Technical Reports - 1991

An Analytic Performance Model of Disk Arrays and its Application (CSD-91-660)
Edward K. Lee and Randy H. Katz

Pan I Version 4.0: An Introduction For Users (CSD-91-659)
Laura M. Downs and Michael L. Van De Vanter

Efficient Generation of Random Nonsingular Matrices (CSD-91-658)
Dana Randall

Determining Three-Dimensional Shape from Orientation and Spatial Frequency Disparities II--Using Corresponding Image Patches (CSD-91-657)
David G. Jones and Jitendra Malik

Determining Three-Dimensional Shape from Orientation and Spatial Frequency Disparities I-Using Corresponding Line Elements (CSD-91-656)
David G. Jones and Jitendra Malik

A Computational Framework for Determining Stereo Correspondence from a Set of Linear Spatial Filters (CSD-91-655)
David G. Jones and Jitendra Malik

Sublinear Expected Time Approximate String Matching and Biological Applications (CSD-91-654)
William I. Chang and Eugene L. Lawler

Theoretical and Empirical Comparisons of Approximate String Matching Algorithms (CSD-91-653)
William I. Chang and Jordan Lampe

A Walk Through the Planned CS Building (CSD-91-652)
Delnaz Khorramabadi

Robo-line Storage: Low Latency, High Capacity Storage Systems over Geographically Distributed Networks (CSD-91-651)
Randy H. Katz, Thomas E. Anderson, John K. Ousterhout and David A. Patterson

High Performance Network and Channel-Based Storage (CSD-91-650)
Randy H. Katz

Congestion Control in Computer Networks (CSD-91-649)
Srinivasan Keshav

Cache Performance of the SPEC Benchmark Suite (CSD-91-648)
Jeffrey D. Gee, Mark Donald Hill, Dionisios N. Pnevmatikatos and Alan Jay Smith

VLSI Design of a Network Interface Processor (CSD-91-647)
Jeffrey Rothman

Real-Time Disk Storage and Retrieval of Digital Audio/Video Data (CSD-91-646)
David P. Anderson, Yoshitomo Osawa and Ramesh Govindan

Computing the Generalized Singular Value Decomposition (CSD-91-645)
Zhaojun Bai and James W. Demmel

Compiling Dataflow into Threads: Efficient Compiler-Controlled Multithreading for Lenient Parallel Languages (CSD-91-644)
Klaus Erik Schauser

Finite Element Methods for Global Illumination (CSD-91-643)
Paul S. Heckbert and James M. Winget

An Efficient Approach to Removing Geometric Degeneracies (CSD-91-642)
Ioannis Z. Emiris

Evaluation of a "Stall" Cache: An Efficient Restricted On-chip Instruction Cache (CSD-91-641)
Klaus Erik Schauser, Krste Asanović, David A. Patterson and Edward H. Frank

Compiler-Controlled Multithreading for Lenient Parallel Languages (CSD-91-640)
Klaus Erik Schauser, David E. Culler and Thorsten von Eicken

Emerging Faces in Anisotropically Etched Crystals (CSD-91-639)
Carlo H. Séquin

File Migration on the Cray Y-MP at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (CSD-91-638)
Ethan L. Miller

Interactive Procedural Model Generation (CSD-91-637)
Carlo H. Séquin, Joseph M. Rojas, Ajay Sreekanth, Milind M. Joshi, Raja Kadiyala, Mark Halstead, Tom Funkhouser, Alonzo C. Addison, Laura Downs and Ashutosh Rege

Simulating Global Illumination Using Adaptive Meshing (CSD-91-636)
Paul S. Heckbert

Fast and Accurate Radiosity-Based Rendering (CSD-91-635)
Kevin P. Smith

Stabbing Isothetic Boxes and Rectangles in O(n lg n) Time (CSD-91-634)
Michael E. Hohmeyer and Seth J. Teller

A Symbolic Derivation of Beta-splines of Arbitrary Order (CSD-91-633)
Brian A. Barsky and Gadiel Seroussi

MultiPolynomial Resultant Algorithms (CSD-91-632)
Dinesh Manocha and John F. Canny

Parallel Language Support on Shared Memory Multiprocessors (CSD-91-631)
Anurag Sah

FORMULA Version 3.4 Reference Manual (CSD-91-630)
David P. Anderson and Ron Kuivila

A Flexible, Parallel Model of Natural Language Generation (CSD-91-629)
Nigel G. Ward

