Packet Inspection (EECS-2006-76)
Fang Yu, Zhifeng Chen, Yanlei Diao, T.V. Lakshman and Randy H. Katz

Analogies Are Like Bowling Balls, or Why Analogies to English Need Some Explanation to Help Students Learn Scheme (EECS-2006-75)
Clint Eric Ryan

A Distributed Max-Min Fairness Rate Allocation Algorithm For Unreliable Communication Networks (EECS-2006-73)
Jingyi Shao and Jean Walrand

Dynamic Power Supply Design for High-Efficiency Wireless Transmitters (EECS-2006-72)
Jason T. Stauth and Seth R. Sanders

Power Efficient System and A/D Converter Design for Ultra-Wideband Radio (EECS-2006-71)
Shuo-Wei Chen

Standby Power Management Architecture for Deep-Submicron Systems (EECS-2006-70)
Michael Alan Sheets

Implementation of a Localization System for Sensor Networks (EECS-2006-69)
Tufan Coskun Karalar and Jan M. Rabaey

Theory and Practice of Non-Intrusive Active Network Measurements (EECS-2006-68)
Sridhar Machiraju

CPO Semantics of Timed Interactive Actor Networks (EECS-2006-67)
Xiaojun Liu and Edward A. Lee

On Typability for Rank-2 Intersection Types with Polymorphic Recursion (EECS-2006-66)
Tachio Terauchi and Alex Aiken

A Power/Area Optimal Approach to VLSI Signal Processing (EECS-2006-65)
Dejan Marko Markovic

Convex Approximation and Optimization with Applications in Magnitude Filter Design and Radiation Pattern Synthesis (EECS-2006-64)
Peter William Kassakian

Design Methodology for Run-time Management of Reconfigurable Digital Signal Processor Systems (EECS-2006-63)
Roy Allen Sutton

Local Computation and Reducibility (EECS-2006-62)
Kenji Christopher Obata

Leveraging BGP Dynamics to Reverse-Engineer Routing Policies (EECS-2006-61)
Sridhar Machiraju and Randy H. Katz

Serial Assembly of Microstructures (EECS-2006-60)
Subramaniam Venkatraman

Lightweight Specialized 3-Valued Logic Shape Analyzer (EECS-2006-59)
Gilad Arnold

Improving Gradient Estimation by Incorporating Sensor Data (EECS-2006-58)
Gregory Donnell Lawrence and Stuart J. Russell

Ultra Low Power Transmitters for Wireless Sensor Networks (EECS-2006-57)
Yuen Hui Chee, Jan M. Rabaey and Ali Niknejad

An Improved Global Model for Electronegative Discharge and Ignition Conditions for Peripheral Plasma Connected to a Capacitive Discharge (EECS-2006-56)
Sungjin Kim

Ultra-Low-Cost Printed Electronics (EECS-2006-55)
Steven Edward Molesa

Design of a Multi-Channel Medium Access Control Protocol for Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks (EECS-2006-54)
Hoi-Sheung Wilson So and Jean Walrand

Biomimetic Sensor Modeling and Simulations for Flight Control of a Micromechanical Flying Insect (EECS-2006-53)
Wei-Chung Wu

Characterizing Polarized Illumination in High Numerical Aperture Optical Lithography with Phase Shifting Masks (EECS-2006-52)
Gregory Russell McIntyre

A Causality Interface for Deadlock Analysis in Dataflow (EECS-2006-51)
Ye Zhou and Edward A. Lee

Analysis and Design of Wideband LC VCOs (EECS-2006-50)
Axel Dominique Berny, Robert G. Meyer and Ali Niknejad

Scribe4Me: Evaluating a Mobile Sound Transcription Tool for the Deaf (EECS-2006-49)
Tara Lynn Matthews, Scott Alan Carter, Carol Pai, Janette Fong and Jennifer Mankoff

A Formalism for Higher-Order Composition Languages that Satisfies the Church-Rosser Property (EECS-2006-48)
Adam Cataldo, Elaine Cheong, Thomas Huining Feng, Edward A. Lee and Andrew Christopher Mihal

A Baseband, Impulse Ultra-Wideband Transceiver Front-end for Low Power Applications (EECS-2006-47)
Ian David O'Donnell

Ellipsoidal Toolbox (EECS-2006-46)
Alex A. Kurzhanskiy and Pravin Varaiya

Modeling Timed Concurrent Systems using Generalized Ultrametrics (EECS-2006-45)
Xiaojun Liu, Eleftherios Matsikoudis and Edward A. Lee

Using Reed-Muller RM(1,m) Codes over Channels with Synchronization and Substitution Errors (EECS-2006-44)
Lara Dolecek and Venkat Anantharam

On structural properties of Reed-Muller codes and their use in channels with synchronization and substitution errors (EECS-2006-43)
Lara Dolecek

Functionalized Polythiophene Thin-Film Transistors for Low-Cost Gas Sensor Arrays (EECS-2006-42)
Josephine Bea Chang

Concurrency Analysis for Parallel Programs with Textually Aligned Barriers (EECS-2006-41)
Amir Ashraf Kamil and Katherine A. Yelick

Concurrent Embedded Design for Multimedia: JPEG encoding on Xilinx FPGA Case Study (EECS-2006-40)
Jike Chong, Abhijit Davare and Kelvin Lwin

