Applying the Four Russians Technique to Banded Extension and X-Drop Sequence Alignment (EECS-2020-240)
Cristina Teodoropol

The Design of Dynamic Neural Networks for Efficient Learning and Inference (EECS-2020-236)
Xin Wang

Reactors: A Deterministic Model of Concurrent Computation for Reactive Systems (EECS-2020-235)
Marten Lohstroh

Overcoming Model-Bias in Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2020-234)
Ignasi Clavera Gilaberte

AI for HADR: Progress and Opportunities (EECS-2020-233)
Ross Luo, Michael Laielli, Giscard Biamby and Adam Loeffler

Design, Fabrication, and Assembly of Multi-chip Walking Silicon Microrobots (EECS-2020-229)
Hani Gomez

Bridging Machine Learning and Computational Photography to Bring Professional Quality into Casual Photos and Videos (EECS-2020-228)
Xuaner Zhang

Learning to Detect Geometric Structures from Images for 3D Parsing (EECS-2020-227)
Yichao Zhou

Efficient Parallel Computing for Machine Learning at Scale (EECS-2020-225)
Arissa Wongpanich

Learning and Analyzing Representations for Meta-Learning and Control (EECS-2020-224)
Kate Rakelly

Neural Scene Representations for View Synthesis (EECS-2020-223)
Benjamin Mildenhall

Structured Neural Models and Structured Decoding for Natural Language Processing (EECS-2020-221)
Mitchell Stern

A Languge-Based Approach to Smart Contract Engineering (EECS-2020-220)
John Kolb

Contrastive Learning for Context-Based Off-Policy Actor-Critic Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2020-219)
Bernie Wang

Exploiting Randomness in Computational Cameras and Displays (EECS-2020-218)
Grace Kuo

Thwarting Sophisticated Enterprise Attacks: Data-Driven Methods and Insights (EECS-2020-217)
Grant Ho

Optimal Prosumer Aggregations: Design and Modeling (EECS-2020-216)
Utkarsha Agwan

Multiplicative Coding and Factorization in Vector Symbolic Models of Cognition (EECS-2020-215)
Spencer Kent

Scene Representations for View Synthesis with Deep Learning (EECS-2020-214)
Pratul Srinivasan

Co-planar Optoelectrowetting (OEW) Device for Droplet Manipulation (EECS-2020-213)
Jodi Loo

Sensing Contacts, Coughs, and Hand Hygiene (EECS-2020-212)
William Huang

Secure Computation Systems for Confidential Data Analysis (EECS-2020-211)
Rishabh Poddar

Extracting and Using Preference Information from the State of the World (EECS-2020-210)
Rohin Shah

Investigating Low Energy Wireless Networks for the Internet of Things (EECS-2020-209)
Branden Ghena

The Design & Implementation of Modular Smart Dust (EECS-2020-208)
Patrick Pannuto

Compositionality and Modularity for Robot Learning (EECS-2020-207)
Coline Devin

Vertex: Programming the Edge (EECS-2020-205)
Brian Kim

The Design of Any-scale Serverless Infrastructure with Rich Consistency Guarantees (EECS-2020-204)
Chenggang Wu

Mobile Robot Learning (EECS-2020-203)
Gregory Kahn

Concentration and Sequential Decision Making in Markovian Environments (EECS-2020-202)
Vrettos Moulos

Learning to play collaborative-competitive games (EECS-2020-201)
Kshama Dwarakanath and S. Shankar Sastry

Incipient Anomaly Detection with Ensemble Learning (EECS-2020-199)
Baihong Jin

Tightening the SDP Relaxation Gap in Neural Network Verification (EECS-2020-198)
Ziye Ma

On Training Robust Policies for Flow Smoothing (EECS-2020-197)
Kanaad Parvate

A Hybrid Concurrency Control Protocol for TSFS (EECS-2020-196)
Libo Chen

Enhancing Performance of Analog Mixed Signal Circuits using Integrated Silicon-Photonics (EECS-2020-195)
Nandish Mehta