A Debugger for the Post Script Language (CSD-91-628)
Michael A. Harrison and Fred Meyer

Profile-Driven Compilation (CSD-91-627)
Alan Dain Samples

The Design of a User Interface for Computer Algebra Systems (CSD-91-626)
Neil Morrell Soiffer

String Layout in Redundant Disk Arrays (CSD-91-625)
Lee Newberg and David Wolfe

Hardware-Assisted Replay of Multiprocessor Programs (CSD-91-624)
David F. Bacon and Seth Copen Goldstein

An Analytical Solution for a Markov Chain Modeling Multithreaded Execution (CSD-91-623)
Rafael H. Saavedra-Barrera and David E. Culler

Scheduling and IPC Mechanisms for Continuous Media (CSD-91-622)
Ramesh Govindan and David P. Anderson

User's Guide to the MS Macro Language: 2nd edition (CSD-91-621)
A. Dain Samples

Graph Transformations and Program Flow Analysis (CSD-91-620)
Douglas R. Grundman

Detecting Curvilinear Structure in Images (CSD-91-619)
Ziv Gigus and Jitendra Malik

Extending the Lexicon by Exploiting Subregularities (CSD-91-618)
Robert Wilensky

Synchronization Policies and Mechanisms in a Continous Media I/O Server (CSD-91-617)
David P. Anderson and George Homsy

Input/Output Behavior of Supercomputing Application (CSD-91-616)
Ethan L. Miller

INCTEX: An Incremental Document Processing System (CSD-91-614)
Michael A. Harrison and Derluen Pan

Redundant Disk Arrays: Reliable, Parallel Secondary Storage (CSD-91-613)
Garth Alan Gibson

A Characterization of the Variability of Packet Arrival Processes in Workstation Networks (CSD-91-612)
Riccardo Gusella

Storage System Metrics for Evaluating Disk Array Organizations (CSD-91-611)
Randy H. Katz, David W. Gordon and James A. Tuttle

A Detailed Description of the VLSI-PLM Instruction Set: A WAM Based Processor for Prolog (CSD-91-610)
Bruce K. Holmer

The Performance Impact of Vector Processor Caches (CSD-91-609)
Jeffrey D. Gee and Alan Jay Smith

Computer Aided Design Tools for Phase-Shift Masks and Spatial Filtering (M91/117)
D.M. Newmark

Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation (PIII) for Integrated Circuit Manufacturing: Fourth Quarterly Progress Report (M91/116)
Nathan W. Cheung, Michael A. Lieberman, C.A. Pico, R.A. Stewart, J. Tao, M.H. Kiang, C. Yu, V. Vahedi, B. Troyanovsky, W. En, E. Jones and J. Benasso

Control of a Class of Interconnected Nonlinear Dynamical Systems: The Platoon Problem (M91/115)
Shahab E. Sheikholeslam

Self-Consistent Electron Cyclotron Resonance Absorption in a Plasma with Varying Parameters (M91/114)
M.C. Williamson, Allan J. Lichtenberg and Michael A. Lieberman

Hierarchical Control in Planar Grasping and Manipulation -- An Experimental Study (M91/113)
K. Hollerbach

An Exploratory Study of Ad Hoc Query Languages to Databases (M91/112)
J.E. Bell and Lawrence A. Rowe

The Design of a Policy-Free, Parallel Core for Graphical User Interface Tool Kits (M91/111)
J.A. Konstan and Lawrence A. Rowe

Stability and Dynamics of Delay-Type and Nonlinear Cellular Neural Networks (M91/110)
T. Roska, C.W. Wu, M. Balsi and Leon O. Chua

A Real Time Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition System (M91/109)
A.M. Stolzle

Wideband Digital Portable Communications: A System Design (M91/108)
S. Sheng

BERT - Berkeley Reliability Tools (M91/107)
R.H. Tu, E. Rosenbaum, C.C. Li, W.Y. Chan, P.M. Lee, B-K. Liew, J.D. Burnett, P.K. Ko and Chenming Hu

Image Halftoning with Cellular Neural Networks (M91/106)
K.R. Crounse, T. Roska and Leon O. Chua

Synthesis of VLSI Designs with Symbolic Techniques (M91/105)
Bill Lin

Performance Optimization of Large-Scale Integrated Circuits (M91/104)
Arvind Srinivasan

RITUAL: A Performance Driven Placement Algorithm (M91/103)
A. Srinivasan, K. Chaudhary and Ernest S. Kuh

