Technical Reports - 1994

Procedural Modeling (CSD-94-860)
Carlo H. Séquin

The Dynamic Management of Guaranteed Performance Connections in Packet Switched Integrated Service Networks (CSD-94-859)
Colin J. Parris and Domenico Ferrari

Measurements and Observations of IP Multicast Traffic (CSD-94-858)
Bruce A. Mah

A Sharp Version of Kahan's Theorem on Clustered Eigenvalues (CSD-94-857)
Ren-Cang Li, Zhi-Hao Cao and Jin-Jun Xie

Relative Perturbation Theory: (II) Eigenspace Variations (CSD-94-856)
Ren-Cang Li

Relative Perturbation Theory: (I) Eigenvalue Variations (CSD-94-855)
Ren-Cang Li

Relative Perturbation Bounds for the Unitary Polar Factor (CSD-94-854)
Ren-Cang Li

Linear systems with coefficient matrices having fields of values not containing the origin (CSD-94-853)
Ren-Cang Li

New Perturbation Bounds for the Unitary Polar Factor (CSD-94-852)
Ren-Cang Li

Solving Secular Equations Stably and Efficiently (CSD-94-851)
Ren-Cang Li

Reciproot Algorithm -- Correctly Rounded? (CSD-94-850)
Ren-Cang Li

Relations Between the Field of Values of a Matrix and Those of its Schur Complements (CSD-94-849)
Ren-Cang Li

An Efficient Tridiagonal Eigenvalue Solver on CM 5 with Laguerre's Iteration (CSD-94-848)
Ren-Cang Li and Huan Ren

Tertiary Storage: An Evaluation of New Applications (CSD-94-847)
Ann Louise Chervenak

SATZ - An Adaptive Sentence Segmentation System (CSD-94-846)
David D. Palmer

Implementation Techniques for Continuous Media Systems and Applications (CSD-94-845)
Brian Christopher Smith

Cooperative Caching: Using Remote Client Memory to Improve File System Performance (CSD-94-844)
Michael D. Dahlin, Randolph Y. Wang, Thomas E. Anderson and David A. Patterson

Active Documentation for VLSI Design (CSD-94-843)
Mario Jorge Silva

Efficient, Portable, and Robust Extension of Operating System Functionality (CSD-94-842)
Amin M. Vahdat, Douglas Ghormley and Thomas Anderson

In Network of Queues, M/M/1 Can Outperform M/D/1 (CSD-94-841)
Mor Harchol-Balter and David Wolfe

On the Complexity of Sparse Elimination (CSD-94-840)
Ioannis Z. Emiris

Efficient Incremental Algorithms for the Sparse Resultant and the Mixed Volume (CSD-94-839)
Ioannis Z. Emiris and John F. Canny

Combining Parallel and Sequential Workloads on a Network of Workstations (CSD-94-838)
Remzi H. Arpaci, Amin M. Vahdat, Thomas Anderson and David A. Patterson

The Case for Design using the World Wide Web (CSD-94-837)
Mario J. Silva and Randy H. Katz

Context and Structure in Automated Full-Text Information Access (CSD-94-836)
Marti A. Hearst

Optimizing Explicitly Parallel Programs (CSD-94-835)
Arvind Krishnamurthy

Stochastic Hillclimbing as a Baseline Method for Evaluating Genetic Algorithms (CSD-94-834)
Martin Wattenberg and Ari Juels

Proteus: An Adaptable Presentation System for a Software Development and Multimedia Document Environment (CSD-94-833)
Ethan Vincent Munson

Compiling Lenient Languages for Parallel Asynchronous Execution (CSD-94-832)
Klaus Erik Schauser

Ugmovie - Interactive UNIGRAFIX Movie Previewing (CSD-94-831)
Gregory S. Couch

Berkeley UNIGRAFIX 3.1 - Data Structure and Language (CSD-94-830)
Gregory S. Couch

Modeling Parallel Sorts with LogP on the CM-5 (CSD-94-829)
Andrea Carol Dusseau

Mantis User's Guide, Version 1.0 (CSD-94-828)
Steven S. Lumetta and David E. Culler

A Scalable, Empirical Approach to Anaphoric Reference (CSD-94-827)
Caroline Tice

Process Lifetimes are Not Exponential, more like 1/T: Implications on Dynamic Load Balancing (CSD-94-826)
Mor Harchol-Balter

Modeling Parallel Sorts with LogP on the CM-5 (CSD-94-825)
Andrea C. Dusseau

Adaptive Probabilistic Networks (CSD-94-824)
Stuart Russell, John Binder and Daphne Koller

