A Case for Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) (CSD-87-391)
David A. Patterson, Garth A. Gibson and Randy H. Katz

Fast Parallel Algorithms for Graphs and Networks (CSD-87-390)
Danny Soroker

Subtree Isomorphism is in Random NC (CSD-87-389)
Phillip B. Gibbons, Richard M. Karp, Gary L. Miller and Danny Soroker

EPOXY: An Electrical and Physical Layout Optimizer that Considers Circuit Changes (CSD-87-388)
Fred W. Obermeier and Randy H. Katz

A Characterization of Sharing In Parallel Programs And Its Applicability to Coherency Protocol Evaluation (CSD-87-387)
Susan J. Eggers and Randy H. Katz

A Software Architecture for Network Communication (CSD-87-386)
David P. Anderson

Efficient Local Data Movement in Shared-Memory Multiprocessor Systems (CSD-87-385)
Shin-Yuan Tzou, David P. Anderson and G. Scott Graham

Covering Orthogonal Polygons with Star Polygons: The Perfect Graph Approach (CSD-87-384)
Rajeev Motwani, Arvind Raghunathan and Huzur Saran

High-Bandwidth/Low-Latency Temporary Storage for Supercomputers (CSD-87-383)
John Alan Swensen

A Hierarchical Approximation Algorithm for Large Multichain Product Form Queueing Networks (CSD-87-382)
Hamid Reza Bahadori

Aspects of Cache Memory and Instruction Buffer Performance (CSD-87-381)
Mark Donald Hill

A Parallel Execution Model for Prolog (CSD-87-380)
Barry Steven Fagin

The Analysis of Diskless Workstation Traffic on an Ethernet (CSD-87-379)
Riccardo Gusella

Browsing the Chip Design Database (CSD-87-378)
David Gedye and Randy Katz

Inheritance in Computer-Aided Design Databases: Semantics and Implementation Issues (CSD-87-377)
Ellis E. Chang and Randy H. Katz

Performance Studies of Dynamic Load Balancing in Distributed Systems (CSD-87-376)
Songnian Zhou

An Authentication Scheme for Use in Dynamic Load Balancing (CSD-87-375)
Colin Parris

Efficient Analysis of Caching Systems (CSD-87-374)
James Gordon Thompson

SPUR Lisp: Design and Implementation (CSD-87-373)
Benjamin Zorn, Paul N. Hilfinger, Kinson Ho and James Larus

Circuit Design Techniques for a Floating-Point Processor (CSD-87-372)
Timothy Hu

Optimal Parallel Construction of Prescribed Tournaments (CSD-87-371)
Danny Soroker

BUMP, a Motion Description and Animation Package (CSD-87-370)
Steven Anders Oakland

Control Implementation for the SPUR Floating Point Coprocessor (CSD-87-369)
Debby Jensen

Parallel Algorithms for Zero-One Supply-Demand Problems (CSD-87-368)
Noam Nisan and Danny Soroker

Multiple Representation Document Development (CSD-87-367)
Pehong Chen and Michael A. Harrison

Run-Time Partitioning of Scientific Continuum Calculations Running on Multiprocessors (CSD-87-366)
Scott B. Baden

Primal Content and Actual Content: An Antidote to Literal Meaning (CSD-87-365)
Robert Wilensky

An Omega(n^8/7) Lower Bound on the Randomized Complexity of Graph Properties (CSD-87-364)
Valerie King

Prolog for VLSI Layout: Experience in the Design and Implementation of Topolog, A Prolog-Based Module Generation and Layout System (CSD-87-363)
Patrick C. McGeer, William R. Bush, Gino Cheng and Alvin M. Despain

The Design of a Load Balancing Mechanism for Distributed Computer Systems (CSD-87-362)
Harry I. Rubin

GAFFES: The Design of a Globally Distributed File System (CSD-87-361)
Gozani Shai, Mary Gray, Srinivasan Keshav, Vijay Madisetti, Ethan V. Munson, Mendel Rosenblum, Steve Schoettler, Mark Paul Sullivan and Douglas Terry