Resist Mechanisms and Models in Electron-Beam Lithography (M91/102)
Nelson N.-S. Tam

Semi-Global Stabilization of Minimum Phase Nonlinear Systems in Special Normal Forms (M91/101)
A.R. Teel

Performance and Testability Interactions in Logic Synthesis (M91/100)
Alexander Saldanha

Algorithms for Three-Dimensional Simulation of Etching and Deposition Processes in Integrated Circuit Fabrication (M91/99)
Edward W. Scheckler

An Index Implementation Supporting Fast Recovery for the POSTGRES Storage System (M91/98)
M. Sullivan and M. Olson

BLIF-MV: An Interchange Format for Design Verification and Synthesis (M91/97)
Robert K. Brayton, M. Chiodo, R. Hojati, T. Kam, K. Kodandapani, R.P. Kurshan, S. Malik, Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, E.M. Sentovich, T. Shiple, K.J. Singh and H.Y. Wang

Error-Based Adaptive Nonlinear Control and Regions of Feasibility (M91/96)
A.R. Teel

Experimental Chaos via Chua's Circuits (M91/95)
M.P. Kennedy

Priority Pricing of Interruptible Electric Service with an Early Warning Option (M91/94)
T. Strauss and S. Oren

Optimal Licensing of Cost-Reducing Innovation (M91/93)
M.I. Kamien, S.S. Oren and Y. Tauman

Plasma Etching of CVD Tungsten Using ECR Discharges (M91/92)
C. Lee, D.W. Hess and Michael A. Lieberman

A Secant Method Based on Cubic Interpolation for Solving One Dimensional Optimization Problems (M91/91)
C. Kirjner Neto and E. Polak

An Experimental Study of Hierarchical Control Laws for Grasping and Manipulation Using a Two-Fingered Planar Hand (M91/90)
K. Hollerbach, R.M. Murray and S. Shankar Sastry

Secure Communications by Synchronization to a Chaotic Signal (M91/89)
J. Gullicksen, M. de Sousa Vieira, Michael A. Lieberman, R. Sherman, Allan J. Lichtenberg, J.Y. Huang, W. Wonchoba, M. Steinberg and P. Khoury

A New Family of Algorithms for Manipulating Compressed Images (M91/88)
B.C. Smith and Lawrence A. Rowe

Control Loops and Dynamic Run Modification Using the Berkeley Process-Flow Language (M91/87)
C.J. Hegarty and Lawrence A. Rowe

Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation (PIII) for Integrated Circuit Manufacturing: Third Quarterly Progress Report (M91/86)
Nathan W. Cheung, Michael A. Lieberman, C.A. Pico, R.A. Stewart, J. Tao, M.H. Kiang, C. Yu, V. Vahedi, B. Troyanovsky, W. En, E. Jones and J. Benasso

Using Saturation to Stabilize a Class of Single-Input Partially Linear Composite Systems (M91/85)
A.R. Teel

Moving Horizon Control of Linear Systems with Input Saturation and Plant Uncertainty (M91/84)
Elijah Polak and T.H. Yang

Moving Horizon Control of Linear Systems with Input Saturation, Disturbances, and Plant Uncertainty (M91/83)
Elijah Polak and T.H. Yang

Moving Horizon Control of Nonlinear Systems with Input Saturation, Disturbances, and Plant Uncertainty (M91/82)
T.H. Yang and Elijah Polak

A Two-Coupled-Sheath Model for the Conduction of Current Through Asymmetric Parallel Plate RF Discharges (M91/81)
A.H. Sato and Michael A. Lieberman

Evidence of Stochastic Diffusionn Across a Cross-Field Sheath Due to Kelvin-Helmholtz Vortices (M91/79)
S.E. Parker, X.Q. Xu, Allan J. Lichtenberg and Charles K. (Ned) Birdsall

Modeling and Simulation of Reaction Kinetics in Advanced Resist Processes for Optical Lithograpy (M91/78)
Richard A. Ferguson

Synthesis for Testability Techniques for Asynchronous Circuits (M91/77)
Kurt Keutzer, L. Lavagno and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Chaos and the Approach to Equilibrium in the Discrete Sine-Gordon Equation (M91/76)
C.G. Goedde, Allan J. Lichtenberg and Michael A. Lieberman

Novel Routing Schemes for IC Layout (M91/75)
Deborah C. Wang

Design of a Finite Impulse Response Filter Integrated Circuit for Pulsar Signal Recovery (M91/74)
A.A. Kapadia

