Finite Buffers and Fast Multicast (CSD-88-489)
Peter B. Danzig

Calculating Timeouts for Minimum Cost RPC (CSD-88-488)
Peter B. Danzig

AI in Operating Systems: An Expert Scheduler (CSD-88-487)
Dale Tonogai

Using Hard Problems to Create Pseudorandom Generators (CSD-88-486)
Noam Nisan

Guaranteeing Performance for Real-Time Communication in Wide-Area Networks (CSD-88-485)
Domenico Ferrari

Towards A Unified Framework for Version Modeling (CSD-88-484)
Randy H. Katz

Scale-space and edge detection using anisotropic diffusion (CSD-88-483)
Pietro Perona and Jitendra Malik

Analysis of Simple Neural Networks (CSD-88-482)
Chedsada Chinrungrueng

Implementation of Two Relativistic Renderers (CSD-88-481)
Huu Phu Nguyen

SpurBus Specification: SPUR, Symbolic Processing Using RISC, Project (CSD-88-480)
Garth A Gibson

Two Papers on RAIDs (CSD-88-479)
Peter Ming-Chien Chen, Garth A. Gibson, Randy H. Katz, David A. Patterson and Martin Schulze

Evaluating the Performance of Four Snooping Cache Coherency Protocols (CSD-88-478)
Susan J. Eggers and Randy H. Katz

Coding Techniques for Handling Failures in Large Disk Arrays (CSD-88-477)
Garth A. Gibson, Lisa Hellerstein, Richard M. Karp, Randy H. Katz and David A. Patterson

A Prototype Silicon Compiler in Prolog (CSD-88-476)
William R. Bush, Gino Cheng, Patrick C. McGeer and Alvin M. Despain

The Effect of Sharing on the Cache and Bus Performance of Parallel Programs (CSD-88-475)
Susan J. Eggers and Randy H. Katz

Delay and Throughput Measurements of the XUNET Datakit Network (CSD-88-474)
Thomas VandeWater

Exploiting Inheritance and Structure Semantics for Effective Clustering and Buffering in an Object-Oriented DBMS (CSD-88-473)
Ellis E. Chang and Randy H. Katz

REAL: A Network Simulator (CSD-88-472)
Srinivasan Keshav

Physical Memory Management in a Network Operating System (CSD-88-471)
Michael Newell Nelson

Trap Architectures for Lisp Systems (CSD-88-470)
Douglas Johnson

VLSI Design Techniques for Floating-Point Computation (CSD-88-469)
Bidyut Kumar Bose

Limits on the Provable Consequences of One-way Functions (CSD-88-468)
Steven Rudich

Beating the I/O Bottleneck: A Case for Log-Structured File Systems (CSD-88-467)
John K. Ousterhout and Frederick Douglis

Coprocessor Architectures for VLSI (CSD-88-466)
Paul Mark Hansen

A Computational Theory of Metaphor (CSD-88-465)
James H. Martin

A Performance Study of Remote Executions in a Wide-Area Datakit Network (CSD-88-464)
Ronald S. Arbo

The DASH Local Kernel Structure (CSD-88-463)
David P. Anderson and Shin-Yuan Tzou

The DASH Network Communication Architecture (CSD-88-462)
David P. Anderson and Robert Wahbe

The DASH Virtual Memory System (CSD-88-461)
David P. Anderson, Shin-Yuan Tzou and G. Scott Graham

Marionette: a System for Parallel Distributed Programming Using a Master/Slave Model (CSD-88-460)
Mark Paul Sullivan and David P. Anderson

Implementation of Multiprocessing SPUR Lisp (CSD-88-459)
Kinson Ho and Paul N. Hilfinger

The PPM Environment Manager (CSD-88-458)
Stuart Sechrest

A Client-Server Shell Architecture for Distributed Programming (CSD-88-457)
Stuart Sechrest

Trust Relationships, Naming, and Secure Communication In Large Distributed Computer Systems (CSD-88-456)
P. Venkata Rangan

BiblioText: A Hypertext Browser for Bibliographic Data and Notes (CSD-88-455)
Michael L. Van De Vanter

Designing BiblioText: An Experiment in User Interface Design (CSD-88-454)
Michael L. Van De Vanter

Porting Pan I to Allegro COMMON LISP (CSD-88-453)
Darrin J. Lane

A Performance Evaluation of the Dash Message-Passing System (CSD-88-452)
Shin-Yuan Tzou and David P. Anderson

