Parallel Timing Simulation on a Distributed Memory Multiprocessor (CSD-92-723)
Chih-Po Wen

Hiding Communication Costs in Bandwidth-Limited Parallel FFT Computation (CSD-92-722)
Abhijit Sahay

Optimal Broadcast and Summation in the LogP Model (CSD-92-721)
Richard Karp, Abhijit Sahay and Eunice Santos

Computing the Generalized Singular Value Decomposition (CSD-92-720)
Zhaojun Bai and James W. Demmel

Infinitely Long Walks on Two Colored Graphs (CSD-92-719)
Peter S. Gemmell

Design of a Parallel Nonsymmetric Eigenroutine Toolbox, Part I (CSD-92-718)
Zhaojun Bai and James W. Demmel

Multiplexing Traffic at the Entrance to Wide-Area Networks (CSD-92-717)
Ramon Caceres

Two Fundamental Limits on Dataflow Multiprocessing (CSD-92-716)
David E. Culler, Klaus Erik Schauser and Thorsten von Eicken

Analysis of Benchmark Characteristics and Benchmark Performance Prediction (CSD-92-715)
Rafael H. Saavedra and Alan Jay Smith

Input-Output Performance Evaluation: Self-Scaling Benchmarks, Predicted Performance (CSD-92-714)
Peter Ming-Chien Chen

LogP: Towards a Realistic Model of Parallel Computation (CSD-92-713)
David E. Culler, Richard Karp, David A. Patterson, Abhijit Sahay, Klaus Erik Schauser, Eunice Santos, Ramesh Subramonian and Thorsten von Eicken

An Analysis of File Migration in a Unix Supercomputing Environment (CSD-92-712)
Ethan L. Miller and Randy H. Katz

Transformations of e-Biased Distributions (CSD-92-710)
Abhijit Sahay

Robust Computation of Optical Flow in a Multi-Scale Differential Framework (CSD-92-709)
Joseph Weber and Jitendra Malik

Visibility Computations in Densely Occluded Polyhedral Environments (CSD-92-708)
Seth Jared Teller

Vector Processor Caches (CSD-92-707)
Jeffrey D. Gee and Alan Jay Smith

The Dimension of Matrices (Matrix Pencils) with Given Jordan (Kronecker) Canonical Forms (CSD-92-706)
James W. Demmel and Alan Edelman

RAID-II: Design and Implementation of a Large Scale Disk Array Controller (CSD-92-705)
Randy H. Katz, Peter Ming-Chien Chen, Ann L. Chervenak Drapeau, Edward Kihyen Lee, K. Lutz, Ethan L. Miller, S. Seshan and David A. Patterson

Fast Alignment by Eliminating Unlikely Matches (CSD-92-704)
Clark F. Olson

Parallel Numerical Linear Algebra (CSD-92-703)
James W. Demmel, Michael T. Heath and Henk A. van der Vorst

Trading Off Parallelism and Numerical Stability (CSD-92-702)
James W. Demmel

The Jaquith Archive Server (CSD-92-701)
James W. Mott-Smith

Analysis of Long-Term UNIX File Access Patterns for Application to Automatic File Migration Strategies (CSD-92-700)
Stephen Strange

Performance Characterization of Optimizing Compilers (CSD-92-699)
Rafael H. Saavedra and Alan Jay Smith

Algorithms for Intersecting Parametric and Algebraic Curves (CSD-92-698)
Dinesh Manocha and James W. Demmel

Operating Systems Mechanisms For Continuous Media (CSD-92-697)
Ramesh Govindan

The Design and Implementation of a Log-structured File System (CSD-92-696)
Mendel Rosenblum

Random Walks in Colored Graphs (CSD-92-695)
Diane Hernek and Anne Condon

A New and Simple Algorithm for Quality 2-Dimensional Mesh Generation (CSD-92-694)
Jim Ruppert