Techniques for Test Generation and Verification of VLSI Sequential Circuits (M91/73)
A. Ghosh

Investigation of Optical Phenomena in Photolithography and Optical Metrology Using Massively Parallel Simulation (M91/72)
K.H. Tadros

BTU - Berkeley Topography Utilities for Linking Topography and Impurity Diffusion Simulations (M91/71)
R.H. Wang

The Selective Epitaxy of Silicon at Low Temperatures (M91/70)
Jen-Chung Lou

An Integrated Approach to Logic Synthesis and Physical Design (M91/69)
Massoud Pedram

Statistical Memory Management for Digital Signal Processing (M91/68)
F. Moussavi

Specification, Synthesis and Verification of Hazard-Free Asynchronous Circuits (M91/67)
C.W. Moon, P.R. Stephan and Robert K. Brayton

Investigation of Process Technology Elements (M91/66)
William G. Oldham and Andrew R. Neureuther

Scheduling Synchronous Dataflow Graphs for Efficient Iteration (M91/65)
S.S. Bhattacharyya

PIX (Program User Interface in X) (M91/64)
S.M. Chiu

Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation (PIII) for Integrated Circuit Manufacturing: Second Quarterly Progress Report (M91/63)
N.W. Cheung, Michael A. Lieberman, C.A. Pico, R.A. Stewart, J. Tao, M.H. Kiang, C. Yu, V. Vahedi, B. Troyanovsky, W. En, E. Jones and J. Benasso

The POSTGRES Next Generation DBMS (M91/62)
Michael Stonebraker and G. Kemnitz

Real-Time Statistical Process Control for Plasma Etching (M91/61)
H-F. Guo

Receding Horizon Control of Linear Systems with Input Saturation, Disturbances, and Plant Uncertainty (M91/60)
Elijah Polak and T.H. Yang

Synchronization of Chaos in Phase-Locked Loops (M91/59)
T. Endo and Leon O. Chua

Global Stabilization and Restricted Tracking for Multiple Integrators with Bounded Controls (M91/58)
A.R. Teel

Robust and Adaptive Nonlinear Output Regulation (M91/57)
A.R. Teel

Using Write Protected Data Structures to Improve Software Fault Tolerance in Highly Available Database Management Systems (M91/56)
M. Sullivan and Michael Stonebraker

Manufacturing-Based IC Process and Device Simulation (M91/55)
T.L. Luan

Multilevel and Non-Ideal Quantization in Sigma-Delta Modulation (M91/54)
O. Feely and Leon O. Chua

PLDS: Prototyping in Lager Using Decomposition and Synthesis (M91/53)
R.K. Yu

Rule Processing with Query Rewrite (M91/52)
K-S.J. Goh

Version Modeling Using Production Rules in the POSTGRES DBMS (M91/51)
L-P. Ong

Optimization of Parallel Query Execution Plans in XPRS (M91/50)
W. Hong and Michael Stonebraker

Managing Persistent Objects in a Multi-Level Store (M91/49)
Michael Stonebraker

Minimization of Multiple-Valued Relations (M91/48)
Y. Watanabe

RITUAL An Algorithm for Performance-Driven Placement of Cell-Based ICs (M91/47)
A. Srinivasan, K. Chaudhary and Ernest S. Kuh

A Case Study in Approximate Linearization: The Acrobot Example (M91/46)
R.M. Murray and J. Hauser

Nonholonomic Motion Planning: Steering Using Sinusoids (M91/45)
R.M. Murray and S. Shankar Sastry

FAULTS: An Equipment Maintenance and Repair Tracking System Using a Relational Database (M91/44)
D.C. Mudie

STEPS - SPICE Text Editing Package Utilizing Schematics (M91/43)
D.S. Yip

A DFT-Based Approach to the Quasi-Periodic Steady-State Simulation of IC's and Noise Analysis Algorithm in Spectre (M91/42)
C.S. Tung

High Quality, Low Bit-Rate Speech Coding for Low-Power VLSI Implementation (M91/41)
P. Landman

Process-Flow Specification and Dynamic Run Modification for Semiconductor Manufacturing (M91/40)
Christopher J. Hegarty

Adaptive Linearization and Model Reference Control of a Class of MIMO Nonlinear Systems (M91/39)
M. di Benedetto and S. Shankar Sastry

Singularly Perturbed Zero Dynamics of Nonlinear Systems (M91/38)
A. Isidori, S. Shankar Sastry, P.V. Kokotovic and C.I. Byrnes