Internals of VORTEX: The Source Editor (CSD-88-451)
John Coker

Maintaining Topology in Geometric Descriptions with Numerical Uncertainty (CSD-88-450)
Mark G. Segal and Carlo H. Séquin

Considerations in the Design of a RAID Prototype (CSD-88-448)
Martin E. Schulze

Code Reorganization for Instruction Caches (CSD-88-447)
A. Dain Samples and Paul N. Hilfinger

Mache: No-Loss Trace Compaction (CSD-88-446)
A. Dain Samples

An Extended Prolog Architecture for Integrated Symbolic and Numerical Executions (CSD-88-445)
Robert Yung, Alvin M. Despain and Yale N. Paul

High Performance Numerical Calculation in Prolog Execution (CSD-88-444)
Robert Yung, Alvin M. Despain, Peter Van Roy and Bruce K. Holmer

A Prolog Garbage Collector for Aquarius (CSD-88-443)
Herve Touati

Beta Continuity and Its Application to Rational Beta-splines (CSD-88-442)
Ronald N. Goldman and Brian A. Barsky

Dynamically Reconfigurable Systems Research (CSD-88-441)
Vason P. Srini

Generalized Characteristic Polynomials (CSD-88-440)
John F. Canny

Some Algebraic and Geometric Computations in PSPACE (CSD-88-439)
John F. Canny

Evaluation of "Performance Enhancements" in Algebraic Manipulation Systems (CSD-88-438)
Carl Glen Ponder

Machine Characterization and Benchmark Performance Prediction (CSD-88-437)
Rafael H. Saavedra-Barrera

A Multiple-Representation Paradigm for Document Development (CSD-88-436)
Pehong Chen

Decision-Theoretic Control of Reasoning: General Theory and an Application to Game-Playing (CSD-88-435)
Stuart Russell and Eric Wefald

On the Time and Space Complexity of Computation Using Write-Once Memory - OR - Is Pen Really Much Worse Than Pencil? (CSD-88-434)
Sandy Irani, Moni Naor and Ronitt Rubinfeld

Knowledge Intensive Planning (CSD-88-433)
Marc A. Luria

Efficiently Computing and Representing Aspect Graphs of Polyhedral Objects (CSD-88-432)
Ziv Gigus, John F. Canny and Raimund Seidel

A tree transformation facility using typed rewrite systems (CSD-88-431)
Charles Farnum

A New Interface Specification Methodology and its Application to Transducer Synthesis (CSD-88-430)
Gaetano Borriello

On Information Retrieval and Evidential Reasoning (CSD-88-429)
Lung Albert Chen

Barking Up The Wrong Tree: Why Optimizing Compilers Are Still Unable To Match Assembly Language (CSD-88-428)
Marc Sabatella

Improving the Efficiency of the ISO Checksum Calculation (CSD-88-427)
Keith Sklower

User's Guide to ATV, an Abstract Timing Verifier (CSD-88-426)
David E. Wallace

Abstract Timing Verification for Synchronous Digital Systems (CSD-88-425)
David E. Wallace

Pseudo Devices: User-Level Extensions to the Sprite File System (CSD-88-424)
Brent B. Welch and John K. Ousterhout

Rewrite Systems, Pattern Matching, and Code Generation (CSD-88-423)
Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart

Intelligent Decentralized Control In Large Distributed Computer Systems (CSD-88-422)
Joseph Carlo Pasquale

Approximate Algorithms for Solving Queuing Network Models of Large Distributed Systems (CSD-88-421)
Hamid Reza Bahadori

Wish -- A Window-Based Shell for X (CSD-88-420)
Mary Gray

DUES (Display Utilities and Environments for Simulation) (CSD-88-419)
Allen Jiajuin Wei

The Aquarius Numeric Processor (CSD-88-418)
Robert Yung

Three Characterizations of Geometric Continuity for Parametric Curves (CSD-88-417)
Brian A. Barsky and Anthony D. DeRose

Snap-Dragging: Interactive Geometric Design in Two and Three Dimensions (CSD-88-416)
Eric A. Bier

Parallel Unification Scheduling in Prolog (CSD-88-415)
Wayne Victor Citrin

PUP: An Architecture to Exploit Parallel Unification in Prolog (CSD-88-414)
Chien Chen, Ashok Singhal and Yale N. Patt

Optimization of File Migration In Distributed Systems (CSD-88-413)
Qivind Kure

Design and Implementation of A CMOS Chip for Prolog (CSD-88-412)
Vason P. Srini, Jerric V. Tam, Tam M. Nguyen, Bruce K. Holmer, Yale N. Patt and Alvin M. Despain