An Open, Scalable Massive MIMO Testbed Operating at E-Band Frequencies (EECS-2020-194)
James Dunn

The Sparse Manifold Transform and Unsupervised Learning for Signal Representation (EECS-2020-193)
Yubei Chen

Siting Solar Photovoltaics on Distribution Feeders: Comparing deployment models and their limits (EECS-2020-192)
Anna Brockway

RF Transmitter Design for Large Antenna Array Applications (EECS-2020-191)
Pengpeng Lu

Deep Imitation Learning for Complex Manipulation Tasks from Virtual Reality Teleoperation (EECS-2020-190)
Tianhao Zhang, Zoe McCarthy, Owen Jow, Dennis Lee, Xi Chen, Ken Goldberg and Pieter Abbeel

Wearable Medical Sensors Enabled by Printed Bioelectronics and Biophotonics (EECS-2020-189)
Yasser Khan

Scalable RF Receivers for Large Antenna Arrays (EECS-2020-188)
Konstantin Trotskovsky

Safe and Data-Efficient Learning for Robotics: A Control Theoretic Approach (EECS-2020-186)
Somil Bansal

Implicit Structures for Graph Neural Networks (EECS-2020-185)
Fangda Gu

Assured Autonomy for Safety-Critical and Learning-Enabled Systems (EECS-2020-184)
Vicenc Rubies Royo

How well do student software engineering teams practice Continuous Integration? (EECS-2020-183)
Joshua Zeitsoff

Succinct Non-Interactive Arguments for Arithmetic Circuits (EECS-2020-182)
Nicholas Spooner

Adapting Vision Correcting Displays to 3D (EECS-2020-181)
Jacob Holesinger

A Modular Design Framework for the Systematic Development of Primitive, Application-Specific Optical Modulation Tools (EECS-2020-180)
Nathan Tessema Ersumo

The Quotient in Preorder Theories (EECS-2020-179)
Inigo Incer, Leonardo Mangeruca, Tiziano Villa and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Quartz: A Framework for Engineering Secure Smart Contracts (EECS-2020-178)
John Kolb, John Yang, Randy H. Katz and David E. Culler

RingBOOM: An Implementation of a Novel High-Performance Banked Microarchitecture (EECS-2020-177)
Benjamin Korpan

Investigation and Control of Ultrafast Magnetic Phenomena (EECS-2020-176)
Akshay Pattabi

Lensless Computational Imaging using Random Optics (EECS-2020-175)
Nicholas Antipa

Learning from an unknown environment (EECS-2020-174)
Vidya Muthukumar

Towards Wideband Signal Acquisition Systems (EECS-2020-171)
Nima Baniasadi

Background and Occlusion Defenses Against Adversarial Examples and Adversarial Patches (EECS-2020-170)
Michael McCoyd

Physics-based Learning for Large-scale Computational Imaging (EECS-2020-167)
Michael Kellman

Problems on Large Sparse Graphs (EECS-2020-166)
Payam Delgosha

On The Utility of Fine-Grained Complexity Theory (EECS-2020-165)
Manuel Sabin

Abstraction, Generalization, and Embodiment in Neural Program Synthesis (EECS-2020-164)
Richard Shin

A Positive Association Between Weekly Practice and Exam Performance in CS 1 (EECS-2020-163)
Alexander Stennet

Readdressing Network Layers (EECS-2020-161)
James McCauley

Analyzing 18th-20th Century Art and Music with Contrastive Cross-Modal Learning (EECS-2020-160)
Vivien Nguyen

Statistics, computation, and adaptation in high dimensions (EECS-2020-159)
Ashwin Pananjady Martin

Model-based Deep Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Systems (EECS-2020-158)
Anusha Nagabandi

Fully Printed Zn-Ag2O Battery Arrays for High Potential Devices (EECS-2020-157)
Cher Yeoh

Modular Integration Platform for Printed Electronics (EECS-2020-156)
Seiya Ono

Efficient D-Band Power Amplifier Design for Massive MIMO Systems (EECS-2020-155)
Hossein Shirinabadi