Network Interface Specification for the T1 Microprocessor (CSD-94-823)
Timothy J. Callahan

Tools and Strategies for the Development of Application-Specific Virtual Memory Management (CSD-94-822)
Keith Krueger

Greater Variance Does Not Necessarily Imply Greater Average Delay (CSD-94-821)
Mor Harchol-Balter and David Wolfe

Constant Beats Memoryless for Service in a Markovian Queueing Network (CSD-94-820)
Mor Harchol-Balter and David Wolfe

SPINE: A Synthesizer for Practical Incremental Evaluators (CSD-94-819)
Kannan Muthukkaruppan

The Implementation of a Threaded Abstract Machine (CSD-94-818)
Seth Copen Goldstein

Scene Partitioning via Statistic-Based Region Growing (CSD-94-817)
Joseph Weber

High-Level Abstractions for Symbolic Parallel Programming (Parallel Lisp Hacking Made Easy) (CSD-94-816)
Kinson Ho

Impulse-based Dynamic Simulation (CSD-94-815)
Brian Mirtich and John F. Canny

Towards A Low Power File System (CSD-94-814)
Kester Li

Interactive Multiple-Representation Editing of Physically-based 3D Animation (CSD-94-813)
Wayne Alfred Christopher

TC: An Efficient Implementation of the Tcl Language (CSD-94-812)
Adam Sah

Parallel MPEG-1 Video Encoding (CSD-94-811)
Kevin L. Gong and Lawrence A. Rowe

Implementing an Efficient Portable Global Memory Layer on Distributed Memory Multiprocessors (CSD-94-810)
Stephen S. Luna

Topic Characterization of Full Length Texts Using Direct and Indirect Term Evidence (CSD-94-809)
David E. Fisher

Interactive Geometric Constraint Systems (CSD-94-808)
Mark W. Brunkhart

Measurements of Active Messages Performance on the CM-5 (CSD-94-807)
Lok T. Liu and David E. Culler

Interactive Object Displacement in Building Walkthrough Models (CSD-94-806)
Thurman A. Brown

On the Correctness of Parallel Bisection in Floating Point (CSD-94-805)
James W. Demmel, Inderjit Dhillon and Huan Ren

Binocular Stereopsis and Lane Marker Flow for Vehicle Navigation: Lateral and Longitudinal Control (CSD-94-804)
Dieter Koller, Quang-Tuan Luong and Jitendra Malik

High Speed Switch Scheduling for Local Area Networks (CSD-94-803)
Thomas E. Anderson, Susan S. Owicki, James B. Saxe and Charles P. Thacker

Domain-Specific Information Browsers for Man Page, File, and Font (CSD-94-802)
Thomas A. Phelps

Characterization of Contention in Real Relational Databases (CSD-94-801)
Vigyan Singhal and Alan Jay Smith

Simple and Efficient Leader Election in the Full Information Model (CSD-94-800)
Rafail Ostrovsky, Sridhar Rajagopalan and Umesh Vazirani

A Serial Implementation of Cuppen's Divide and Conquer Algorithm for the Symmetric Eigenvalue Problem (CSD-94-799)
Jeffery D. Rutter

A Quantitative Analysis of Cache Policies for Scalable Network File Systems (CSD-94-798)
Michael D. Dahlin, Clifford J. Mather, Randolph Y. Wang, Thomas E. Anderson and David A. Patterson

Adaptive Sentence Boundary Disambiguation (CSD-94-797)
David D. Palmer and Marti A. Hearst

Indexes for User Access to Large Video Databases (CSD-94-796)
Lawrence A. Rowe, John S. Boreczky and Charles A. Eads

A Distributed Hierarchical Storage Manager for a Video-on-Demand System (CSD-94-795)
Craig Federighi and Lawrence A. Rowe

MPEG Video in Software: Representation, Transmission, and Playback (CSD-94-794)
Lawrence A. Rowe, Ketan D. Patel, Brian C. Smith and Kim Liu

Inverse Free Parallel Spectral Divide and Conquer Algorithms for Nonsymmetric Eigenproblems (CSD-94-793)
Zhaojun Bai, James W. Demmel and Ming Gu

QuaC: Binary Optimization for Fast Runtime Code Generation in C (Extended Abstract) (CSD-94-792)
Curtis Yarvin and Adam Sah

Directional Type Checking of Logic Programs (CSD-94-791)
Alexander Aiken and T.K. Lakshman