OPD: A Toolset for Optimized Pipeline Design (CSD-88-411)
Suresh Krishna

Pan I: An Introduction For Users (CSD-88-410)
Robert A. Ballance and Michael L. Van De Vanter

The Architecture of Pan I (CSD-88-409)
Robert A. Ballance, Michael L. Van De Vanter and Susan L. Graham

A Survey of Parallel Algorithms for Shared-Memory Machines (CSD-88-408)
Richard M. Karp and Vijaya Ramachandran

An Address Trace Generator for Trace-Driven Simulation of Shared Memory Multiprocessors (CSD-88-407)
Frank Lacy

Features for Multiprocessing in SPUR Lisp (CSD-88-406)
Benjamin Zorn, Paul N. Hilfinger, Kinson Ho, James Richard Larus and Luigi Semenzato

The DASH Project: An Overview (CSD-88-405)
David P. Anderson and Domenico Ferrari

A Memory Allocation Profiler for C and Lisp Programs (CSD-88-404)
Benjamin Zorn and Paul N. Hilfinger

Direct Function Calls in Lisp (CSD-88-403)
Benjamin Zorn and Paul N. Hilfinger

Computing The Aspect Graph for Line Drawings of Polyhedral Objects (CSD-88-402)
Ziv Gigus and Jitendra Malik

Persistent LISP: Storing Interobject References in a Database (CSD-88-401)
Margaret Helen Butler

Modeling and Implementation of Visibility in Programming Languages (CSD-88-400)
Phillip Edward Garrison

Implementing Prolog via Microprogramming a General Purpose Host Computer (CSD-88-399)
Jeff Gee

Exploiting Concurrency to Achieve High Performance in a Single-chip Microarchitecture (CSD-88-398)
Wen-mei William Hwu

A Comparison Between the PLM and the MC68020 as Prolog Processors (CSD-88-397)
Yale N. Patt and Chien Chen

Intelligent Agents as a Basis for Natural Language Interfaces (CSD-88-396)
David Ngi Chin

Perfect Graphs and Orthogonally Convex Covers (CSD-88-395)
Rajeev Motwani, Arvind Raghunathan and Huzur Saran

SPUR Memory System Architecture (CSD-88-394)
David A. Wood, Susan J. Eggers and Garth A. Gibson

Mocha Chip: A Graphical Programming System for IC Module Assembly (CSD-88-393)
Robert Nelson Mayo

Probabilistic Analysis of Network Flow Algorithms (CSD-88-392)
Richard M. Karp, Rajeev Motwani and Noam Nisan

Macroscopic Modelling of R.F. Plasma Discharges (M88/86)
G.R. Misium, Allan J. Lichtenberg and Michael A. Lieberman

On the Dynamics of Artificial Neural Networks (M88/85)
S. Venkatraman

An Experimental Characterization System for Deep Ultra-Violet (UV) Photoresists (M88/84)
D.M. Drako

Multiport Memory Design Considerations for Parallel Execution CPU Architectures (M88/83)
Y. Nakagome, G.A. Uvieghara and David A. Hodges

Tuning a Statistical Process Simulator to a Berkeley CMOS Process (M88/82)
P.M. Krueger

Cavity Perturbation Measurement of Plasma Density in Complex Geometry R.F. Discharges (M88/81)
R.M. Moroney, Allan J. Lichtenberg and Michael A. Lieberman

Robust Stabilization and Tracking for Nonlinear Systems (M88/80)
Saman Behtash

An Alternative Approach to the Problem of the Asymptotic Makespan of Serially Multi-Tasked Jobs (M88/79)
N. Bambos and Jean Walrand

Recent Results on the Asymptotic Behavior of Concurrent Processing Systems Under Stationary and Ergodic Inputs (M88/78)
N. Bambos and Jean Walrand

Models for a Comprehensive Methodology for Parameter Selection and Discrete Decision-Making in the Design of Integrated Circuits (M88/77)
David C. Riley

Nonlinear Controller Design for Flight Control Systems (M88/76)
J. Hauser, S. Shankar Sastry and G. Meyer

Kharitonov's Theorem and a Graphical Stability Test for Linear Time-Invariant Systems (M88/75)
J.J. Anagnost, Charles A. Desoer and R.J. Minnichelli

Performance Optimization of Integrated Circuits (M88/74)
Jyuo-Min Shyu

High-Speed Analog-to-Digital Conversion Using 2-Step Flash Architectures (M88/73)
Joey Doernberg