Optimization, Robustness and Risk-Sensitivity in Machine Learning: A Dynamical Systems Perspective (EECS-2020-154)
Kamil Nar

A Review of the Smith-Waterman GPU Landscape (EECS-2020-152)
Richard Barnes

DisCo RL: Distribution-Conditioned Reinforcement Learning for General-Purpose Policies (EECS-2020-151)
Soroush Nasiriany

The sample complexity of simple reinforcement learning (EECS-2020-150)
Horia Mania

Sharing without Showing: Building Secure Collaborative Systems (EECS-2020-149)
Wenting Zheng

Modeling Visual Minutiae: Gestures, Styles, and Temporal Patterns (EECS-2020-148)
Shiry Ginosar

Safe Real-World Autonomy in Uncertain and Unstructured Environments (EECS-2020-147)
Sylvia Herbert

Low Noise Transimpedance Amplifier Design Using Berkeley Analog Generator (EECS-2020-146)
Eric Jan

The Interplay between Sampling and Optimization (EECS-2020-145)
Cheng Xiang

Charge Pumping with Human Capacitance for Body Energy Harvesting (EECS-2020-144)
Alyssa Zhou

Secure, Expressive, and Debuggable Large-Scale Analytics (EECS-2020-143)
Ankur Dave

Cloud-Edge Hybrid Robotic Systems for Physical Human Robot Interactions (EECS-2020-142)
Nan Tian

From Distribution Shift to Kernel Methods: A study of empirical phenomena in machine learning (EECS-2020-141)
Vaishaal Shankar

The Design of Stateful Serverless Infastructure (EECS-2020-140)
Vikram Sreekanti

Heirloom Wearables: A Hybrid Approach to the Design of Embodied Wearable Technologies (EECS-2020-138)
Christine Dierk

Abstractions and Algorithms for Specializing Dynamic Program Analysis and Random Fuzz Testing (EECS-2020-137)
Rohan Padhye

Fast and Accurate Machine Learning on Distributed Systems and Supercomputers (EECS-2020-136)
Yang You

Neural-Based Heuristic Search for Program Synthesis (EECS-2020-135)
Kavi Gupta

Stability of Interlinked Triangle Frames (EECS-2020-134)
Monica Tang and Carlo H. Séquin

Parallelizing Irregular Applications for Distributed Memory Scalability: Case Studies from Genomics (EECS-2020-133)
Marquita Ellis

Scoring Confidence in Neural Networks (EECS-2020-132)
Nikita Vemuri

Electronic transport in atomically precise graphene nanoribbons (EECS-2020-131)
Juan Llinas

User Private Clouds (EECS-2020-130)
Nicholas Riasanovsky

Accelerating Grasp Exploration by Leveraging Learned Priors (EECS-2020-129)
Hanyu Li, Michael Danielczuk, Ashwin Balakrishna and Ken Goldberg

What Supervision Scales? Practical Learning Through Interaction (EECS-2020-128)
Carlos Florensa Campo

Temperature-Compensated BLE Transmission from a Crystal-Free Mote (EECS-2020-124)
Titan Yuan

Deep Autoregressive Models for Join Cardinality Estimation (EECS-2020-123)
Amog Kamsetty

AuthorIVE: Authoring Interactions for Virtual Environments through Disambiguating Demonstrations (EECS-2020-122)
Stephanie Claudino Daffara, Federico Saldarini, Balasaravanan Thoravi Kumaravel and Björn Hartmann

Leaderless Byzantine Fault Tolerance (EECS-2020-121)
Tian Qin

Object Management in a Distributed Futures System (EECS-2020-119)
Edward Oakes

Towards Generalization of One-Shot Amodal-To-Modal Instance Segmentation Using Shape Masks (EECS-2020-118)
Andrew Li

Overparameterized classification problems: How many support vectors do I have, and do increasing margins bode well for generalization? (EECS-2020-116)
Adhyyan Narang

Test-Time Training for Improved Object Affordance Prediction (EECS-2020-115)

Program Synthesis for Autonomous Driving Decisions (EECS-2020-114)
Yiteng Zhang, Yang Gao, Li Erran Li, Xinyun Chen and Trevor Darrell