Towards an Efficient Implementation of Interval Arithmetic (CSD-92-693)
Ioannis Z. Emiris and Richard J. Fateman

Automatic Inference: A Probabilistic Basis for Natural Language Interpretation (CSD-92-692)
Dekai Wu

The Optimal Tree Algorithm for Line Clipping (CSD-92-691)
You-Dong Liang and Brian A. Barsky

The Design of a CASE Environment Architecture and the Performance Evaluation of Database Designs for Software Documents (CSD-92-690)
Luis Miguel

Integrated Placement and Routing for VLSI Layout Synthesis and Optimization (CSD-92-689)
Ping-San Tzeng

Some Improvements to a Parametric Line Clipping Algorithm (CSD-92-688)
You-Dong Liang, Brian A. Barsky and Mel Slater

Analysis of Multithreaded Microprocessors under Multiprogramming (CSD-92-687)
David E. Culler, Michial Gunter and James C. Lee

Code Optimizers and Register Organizations for Vector Architectures (CSD-92-686)
Corinna Grace Lee

Optimal Probabilistic and Decision-Theoretic Planning using Markovian Decision Theory (CSD-92-685)
Sven Koenig

CPU Performance Evaluation and Execution Time Prediction Using Narrow Spectrum Benchmarking (CSD-92-684)
Rafael H. Saavedra-Barrera

Zebra: A Striped Network File System (CSD-92-683)
John H. Hartman and John K. Ousterhout

Fast Accurate Simulation of Large Shared Memory Multiprocessors (CSD-92-682)
Robert Francis Boothe

Robust and Efficient Surface Intersection for Solid Modeling (CSD-92-681)
Michael Edward Hohmeyer

Visibility Computations in Polyhedral Three-Dimensional Environments (CSD-92-680)
Seth J. Teller and Carlo H. Séquin

A New Approach to I/O Performance Evaluation -- Self-Scaling I/O Benchmarks, Predicted I/O Performance (CSD-92-679)
Peter M. Chen and David A. Patterson

PAGODA: A Model for Autonomous Learning in Probabilistic Domains (CSD-92-678)
Marie Ellen desJardins

Mathematical Findings on Artificial Neural Nets and Their Physical Meaning (CSD-92-677)
Han-gyoo Kim

An On-Line Computational Model of Human Sentence Interpretation: A Theory of the Representation and Use of Linguistic Knowledge (CSD-92-676)
Daniel Jurafsky

Active Messages: a Mechanism for Integrated Communication and Computation (CSD-92-675)
Thorsten von Eicken, David E. Culler, Seth Copen Goldstein and Klaus Erik Schauser

Designing Synchronous Algorithms for Asynchronous Processors (CSD-92-674)
Ramesh Subramonian

An O(log n) Time Common CRCW PRAM Algorithm for Minimum Spanning Tree (CSD-92-673)
Ramesh Subramonian

RAID-II: A Scalable Storage Architecture for High-Bandwidth Network File Service (CSD-92-672)
Edward K. Lee, Peter M. Chen, John H. Hartman, Ann L. Chervenak Drapeau, Ethan L. Miller, Randy H. Katz, Garth A. Gibson and David A. Patterson

Defining Hypermedia: The Essential Elements (CSD-92-671)
Michael A. Harrison

Active Documentation for VLSI Design (CSD-92-670)
Mario J. Silva, Tzi-cker Chieuh and Randy H. Katz

Stabbing Oriented Convex Polygons in Randomized O(n^2) Time (CSD-92-669)
Seth J. Teller and Michael E. Hohmeyer

Augmenting a Programming Language with Complex Arithmetic (CSD-92-667)
William Kahan and J. W. Thomas

Computing the Antipenumbra of an Area Light Source (CSD-92-666)
Seth J. Teller

Computing the Lines Piercing Four Lines (CSD-92-665)
Seth J. Teller and Michael E. Hohmeyer