The Design and Implementation of the Berkeley Process-Flow Language Interpreter (M88/72)
C.B. Williams

CODECS: A Mixed-Level Circuit and Device Simulator (M88/71)
Kartikeya Mayaram

Spin Coating Simulation Using Finite Element Method (M88/70)
R. Sutardja

Encoding Symbolic Inputs for Multi-Level Logic Implementation (M88/69)
S. Malik, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Acoustic Echo Cancellation for Loudspeaker Telephones (M88/67)
Wen-Bin Hsu

Dynamic Regrasping by Coordinated Control of Sliding for a Multifingered Hand (M88/66)
A. Cole, Ping Hsu and S. Shankar Sastry

Spherical Shell Model of an Asymmetric R.F. Discharge (M88/65)
Michael A. Lieberman

Basic RF Discharge Model (M87/65)
Michael A. Lieberman

A Barrier Function Method for Minimax Problems (M88/64)
Elijah Polak, J.E. Higgins and D.Q. Mayne

Propagation of Light in Periodic Structures with Material Dispersion: General Theory and Application to the DFB Surface - Emitting Laser Diode (M88/63)
J.P. Weber, M. Ogura, W. Hsin, S.C. Wang and S. Wang

Dynamics of a Collisional Capacitive R.F. Sheath (M88/62)
Michael A. Lieberman

Algorithm and Architecture Designs for High-Speed Digital Signal Processing (M88/61)
Keshab K. Parhi

Electrical Probing of Test Structures for Optical Lithography (M88/60)
J. Fleischman

Rays and Waves in a Periodically Perturbed Parallel Plate Waveguide (M88/59)
R.P. Ratowsky and Michael A. Lieberman

Proportional-Plus-Integral Stabilizing Compensators for a Class of MIMO Feedback Systems with Infinite-Dimensional Plants (M88/57)
Y-P. Harn and Elijah Polak

Automatic Synthesis and Layout of Switched-Capacitor Filters (M88/56)
Hormoz Yaghutiel

Macromodelling for the Simulation of Large Scale Analog Integrated Circuits (M88/55)
Giorgio Casinovi

Techniques for Optimization-Based Synthesis of Digital Systems (M88/54)
Srinivas Devadas

Vortex Formation and Particle Transport in a Cross-Field Plasma Sheet (M88/53)
K. Theilhaber and Charles K. (Ned) Birdsall

Irredundant Sequential Machines Via Optimal Logic Synthesis (M88/52)
S. Devadas, H.K.T. Ma, A. Richard Newton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Coordinated Control of Multi-Manipulator Systems (M88/51)
Ping Hsu

EECS 143 Processing and Design of Integrated Circuits Laboratory Project (M88/50)
P.K. Ko, R.R. Rudell and K. Voros

Hierarchical Placement for Macrocells with Simultaneous Routing Area Allocation (M88/49)
B. Eschermann

Diffusion Through a Stochastic Web (M88/48)
Allan J. Lichtenberg and B. Wood

Easily Testable PLA-Based Finite State Machines (M88/47)
S. Devadas and A. Richard Newton

A Generalized Control Strategy for Rule-Based Systems (M88/46)
G.S. Whitcomb

Algorithms for Optimal Control of Systems Described by Partial and Ordinary Differential Equations (M88/45)
Theodore E. Baker

An Integrated CAD System for Algorithm-Specific IC Design (M88/44)
Chuen-Shen B. Shung

Design and Implementation of Integrated Circuits for a Real-Time Flexible Channel Emulator Applying Silicon Assembly (M88/43)
J.S. Sun

A Variable Metric Technique for the Solution of Affinely Parametrized Nondifferentiable Optimal Design Problems (M88/42)
Elijah Polak and E.J. Wiest

An Optimal Diagonalization Strategy for the solution of a Class of Optimal Design Problems (M88/41)
L. He and Elijah Polak

Automatic Generation of CMOS Data Paths in Lager Framework (M88/40)
M.B. Srivastava

Test Structures for the Electrical Characterization of Optical Lithography (M88/39)
Andrew R. Neureuther, William G. Oldham, R.C. Anderson, D.M. Drako, W.E. Haller, B. Huynh, D.E. Lyons, G.R. Misium, D.P. Sutija, K.K.H. Toh and B. Uathavikul

Test Structures for the Visual Characterization of Optical Lithography (M88/38)
Andrew R. Neureuther, William G. Oldham, R.C. Anderson, D.M. Drako, W.E. Haller, B. Huynh, D.E. Lyons, G.R. Misium, D.P. Sutija, K.K.H. Toh and B. Uathavikul