Challenges and Tradeoffs in Trajectory Prediction for Autonomous Driving (EECS-2020-111)
Alvin Kao

Algorithms for Multi-task Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2020-110)
Alexander Li

Time-interleaved SAR ADC Design Using Berkeley Analog Generator (EECS-2020-109)
Zhaokai Liu

Hopping Control and Estimation for a High-performance Monopedal Robot, Salto-1P (EECS-2020-108)
Justin Yim

Ghostor: Toward a Secure Data-Sharing System from Decentralized Trust (EECS-2020-107)
Sam Kumar, Yuncong Hu and Raluca Ada Popa

Montag: Cloud Native Data Tainting and Policy Enforcement (EECS-2020-105)
Hantao Wang

Evolving Robotic Leg Shapes via Deep Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2020-103)
Hayden Sheung

Beamforming Software Defined Radios for Wireless Sensor Network Interference Evaluation (EECS-2020-101)
William Zhao

Towards Privacy-Preserving Collaborative Gradient Boosted Decision Tree Learning (EECS-2020-100)
Chester Leung

A Language-Based Approach to Run-Time Assurance for Autonomous Systems (EECS-2020-99)
Sumukh Shivakumar

A Study of Transfer Learning Methods within Natural Language Processing and Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2020-98)
Shrishti Jeswani

Adaptive Text-to-Speech in Low Computational Resource Scenarios (EECS-2020-97)
Flora Xue

Model-Based Meta-Learning for Flight with Suspended Payloads (EECS-2020-96)
Suneel Belkhale

Neural Kernels and ImageNet Multi-Label Accuracy (EECS-2020-93)
Alex Fang

TranSketch Dataset: Learning to Transform Sketches (EECS-2020-92)
Luming Chen

Micro-Domain Adaptation on Long-Running Videos (EECS-2020-91)
Victor Sun

To Send or to Not Send: A Case Study on Computer Vision for Low Power Edge Devices (EECS-2020-90)
Ajay Gopi

GPU Accelerated T-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding (EECS-2020-89)
David Chan

Exploring the Use of Parsons Problems for Learning a New Programming Language (EECS-2020-88)
Mansi Shah

A Scalable Synchronous System for Robust Real Time Human-Machine Collaboration (EECS-2020-87)
Christopher Powers

On the Robustness of Learned Task Weights in Cross-modal Retrieval (EECS-2020-86)
David Nahm

Generating Semantic Adversarial Examples through Differentiable Rendering (EECS-2020-85)
Lakshya Jain

Evaluation of Scaled Segmented Channel MOSFETs for Analog/RF Applications (EECS-2020-84)
Lars Tatum

PSec: A Programming Language for Secure Distributed Computing (EECS-2020-83)
Shivendra Kushwah

Continual Learning with Neural Networks (EECS-2020-82)
Sayna Ebrahimi

Object Tracking for Autonomous Driving Systems (EECS-2020-81)
Aman Dhar

A Large-Scale Analysis of Attacker Activity in Compromised Enterprise Accounts (EECS-2020-80)
Neil Shah, Grant Ho, Marco Schweighauser, M.H. Afifi, Asaf Cidon and David A. Wagner

Low Overhead Materialization with Flor (EECS-2020-79)
Eric Liu

MicroBotNet: Low Power Neural Networks for Microrobots (EECS-2020-78)
Brian Liao

Adapting with Latent Variables in Model-Based Reinforcement Learning for Quadcopter Flight (EECS-2020-77)
Rachel Li

Learning with Humans in the Loop (EECS-2020-76)
Gokul Swamy

Using Dataflow for Machine Learning Inference (EECS-2020-75)
Harikaran Subbaraj

PyPlover: A System for GPU-enabled Serverless Instances (EECS-2020-74)
Ryan Yang, Nathan Pemberton and Jichan Chung

Jumping Silicon Microrobots With Electrostatic Inchworm Motors and Energy Storing Substrate Springs (EECS-2020-73)
Craig Schindler