Admission Control and Routing in ATM Networks Using Inferences From Measured Buffered Occupancy (M91/37)
C. Courcoubetis, G. Kesidis, A. Ridder, Jean Walrand and R. Weber

Monolithic Microwave Oscillators and Amplifiers (M91/36)
Nhat M. Nguyen

On Reorienting Linked Rigid Bodies Using Internal Motions (M91/35)
G. Walsh and S. Shankar Sastry

The POSTGRES Tutorial (M91/34)
G. Kemnitz and Michael Stonebraker

Automated Malfunction Diagnosis of Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Equipment (M91/33)
Gary S. May

A Non-Fractal Chaotic Attractor on a Two-Dimensional Surface (M91/32)
G-N. Lin and Leon O. Chua

On the Universe of Stable Cellular Neural Networks (M91/31)
Leon O. Chua and C.W. Wu

Nonlinear Dynamics of a Class of Analog-to- Digital Converters (M91/30)
O. Feely and Leon O. Chua

Multiprocessor Scheduling to Account for Interprocessor Communication (M91/29)
Gilbert C. Sih

High-Speed High-Density CMOS CNNs (M91/28)
J.M. Cruz and Leon O. Chua

Design of a Real-Time Flexible Image Processing System (M91/27)
A.P. Chandrakasan

Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation (PIII) for Integrated Circuit Manufacturing (M91/26)
Michael A. Lieberman and Nathan W. Cheung

A Generalized Cellular Neural Network Implementation of a Novel Edge Detection Algorithm (M91/25)
B.E. Shi and Leon O. Chua

Generalizing the Twist and Flip Paradigm (M91/24)
R. Brown and Leon O. Chua

Stability Analysis of Generalized Cellular Neural Networks (M91/23)
C. Guzelis and Leon O. Chua

Automated Design Management Using Traces (M91/22)
Andrea Casotto

HTEXT: An Intuitive, File-Transparent Hypertext System (M91/21)
N.B. Jaramillo, M. Schiff and Lawrence A. Rowe

Cellular Neural Network A/D Conversion (M91/20)
L. Yang and Leon O. Chua

Analysis of an Electron Wave Interference Filter in the Presence of an Applied Electric Field Using Optical Plane Wave Analogies (M91/19)
J.A. Kenrow

An Optimal Algorithm for On-Line Bipartite Matching (M91/18)
Richard M. Karp, Umesh Vazirani and V.V. Vazirani

Online Algorithms for Locating Checkpoints (M91/17)
M. Bern, D.H. Greene, A. Raghunathan and M. Sudan

Model of Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation for Voltage Pulses with Finite Rise- and Fall-Times (M91/14)
R.A. Stewart and Michael A. Lieberman

Implicit Manipulation of Equivalence Classes Using Binary Decision Diagrams (M91/13)
B. Lin and A. Richard Newton

Efficiency of Simulated Annealing: Analysis by Rapidly-Mixing Markov Chains and Results for Fractal Landscapes (M91/12)
G. Sorkin

Markets and Pricing for Interruptible Electric Power (M91/11)
T.W. Gedra and Pravin Varaiya

A Model for Pricing Interruptible Electric Power Service (M91/10)
C-W. Tan and Pravin Varaiya

Design of Interruptible Electric Power Service Contracts with Stochastic Demand (M91/9)
C-W. Tan, T. Ishikida and Pravin Varaiya

Special Issues in Semiconductor Manufacturing (M91/8)
Costas J. Spanos, R. Chen, S. Leang and N. Tam

Computing Shortest Paths in Networks Derived from Recurrence Relations (M91/7)
E.L. Lawler

Nonlinear Dynamics of Self-Synchronizing Systems (M91/6)
M. de Sousa Vieira, Allan J. Lichtenberg and Michael A. Lieberman

Effects of DC Bias on the Kinetics and Electrical Properties of Silicon Dioxide Grown in an Electron Cyclotron Resonance Plasma (M91/5)
D.A. Carl, D.W. Hess, Michael A. Lieberman, T.D. Nguyen and R. Gronsky

A Test Controller Board for TSS (M91/4)
K.T. Kornegay

An Analytic Method for Designing Simple Cellular Neural Networks (M91/3)
Leon O. Chua and P. Thiran

Preserving Don't Care Conditions During Retiming (M91/2)
E.M. Sentovich and Robert K. Brayton

Markov Fluid Models and Large Deviations (M91/1)
A. Ridder