UgRay: An Efficient Ray-Tracing Renderer for UniGrafix (CSD-87-360)
Donald M. Marsh

The Sprite Network Operating System (CSD-87-359)
John K. Ousterhout, Andrew Cherenson, Frederick Douglis, Michael Nelson and Brent Ballinger Welch

Efficient (Stack) Algorithms for Analysis of Write-Back and Sector Memories (CSD-87-358)
James G. Thompson and Alan Jay Smith

Design of CPU Cache Memories (CSD-87-357)
Alan Jay Smith

Data Structures and Destructive Assignment in Prolog (CSD-87-356)
Patrick C. McGeer and Alvin M. Despain

Estimating Performance of Single Bus, Shared Memory Multiprocessors (CSD-87-355)
Garth A. Gibson

Nonlinear Parameter Estimation of Acoustic Models (CSD-87-354)
Erling Henry Wold

An Empirical Investigation of Load Indices for Load Balancing Applications (CSD-87-353)
Domenico Ferrari and Songnian Zhou

A High Performance Architecture for Prolog (CSD-87-352)
Thaddeus P. Dobry

Some Problems and Proposals for Knowledge Representation (CSD-87-351)
Robert Wilensky

The Empirical Evaluation of a Security-Oriented Datagram Protocol (CSD-87-350)
David P. Anderson, Domenico Ferrari, P. Venkat Rangan and B. Sartirana

Integrating Noninteractive Document Processors into an Interactive Environment (CSD-87-349)
Pehong Chen and Michael A. Harrison

An Adaptive Subdivision Method With Crack Prevention for Rendering Beta-spline Objects (CSD-87-348)
Brian A. Barsky, Anthony D. DeRose and Mark D. Dippe

Automating Index Preparation (CSD-87-347)
Pehong Chen and Michael A. Harrison

Subtransport Level: The Right Place for End-to-End Security Mechanisms (CSD-87-346)
David P. Anderson, Domenico Ferrari and P. Venkat Rangan

Caching in the Sprite Network File System (CSD-87-345)
Michael Nelson, Brent Ballinger Welch and John K. Ousterhout

Curare: Restructuring Lisp Programs For Concurrent Execution (CSD-87-344)
James R Larus

Process Migration in the Sprite Operating System (CSD-87-343)
Frederick Douglis

A Protocol for Secure Communication in Large Distributed Systems (CSD-87-342)
David P. Anderson, Domenico Ferrari, P. Venkat Rangan and B. Sartirana

Managing Change in a Computer-Aided Design Database (CSD-87-341)
Randy H. Katz and Ellis E. Chang

Recovering Three Dimensional Shape From a Single Image of Curved Objects (CSD-87-340)
Jitendra Malik

A Unified Theory of Inference for Text Understanding (CSD-87-339)
Peter Norvig

The DASH Project: Issues in the Design of Very Large Distributed Systems (CSD-87-338)
David P. Anderson, Domenico Ferrari, P. Venkat Rangan and Shin-Yuan Tzou

The Accuracy of the Clock Synchronization Achieved by TEMPO in Berkeley UNIX 4.3BSD (CSD-87-337)
Riccardo Gusella and Stefano Zatti

An Experimental Study of Load Balancing Performance (CSD-87-336)
Songnian Zhou and Domenico Ferrari

Decaying Confidence Functions for Aging Knowledge in Expert Systems (CSD-87-335)
Joseph Pasquale

Using Expert Systems to Manage Distributed Computer Systems (CSD-87-334)
Joseph Pasquale

Fuzzy Queries with Linguistic Quantifiers for Information Retrieval from Data Bases (CSD-87-333)
Marc Uszynski

Representation Theorems for Symmetric and Intuitionistic Algebras by Classical Sets (CSD-87-332)
Franceso Esteva

Representation of Fuzzy Symmetric Relations (CSD-87-331)
L. Valverde and S.V. Ovchinnikov