Functional Optimization for Fair Surface Design (CSD-92-664)
Henry P. Moreton and Carlo H. Séquin

Guaranteed Performance Communication in High Speed Networks (CSD-92-663)
Dinesh Chandra Verma

Connectivity Properties of Matroids (CSD-92-662)
Milena Mihail and Madhu Sudan

Highly Resilient Correctors for Polynomials (CSD-92-661)
Peter S. Gemmell and Madhu Sudan

Performance Optimization of Digital Circuits (M92/149)
Kanwar J. Singh

Theory and Simulation of Plasma Sheath Waves (M92/148)
X.Q. Xu, G. DiPeso, V. Vahedi and Charles K. (Ned) Birdsall

Fluid Simulations of \/T_e-Driven Turbulence and Transport in Boundary Plasmas (M92/147)
X.Q. Xu

Verification of Frequency Scaling Laws for Capacitive RF Discharges Using Two- Dimensional Simulations (M92/146)
V. Vahedi, Charles K. (Ned) Birdsall, Michael A. Lieberman, G. DiPeso and T.D. Rognlien

Electron Temperature Gradient Driven Instability in the Tokamak Boundary Plasma (M92/145)
X.Q. Xu, M.N Rosenbluth and P.H Diamond

Design of a 5th Harmonic Generator for a Nd+:YAG Laser Source for Optical Lithography (M92/144)
L. Leinbaugh

A Structure Theorem for Partially Asynchronous Relaxations - Summary of Results (M92/143)
R. Gharavi and Venkat Anantharam

Optimal Buffer Allocation in Tandems of Last Come First Served Queues (M92/142)
A. Ganesh and Venkat Anantharam

A Simple Ode With More Than 20 Strange Attractors (M92/141)
Leon O. Chua

Synthesis and Testing of Bounded Wire Delay Asynchronous Circuits from Signal Transition Graphs (M92/140)
Luciano Lavagno

Application-Specific Processors for Numerical Algorithms (M92/139)
Lars E. Thon

A Fast Discrete Periodic Wavelet Transform (M92/138)
N. Getz

Analytic Techniques for the Time-Domain Simulation of Uniform Lossy Transmission Lines in Nonlinear Circuits (M92/137)
Jaijeet S. Roychowdhury

MTCAD: An Integrated Framework of Manufacturing Equipment Models and TCAD (M92/136)
M. Hosseini

Traffic Shaping for ATM Networks: Asymptotic Analysis and Simulations (M92/135)
G. de Veciana and Jean Walrand

An Implementation of a Log-Structured File System for UNIX (M92/134)
M. Seltzer, K. Bostic, M.K. McKusick and C. Staelin

Wireless Communication Using Non-Directed Infrared Radiation (M92/133)
John R. Barry

Computer Aided Design Tools for Phase-Shift Masks and Spatial Filtering (M92/132)
D.M. Newmark

Chua's Oscillator: A Zoo of Attractors (M92/131)
P. Deregel

Signal Amplification via Chaos: Experimental Evidence (M92/130)
K.S. Halle, Leon O. Chua, V.S. Anishchenko and M.A. Safonova

Transmission of Digital Signals by Chaotic Synchronization (M92/129)
U. Parlitz, Leon O. Chua, L. Kocarev, K.S. Halle and A. Shang

Memory Management for Synchronous Dataflow Programs (M92/128)
S.S. Bhattacharyya and Edward A. Lee

A Fully Implicit Quine-McCluskey Procedure Using BDD's (M92/127)
G.M. Swamy, P. McGeer and Robert K. Brayton

A Continuous Media Player (M92/126)
Lawrence A. Rowe and B.C. Smith

An Efficient Loop Detection and Removal Algorithm for 3D Surface-Based Lithography Simulation (M92/125)
J.J. Helmsen

Short Run Dynamics of Multi-Class Service Facilities (M92/124)
E.J. Friedman and A.S. Landsberg