Multi-Paragraph Segmentation of Expository Texts (CSD-94-790)
Marti A. Hearst

Contextualizing Retrieval of Full-Length Documents (CSD-94-789)
Marti A. Hearst

Service Disciplines for Packet-Switching Integrated-Services Networks (CSD-94-788)
Hui Zhang

Fast Crash Recovery in Distributed File Systems (CSD-94-787)
Mary Louise Gray Baker

Parallel Algorithms for Hierarchical Clustering (CSD-94-786)
Clark F. Olson

The Postgres User Manual (M92/120-v2)

Semiconductor Equipment Analysis and Wafer State Prediction System Using Real-Time Signals (M94/104)
Sherry F. Lee

Time-Varying Channels with Side Information and Separation Principle (M94/103)
M. Khansari and Martin Vetterli

Deterministic Simulation of Randomized Protocols Over Noisy Channels (M94/102)
S. Venkatesan and Venkat Anantharam

Applications of Parallel Processors to Technology Computer-Aided Design Problems (M94/101)
Eric R. Tomacruz

Efficient Formal Design Verification: Data Structure + Algorithm (M94/100)
R.K. Ranjan, A. Aziz, Robert K. Brayton, B. Plessier and C. Pixley

A User Friendly Environment for Property Specification (M94/99)
R.K. Ranjan and Robert K. Brayton

Techniques for Fast Circuit Simulation Applied to Power Estimation of CMOS Circuits (M94/98)
P. Buch, S. Lin, V. Nagasamy and Ernest S. Kuh

Inductive Learning by Selection of Minimal Complexity Representations (M94/97)
Arlindo M. Limede de Oliveira

Synthesizing Interacting Finite State Machines (M94/96)
A. Aziz and Robert K. Brayton

Performance Analysis and Optimization of Mixed Asynchronous Synchronous Systems (M94/95)
J. Teich, S. Sriram, L. Thiele and M. Martin

New Approaches for On-Chip Power Switching Noise Reduction (M94/94)
C. Hough, T. Xue and Ernest S. Kuh

Combined Code and Data Minimization for Synchronous Dataflow Programs (M94/93)
P.K. Murthy, S.S. Bhattacharyya and Edward A. Lee

Performance Evaluation of an Optimal Processor Assignment (M94/92)
S. Ha and Edward A. Lee

Compile-Time Scheduling of Dynamic Constructs in Dataflow Program Graphs (M94/91)
S. Ha and Edward A. Lee

Exterior Differential Systems and Nonholonomic Motion Planning (M94/90)
Dawn M. Tilbury

Low-Power CMOS Library Design Methodology (M94/89)
T. Burd

Quick Detection of Changes in Traffic Statistics: Application to Variable Rate Compression (M94/88)
I. Hsu and Jean Walrand

Synthesis of Software Programs for Embedded Control Applications (M94/87)
M. Chiodo, P. Giusto, A. Jurecska, L. Lavagno, K. Suzuki, E. Sentovich, H. Hsieh and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Arnol'd Tongues, The Devil's Staircase, and Self-Similarity in the Driven Chua's Circuit (M94/86)
L. Pivka, A.L. Zheleznyak and Leon O. Chua

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications for Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems (M94/85)
T. Tank

The Application of Dynamic Specifications in a Multistep Lithographic Sequence (M94/84)
S-Y. Ma

On the Generation of Scroll Waves in a Three-Dimensional Discrete Active Medium (M94/83)
L. Pivka, A.L. Zheleznyak, C.W. Wu and Leon O. Chua

Code Generation for Multirate DSP Systems in Gabriel (M94/82)
S. How

Architecture and Implementation of the INFOPAD Network Prototype (M94/81)
F.L. Burghardt

Error Control Coding with Applications for INFOPAD (M94/80)
Y.K. Lu

The Validity of Retiming Sequential Circuits (M94/79)
V. Singhal, C. Pixley, R.L. Rudell and Robert K. Brayton

Formula-Dependent Equivalence for Compositional CTL Model Checking (M94/78)
A. Aziz, T.R. Shiple, V. Singhal, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Synchronizing Nonautonomous Chaotic Systems Without Phase-Locking (M94/77)
C.W. Wu and Leon O. Chua

Incremental Formal Design Verification (M94/76)
G.M. Swamy and Robert K. Brayton

Design and Performance of High-Speed Communication Systems over Time-Varying Radio Channels (M94/75)
Andrea J. Goldsmith

Scheduling Communication Resources in Statically Scheduled Multiprocessor Architectures (M94/74)
S. Sriram and Edward A. Lee

Moment Models of General Transmission Lines with Application to Interconnect (M94/73)
Q. Yu and Ernest S. Kuh