Robotic Fabric Manipulation with Deep Imitation Learning and Reinforcement Learning in Simulation (EECS-2020-72)
Ryan Hoque

Interpretable Few-Shot Image Classification with Neural-Backed Decision Trees (EECS-2020-71)
Scott Lee

Sparse-Graph Codes for the Big Data Era: Exploiting Sparsity to Speed Up Computation (EECS-2020-70)
Orhan Ocal

Adapting Across Domains by Aligning Representations and Images (EECS-2020-69)
Eric Tzeng

Arterial Traffic Flow Prediction: A Deep Learning Approach with Embedded Signal Phasing Information (EECS-2020-68)
Victor Chan, Qijian Gan and Alexandre Bayen

Deep Generative Models: Imitation Learning, Image Synthesis, and Compression (EECS-2020-67)
Jonathan Ho

Risk-Sensitive Safety Analysis and Control for Trustworthy Autonomy (EECS-2020-66)
Margaret Chapman

NBDT: Neural-Backed Decision Trees (EECS-2020-65)
Daniel Ho

Robust and Unsupervised Interest Point Detection for Efficient Visual Odometry (EECS-2020-64)
Farhan Toddywala

Closing the Domain Gap for Data-Efficient Robotic Learning (EECS-2020-62)
Sarah Young

Practical Algorithms for Reliable Autonomy (EECS-2020-61)
David Fridovich-Keil

Design of Negative Capacitance Field-Effect Transistor (EECS-2020-60)
Ming-Yen Kao

Design of Negative Capacitance Field-Effect Transistor (EECS-2020-59)
Ming-Yen Kao

Dynamic Deadlines in Motion Planning for Autonomous Driving Systems (EECS-2020-58)
Edward Fang

Communication-Efficient Federated Learning with Sketching (EECS-2020-57)
Ashwinee Panda, Daniel Rothchild, Enayat Ullah and Nikita Ivkin

Generalization via Information Bottleneck in Deep Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2020-56)
Xingyu Lu, Stas Tiomkin and Pieter Abbeel

NDSGD: A Practical Method to Improve Robustness of Deep Learning Model on Noisy Dataset (EECS-2020-55)
Zhi Chen

Multi-Task Learning Architectures and Applications (EECS-2020-54)
Andy Yan, Xin Wang, Yanlai Yang, Roy Fox, Xiaolong Wang and Joseph Gonzalez

QFAST: Quantum Synthesis Using a Hierarchical Continuous Circuit Space (EECS-2020-53)
Abdullah Younis

Broadcast Encryption with Fine-grained Delegation and its Application to IoT (EECS-2020-52)
Yuncong Hu

Biological patterning in networks of interacting cells (EECS-2020-51)
Mindy Perkins

Structured Models for Vision-and-Language Reasoning (EECS-2020-50)
Ronghang Hu

Geometric Sampling Theory, Triangulations, and Robust Machine Learning (EECS-2020-49)
Marc Khoury

Interactive Program Distillation (EECS-2020-48)
Andrew Head

Efficient Distribution of Robotics Workloads using Fog Computing (EECS-2020-47)
Raghav Anand

Round-Optimal Secure Multiparty Computation from Minimal Assumptions (EECS-2020-45)
Akshayaram Srinivasan

Comparing Game Planners (EECS-2020-44)
Sherman Luo

Robotic and Computer Simulated Burrowing Inspired by Mole Crabs (EECS-2020-43)
Aakash Parikh

Discrete and Complex Algorithms for Curves (EECS-2020-42)
Lynn Chua

Design for Performance and Reliability in Advanced CMOS Structures (EECS-2020-41)
Fei Ding

Formal Semantics for the Halide Language (EECS-2020-40)
Alex Reinking, Gilbert Bernstein and Jonathan Ragan-Kelley

Building XP process metrics for project-based software engineering courses (EECS-2020-39)
An Ju, Adnan Hemani, Joshua Zeitsoff, Yannis Dimitriadis and Armando Fox

