PDA and Gesture Uses in Practice: Insights for Designers of Pen-based User Interfaces (CSD-97-976)
Allan Christian Jr. Long, James A. Landay and Lawrence A. Rowe

Lazy Threads: Compiler and Runtime Structures for Fine-Grained Parallel Programming (CSD-97-975)
Seth Copen Goldstein

Transparent Result Caching (CSD-97-974)
Amin Vahdat and Thomas Anderson

Tracking People with Twists and Exponential Maps (CSD-97-973)
Christoph Bregler and Jitendra Malik

2D Object Abstraction: The Automatic Generation of Hierarchical Geometric Representations (CSD-97-972)
Maryann Simmons

A New O(n^2) Algorithm for the Symmetric Tridiagonal Eigenvalue/Eigenvector Problem (CSD-97-971)
Inderjit Singh Dhillon

Compositional Modeling with DPNs (CSD-97-970)
Geoffrey Zweig and Stuart Russell

Automatic Analysis of Relay Ladder Logic Programs (CSD-97-969)
Zhendong Su

Visual Information Density Adjuster (VIDA) (CSD-97-968)
Allison Woodruff and Michael Stonebraker

SPAND: Shared Passive Network Performance Discovery (CSD-97-967)
Srinivasan Seshan, Mark Stemm and Randy H. Katz

TCP Behavior of a Busy Internet Server: Analysis and Improvements (CSD-97-966)
Hari Balakrishnan, Venkata N. Padmanabhan, Srinivasan Seshan, Randy H. Katz and Mark Stemm

Barrier Inference (CSD-97-965)
David E Gay

Flow-Insensitive Points-to Analysis with Term and Set Constraints (CSD-97-964)
Jeffrey S. Foster, Manuel Fahndrich and Alexander Aiken

An Experiment in Enhancing Information Access by Natural Language Processing (CSD-97-963)
Isaac Cheng and Robert Wilensky

Motion Segmentation and Tracking Using Normalized Cuts (CSD-97-962)
Jianbo Shi and Jitendra Malik

Energy Consumption of Apple Macintosh Computers (CSD-97-961)
Jacob R. Lorch and Alan Jay Smith

The Berkeley Distributed Video-on-Demand System (CSD-97-959)
Lawrence A. Rowe, David A. Berger and J. Eric Baldeschwieler

The Case for Online Aggregation: New Challenges in User Interfaces, Performance Goals, and DBMS Design (CSD-97-958)
Joseph M. Hellerstein

Modeling and Identifying Bottlenecks in the EOSDIS Architecture (CSD-97-957)
Sharon L. Smith, Melody Y. Ivory and James Demmel

Data Entry and Administrative Tools for a Video-on-Demand Metadata Database (CSD-97-956)
David R. Bacher

Floor Control for Large-Scale MBone Seminars (CSD-97-955)
Radhika Malpani and Lawrence A. Rowe

Editing Extensions to the Berkeley Continuous Media Tool Kit (CSD-97-954)
J. Eric Baldeschwieler and Lawrence A. Rowe

Full-motion Video for Portable Multimedia Terminals (CSD-97-953)
A. Chris Long

Video-on-Demand Metadata Query Interfaces (CSD-97-952)
David Berger

Generalized Data Naming and Scalable State Announcements for Reliable Multicast (CSD-97-951)
Suchitra Raman and Steven R. McCanne

Generalizing "Search" in Generalized Search Trees (CSD-97-950)
Paul M. Aoki

Software Strategies for Portable Computer Energy Management (CSD-97-949)
Jacob R. Lorch and Alan Jay Smith

Incremental Static Semantic Analysis (CSD-97-948)
William H. Maddox III

Presentation by Tree Transformation (CSD-97-947)
Vance Maverick

Practical Algorithms for Incremental Software Development Environments (CSD-97-946)
Tim A. Wagner

Measurements and Analysis of End-to-End Internet Dynamics (CSD-97-945)
Vern E. Paxson

SuperLU Users' Guide (CSD-97-944)
James W. Demmel, John Gilbert and Xiaoye S. Li

An Asynchronous Parallel Supernodal Algorithm for Sparse Gaussian Elimination (CSD-97-943)
James W. Demmel, John R. Gilbert and Xiaoye S. Li

HP-LAM: an Implementation of Generic Active Messages for the Hewlett-Packard 9000/J200 Workstation (CSD-97-942)
Cedric Krumbein

Region-Based Image Querying (CSD-97-941)
Serge Belongie, Chad Carson, Hayit Greenspan and Jitendra Malik