On Negations and Algebras in Fuzzy Set Theory (CSD-87-330)
Franceso Esteva

The Fairchild CLIPPER: Instruction Set Architecture and Processor Implementation (CSD-87-329)
Walter Hollingsworth, Howard Sachs and Alan Jay Smith

A Basis for Secure Communication in Large Distributed Systems (CSD-87-328)
David P. Anderson and P. Venkat Rangan

Tutorial on the C Information Abstraction System (CSD-87-327)
Michael Nishimoto and Yih-Farn Chen

Collaborative Systems and Multi-user Interfaces: Computer-based Tools for Cooperative Problem Solving (CSD-87-326)
Gregg S. Foster

Fault Tolerant VLSI Multicomputers (CSD-87-325)
Carlo H. Séquin and Yuval Tamir

Design and Layout Generation at the Symbolic Level (CSD-87-324)
Carlo H. Séquin

VLSI Design Strategies (CSD-87-323)
Carlo H. Séquin

A GREMLIN Tutorial for the SUN Workstation (CSD-87-322)
Mark Opperman, Jim Thompson and Yih-Farn Chen

Procedural Spline Interpolation in UNICUBIX (CSD-87-321)
Carlo H. Séquin

Deferred Data Structuring (CSD-87-320)
Richard M. Karp, Rajeev Motwani and Prabhakar Raghavan

Symmetric Interpolation of Triangular and Quadrilateral Patches Between Cubic Boundaries (CSD-87-319)
Leon A. Shirman

Data Path Design Considerations for a High Performance VLSI Multiprocessor (CSD-87-318)
Daebum Lee

GNU Emacs BIBTEX Mode (CSD-87-317)
Pehong Chen

GNU Emacs TEX Mode (CSD-87-316)
Pehong Chen

A Validation Subsystem of a Version Server for Computer-Aided Design Data (CSD-87-315)
Rajiv Bhateja and Randy H. Katz

Special- or General-Purpose Hardware for Prolog: A Comparison (CSD-87-314)
Gaetano Borriello, Andrew Cherenson, Peter B. Danzig and Michael Nelson

Interpolating Patches Between Cubic Boundaries (CSD-87-313)
Lucia L. Longhi

Randomized Rounding And Discrete Ham-Sandwich Theorems: Provably Good Algorithms for Routing and Packing Problems (CSD-87-312)
Prabhakar Raghavan

Functional Specification and Simulation of a Floating Point Co-Processor for SPUR (CSD-87-311)
Glenn D. Adams

The Complexity of Parallel Search (CSD-87-310)
Richard M. Karp, Eli Upfat and Avi Wigderson

Fast Parallel Algorithms for Finding Hamiltonian Paths and Cycles in a Tournament (CSD-87-309)
Danny Soroker

SPUR Coprocessor Interface Description (CSD-87-308)
Paul M. Hansen and Shing I. Kong

The SPUR Instruction Unit: An On-Chip Instruction Cache Memory for a High Performance VLSI Multiprocessor (CSD-87-307)
Richard R. Duncombe

A Greedy Heuristic for the Rectilinear Steiner Tree Problem (CSD-87-306)
Marshall W. Bern and Marcio de Carvalho

A Trace-Driven Simulation Study of Dynamic Load Balancing (CSD-87-305)
Songnian Zhou

Issues in Adaptive Planning (CSD-87-304)
Richard Alterman

UC -- A Progress Report (CSD-87-303)
Robert Wilensky, James Mayfield, Anthony Albert, Robert Chin, Charles Cox, Marc Luria, James H. Martin and Dekai Wu

The Sprite Remote Procedure Call System (CSD-87-302)
Brent B. Welch

Virtual Memory for the Sprite Operating System (CSD-87-301)
Michael N. Nelson

The C Information Abstractor (CSD-87-300)
Yih-Farn Chen and C. V. Ramamoorthy

Normal Forms for Constrained Nonlinear Differential Equations - Part II: Bifurcation (M87/93)
Leon O. Chua and H. Oka