Resolving BGP Disputes (EECS-2006-39)
Cheng Tien Ee, Vijay Ramachandran, Byung-Gon Chun and Scott Shenker

Declarative Network Monitoring with an Underprovisioned Query Processor (Extended Version) (EECS-2006-38)
Frederick Ralph Reiss and Joseph M. Hellerstein

Incremental Checkpointing with Application to Distributed Discrete Event Simulation (EECS-2006-37)
Thomas Huining Feng and Edward A. Lee

Outage Capacity of the Fading Relay Channel in the Low SNR Regime (EECS-2006-36)
Amir Salman Avestimehr

Prerendered User Interfaces for Higher-Assurance Electronic Voting (EECS-2006-35)
Ka-Ping Yee, David Wagner, Marti Hearst and Steven Bellovin

Katana: A Specialized Framework for Reliable Web Servers (EECS-2006-34)
Ajeet Ganesh Shankar and William Terrence McCloskey

Strategy Improvement for Stochastic Rabin and Streett Games (EECS-2006-33)
Krishnendu Chatterjee and Thomas A. Henzinger

Assume Guarantee Synthesis (EECS-2006-32)
Krishnendu Chatterjee and Thomas A. Henzinger

Refinement-Based Context-Sensitive Points-To Analysis for Java (EECS-2006-31)
Manu Sridharan and Ras Bodik

A Platform-based Design Flow for Kahn Process Networks (EECS-2006-30)
Abhijit Davare, Qi Zhu and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Adaptive Cleaning for RFID Data Streams (EECS-2006-29)
Shawn Ryan Jeffery, Minos Garofalakis and Michael Franklin

Adaptive Execution of Variable-Accuracy Functions (EECS-2006-28)
Matthew Michael Denny and Michael Franklin

Designing, Implementing, and Analyzing a System for Virus Detection (EECS-2006-27)
Blaine Alan Nelson

The Joe-E Language Specification (draft) (EECS-2006-26)
Adrian Matthew Mettler and David Wagner

Minimizing Churn in Distributed Systems (EECS-2006-25)
Philip Brighten Godfrey, Scott Shenker and Ion Stoica

Composition Languages (EECS-2006-24)
Adam Cataldo and Edward A. Lee

Measuring the Sap Flow of Eucalyptus Trees (EECS-2006-23)
Kaisen Lin, Neil Turner, Mark Kranz and Stephen Burgess

Digital Pulse-Width Modulation Control in Power Electronic Circuits: Theory and Applications (EECS-2006-22)
Angel Vladimirov Peterchev and Seth R. Sanders

Integration of Physical Design and Sequential Optimization (EECS-2006-21)
Philip Chong

Proof Sketches: Verifiable Multi-Party Aggregation (EECS-2006-20)
Minos Garofalakis, Joseph M. Hellerstein and Petros Maniatis

Routing as a Service (EECS-2006-19)
Karthik Kalambur Lakshminarayanan, Ion Stoica, Scott Shenker and Jennifer Rexford

Design of A Multi-Channel MAC Protocol for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks (EECS-2006-17)
Hoi-Sheung Wilson So and Jean Walrand

Data Gathering Tours in Sensor Networks (EECS-2006-16)
Alexandra Meliou, David Chiyuan Chu, Carlos Guestrin, Joseph M. Hellerstein and Wei Hong

Viptos: A Graphical Development and Simulation Environment for TinyOS-based Wireless Sensor Networks (EECS-2006-15)
Elaine Cheong, Edward A. Lee and Yang Zhao

Quick Motion Transitions with Cached Multi-way Blends (EECS-2006-14)
Leslie Kanani Michiko Ikemoto, Okan Arikan and David Forsyth

Continuation of Invariant Subspaces for Large Bifurcation Problems (EECS-2006-13)
David Samuel Bindel, James Demmel and Mark Friedman

Practical Private Computation of Vector Addition-Based Functions or: Can Privacy be for Free? (EECS-2006-12)
John F. Canny and Yitao Duan

Probabilistic Data Aggregation In Distributed Networks (EECS-2006-11)
Ling Huang, Ben Zhao, Anthony D. Joseph and John D. Kubiatowicz

Capturing Real Folds in Cloth (EECS-2006-10)
Ryan White, David Forsyth and Jai Vasanth

Model-Based Synthesis and Analysis of Fault Tolerant Data Flow Models (EECS-2006-9)
Mark Lee McKelvin Jr

Spoken Language Support for Software Development (EECS-2006-8)
Andrew Begel

On Array-based LDPC Codes in Channels With Varying Sampling Rate (EECS-2006-7)
Lara Dolecek and Venkat Anantharam

Case Study and Experiments of Control over Sensor Networks (EECS-2006-6)
Phoebus Wei-Chih Chen

The NAS Parallel Benchmarks in Titanium (EECS-2006-5)
Kaushik Datta

A Constructive Fixed-Point Theorem and the Feedback Semantics of Timed Systems (EECS-2006-4)
Adam Cataldo, Edward A. Lee, Xiaojun Liu, Eleftherios Dimitrios Matsikoudis and Haiyang Zheng

Observation Uncertainty in Gaussian Sensor Networks (EECS-2006-3)
Anand D. Sarwate

Remote Source Coding and AWGN CEO Problems (EECS-2006-2)
Krishnan Eswaran

The Problem with Threads (EECS-2006-1)
Edward A. Lee