Normalized Cut and Image Segmentation (CSD-97-940)
Jianbo Shi and Jitendra Malik

Recognition of Images in Large Databases Using a Learning Framework (CSD-97-939)
Serge Belongie, Chad Carson, Hayit Greenspan and Jitendra Malik

WebOS: Operating System Services for Wide Area Applications (CSD-97-938)
Amin Vahdat, Paul Eastham, Chad Yoshokawa, Eshwar Belani, Thomas Anderson, David Culler and Michael Dahlin

A Bitrate Control Algorithm for the Berkeley MPEG-1 Video Encoder (CSD-97-937)
Darryl C. Brown

Analysis Tools for MPEG-1 Video Streams (CSD-97-936)
Doug Banks and Lawrence A. Rowe

Berkeley CMT Media Playback API (CSD-97-935)
MacDonald Hall Jackson III

Computing the Singular Value Decomposition with High Relative Accuracy (CSD-97-934)
James Demmel, Ming Gu, Stanley Eisenstat, Ivan Slapnicar, Kresimir Veselic and Zlatco Drmac

A Model For Speedup of Parallel Programs (CSD-97-933)
Allen B Downey

Supporting Fine-Grained Data Lineage in a Database Visualization Environment (CSD-97-932)
Allison Woodruff and Michael Stonebraker

T0 Engineering Data (CSD-97-931)
Krste Asanović and James Beck

Torrent Architecture Manual (CSD-97-930)
Krste Asanović and David Johnson

Using Queue Time Predictions for Processor Allocation (CSD-97-929)
Allen B. Downey

Design and Implementation Verification of Finite State Systems (M97/99)
Rajeev K. Ranjan

In Situ Metrology for Deep Ultraviolet Photolithography Control (M97/98)
N. Jakatdar

Bubble-Debris Classification via Binary Morphology and Autowave Metric on CNN (M97/97)
I. Szatmari, A. Schultz, C. Rekeczky, T. Kozek, T. Roska and Leon O. Chua

Image Segmentation and Edge Detection via Constrained Diffusion and Adaptive Morphology: A CNN Approach to Bubble-Debris Image Enhancement (M97/96)
C. Rekeczky, A. Schultz, I. Szatmari, T. Roska and Leon O. Chua

Functional Measurements of the First Analog Input/Output CNN Universal Chip (M97/95)
A. Zarandy, J.M. Cruz, P. Szolgay, P. Foldesy, Leon O. Chua and T. Roska

Study of Ultrafast Hot-Electron Dynamics in Silicon Using Time-Resolved Photoemission (M97/94)
S. Jeong

Structural Symmetries and Model Checking (M97/92)
G.S. Manku

Adaptive Signal Models: Theory, Algorithms, and Audio Applications (M97/91)
Michael M. Goodwin

OES-Based Sensing for Plasma Processing in IC Manufacturing (M97/90)
Roa Wen Chen

Negative Thinking in Search Problems (M97/89)
L.P. Carloni

Low-Power Decimation Filter Design for Multi-standard Transceiver Applications (M97/88)
C.J. Barrett

Three-Dimensional Coding of Motion Vector Fields in Video (M97/87)
J.C. Yeh

Interim Progress Report: Intelligent Control Architectures for Unmanned Air Vehicles (M97/86)
S. Shankar Sastry, D.N. Godbole, Jitendra Malik, R. Sengupta and O. Shakernia

Interconnect Modeling via Passivity (M97/85)
J.M. Wang

Implementation of Process Networks in Java (M97/84)
R.S. Stevens, M. Wan, P. Laramie, T.M. Parks and Edward A. Lee

Tools for Nonlinear Control Systems Design Final Report on NAG2-243 (M97/83)
S. Shankar Sastry

An Integrated GSM/DECT Receiver: Design Specifications (M97/82)
J.C. Rudell, J.A. Weldon, J-J. Ou, L. Lin and Paul R. Gray

Characterization of Extreme Ultraviolet Imaging Systems (M97/81)
Edita Tejnil

Study of Interconnect Variation on Circuit Performance (M97/80)
Z. Lin

HYTECH: A Model Checker for Hybrid Systems (M97/79)
Thomas A. Henzinger, P-H. Ho and H. Wong-Toi

Real-Time System = Discrete System + Clock Variables (M97/78)
R. Alur and Thomas A. Henzinger

Using Combinational Verification for Sequential Circuits (M97/77)
R.K. Ranjan, V. Singhal, F. Somenzi and Robert K. Brayton

Two Cycle-Related Problems of Regular Data Flow Graphs: Complexity and Heuristics (M97/76)
P.K. Murthy and Edward A. Lee

Delay-Optimal Technology Mapping by DAG Covering (M97/75)
Y. Kukimoto, Robert K. Brayton and P. Sawkar