A Monte Carlo Collision Model for the Particle-In-Cell Method: Applications to Argon and Oxygen Discharges (M94/72)
V. Vahedi and M. Surendra

An Object-Oriented Electromagnetic PIC Code (M94/71)
J.P. Verboncoeur, A.B. Langdon and N.T. Gladd

The Analog Cellular Neural Network as a Bionic Eye (M94/70)
F. Werblin, T. Roska and Leon O. Chua

Rigorous Three-Dimensional Time-Domain Finite-Difference Electromagnetic Simulation (M94/69)
Alfred K.-K. Wong

Integrating Networks Characterized by Measured S-Parameter Data Into SWEC (M94/68)
R. Hu

Motion Planning for Wheeled Nonholonomic Systems (M94/67)
Linda G. Bushnell

Planning and Feedback Control for Mechanical Systems with Nonholonomic Constraints (M94/66)
Gregory C. Walsh

Low Power Digital CMOS Design (M94/65)
Anantha P. Chandrakasan

TEMPEST User's Guide (M94/64)
A. Wong

Electrical Testing of A CMOS Baseline Process (M94/63)
D. Rodriguez

Low-Power Architectural Design Methodologies (M94/62)
Paul E. Landman

Superconducting Flash-Type Analog-to-Digital Converters with Multi-Gigahertz Performance (M94/61)
Howard C. Luong

Model Based Fuzzy Logic Control (M94/60)
J. Lygeros, D.N. Godbole and C.P. Coleman

A Comparative Approach to Processor Verification Using Symbolic Model Checking (M94/59)
N. Ishiura and Robert K. Brayton

Sidewall Protection Mechanisms in Halocarbon and Halogen Discharges (M94/58)
D.L. Flamm

Digital Filter Design with High Performance Superconducting Technology (M94/57)
R. Mehra

Characterization at Different Aspect Ratios (Radius/Length) of a Radio Frequency Inductively Coupled Plasma Source (M94/56)
P.N. Wainman, Michael A. Lieberman, Allan J. Lichtenberg, R.A. Stewart and C. Lee

A Neural-Net Based, In-Line Focus/Exposure Monitor (M94/55)
P.M. Tsai

Estimating the Dimensional Characteristics of Two-Dimensional Patterns (M94/54)
A.L. Zheleznyak and Leon O. Chua

Dataflow Process Networks (M94/53)
Edward A. Lee

Compiling Dataflow Programs for Digital Signal Processing (M94/52)
Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya

A Unified Framework for Synchronization and Control of Dynamical Systems II-- Arrays of Linearly Coupled Systems (M94/51)
C.W. Wu and Leon O. Chua

Spatially Averaged (Global) Model of the Time Modulated High Density Argon Plasmas (M94/50)
S. Ashida, Michael A. Lieberman and C. Lee

Global Model of Ar, O_2, Cl_2, and Ar/O_2 High Density Plasma Discharges (M94/49)
C. Lee and Michael A. Lieberman

An Exact Optimization of Two-Level Acyclic Sequential Circuits (M94/48)
E.M. Sentovich and Robert K. Brayton

A Hardware Library Representation for the Hyper Synthesis System (M94/47)
S.Z. Wu

On the Optimal Blocking Factor for Blocked, Non-Overlapped Schedules (M94/46)
P. Murthy and Edward A. Lee

Performance Evaluation of One and Two- Level Dynamic Branch Prediction Schemes Over Comparable Hardware Costs (M94/45)
J.L. Pino and B. Singh

Admission Control for ATM Networks (M94/44)
I. Hsu and Jean Walrand

An Esterel Compiler for a Synchronous/ Reactive Development System (M94/43)
S. Edwards

Implementation of Chua's Circuit with a Cubic Nonlinearity (M94/42)
G-Q. Zhong

Code Generation for VSP Software Tool in Ptolemy (M94/41)
S-I. Shih

A Performance-Driven Router for RF and Microwave Analog Circuit Design (M94/40)
C. Charbon, G. Holmlund, Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and B. Donecker

Time Domain Non-Monte Carlo Noise Simulation for Nonlinear Dynamic Circuits with Arbitrary Excitations (M94/39)
A. Demir

Compiling Verilog into Automata (M94/37)
S-T. Cheng and Robert K. Brayton

Developing a Multidimensional Synchronous Dataflow Domain in Ptolemy (M94/36)
M.J. Chen

Sidewall Forcing of Hexagonal Turing Patterns: Rhombic Patterns (M94/35)
V. Perez-Munuzuri, M. Gomez-Gesteira, A.P. Munuzuri, Leon O. Chua and V. Perez-Villar

