Technical Reports - 2000

Empirical Study of Opportunities for Bit-Level Specialization in Word-Based Programs (CSD-00-1126)
Eylon Caspi

Measuring the Performance of Multimedia Instruction Sets (CSD-00-1125)
Nathan Slingerland and Alan Jay Smith

Multimedia Extensions for General Purpose Microprocessors: a Survey (CSD-00-1124)
Nathan Slingerland and Alan Jay Smith

Cache Performance for Multimedia Applications (CSD-00-1123)
Nathan T. Slingerland and Alan Jay Smith

Design and Characterization of the Berkeley Multimedia Workload (CSD-00-1122)
Nathan T. Slingerland and Alan Jay Smith

Giotto: a Time-triggered Language for Embedded Programming (CSD-00-1121)
Thomas A. Henzinger, Benjamin Horowitz and Christoph Meyer Kirsch

Geometric Algorithms and Data Representation for Solid Freeform Fabrication (CSD-00-1119)
Sara Anne McMains

Enhancing Graduated Declustering for Better Performance Availability on Clusters (CSD-00-1118)
Noah Treuhaft

Exploring a New Interaction Paradigm for Collaborating on Handheld Computers (CSD-00-1117)
Mark Bilezikjian, Scott R. Klemmer, Regan L. Mandryk, James A. Landay and Kori M. Inkpen

A Tangible Evolution: System Architecture and Participatory Design Studies of the Designer's Outpost (CSD-00-1116)
Scott Klemmer, Ryan Farrell, Mark Newman, Raecine Meza and James A. Landay

Language Support and Compilation Techniques for Regions (CSD-00-1115)
David E. Gay and Alex Aiken

Multicast Forwarding and Application State Scalability in the Internet (CSD-00-1114)
Tina Han-Ting Wong

Entailment with Conditional Equality Constraints (Extended Version) (CSD-00-1113)
Zhendong Su and Alexander Aiken

The XSet XML Search Engine and XBench XML Query Benchmark (CSD-00-1112)
Ben Yanbin Zhao and Anthony Joseph

The IRAM Network Interface (CSD-00-1111)
Ioannis Mavroidis

An Interactive Framework for Data Transformation and Cleaning (CSD-00-1110)
Vijayshankar Raman and Joseph M. Hellerstein

Practical reinforcement learning in continuous domains (CSD-00-1109)
Jeffrey Forbes and David Andre

A Design Framework for Highly Concurrent Systems (CSD-00-1108)
Matt Welsh, Steven D. Gribble, Eric A. Brewer and David Culler

An Architectural Performance Study of the Fast Fourier Transform on Vector IRAM (CSD-00-1106)
Randi Thomas

The State of the Art in Automated Usability Evaluation of User Interfaces (CSD-00-1105)
Melody Y. Ivory and Marti A. Hearst

Optimizing the Performance of Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication (CSD-00-1104)
Eun-Jin Im

Evaluation of Three Unstructured Multigrid Methods on 3D Finite Element Problems in Solid Mechanics (CSD-00-1103)
Mark F. Adams

OceanStore: An Extremely Wide-Area Storage System (CSD-00-1102)
David Bindel, Yan Chen, Patrick Eaton, Dennis Geels, Ramakrishna Gummadi, Sean Rhea, Hakim Weatherspoon, Westly Weimer, Christopher Wells, Ben Zhao and John Kubiatowicz

A Framework for Interactive Multicast Data Transport in the Internet (CSD-00-1101)
Suchitra Raman

Reducing the Cost of System Administration of a Disk Storage System Built from Commodity Components (CSD-00-1100)
Satoshi Asami

GridPix -- Presenting Large Image Files Over the Internet (CSD-00-1099)
Satoshi Asami and David A. Patterson

Bounding Predicates and Insertion Policies for Multidimensional Indexes (CSD-00-1098)
Megan Thomas, Kirby Zhang, Jimmy Shih and Joseph M. Hellerstein

Polymorphic versus Monomorphic Flow-insensitive Points-to Analysis for C (Extended Version) (CSD-00-1097)
Jeffrey S. Foster, Manuel Fahndrich and Alexander Aiken

Querying Large Collections of Music for Similarity (CSD-00-1096)
Matt Welsh, Nikita Borisov, Jason Hill, Robert von Behren and Alec Woo