Two Dimensional Routing and Compaction in Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits (M87/92)
Hyungchul Shin

Nonlinear Stable Unity-Feedback Systems With One Linear Subsystem (M87/91)
Charles A. Desoer and M.G. Kabuli

Video-Rate Analog-to-Digital Conversion Using Pipelined Architectures (M87/90)
Stephen H. Lewis

Graphical U-Hurwitz Tests for a Class of Polynomials: A Generalization of Kharitonov's Stability Theorem (M87/89)
J.J. Anagnost, Charles A. Desoer and R.J. Minnichelli

Multichannel PCM A/D Interfaces Using Oversampling Techniques (M87/88)
Bosco H.-C. Leung

The Effect of Discretized Feedback in a Closed Loop System (M87/87)
Ping Hsu and S. Shankar Sastry

A Combined Deterministic and Random Optimization Algorithm for the Placement of Macro-Cells (M87/86)
S. Daijavad, Elijah Polak and R-S. Tsay

Kinematics and Control of Multifingered Hands With Rolling Contact (M87/85)
A. Cole, J. Hauser and S. Shankar Sastry

A 9 Bit 10 MHz A/D Macrocell (M87/84)
A.J. Burstein

Normal Forms for Constrained Nonlinear Differential Equations - Part I: Theory and Examples (M87/83)
Leon O. Chua and H. Oka

Normal Forms for Nonlinear Vector Fields - Part II: Applications (M87/82)
Leon O. Chua and H. Kokubu

Normal Forms for Nonlinear Vector Fields - Part I: Theory and Algorithm (M87/81)
Leon O. Chua and H. Kokubu

A Unified Approach to the Via Minimization Problem (M87/80)
X-M. Xiong and Ernest S. Kuh

PROUD: A Fast Sea-of-Gates Placement Algorithm (M87/79)
R-S. Tsay, Ernest S. Kuh and C-P. Hsu

An Elementary Proof of Kharitonov's Stability Theorem With Extensions (M87/78)
R.J. Minnichelli, J.J. Anagnost and Charles A. Desoer

Efficient Structures for Geometric Data Management (M87/77)
Oliver Gunther

The Arc Tree: An Approximation Scheme to Represent Arbitrary Curved Shapes (M87/76)
O. Gunther and Eugene Wong

An Object-Oriented Data Representation and Task Based Reasoning System for Energy Management Systems: A Proposal (M87/75)
A.F. Neyer, K. Imhof and Felix F. Wu

Pierce Diode with External Circuit III. Chaotic Behavior (M87/74)
W.S. Lawson

The Berkeley Process-Flow Language: Reference Document (M87/73)
C.B. Williams and Lawrence A. Rowe

Computational Experiments in the Optimal Slewing of Flexible Structures (M87/72)
T.E. Baker and Elijah Polak

Analytical Solution for Capacitive R.F. Sheath (M87/71)
Michael A. Lieberman

Efficient Support for Rules and Derived Objects in Relational Database Systems (M87/70)
Eric N. Hanson

Data Management of Musical Information (M87/69)
William B. Rubenstein

Processing Queries Against Database Procedures: A Performance Analysis (M87/68)
E.N. Hanson

Direct Methods in Circuit Simulation Using Multiprocessors (M87/67)
George K. Jacob

Radial Current Distribution at a Planar Magnetron Cathode (M87/66)
A.E. Wendt, Michael A. Lieberman and H. Meuth

Linear Stable Unity-Feedback System: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Stability Under Nonlinear Plant Perturbations (M87/64)
Charles A. Desoer and M.G. Kabuli

On Grasping and Dynamic Coordination of Multifingered Robot Hands (M87/63)
Z. Li, Ping Hsu and S. Shankar Sastry

Electrostatic Potential Formation Due to a Large Dip in the Magnetic Field with Application to FRC Confinement (M87/62)
S.E. Parker

Evaluation of Array Type Layouts for Cell Library Generation (M87/61)
C-M. Chu

Algorithms for Optimal Design of Feedback Compensators (M87/60)
Elijah Polak and S.E. Salcudean

