Two-Dimensional IFIR Structures Using Generalized Factorable Filters (CSD-93-785)
Roberto Manduchi

A Boyer-Moore Approach for Two-Dimensional Matching (CSD-93-784)
Jorma Tarhio

xFS: A Wide Area Mass Storage File System (CSD-93-783)
Randolph Y. Wang and Thomas E. Anderson

Interconnection Network Design Based on Packaging Considerations (CSD-93-782)
Mandayam Thondanur Raghunath

Compiler Transformations for High-Performance Computing (CSD-93-781)
David F. Bacon, Susan L. Graham and Oliver J. Sharp

Robust Multiple Car Tracking with Occlusion Reasoning (CSD-93-780)
Dieter Koller, Joseph Weber and Jitendra Malik

A Quantitative Analysis of Disk Drive Power Management in Portable Computers (CSD-93-779)
Kester Li, Roger Kumpf, Paul Horton and Thomas Anderson

RAID: High-Performance, Reliable Secondary Storage (CSD-93-778)
Peter M. Chen, Edward K. Lee, Garth A. Gibson, Randy H. Katz and David A. Patterson

RALPH-MEA: A Real-Time, Decision-Theoretic Agent Architecture (CSD-93-777)
Gary Hayato Ogasawara

Improving the Accuracy of Differential-Based Optical Flow Algorithms (CSD-93-776)
Roberto Manduchi

Computing Local Surface Orientation and Shape From Texture for Curved Surfaces (CSD-93-775)
Jitendra Malik and Ruth Rosenholtz

Decentralized Optimal Power Pricing: The Development of a Parallel Program (CSD-93-774)
Steven Lumetta, Liam Murphy, Xiaoye Li, David E. Culler and Ismail Khalil

User Interface Management System Embedded in a Multimedia Document Editor Framework (CSD-93-773)
Takashi Ohtsu and Michael A. Harrison

Canonic Representations for the Geometries of Multiple Project Views (CSD-93-772)
Q.-T. Luong and T. Vieville

Database and Display Algorithms for Interactive Visualization of Architectural Models (CSD-93-771)
Thomas Allen Funkhouser

Performance Modeling and Analysis of Disk Arrays (CSD-93-770)
Edward Kihyen Lee

An Efficient Network Interface for the RAID-II File Server (CSD-93-769)
Srinivasan Seshan

A Continuous Media Player (CSD-93-768)
Lawrence A. Rowe and Brian C. Smith

Measuring Cache and TLB Performance and Their Effect of Benchmark Run Times (CSD-93-767)
Rafael H. Saavedra and Alan Jay Smith

Evaluation of Multithreading and Caching in Large Shared Memory Parallel Computers (CSD-93-766)
Robert Francis Boothe

File System Performance and Transaction Support (CSD-93-765)
Margo Ilene Seltzer

VIGL -- Visualization Graphic Library (CSD-93-764)
Allen B. Downey

Building Common Lisp Applications with Reasonable Performance (CSD-93-763)
John Boreczky and Lawrence A. Rowe

The Design and Assessment of a Hypermedia Course on Semiconductor Manufacturing (CSD-93-762)
Patricia K. Schank and Lawrence A. Rowe

The INFIDEL Virtual Machine (CSD-93-761)
Luigi Semenzato

The High-Level Intermediate Language L (CSD-93-760)
Luigi Semenzato

FIDIL Reference Manual (CSD-93-759)
Paul N. Hilfinger and Phillip Colella

The Roommates Problem (CSD-93-757)
Ethan Bernstein and Sridhar Rajagaopalan

Queueing Theory Analysis of Greedy Routing on Arrays and Tori (CSD-93-756)
Mor Harchol and Paul E. Black

Time and Space Efficient Pose Clustering (CSD-93-755)
Clark F. Olson

Analysis of Multiprocessor Memory Reference Behavior (CSD-93-754)
Jeffrey D. Gee and Alan Jay Smith

Absolute and Comparative Performance of Cache Consistency Algorithms (CSD-93-753)
Jeffrey D. Gee and Alan Jay Smith

Fast Accurate Simulation of Large Shared Memory Multiprocessors (revised version) (CSD-93-752)
Robert Francis Boothe