Steering a Three-Input Nonholonomic System Using Multi-Rate Controls (M92/123)
D. Tilbury and A. Chelouah

Don't Cares in Multi-Level Network Optimization (M92/122)
Hamid Savoj

Stability of Cellular Neural Networks with Dominant Nonlinear and Delay-Type Templates (M92/121)
T. Roska, C.W. Wu and Leon O. Chua

The POSTGRES User Manual (M92/120)
J. Rhein, G. Kemnitz and The POSTGRES Group

Delay Fault Coverage, Test Set Size, and Performance Tradeoffs (M92/119)
W.K. Lam, A. Saldanha, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Sequential Optimization in Semiconductor Manufacturing (M92/118)
J. Thomson

Delay Optimization Based on BDD and Communication Complexity (M92/117)
M. Shih

Design Methods for Reactive Real-Time Systems Codesign (M92/116)
M. Chiodo and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Two-Dimensional Electromagnetic Simulation of Topography Scattering and Diffraction for Optical Lithography (M92/115)
A. Wong

Analytic Model of the Ion Angular Distribution in a Collisional Sheath (M92/114)
V. Vahedi, R.A. Stewart and Michael A. Lieberman

The BCAM Control and Monitoring Environment (M92/113)
B.J. Bombay

Combinational Test Generation Using Satisfiability (M92/112)
P.R. Stephan, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Chaos Synchronization in Chua's Circuit (M92/111)
Leon O. Chua, M. Itoh, L. Kocarev and K. Eckert

Data Parallelism in Graphical Signal Flow Representations of Algorithms (M92/110)
Edward A. Lee

The High-Level Synthesis of Microprocessors Using Instruction Frequency Statistics (M92/109)
William R. Bush

Sound and Music from Chua's Circuit (M92/108)
X. Rodet

Steering Three-Input Chained Form Nonholonomic Systems Using Sinusoids: The Firetruck Example (M92/107)
L. Bushnell, D. Tilbury and S. Shankar Sastry

Learning State Space Trajectories in Cellular Neural Networks (M92/106)
A.J. Schuler, P. Nachbar, J.A. Nossek and Leon O. Chua

Design of System Level Interfaces (M92/105)
Jane S. Sun

Automated Testing in an Integrated System Design Environment (M92/104)
Kevin T. Kornegay

Applications of 1-D Map from Chua's Circuit: A Pictorial Guide (M92/103)
M. Genot

Circuit Simulation for VLSI and Electronic Packaging Design (M92/102)
Shen Lin

Learning by Distributed Automata (M92/101)
E. Friedman and Scott Shenker

The Complexity of Resource Allocation and Price Mechanisms Under Bounded Rationality (M92/100)
E. Friedman and S. Oren

Chua's Canonical Circuit: A Tutorial (M92/99)
P. Deregel

Bridge Protocol Specification (M92/98)
N.T. Plotkin

Observing and Learning Chaotic Phenomena from Chua's Circuit (M92/97)
R.N. Madan

Bifurcation Analysis of Chua's Circuit (M92/96)
Leon O. Chua and L.T. Huynh

Plasma and Gas Phase Kinetics of High Density SF_6 Discharges (M92/95)
C. Lee, D.W. Hess and Michael A. Lieberman

DQDB MAC Chip Datasheet (M92/94)
F.L. Burghardt, T.Y. Kao and M.T. Le

FDDI - SMDS Bridge Architecture (M92/93)
N. McKeown

The Baybridge DQDB MAC Chip (M92/92)
T.Y. Kao, F.L. Burghardt, W-L. Heng and M.T. Le

The Baybridge: A High Speed Bridge/Router (M92/91)
N. McKeown, R. Edell and M.T. Le

Architecture and Performance of the Baybridge: A High Speed Bridge/Router Between FDDI and SMDS (M92/90)
N. McKeown, R. Edell and M.T. Le