Measurement of Optical Diffraction by Wavelength-Sized Slits (M88/37)
W.E. Haller

Calibrated Exposure, Focus and Defect Test Patterns for Optical Lithography (M88/36)
B. Huynh

Application of Silicon Compilation Techniques to a Robot Controller Design (M88/35)
Syed K. Azim

Proportional-Plus-Integral Stabilizing Compensators for a Class of MIMO Feedback Systems with Infinite-Dimensional Plants (M88/34)
Y-P. Harn and E. Polak

High Frequency, Temperature-Compensated Monolithic Voltage-Controlled Oscillator Design Techniques (M88/33)
Ting-Ping Liu

Characterization of Electron-Beam-Exposed Negative Resists (M88/32)
N.N.S. Tam

High Performance Programmable DSP Architectures (M88/31)
Mordechay T. Ilovich

Two-Dimensional Images with Effects of Lens Aberrations in Optical Lithography (M88/30)
K.K.H. Toh

Self-Consistent Stochastic Electron Heating in Radio Frequency Discharges (M88/29)
C.G. Goedde, Allan J. Lichtenberg and Michael A. Lieberman

CMOS Charge Demultiplexing Optical Receiver Progress Report 1.0 (M88/28)
T. Hu and Paul R. Gray

High-Resolution Pipelined Analog-to-Digital Conversion (M88/27)
Sehat Sutarja

Finite Element Methods for Process Simulation Application to Silicon Oxidation (M88/26)
Pantas Sutardja

Effects of Ion Reflection on the Collector and Source Sheaths of a Finite Ion Temperature Plasma (M88/25)
L.A. Schwager

Effects of Secondary Electron Emission on the Collector and Source Sheaths of a Finite Ion Temperature Plasma (M88/24)
L.A. Schwager

Collector and Source Sheaths of a Finite Ion Temperature Plasma (M88/23)
L.A. Schwager and Charles K. (Ned) Birdsall

Minimizing Pseudo-Convex Functions on Convex Compact Sets (M88/22)
J.E. Higgins and Elijah Polak

Vortex Formation and Particle Transport in a Cross-Field Plasma Sheath (M88/21)
K. Theilhaber

POSTGRES Reference Manual (M88/20)

The Design of XPRS (M88/19)
Michael Stonebraker, Randy H. Katz, David A. Patterson and J. Ousterhout

Extended User-Defined Indexing with Application to Textual Databases (M88/18)
C.A. Lynch and Michael Stonebraker

On the Design of Finite Dimensional Stabilizing Compensators for Infinite Dimensional Feedback-Systems Via Semi-Infinite Optimization (M88/17)
Y-P. Harn and Elijah Polak

Performance of Coherent Optical Receivers (M88/16)
J.R. Barry

Electronic Switching Techniques for Fiber Optic Networks (M88/15)
Hyun J. Shin

A Synthesis and Optimization Procedure for Fully Testable Sequential Machines (M88/14)
S. Devadas, Hi Keung Tony Ma, A. Richard Newton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

SIMPL-DIX (Simulated Profiles from the Layout-Design Interface in X) (M88/13)
H-C. Wu

Single-Step Processes for Etching TaSi_2/ Polysilicon Gate Structures in SF_6/CCl_xF_y Plasmas (M88/12)
I.L. Wemple

Characterization and Modeling of Resist Development with Surfactants (M88/11)
C. Zee

High Frequency Monolithic Phase-Locked Loops (M88/10)
Mehmet Soyuer

Module Generation Systems for Programmable Logic Arrays and Data Paths (M88/9)
S-L. Chow

Analysis of Sea-of-Gates Template and Cell Library Design Issues (M88/8)
L.S. Layer

Future Trends in Data Base Systems (M88/7)
Michael Stonebraker

Axial Distribution of Optical Emission in a Planar Magnetron (M88/6)
L. Gu and Michael A. Lieberman

Diffusion in Two Dimensional Mappings (M88/5)
Allan J. Lichtenberg and Michael A. Lieberman

Minimax Algorithms for Structural Optimization (M88/4)
Elijah Polak

Detection of Catastrophic Faults in Analog Integrated Circuits (M88/3)
L. Milor and V. Visvanathan

A Method for Obtaining a Canonical Hamiltonian for Nonlinear LC Circuits (M88/2)
G.M. Bernstein and Michael A. Lieberman

Algebraic Theory of Linear Feedback Systems With Full and Decentralized Compensators (M88/1)
Charles A. Desoer and A.N. Gündeş