Low-Power Silicon Neurons, Axons, and Synapses (CSD-93-751)
John Lazzaro and John Wawrzynek

High Speed 64-b CMOS Datapath (CSD-93-750)
John Wawrzynek and Bertrand Irissou

Development of a Connectionist Network Supercomputer (CSD-93-749)
Krste Asanović, James Beck, Jerry Feldman, Nelson Morgan and John Wawrzynek

Design Techniques for High-Speed Datapaths (CSD-93-748)
Bertrand S. Irissou

CNS-1 Architecture Specification (CSD-93-747)
Krste Asanović, James Beck, Tim Callahan, Jerry Feldman, Bertrand S. Irissou, Brian Kingsbury, Phil Kohn, John Lazzaro, Nelson Morgan, David Stoutamire and John Wawrzynek

Queueing Theory Analysis of Greedy Routing on Square Arrays (CSD-93-746)
Mor Harchol and Paul E. Black

High-Dimensional Linear Data Interpolation (CSD-93-745)
Russell Pflughaupt

The Zebra Striped Network File System (CSD-93-744)
John H. Hartman and John K. Ousterhout

Operational Rationality through Compilation of Anytime Algorithms (CSD-93-743)
Shlomo Zilberstein

Evaluation of Heterogeneous Architectures for Artificial Neural Networks (CSD-93-742)
Chedsada Chinrungrueng

File System Performance and Transaction Support (CSD-93-741)
Margo Ilene Seltzer

Tools for the Development of Application Specific Virtual Memory Management (CSD-93-740)
Keith Krueger, Amin Vahdat, Thomas Anderson and David Loftesness

The Nachos Instructional Operating System (CSD-93-739)
Wayne A. Christopher, Steven J. Procter and Thomas E. Anderson

The Case For Application-Specific Operating Systems (CSD-93-738)
Thomas E. Anderson

Tight Bounds on Expected Time to Add Correctly and Add Mostly Correctly (CSD-93-737)
Peter S. Gemmell and Mor Harchol

Performance Evaluation for Computer Image Synthesis Systems (CSD-93-736)
Ricki Blau

A Mechanism for the Administration of Real-Time Channels (CSD-93-735)
Bruce A. Mah

An Efficient Computation of Mixed Volume (CSD-93-734)
Ioannis Emiris

Probabilistic Indexing: Recognizing 3D Objects from 2D Images Using the Probabilistic Peaking Effect (CSD-93-733)
Clark F. Olson

Minimum Curvature Variation Curves, Networks, and Surfaces for Fair Free-Form Shape Design (CSD-93-732)
Henry Packard Moreton

Optimal Broadcast in a Distributed Memory Model of Parallel Computation (CSD-93-731)
Ramesh Subramonian and Narayan Venkatasubramanyan

Striped Tape Arrays (CSD-93-730)
Ann L. Drapeau and Randy H. Katz

Generation of Time-Varying Geometrical Models (CSD-93-729)
Carlo H. Séquin

Faster Numerical Algorithms via Exception Handling (CSD-93-728)
James W. Demmel and Xiaoye Li

Combining Windows: A Performance Evaluation of Design Options (CSD-93-727)
Philip Bitar

User Interaction in Language-Based Editing Systems (CSD-93-726)
Michael Lee Van De Vanter

Customizing Interconnection Networks to Suit Packaging Hierarchies (CSD-93-725)
Mandayam Thondanur Raghunath and Abhiram Ranade

Papyrus: A History-Based VLSI Design Process Management System (CSD-93-724)
Tzi-cker Chiueh

Logic Synthesis for Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (M93/98)
Rajeev Murgai

Timing Issues in Sequential Circuits (M93/97)
Narendra V. Shenoy

Circuit Techniques and Considerations for Implementation of High Speed CMOS Analog-to-Digital Interfaces for DSP-Based PRML Magnetic Disk Read Channels (M93/96)
Gregory T. Uehara

A Dextrous Master for Telesurgery (M93/95)
L.S. Crawford

An Exact Logic Minimizer Using Implicit Binary Decision Diagram Based Methods (M93/94)
G.M. Swamy