A High Performance SMDS Interface at STS-3c Rate (M92/89)
M.T. Le, N. McKeown and R. Edell

Large Deviations for Birth Death Markov Fluids (M92/88)
G. de Veciana, C. Olivier and Jean Walrand

A Zoo of Strange Attractors from the Canonical Chua's Circuits (M92/87)
Leon O. Chua

Miscellaneous on Rule-Based Incremental Control: From Stability to Learnability (M92/86)
D. Luzeaux

POSTGRES Reference Manual Version 4.0 (M92/85)

Special Issues in Semiconductor Manufacturing III (M92/84)
Costas J. Spanos, B. Bombay, S. Cunningham, Z. Daoud, J. Helmsen, J. King, H-C. Liu, D. Newmark, J. Noriega-Asturias, J. Thomson, C. Yu, E. Boskin and D. Hebert

The Flow-Table Technique for the Synthesis of Asynchronous Sequential Circuits (M92/83)
A. Gupta

Genetic Algorithm for CNN Template Learning (M92/82)
T. Kozek, R. Roska and Leon O. Chua

Integer Programming Techniques for Multiway System Partitioning Undertiming and Capacity Constraints (M92/81)
M. Shih, Ernest S. Kuh and R-S. Tsay

Discontinuous One-Dimensional Maps from the Generalized Chua Equations (M92/80)
R. Brown and Leon O. Chua

Graph Algorithms for Efficient Clock Schedule Optimization (M92/79)
N. Shenoy, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

A Unified Signal Transition Graph Model (M92/78)
A. Yakovlev, L. Lavagno and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Fractals in the Twist-and-Flip Circuit (M92/77)
Leon O. Chua, R. Brown and N. Hamilton

Dry Turbulence from a Time-Delayed Chua's Circuit (M92/76)
A.N. Sharkovsky, Y. Maistrenko, P. Deregel and Leon O. Chua

Autowaves for Image Processing on a Two-Dimensional CNN Array of Chua's Circuits: Flat and Wrinkled Labyrinths (M92/75)
V. Perez-Munuzuri, V. Perez-Villar and Leon O. Chua

On Chaos in Digital Filters: Case b=-1 (M92/74)
L. Kocarev and Leon O. Chua

N-Dimensional Canonical Chua's Circuit (M92/73)
L. Kocarev, L. Karadzinov and Leon O. Chua

On Synchronization of Regular and Chaotic Systems (M92/72)
M. de Sousa Vieira, Allan J. Lichtenberg and Michael A. Lieberman

The Adatron Learning Algorithm with Constraints (M92/71)
P. Nachbar, T. Fussl, J.A. Nossek and Leon O. Chua

Supervisory Control System for a Photo- lithographic Workcell (M92/70)
S. Leang

A Three-Dimensional Physically-Based Model for LPCVD (M92/69)
S.F-H. Lee

Compiling Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Applications onto Multiprocessor Systems (M92/68)
Phu D. Hoang

Rapid Prototyping of Hardware and Software in a Unified Framework (M92/67)
Mani B. Srivastava

Bidder Cost Revelation in Electric Power Auctions (M92/66)
J. Bushnell and S. Oren

Feedback Stabilization: Nonlinear Solutions to Inherently Nonlinear Problems (M92/65)
Andrew R. Teel

Read Optimized File System Designs: A Performance Evaluation (M92/64)
M. Seltzer and Michael Stonebraker

Delay Models and Sensitization Criteria in the False Path Problem (M92/63)
P. McGeer, A. Saldanha, P.R. Stephan, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Synthesis of Sequential Circuits for VLSI Design (M92/62)
Pranav N. Ashar

Exploring the Relationships Between Device- Model Representation and Circuit Analysis (M92/61)
C.K. Lennard