Estimation and Synthesis for Low-Power, High-Performance Integrated Circuits (M97/74)
Premal Buch

Deciding State Reachability for Large FSMs (M97/73)
T.R. Shiple, R.K. Ranjan, Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and Robert K. Brayton

Algorithms for Defining Visual Region-of- Interest: Comparison with Eye Fixations (M97/72)
C. Privitera and L.W. Stark

Report 7: Equivalent Congruence Transforms (M97/71)
Q. Yu

Reduced Order Model of Transmission Lines by Multiple Points Moment Matching and Passivity Preservation (M97/70)
Q. Yu and Ernest S. Kuh

Moment Matching in Congruence Transform (M97/69)
Q. Yu

A Traveling Wave Driven, Inductively Coupled Large Area Plasma Source (M97/68)
Y. Wu and Michael A. Lieberman

Vision-Based Control of Vehicles (M97/67)
J. Kosecka, R. Blasi, C.J. Taylor and Jitendra Malik

Verbal Paradigms--Part II: Computing with Verbs (M97/66)
T. Yang

From Fermi Acceleration to Collisionless Discharge Heating (M97/65)
Michael A. Lieberman and V.A. Godyak

Verbal Paradigms--Part I: Modeling with Verbs (M97/64)
T. Yang

Exterior Differential Systems in Control and Robotics (M97/63)
G.J. Pappas, J. Lygeros, D. Tilbury and S. Shankar Sastry

High-Speed, Low-Power Sigma-Delta Modulators for RF Baseband Channel Applications (M97/62)
Arnold R. Feldman

Fuzzy Cellular Neural Networks (M97/61)
T. Yang, L-B. Yang and C-M. Yang

Post-Routing Interconnect Performance Optimization (M97/60)
Tianxiong Xue

Multi-Objective Hybrid Controller Synthesis (M97/59)
J. Lygeros, C. Tomlin and S. Shankar Sastry

Chaotic Digital Code-Division Multiple Access (CDMA) Communication Systems (M97/58)
T. Yang and Leon O. Chua

A Preliminary Study of Hierarchical Finite State Machines with Multiple Concurrency Models (M97/57)
A. Girault, B. Lee and Edward A. Lee

Design and Optimization Techniques for Monolithic RF Downconversion Mixers (M97/56)
Keng L. Fong

Propagation Effects of Partially Coherent Light in Optical Lithography and Inspection (M97/55)
Robert J. Socha

Adaptive Quantization and Transform Coding (M97/54)
J. Zhuang

Automatic State Reduction Techniques for Hardware Systems Modeled Using Uninterpreted Functions and Infinite Memory (M97/53)
R. Hojati, A.J. Isles and Robert K. Brayton

Generalizing the TEMPEST FDTD Electro- magnetic Simulation Program (M97/52)
T. Pistor

Understanding the Role of Mask and Resist in Line-End Shortening with Simulation (M97/51)
I. Lee

Control of Systems on Lie Groups (M97/50)
C. Tomlin

Spin Coating for Rectangular Substrates (M97/49)
G.A. Luurtsema

Control and Simulation of Multibody Systems (M97/48)
J.M. Wendlandt

An Information-Centric Design Exploration and Implementation Server (M97/47)
Ole Bentz

Very Low Bit-Rate Video Coding Using Cellular Neural Network Universal Machine (M97/46)
K. Slot, Leon O. Chua and T. Roska

BITS and POTS Together (M97/45)
Martin H. Graham

Exact Required Time Analysis via False Path Detection (M97/44)
Y. Kukimoto and Robert K. Brayton

Experimental Results of Strange Nonchaotic Phenomenon in a Second-Order Quasi- Periodically Forced Electronic Circuit (M97/43)
T. Yang and K. Bilimgut

Vision Guided Navigation for a Nonholonomic Mobile Robot (M97/42)
Y. Ma, J. Kosecka and S. Shankar Sastry

The Pyramidal Universal Cell: A New Approach for Computation in Cellular Neural Networks (M97/41)
R. Dogaru, K.R. Crounse and Leon O. Chua

A New Synaptic Operator and Its Application for Efficient Implementation of Cellular Neural Networks in Digital Technologies (M97/40)
R. Dogaru, K.R. Crounse and Leon O. Chua

Formal Verification Using the Integer Combinational/Sequential (ICS) Concurrency Model (M97/39)
A.J. Isles

On Smoothing of the I-V Langmuir Probe Characteristic (M97/38)
J.T. Gudmundsson

High-Level Estimation and Synthesis Techniques for Low-Power Design (M97/37)
Renu Mehra