The Simplest Dissipative Non-Autonomous Chaotic Circuit (M93/93)
K. Murali, M. Lakshmanan and Leon O. Chua

Time Scale to Ergodicity in the FPU System (M93/92)
J. De Luca, Allan J. Lichtenberg and Michael A. Lieberman

White Paper Concurrent Circuit Design/ Process Engineering in a Flexible Manufacturing Environment (M93/91)
Andrew R. Neureuther, Costas J. Spanos, M. Hatzilambrou and C. Yu

DORIC: Design of Optimized and Robust Integrated Circuits (M93/90)
Z. Daoud

Nonholonomic Motion Planning for Underwater Vehicles (M93/89)
J-P. Tennant

The Learning Problem for Discrete-Time Cellular Neural Networks as a Combinatorial Optimization Problem (M93/88)
H. Magnussen, J.A. Nossek and Leon O. Chua

Hyperchaotic Attractors of Unidirectionally- Coupled Chua's Circuits (M93/87)
T. Kapitaniak and Leon O. Chua

Simulations of Limiting Current in a Crossed-Field Gap: Hull Diode (M93/86)
J. Verboncoeur and Charles K. (Ned) Birdsall

Direct Aerial Image Measurement at 248mm (M93/85)
C.H. Fields

Computing Boolean Expressions with OBDDs (M93/84)
T.R. Shiple, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Flexibility in the Interactions Between High-Speed Networks and Communications Applications (M93/83)
Paul E. Haskell

A Physical Poly-Silicon Thin Film Transistor (TFT) Model for Circuit Simulation (M93/82)
C. Li

Combined Hierarchical Approaches to Integrated Circuit Layout Based on a Common Data Model (M93/81)
Brian D. N. Lee

Novel Techniques for High Performance Field-Programmable Logic Devices (M93/80)
Narasimha B. Bhat

A Fully Implicit Algorithm for Exact State Minimization (M93/79)
T. Kam, T. Villa, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Long Run Dynamics of Queues: Stability and Chaos (M93/78)
E.J. Friedman and A.S. Landsberg

A Method for Estimating Overlap Capacitance in MOSFET Devices by DC Current Measurement (M93/77)
S.V. Bana

Short Run Dynamics of Multi-Class Queues (M93/76)
E.J. Friedman and A.S. Landsberg

Integrating Price-Based Resources in Short-Term Scheduling of Electric Power Systems (M93/75)
A.J. Svoboda and S.S. Oren

Modeling Electronegative Plasma Discharges (M93/74)
Allan J. Lichtenberg, V. Vahedi, Michael A. Lieberman and T. Rognlien

A Simple Way to Synchronize Chaotic Systems with Applications to Secure Communication Systems (M93/73)
C.W. Wu and Leon O. Chua

Low-Power High-Speed DSP Architecture for Magnetic Disk PRML Read Channel (M93/72)
S-H.C. Wong

BDD Variable Ordering for Interacting Finite State Machines (M93/71)
A. Aziz, S. Tasiran and Robert K. Brayton

XPOLE: An Interactive, Graphical Signal Analysis and Filter Design Tool (M93/70)
K. White

Scheduling Dynamic Dataflow Graphs with Bounded Memory Using the Token Flow Model (M93/69)
Joseph T. Buck

Minimizing Interacting Finite State Machines (M93/68)
A. Aziz, V. Singhal, G.M. Swamy and Robert K. Brayton

Optimum Partitioning of Analog and Digital Circuitry in Mixed-Signal Circuits for Signal Processing (M93/67)
Ken A. Nishimura

Multiprocessor DSP Code Synthesis in Ptolemy (M93/66)
P.K. Murthy

An Analysis of the INFOPAD Downlink (M93/65)
J. Camagna

Input Don't Care Sequences in FSM Networks (M93/64)
H-Y. Wang and Robert K. Brayton

Multi-Bit SIGMA DELTA Analog-to-Digital Converters with Nonlinearity Correction Using Dynamic Barrel Shifting (M93/63)
Y. Sakina

A Parallel Architecture for High-Data-Rate Digital Receivers in Scaled CMOS Technology (M93/62)
Timothy H.-T. Hu