Tigris: a Java-based Cluster I/O System (CSD-00-1095)
Matt Welsh

Building VTrace, a Tracer for Windows NT and Windows 2000 (CSD-00-1093)
Jacob R. Lorch and Alan Jay Smith

Market-based Proportional Resource Sharing for Clusters (CSD-00-1092)
Brent N. Chun and David E. Culler

Robust Hyperlinks Cost Just Five Words Each (CSD-00-1091)
Thomas A. Phelps and Robert Wilensky

A Dynamic Mesh Display Representation for the Holodeck Ray Cache System (CSD-00-1090)
Maryann Simmons

Layout Aware Synthesis (M00/67)
Wilsin Gosti

Addressing the Timing Closure Problem by Integrating Logic Optimization and Placement (M00/66)
W. Gosti, S. P. Khatri and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Adaptive Digital Signal Processing Algorithm for Image-Rejection Mixer Self-Calibration (M00/65)
G. M. Desjardins

Analysis and Design of Low-Energy Clocked Storage Elements (M00/64)
D. Markovic

Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Holographic Metrology for Lithography Applications (M00/63)
Sang Hun Lee

Two-Component Plasma Conduction, (M00/62)
J. Lim

CMOS Baseline Process in the UC Berkeley Microfabrication Lab Report II (M00/61)
L. Voros

Estimation of Transition Probability Matrices in Credit Risk Analysis (M00/60)
Laurent El Ghaoui, M. Oks and A. Varma

Worst-Case Value-at-Risk and Robust Asset Allocation: A Semidefinite Programming Approach (M00/59)
Laurent El Ghaoui, F. Oustry and M. Oks

Effect of Ion Energy on Photoresist Etching in an Inductively Coupled Large Area Plasma Source (LAPS) (M00/58)
K. Takechi and Michael A. Lieberman

Inference of Link Delay Through Measurement Redundancy in Communication Networks (M00/57)
Y. Xia and David Tse

Improvement of TCP Performance Over Heterogenous Networks Using Continuous Error Detection Based Link Level Error Recovery (M00/56)
R. Anand, Kannan Ramchandran and S. Shakkottai

A Ubiquitous Pollutant (M00/55)
Martin H. Graham

Survey of Single Machine Scheduling with Application to Web Object Transmission (M00/54)
Y. Xia and David Tse

The WebTP Architecture and Algorithms (M00/53)
Y. Xia, H-S. W. So, Venkat Anantharam, S. McCanne, David Tse, Jean Walrand and Pravin Varaiya

The Framework of User-Centric Optimization in Web-Based Applications (M00/52)
Y. Xia, H-S. W. So, R. H-J. La, Venkat Anantharam, S. McCanne, David Tse, Jean Walrand and Pravin Varaiya

Simulation of RTD-Based CNN Cells (M00/51)
M. Hänggi and Leon O. Chua

Dynamical Systems Revisited: Hybrid Systems with Zend Executions (M00/50)
J. Zhang

Spatially Resolved Optical Emission Spectroscopy for Plasma Etching (M00/49)
J-W. Lee

BSIM 4.1.0 MOSFET Model-User's Manual (M00/48)
W. Liu, X. Jin, K.M. Cao and Chenming Hu

Order and Containment in Concurrent System Design (M00/47)
John S. Davis II

Hybrid System Design and Embedded Controller Synthesis for Multi-Modal Control (M00/46)
Takkuen John Koo

Probabilistic Pursuit-Evasion Games: A One-Step Nash Approach (M00/45)
J.P. Hespanha, M. Prandini and S. Shankar Sastry

Process Variation Analysis for MEMS Design (M00/44)
L. Schenato, W-C. Wu, Laurent El Ghaoui and Kristofer Pister

Telesurgery and Surgical Simulation: Design, Modeling, and Evaluation of Haptic Interfaces to Real and Virtual Surgical Environments (M00/43)
M. Cenk Cavusoglu

A Differential Geometric Approach to Computer Vision and Its Applications in Control (M00/42)
Yi Ma

Eigentaste: A Constant Time Collaborative Filtering Algorithm (M00/41)
Ken Goldberg, T. Roeder, D. Gupta and C. Perkins

Kinetics of Photoresist Etching in a Large Area Plasma Source (LAPS) (M00/40)
K. Takechi and Michael A. Lieberman