Nonlinear Dynamics of a Digital Phase Locked Loop (M87/59)
G.M. Bernstein, Michael A. Lieberman and Allan J. Lichtenberg

Frequency Domain Analysis and Synthesis Techniques for Adaptive Systems (M87/58)
Li-Chen Fu

Bicoprime Factorizations of the Plant and Their Relation to Right- and Left-Coprime Factorizations (M87/57)
Charles A. Desoer and A.N. Gündeş

Perspectives in Adaptive Systems: Frequency Domain Analysis and Use of Prior Information (M87/56)
Er-Wei Bai

Right Factorization of a Class of Time-Varying Nonlinear Systems (M87/55)
Charles A. Desoer and M.G. Kabuli

NOnlinear ELectronics (NOEL) Package 10 SUBST: A Package for the Steady-State Analysis of Nonlinear Circuits Driven by Multi-Frequency (M87/54)
A. Sakamoto and Leon O. Chua

Adaptive Control of Linearizable Systems (M87/53)
S. Shankar Sastry and Alberto Isidori

The Pierce Diode with an External Circuit II. Non-Uniform Equilibria (M87/52)
W.S. Lawson

The Pierce Diode with an External Circuit I. Simulations in the Linear Regime (M87/51)
W.S. Lawson

An Expert System for Polysilicon Recipe Generation (M87/50)
K-K. Lin

Cellular Neural Networks (M87/49)
Leon O. Chua and L. Yang

Algorithms for Optimal Design of Feedback Compensators (M87/48)
Elijah Polak and S.E. Salcudean

Determination of Process Simulation Parameters From Experiment: Plasma Etching and Photoresist Dissolution (M87/47)
W.R. Bell II

A Pipelined 5 Ms/S 9-Bit Analog to Digital Converter (M87/46)
S.H. Lewis and Paul R. Gray

Optimized One-Dimensional Compaction of Building-Block Layout (M87/45)
X-M. Xiong

Search Directions for Interior Linear Programming Methods (M87/44)
C.C. Gonzaga

An Object-Oriented Database Design for Integrated Circuit Fabrication (M87/43)
Lawrence A. Rowe and C.B. Williams

Simulation of Contrast Enhanced Lithography (M87/42)
R.A. Ferguson

Etching Simulation of Nonplanar Layers in the Sample Program (M87/41)
S.F. Meier

Printability of Defects in Optical Lithography: Polarity and Critical Location Effects (M87/40)
V. Mastromarco

Implementation of the BSIM Substrate Current and Degradation Models in SCALP (M87/39)
M.M. Kuo, K. Seki, P.M. Lee, P.K. Ko and Chenming Hu

A Rule Manager for Relational Database Systems (M87/38)
Michael Stonebraker, E. Hanson and S. Potamianos

Constrained Encoding in Hypercubes: Algorithms and Applications to Logical Synthesis (M87/37)
T. Villa

Test Generation for Sequential Finite State Machines (M87/36)
H-K. T. Ma, S. Devadas, A. Richard Newton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Theory, Algorithms, and User's Guide for BSIM and SCALP (M87/35)
M-C. Jeng, P.M. Lee, M.M. Kuo, P.K. Ko and Chenming Hu

Artificial Cooling Due to Quiet Injection in Bounded Plasma Particle Simulations (M87/34)
W. Lawson

BDSYN: Logic Description Translator BDSIM: Switch-Level Simulator (M87/33)
R.B. Segal

Circuit Placement Methods Using Multiple Eigenvectors and Linear Probe Techniques (M87/32)
Jonathan A. Frankle

Reduced Order Identification: Parameter Error, Convergence and Robustness for Least Squares Algorithms (M87/31)
R.J. Minnichelli

Modelling and Analysis of Systematic Errors and Their Effects on Positioning Accuracy of Manipulators (M87/30)
T.J. Hahn

Ballooning Modes in an Axisymmetric Mirror Machine (M87/29)
R.A. Close and Allan J. Lichtenberg