Informational Aspects of Decentralized Resource Allocation (M92/60)
T. Ishikida

Dense Optical Interconnects for High-Speed Digital Systems (M92/59)
Chung-Sheng Li

Verification with Timed Automata (M92/58)
W.K.C. Lam and Robert K. Brayton

Exact Delay Computation with Timed Boolean Functions (M92/57)
W.K.C. Lam, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Minimum Cycle Time of Synchronous Circuit with Bounded Delays (M92/56)
W.K.C. Lam, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Automatic Reduction in CTL Compositional Model Checking (M92/55)
M. Chiodo, T.R. Shiple, Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and Robert K. Brayton

The Influence of Hardware Mapping on High-Level Synthesis (M92/54)
D.P. Schultz

Picasso Reference Manual (Version 2.0) Picasso Widget Writer's Guide (Version 2.0) (M92/53)
P. Schank, J. Konstan, C. Liu, Lawrence A. Rowe, S. Seitz, B. Smith and G. Ogle

New Type of Strange Attractor Related to the Chua's Circuit (M92/52)
V.N. Belykh and Leon O. Chua

Stochastic Resonance in the Nonautonomous Chua's Circuit (M92/51)
V.S. Anishchenko, M.A. Safonova and Leon O. Chua

Confirmation of the Afraimovich-Shilnikov Torus-Breakdown Theorem via Chua's Torus Circuit (M92/50)
V.S. Anishchenko, M.A. Safonova and Leon O. Chua

Programmable Arithmetic Devices for High Speed Digital Signal Processing (M92/49)
Devereaux C. Chen

On the Existence of Finite Dimensional Filters for Markov Modulated Traffic (M92/48)
C. Olivier and Jean Walrand

Chua's Circuit with Current-Offset Chua Diode (M92/47)
M.P. Kennedy

Hardware Mapping and Module Selection in the HYPER Synthesis System (M92/46)
Chi-Min Chu

Buffer Design for Multiclass Traffic in ATM Networks (M92/45)
G. Kesidis and Jean Walrand

Relative Entropy Between Markov Transition Rate Matrices (M92/44)
G. Kesidis and Jean Walrand

Compile-Time Scheduling of Dataflow Program Graphs with Dynamic Constructs (M92/43)
Soonhoi Ha

Mapping Nonlinear Lattice Equations onto Cellular Neural Networks (M92/42)
S. Paul, K. Huper, J.A. Nossek and Leon O. Chua

SIS: A System for Sequential Circuit Synthesis (M92/41)
E.M. Sentovich, K.J. Singh, L. Lavagno, C. Moon, R. Murgai, A. Saldanha, H. Savoj, P.R. Stephan, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Effective Bandwidths for Multiclass Markov Fluids and Other ATM Sources (M92/40)
G. Kesidis and Jean Walrand

Traveling Wave Front and Its Failure in a One-Dimensional Array of Chua's Circuits (M92/39)
V. Perez-Munuzuri, V. Perez-Villar and Leon O. Chua

Performance-Constrained Physical Design of Analog and Mixed Analog/Digital Circuits (M92/38)
Umakanta Choudhury

CAD Tools for Nonlinear Control (M92/37)
R.R. Kadiyala

On the Use of Consistent Approximations in the Solution of Semi-Infinite Optimization and Optimal Control Problems (M92/36)
Elijah Polak

An Introduction to Semiconductor Manufacturing and Markets (M92/35)
P.K. Schank and Lawrence A. Rowe

RF Discharge Impedance Measurements and Comparison to a Discharge Model (M92/34)
A.H. Sato and Michael A. Lieberman

Sliding Mode Control of Perturbed Nonlinear Systems (M92/33)
A.K. Pradeep

Associative and Random Access Memory Using One-Dimensional Maps (M92/32)
Y.V. Andreyev, A.S. Dmitriev, Leon O. Chua and C.W. Wu