BSIM 4.0.0 Technical Notes (M00/39)
W. Liu, K.M. Cao, X. Jin and Chenming Hu

BSIM 4.0.0 MOSFET Model User's Manual (M00/38)
W. Liu, X. Jin, K.M. Cao and Chenming Hu

Formal Methods for Embedded System Design (M00/37)
Harry C. C. Hsieh

Model Checking for Hybrid Systems (M00/36)
M. Broucke

Qualitative Analysis, Model Checking, and Controller Synthesis of Hybrid Systems (M00/35)
Mireille E. Broucke

Optimal Control Using Bisimulations (M00/34)
M. Broucke, M.D. Di Benedetto, S. Di Gennaro and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

An Oxygen Discharge Model for a Large Area Plasma Source (LAPS) (M00/33)
K. Takechi and Michael A. Lieberman

A 25 Ms/s Nyquist-Rate Sigma-Delta Modulator for a Wideband CDMA Receiver (M00/32)
D.A. Sobel

Analysis, Simulation, and Applications of Passive Devices on Conductive Substrates (M00/31)
Ali M. Niknejad

Text/Graphics and Image Transmission over Bandlimited Lossy Links (M00/30)
Jeffrey M. Gilbert

Specification and Design of Reactive Systems (M00/29)
Bilung Lee

Deep Submicron Photoresist Modeling and Parameter Extraction (M00/28)
J. Bao

The Impact of Line Edge Roughness on 100 nm MOSFET Devices (M00/27)
T.T. Nguyen

Multi-Valued Logic Network Minimization and It's Applications (M00/26)
Y. Jiang

A Code Generation Framework for Ptolemy II (M00/25)
J. Tsay

A Monte Carlo Collision Model to Study RF Discharges with a Mixture of Argon and Oxygen (M00/24)
M. Roberto

Effect of Metastable Atoms in RF Argon Discharges (M00/23)
M. Roberto

Modeling Field Enhancement in an RF Gap (M00/22)
E. Kawamura, J.P. Verboncoeur and Charles K. (Ned) Birdsall

Function/Architecture Optimization and Co-Design of Embedded Systems (M00/21)
Bassam Tabbara

Multiuser Successive Refinement (M00/20)
S.S. Pradhan and Kannan Ramchandran

Picosecond Ultrasonic Characterization of the Molybdenum/Silicon Multilayers for Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (M00/19)
Nen-Wen Pu

Stroboscopic Interferometer System for Dynamic MEMS Characterization (M00/18)
M.R. Hart, R.A. Conant, Kam Y. Lau and Richard S. Muller

First-Order Algorithms for Optimization Problems with a Maximum Eigenvalue Singular Value Cost and/or Constraints (M00/17)
Elijah Polak

A Deterministic Nonlinear Capacitor Model for Single-Electron Tunneling Junctions (M00/16)
M. Hänggi and Leon O. Chua

Operation of a Large Area Plasma Source (LAPS) with Oxygen Gas (M00/15)
K. Takechi and Michael A. Lieberman

Consistent Approximations and Approximate Functions and Gradients in Optimal Control (M00/14)
O. Pironneau and Elijah Polak

Charge-Sensitive TCP and Rate Control in the Internet (M00/13)
R.J. La and Venkat Anantharam

MOML-A Modeling Markup Language in XML-Version 0.4 (M00/12)
Edward A. Lee and S. Neuendorffer

Deep Sub-Micron Photolithography Control Through In-Line Metrology (M00/11)
Nickhil H. Jakatdar

Single-Electron Tunneling Junction Cellular Nonlinear Networks (M00/10)
T. Yang and Leon O. Chua

MATPARSER: An Array Dataflow Analysis Comp (M00/9)
B. Kienhuis

System-Level Types for Component-Based Design (M00/8)
Edward A. Lee and Y. Xiong

Hardware and Software Representation, Optimization, and Co-Synthesis for Embedded Systems (M00/7)
B. Tabbara, A. Tabbara and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Multirate Simulation for High Fidelity Haptic Interaction with Deformable Objects in Virtual Environments (M00/5)
M.C. Cavusoglu

Low-Noise Local Oscillator Design Techniques Using a DLL-Based Frequency Multiplier for Wireless Applications (M00/4)
George Chien

Probabilistic Modeling for Fault Classification of Plasma Equipment (M00/2)
A. M. Ison

Physical Modeling of RTD-Based CNN Cells (M00/1)
M. Hänggi, R. Dogaru and Leon O. Chua