The Maximum Set of Permissible Behaviors for FSM Networks (M93/61)
Y. Watanabe and Robert K. Brayton

Implicit Generation of Compatibles for Exact State Minimization (M93/60)
T. Kam, T. Villa, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

A New Approach for the Synthesis of FSM's from Control-Flow Graphs (M93/59)
M. Sekine, T. Villa, K. Goto and Robert K. Brayton

Heuristic Minimization of BDDs, Using Don't Cares (M93/58)
T.R. Shiple, R. Hojati, Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and Robert K. Brayton

A Robust Physical and Predictive Model for Deep-Submicrometer MOS Circuit Simulation (M93/57)
J.H. Huang, Z.H. Liu, M.C. Jeng, P.K. Ko and Chenming Hu

A Physical Model for MOSFET Output Resistance (M93/56)
J.H. Huang, Z.H. Liu, M.C. Jeng, P.K. Ko and Chenming Hu

A Multi-Steering Trailer System: Conversion into Chained Form Using Dynamic Feedback (M93/55)
D. Tilbury, O. Sordalen, L. Bushnell and S. Shankar Sastry

Global Model of Plasma Chemistry in a High Density Oxygen Discharge (M93/54)
C. Lee, D.B. Graves, Michael A. Lieberman and D.W. Hess

Image Boundary Detection Via Intensity, Color, and Texture Segmentation (M93/53)
P.R. Chang

Verifying Interacting Finite State Machines (M93/52)
A. Aziz, V. Singhal and Robert K. Brayton

Design-Oriented Mixed-Level Circuit and Device Simulation (M93/51)
David A. Gates

Decoupling Bandwidths for Networks: A Decomposition Approach to Resource Management (M93/50)
G. de Veciana, C. Courcoubetis and Jean Walrand

Synthesis of Mixed Software-Hardware Implementations from CFSM Specifications (M93/49)
M. Chiodo, P. Giusto, H. Hsieh, A. Jurecska, L. Lavagno and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

A Formal Specification Model for Hardware/Software Codesign (M93/48)
M. Chiodo, P. Giusto, H. Hsieh, A. Jurecska, L. Lavagno and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Effective Bandwidths: Call Admission, Traffic Policing and Filtering for ATM Networks (M93/47)
G. de Veciana and Jean Walrand

BED: The Implementation of a Process Specification Editor (M93/46)
S.R. Smoot

Automatic Time-Series Model Generation for Real-Time Statistical Process Control (M93/45)
H-C. Liu

Algorithms for Steering on the Group of Rotations (M93/44)
G. Walsh, A. Sarti and S. Shankar Sastry

Stabilization of Multiple Input Chained Form Control Systems (M93/43)
G.C. Walsh and L.G. Bushnell

Performance-Oriented Fully Routable Dynamic Architecture for a Field Programmable Logic Device (M93/42)
N.B. Bhat, K. Chaudhary and Ernest S. Kuh

Two Dimensional Auctions for Efficient Franchising of Public Monopolies (M93/41)
J. Bushnell and S. Oren

Exact Minimum Delay Computation and Clock Frequencies (M93/40)
W.K.C. Lam, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

On the Global Degree of Nonholonomy of a Car with n Trailers (M93/39)
O.J. Sordalen

Analog Behavioral Simulation and Modeling (M93/38)
Edward W. Y. Liu

Looped Schedules for Dataflow Descriptions of Multirate DSP Algorithms (M93/37)
S.S. Bhattacharyya and Edward A. Lee

Generating Compact Code from Dataflow Specifications of Multirate DSP Algorithms (M93/36)
S.S. Bhattacharyya, J.T. Buck, S. Ha and Edward A. Lee

Software Synthesis for Single-Processor DSP Systems Using Ptolemy (M93/35)
J.L. Pino

Language, Compiler, and Operating System for the CNN Supercomputer (M93/34)
T. Roska, Leon O. Chua and A. Zarandy

Physically Realizable Gate Models (M93/33)
P.R. Stephan and Robert K. Brayton

Transition in Dynamical Regime by Driving: A Method of Control and Synchronization of Chaos (M93/32)
L. Kocarev, A. Shang and Leon O. Chua