Progressively Reliable Packet Delivery for Interactive Wireless Multimedia (M97/36)
Richard Y.-W. Han

Control of a Telesurgical Workstation (M97/35)
M.C. Cavusoglu

Vision Guided Navigation for a Nonholonomic Mobile Robot (M97/34)
Y. Ma

Conflict Resolution for Air Traffic Management: A Study in Multi-Agent Hybrid Systems (M97/33)
C. Tomlin, G.J. Pappas and S. Shankar Sastry

Integration of Error Detection and Correction in the Infopad: Procedure and Specification (M97/32)
H. Bowers

The Specification and Execution of Heterogeneous Synchronous Reactive Systems (M97/31)
Stephen A. Edwards

Partial-Order Reduction in Symbolic State Space Exploration (M97/30)
R. Alur, Robert K. Brayton, Thomas A. Henzinger, S. Qadeer and S.K. Rajamani

Discrete-Time Control for Rectangular Hybrid Automata (M97/29)
Thomas A. Henzinger and Peter W. Kopke

Event-Clock Automata: A Determinizable Class of Timed Automata (M97/28)
R. Alur, L. Fix and Thomas A. Henzinger

Reachability Analysis Using Partitioned- ROBDDs (M97/27)
A. Narayan, A.J. Isles, J. Jain, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Logic Synthesis for Large Pass Transistor Circuits (M97/26)
P. Buch, A. Narayan, A. Richard Newton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

An Integrated Approach to Intelligent Systems (M97/25)
S. Shankar Sastry, A. Nerode and Z. Manna

Multipactor Electron Discharge Physics Using an Improved Secondary Emission Model (M97/24)
V.P. Gopinath, J.P. Verboncoeur and Charles K. (Ned) Birdsall

Reduction of Crossed-Field Diode Transmitted Current Due to Anode Secondary Emission (M97/23)
V.P. Gopinath and B. Vanderberg

Input Encoding for Minimum BDD Size: Theory and Experiments (M97/22)
W. Gosti, T. Villa, A. Saldanha and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Integer-Controlled Dataflow in Ptolemy (M97/21)
T. Miyazaki

Ultraviolet Damage to Fused Silica (M97/20)
Richard E. Schenker

Computing Accumulated Delays in Real-Time Systems (M97/19)
R. Alur, C. Courcoubetis and Thomas A. Henzinger

Robust Timed Automata (M97/18)
V. Gupta, Thomas A. Henzinger and R. Jagadeesan

From Quantity to Quality (M97/17)
Thomas A. Henzinger and O. Kupferman

Direct Aerial Image Monitoring for Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography Systems (M97/16)
Charles H. Fields

The Tycho User Interface System (M97/15)
C. Hylands, Edward A. Lee and H.J. Reekie

Speech Recognition for Portable Multimedia Terminals (M97/14)
Andrew J. Burstein

Co-Design of a Fault-Tolerant Communication Protocol--A Case Study (M97/13)
R. von Hanxleden, L. Lavagno and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Impulsive Control and Synchronization of Chaotic Systems and Secure Communication (M97/12)
T. Yang and Leon O. Chua

A Denotational Framework for Comparing Models of Computation (M97/11)
Edward A. Lee and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Shape Synthesis for Assembly-Centric Design (M97/10)
Steve R. Burgett

Generating Common Randomness in an Arbitrary Network of Channels: Capacity Formulas and Some Combinatorial Results (M97/9)
S. Venkatesan and Venkat Anantharam

Network of Workstations Active Messages Target for Ptolemy C Code Generation (M97/8)
P. Warner

A Next Generation Architecture for Air Traffic Management Systems (M97/7)
C. Tomlin, G. Pappas, J. Lygeros, D. Godbole and S. Shankar Sastry

Cryptography Based on Chua's Circuits (M97/6)
T. Yang, C.W. Wu and Leon O. Chua

A VLSI-Friendly Synapse Model and Its Application for Fast and Cheap Signal Classification Problems with Neuro-Fuzzy Networks (M97/5)
R. Dogaru and Leon O. Chua

Real-Time Signal Processing on the UltraSPARC (M97/4)
W. Chen

A Denotational Semantics for Dataflow with Firing (M97/3)
Edward A. Lee

BSIM 3v3 Manual (Final Version) (M97/2)
Y. Cheng, M. Chan, K. Hui, M. Jeng, Z. Liu, J. Huang, K. Chen, J. Chen, R. Tu, P.K. Ko and Chenming Hu

Control of Nonholonomic Systems with Drift Terms (M97/1)
J.M. Godhavn, A. Balluchi, L.S. Crawford and S. Shankar Sastry