Stabilization and Robustness of the Nonlinear Unity-Feedback System: Factorization Approach (M87/28)
Charles A. Desoer and M.G. Kabuli

Linear Time-Invariant Controller Design for Two-Channel Decentralized Control Systems (M87/27)
Charles A. Desoer and A.N. Gündeş

Low-Cost High-Speed General Service Fiber Optic Networks (M87/26)
Ming-Kang Liu

Analysis of Adaptive Identifiers in the Presence of Unmodelled Dynamics: Averaging and Tuned Parameters (M87/25)
J.E. Mason, E.W. Bai, L-C. Fu, M. Bodson and S. Shankar Sastry

A Relativistic Monte Carlo Binary Collision Model for Use in Plasma Particle Simulation Codes (M87/24)
R.J. Procassini, Charles K. (Ned) Birdsall, Edward Morse and B.I. Cohen

ES2 User's Manual - Version 1 (M87/23)
K. Theilhaber

Design of an On-Line Handwriting Recognition System (M87/22)
Po-Yang Lu

Nonlinear Relaxation Algorithms for Circuit Simulation (M87/21)
Resve A. Saleh

Object FADS Project Status Report (M87/20)
Lawrence A. Rowe

Alternative Strategies for a Semantics- Based Operating System Transaction Manager (M87/19)
A. Kumar and Michael Stonebraker

Vortex Dynamics and Transport to the Wall in a Crossed-Field Plasma Sheath (M87/18)
K. Theilhaber and Charles K. (Ned) Birdsall

Transient Electrostatic Potentials Driven by Short-Pulse Electron Cyclotron Heating (M87/17)
Allan J. Lichtenberg, Michael A. Lieberman and R.H. Cohen

Collisional Treatment of the Trapped Particle Mode in Multi-Region Mirror Systems (M87/16)
H. Ramachandran, Allan J. Lichtenberg, Michael A. Lieberman and A.K. Sen

Performance Evaluation of a Operating System Transaction Manager (M87/15)
A. Kumar and Michael Stonebraker

Computer Simulation of Bounded Plasma Systems (M87/14)
W.S. Lawson

The POSTGRES Data Model (M87/13)
Lawrence A. Rowe and Michael Stonebraker

MOS Processes in the Microfabrication Laboratory (M87/12)
K. Voros and P.K. Ko

Conical Projection Algorithms for Linear Programming (M87/11)
C. Gonzaga

An Algorithm for Solving Linear Programming Problems in O(n^3 L) Operations (M87/10)
C.C. Gonzaga

Hybrid Velocity/Force Control of a Robot Manipulator (M87/9)
Z. Li and S. Shankar Sastry

BSIM - Substrate Current Modeling Appendix C: Implementation of the BSIM Substrate Current and Degradation Models in SCALP (M87/8)
P.M. Lee, M.M. Kuo, M. Maghsoodnia, P.K. Ko and Chenming Hu

MOSAICO: An Integrated Macro-Cell Layout System (M87/7)
J. Burns, A. Casotto, M. Igusa, F. Marron, F. Romeo, Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, C. Sechen, H. Shin, G. Srinath and H. Yaghutiel

The Design of the POSTGRES Storage System (M87/6)
Michael Stonebraker

A Browser for Directed Graphs (M87/5)
Lawrence A. Rowe, M. Davis, E. Messinger, C. Meyer, C. Spirakis and A. Tuan

Electron Beam Time-of-Flight Potential Diagnostic (M87/4)
B.T. Archer, H. Meuth and Michael A. Lieberman

Frequency Domain Synthesis of Optimal Inputs for Adaptive Identification and Control (M87/3)
L-C. Fu and S. Shankar Sastry

A Visual Shell Interface to a Database (M87/2)
Lawrence A. Rowe, P. Danzig and W. Choi

Algebraic Theory of Linear Time-Invariant Feedback Systems With Two-Input Two-Output Plant and Compensator (M87/1)
Charles A. Desoer and A.N. Gündeş