A Compiler Scheduling Framework for Minimizing Memory Requirements of Multirate DSP Systems Represented as Dataflow Graphs (M93/31)
S.S. Bhattacharyya, J.T. Buck, S. Ha and Edward A. Lee

Heuristic Minimization for Synchronous Relations (M93/30)
V. Singhal, Y. Watanabe and Robert K. Brayton

Experimental Analysis of 1-D Maps from Chua's Circuit (M93/29)
N.F. Rul'kov and A.R. Volkovskii

Parallel Query Processing Using Shared Memory Multiprocessors and Disk Arrays (M93/28)
Wei Hong

Spread Spectrum Communication Through Modulation of Chaos (M93/27)
K.S. Halle, C.W. Wu, M. Itoh and Leon O. Chua

Cycles of Chaotic Intervals in a 1-D Piecewise-Linear Map (M93/26)
Y.L. Maistrenko, V.L. Maistrenko and Leon O. Chua

The Integration of Rule Systems and Data Base Systems (M93/25)
Michael Stonebraker

Dynamics of the Lorenz Equation and the Chua's Equation: A Tutorial (M93/24)
L. Kocarev and T. Roska

Control Strategies for Mobile Robots with Trailers (M93/23)
D. Tilbury, J-P. Laumond, R. Murray, S. Shankar Sastry and G. Walsh

Large Object Support in POSTGRES (M93/22)
Michael Stonebraker and M. Olson

Automated Design of Signal Acquisition Modules (M93/21)
Monte F. Mar

Generating Interior Search Directions for Multiobjective Linear Programming (M93/20)
A. Arbel and S.S. Oren

Quadratic Boolean Programming for Performance-Driven System Partitioning (M93/19)
M. Shih and Ernest S. Kuh

Priority Ordering in Interruptible Electric Power Service with Irreversible Early Notification (M93/18)
T. Strauss and S. Oren

Two-Parameter Study of Transition to Chaos in Chua's Circuit: Renormalization Group, Universality and Scaling (M93/17)
A.P. Kuznetsov, S.P. Kuznetsov, I.R. Sataev and Leon O. Chua

Logic Synthesis and Massively Parallel Computers: Tools for Speeding-Up Logic Simulation (M93/16)
G.A. Jones

Self-Similarity and Universality in Chua's Circuit via the Approximate Chua's 1-D Map (M93/15)
A.P. Kuznetsov, S.P. Kuznetsov, I.R. Sataev and Leon O. Chua

Controlling Chaos Without Feedback and Control Signals (M93/14)
T. Kapitaniak, L. Kocarev and Leon O. Chua

Arnold Diffusion in Many Dimensions (M93/13)
B.P. Wood, Allan J. Lichtenberg and Michael A. Lieberman

Trajectory Generation for the N-Trailer Problem Using Goursat Normal Form (M93/12)
D. Tilbury, R. Murray and S. Shankar Sastry

On Chaotic Synchronization in a Linear Array of Chua's Circuits (M93/11)
V.N. Belykh, N.N. Verichev, L. Kocarev and Leon O. Chua

An Application of a Synchronous/Reactive Semantics to the VHDL Language (M93/10)
W.C. Baker

Approximate Decoupling and Asymptotic Tracking for MIMO Systems (M93/9)
D.N. Godbole and S. Shankar Sastry

The Ptolemy Kernel (M93/8)
J.T. Buck

Global Unfolding of Chua's Circuits (M93/7)
Leon O. Chua

Circuit Delay Models and Their Exact Computation Using Timed Boolean Functions (M93/6)
W.K.C. Lam, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

System Support for Software Fault Tolerance in Highly Available Database Management Systems (M93/5)
Mark P. Sullivan

Single Appearance Schedules for Synchronous Dataflow Programs (M93/4)
S.S. Bhattacharyya, S. Ha and Edward A. Lee

Design of High Density Plasma Sources for Materials Processing (M93/3)
Michael A. Lieberman and R.A. Gottscho

Performance of a Software MPEG Video Decoder (M93/2)
K. Patel, B.C. Smith and Lawrence A. Rowe

File System Performance and Transaction Support (M93/1)
M.I. Seltzer