Optical Proximity Correction for Resolution Enhancement Technology (M94/34)
David M. Newmark

Compiling Digital Networks for Parallel Simulation (M94/33)
E. McCaughrin

Logic Optimization of Interacting Components in Synchronous Digital Systems (M94/32)
Yosinori Watanabe

Multi-Level Synthesis for Safe Replaceability (M94/31)
C. Pixley, V. Singhal, A. Aziz and Robert K. Brayton

Analogic CNN Algorithms for Some Image Compression and Restoration Tasks (M94/30)
P.L. Venetianer, F. Werblin, T. Roska and Leon O. Chua

Novel Types of Analogic CNN Algorithms for Recognizing Bank-Notes (M94/29)
A. Zarandy, F. Werblin, T. Roska and Leon O. Chua

A Unified Framework for Synchronization and Control of Dynamical Systems (M94/28)
C.W. Wu and Leon O. Chua

Frequency-Conversion Optics for 213-nm Optical Lithography Light Source (M94/27)
E. Tejnil

Indirect Adaptive Pole-Placement Control of MIMO Stochastic Systems: Self-Tuning Results (M94/26)
K. Nassiri-Toussi and W. Ren

Stochastic H^inf Identification: An Iteratively Weighted Least Squares Algorithm (M94/25)
S. Rangan and W. Ren

Continuous Platooning: A New Evolutionary and Operating Concept for Automated Highway Systems (M94/24)
W. Ren and D. Green

Uncertainty Structures in Adaptive and Robust Stabilization (M94/23)
G. Nahapetian and W. Ren

On the Use of Consistent Approximations for the Optimal Design of Beams (M94/22)
C.K. Neto and Elijah Polak

Consistent Approximations for Optimal Control Problems Based on Runge-Kutta Integration (M94/21)
A. Schwartz and Elijah Polak

Moment Matching Model of Transmission Lines and Application to Interconnect Delay Estimation (M94/20)
Q. Yu and Ernest S. Kuh

Algebraic Methods for Timing Analysis and Testing in High-Performance Designs (M94/19)
William K.-C. Lam

On the Automatic Computation of Network Invariants (M94/18)
F. Balarin and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Internal Auctions for Efficient Sourcing of Intermediate Products (M94/17)
J. Bushnell and S. Oren

On Goursat Normal Forms, Prolongations, and Control Systems (M94/16)
D. Tilbury and S. Shankar Sastry

Permissible Observability Relations in FSM Networks (M94/15)
H-Y. Wang and Robert K. Brayton

A Low-Power High-Speed Digital Adaptive Equalizer for Magnetic Disk Drive Channels Utilizing Class IV Partial Response Signalling (M94/14)
J.C. Rudell

Efficient Collision Detection for Animation and Robotics (M94/13)
Ming C. Lin

Edge-Streett/Edge-Rabin Automata Environment for Formal Verification Using Language Containment (M94/12)
R. Hojati, V. Singhal and Robert K. Brayton

Heuristic Algorithms for Early Quantification and Partial Product Minimization (M94/11)
R. Hojati, S. Krishnan and Robert K. Brayton

An Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm for a Car Pulling Many Trailers with Kingpin Hitching (M94/10)
Anant Sahai, M. Secor and L. Bushnell

A High-Speed Parallel Pipeline A/D Converter Technique in CMOS (M94/9)
Cormac S. G. Conroy

Heterogeneous Cell-Relay Network Simulation and Performance Analysis with Ptolemy (M94/8)
A.Y. Lao

Milli Robotics for Endoscopy (M94/7)
J. Wendlandt

Multi-Carrier DCMA in an Indoor Wireless Radio Channel (M94/6)
N. Yee and J-P. Linnartz

Cellular Neural Networks Operating in Oscillatory Modes (M94/5)
C.W. Wu, T. Roska and Leon O. Chua

Sequential Test Pattern Generation: Using Implicit STG Traversal Techniques to Generate Tests and Identify Redundancies in Sequential Circuits (M94/4)
C. Wawrukiewicz, A. Saldanha, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Microsoft Windows NT and the Competition for Desktop Computing (M94/3)
B. Peters, W.R. Bush and A. Richard Newton

Special Issues in Semiconductor Manufacturing IV (M94/2)
Costas J. Spanos, J. Hutchinson, P. Tsai, H-J. Wann and M. Zuniga

Compositing and Manipulation of Video Signals for Multimedia Network Video Services (M94/1)
S-F. Chang