Multimedia: Data Structures, Documents (M92/31)
J-Y. Dauneau and Pravin Varaiya

Clustering Formalism for Synchronous Dataflow (M92/30)
S.S. Bhattacharyya

Beyond Linear Feedback for the Nonlinear Regulator (M92/29)
A.R. Teel

Nonholonomic Control Systems: From Steering to Stabilization with Sinusoids (M92/28)
A.R. Teel, R.M. Murray and G. Walsh

Technology Computer-Aided Design Frameworks and the PROSE Implementation (M92/27)
Alexander S.-W. Wong

Robust Op Amp Realization of Chua's Circuit (M92/26)
M.P. Kennedy

Electron Cyclotron Resonance Etching of Silylated Photoresist (M92/25)
B. Lynch, S. Das, Michael A. Lieberman and D.W. Hess

Data-Flow/Event Graphs (M92/24)
G.S. Whitcomb and A. Richard Newton

Indirect Adaptive Nonlinear Control of Induction Motors (M92/23)
R.R. Kadiyala

AP_LIN: A Tool Box for Approximate Linearization of Nonlinear Systems (M92/22)
R.R. Kadiyala

SYS_VIEW: A Visualization Tool for Viewing the Regions of Validity and Attraction of Nonlinear Systems (M92/21)
R.R. Kadiyala

Self-Synchronization of Many Coupled Oscillators (M92/20)
M. de Sousa Vieira, Allan J. Lichtenberg and Michael A. Lieberman

A Novel Framework for Solving the State Assignment Problem for Event-Based Specifications (M92/19)
L. Lavagno, C. Moon, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Properties of Admissible Symbolic Sequences in a Second Order Digital Filter with Overflow Nonlinearity (M92/18)
C.W. Wu and Leon O. Chua

IC Design for Manufacturability 1 (M92/17)
Costas J. Spanos, E. Boskin, R. Chen, Z. Daoud and H-C. Liu

A CMOS IC Nonlinear Resistor for Chua's Circuit (M92/16)
J. Cruz and Leon O. Chua

Boolean Matching in Logic Synthesis (M92/15)
H. Savoj, M.J. Silva, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Issues in Deep-UV Lithography Using Pulsed Laser Light Sources (M92/14)
William N. Partlo

A Retrospective on Database Application Development Frameworks (M92/13)
Lawrence A. Rowe

Finger-Like Biomechanical Robots (M92/12)
D.C. Deno, R.M. Murray, Kristofer Pister and S. Shankar Sastry

Stabilization of Trajectories for Systems with Nonholonomic Constraints (M92/11)
G. Walsh, D. Tilbury, S. Shankar Sastry, R. Murray and J.P. Laumond

Algorithms for High-Level Synthesis: Resource Utilization-Based Approach (M92/10)
Miodrag M. Potkonjak

Arnold Diffusion in a Torus with Time- Varying Fields (M92/9)
Allan J. Lichtenberg

Formal Verification of Timing Constrained Finite-State Systems (M92/8)
F. Balarin and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

How to Deal with Robot Motion? Application to Car-Like Robots (M92/7)
D. Luzeaux

A Strongly Polynomial Algorithm for Approximate Convex Optimization with Combinatorial Constraints and Resource Allocation (M92/6)
E.J. Friedman

Numerical and Experimental Studies of Self-Synchronization and Synchronized Chaos (M92/5)
M. de Sousa Vieira, P. Khoury, Allan J. Lichtenberg, Michael A. Lieberman, W. Wonchoba, J. Gullicksen, J.Y. Huang, R. Sherman and M. Steinberg

Design and Evaluation of Directory-Based Cache Coherence Systems (M92/4)
Brian W. O'Krafka

Exploiting Inter-Operation Parallelism in XPRS (M92/3)
W. Hong

LIBTP: Portable, Modular Transactions for UNIX (M92/2)
M. Seltzer and M. Olson

The Genesis of Chua's Circuit (M92/1)
Leon O. Chua