Realization of Integrated Coherent LiDAR (EECS-2020-38)
Taehwan Kim

Coded Illumination for Multidimensional Quantitative Phase Imaging (EECS-2020-37)
Michael Chen

Computational fluorescence and phase super-resolution microscopy (EECS-2020-36)
Li-Hao Yeh

Efficient Inference on Video, In Real-Time and At Scale (EECS-2020-35)
Samvit Jain

AutoRubric: Autograding Template-Based Exam Programs (EECS-2020-34)
Jonathon Cai

Monolithic Wireless Transceiver Design (EECS-2020-33)
Filip Maksimovic

Rapid ASIC Design for Digital Signal Processors (EECS-2020-32)
Steven Bailey

Printed Organic Light Emitting Diodes for Biomedical Applications (EECS-2020-31)
Claire Lochner

Next Generation Datacenter Architecture (EECS-2020-30)
Xiang Gao

Physically-based Modeling and Rendering of Complex Visual Appearance (EECS-2020-29)
Lingqi Yan

HAMMER: A Platform For Agile Physical Design (EECS-2020-28)
Edward Wang

An Investigation into Microlens Array Based Light Field Display for Vision Aberration Correction and Applications to Virtual Reality (EECS-2020-27)
Luxin Yang

A Neural Network Model of Translation Elongation Rates (EECS-2020-26)
Robert Tunney

Broadband mm-Wave Transceivers for Sensing and Communication (EECS-2020-25)
Andrew Townley

Improving Quantized-State System Simulation (EECS-2020-23)
Mehrdad Niknami

Analysis of Factors and Interventions Relating to Student Performance in CS1 and CS2 (EECS-2020-22)
Allen Guo

A High-Density Carbon Fiber Neural Recording Array Technology: Design, Fabrication, Assembly, and Validation (EECS-2020-21)
Travis Massey

Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Assembly with Force Control (EECS-2020-20)
Jianlan Luo

Low Noise Integrated CMOS Receiver Front-End (EECS-2020-19)
Ahmed Khidre and Ali Niknejad

ImageNet Training in Minutes (EECS-2020-18)
Yang You, Zhao Zhang, Cho-Jui Hsieh, James Demmel and Kurt Keutzer

Design of a sub-Hz Resolution Fully Digital RF Frequency Synthesizer (EECS-2020-17)
Panagiotis Zarkos

Explainable and Advisable Learning for Self-driving Vehicles (EECS-2020-16)
Jinkyu Kim

A Fully Integrated Electronic-Photonic Platform for Label-Free Biosensing (EECS-2020-15)
Christos Adamopoulos

Deep-learning-based Machine Understanding of Sketches: Recognizing and Generating Sketches with Deep Neural Networks (EECS-2020-13)
Zifeng Huang

Novel Computing Paradigms using Oscillators (EECS-2020-12)
Tianshi Wang

Metal: A Metadata-Hiding File Sharing System (EECS-2020-11)
Weikeng Chen and Raluca Ada Popa

Global Data Plane: A Widely Distributed Storage and Communication Infrastructure (EECS-2020-10)
Nitesh Mor

On Building Generalizable Learning Agents (EECS-2020-9)
Yi Wu

Approaches to Safety in Inverse Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2020-8)
Dexter Scobee

Oracle-Guided Design and Analysis of Learning-Based Cyber-Physical Systems (EECS-2020-7)
Shromona Ghosh

High-Q Strong Coupling Capacitive-Gap Transduced RF Micromechanical Resonators (EECS-2020-6)
Alper Ozgurluk

End to End Learning in Autonomous Driving Systems (EECS-2020-5)
Yang Gao and Trevor Darrell

Efficient illumination angle self-calibration in Fourier ptychography (EECS-2020-4)
Regina Eckert, Zachary Phillips and Laura Waller

Modular and Safe Event-Driven Programming (EECS-2020-3)
Ankush Desai

Game-Theoretic Safety Assurance for Human-Centered Robotic Systems (EECS-2020-2)
Jaime Fernandez-Fisac

Computational Tools for Immune Repertoire Characterization and Primer Set Design (EECS-2020-1)
Jane Yu