A Crossbar System for Multiprocessors (CSD-89-555)
Vason P. Srini and Linda G. Bushnell

Error Management and Debugging in Pan I (CSD-89-554)
Michael L. Van De Vanter

Branch Target Buffer Design (CSD-89-553)
Chris H. Perleberg

Branch Target Buffer Design and Optimization (CSD-89-552)
Chris H. Perleberg and Alan Jay Smith

Software Mechanisms for Multiprocessor TLB Consistency (CSD-89-551)
Shin-Yuan Tzou

Measurements of Wide Area Internet Traffic (CSD-89-550)
Ramon Caceres

Detecting Cusps and Inflection Points in Curves (CSD-89-549)
Dinesh Manocha and John F. Canny

Syntactic and Semantic Checking in Language-Based Editing Systems (CSD-89-548)
Robert Alan Ballance

Performance Analysis of Queuing Algorithms on Datakit T1 Trunk Lines (CSD-89-547)
Michael J. Hawley

Reducing and Manipulating Complex Trace Data (CSD-89-546)
Herve Touati and Alan Jay Smith

Semantically-Sensitive Macroprocessing (CSD-89-545)
William Maddox

Comparative Performance Evaluation of Garbage Collection Algorithms (CSD-89-544)
Benjamin G. Zorn

Parallel Algorithms for Combinatorial Search Problems (CSD-89-543)
Yanjun Zhang

Optimally Selecting the Parameters of Adaptive Backoff Algorithms for Computer Networks and Multiprocessors (CSD-89-542)
Peter B. Danzig

Tcl: An Embeddable Command Language (CSD-89-541)
John K. Ousterhout

Transparent Process Migration for Personal Workstations (CSD-89-540)
Frederick Douglis and John K. Ousterhout

Read-only Sharing in Operating Systems (CSD-89-539)
Ramesh Govindan

Managing the VLSI Design Process (CSD-89-538)
Tzi-cker F. Chiueh, Randy H. Katz and Valerie D. King

Support for Continuous Media in the Dash System (CSD-89-537)
David P. Anderson, Shin-Yuan Tzou, Robert Wahbe, Ramesh Govindan and Martin Andrews

The Bottom-Up Design of a Prolog Architecture (CSD-89-536)
Richard Carlson

Performance and Reliability in Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (CSD-89-535)
Garth A. Gibson

Multiprocessor Strategies for Ray-Tracing (CSD-89-534)
Robert Francis Boothe

Task Specification and Management in the VLSI Design Process (CSD-89-533)
Valerie D. King

XNUSIM -- Graphical Interface for a Multiprocessor Simulator (CSD-89-532)
Swee-Chee Pang

Area Efficient Cells for LagerIV's DPP Library (CSD-89-531)
Georges E. Smine and Vason P. Srini

REAL Manuals (CSD-89-530)
Srinivasan Keshav

High Performance Microprocessor Architectures (CSD-89-529)
Randy H. Katz and John L. Hennessy

Learning Read-Once Formulas with Queries (CSD-89-528)
Dana Angluin, Lisa Hellerstein and Marek Karpinski

A System for Computer Music Performance (CSD-89-527)
David P. Anderson and Ron Kuivila

Efficient Automated Protocol Implementation Using RTAG (CSD-89-526)
Diane Hernek and David P. Anderson

Tarmac: A Language System Substrate Based on Mobile Memory (CSD-89-525)
Steven E. Lucco and David P. Anderson

The Aquarius IIU Node: The Caches, the Address Translation Unit, and the VME bus Interface (CSD-89-524)
Georges E. Smine and Vason P. Srini

Prolog vs. Lisp (CSD-89-523)
Carl Glen Ponder

An Open Architecture for Improving VLSI Circuit Performance (CSD-89-522)
Fred W. Obermeier

Goal Analysis: Plan Recognition in Dialogue Systems (CSD-89-521)
James C. Mayfield

The Berkeley UNIX Consultant Project (CSD-89-520)
Robert Wilensky, David N. Chin, Marc Luria, James H. Martin, James Mayfield and Dekai Wu

Ladle (CSD-89-519)
Jacob Butcher

Procedural Generation of Geometric Objects (CSD-89-518)
Carlo H. Séquin, Seth Teller, Kevin Smith, Doris Karlson, Paul Heckbert, Brian Smith, Gabriel Cuka, William Foote, Manish Arya, Dan Dyckman, Narciso Jaramillo, Nathan Trueblood, John Boyland, Nina Amenta and Russell Lager

On Integrated Bibliography Processing (CSD-89-517)
Michael A. Harrison and Ethan V. Munson

Fundamentals of Texture Mapping and Image Warping (CSD-89-516)
Paul S. Heckbert

Effective Clustering and Buffering in an Object-Oriented DBMS (CSD-89-515)
Ellis E. Chang

Biased Anisotropic Diffusion--A Unified Regularization and Diffusion Approach to Edge Detection (CSD-89-514)
K. Niklas Nordstrom

Performance, Resources, and Complexity: A Systematic Approach to Microarchitectural Design (CSD-89-513)
Shing Ip Kong

Sprite Engineering Manual (CSD-89-512)
John K. Ousterhout

The Task of the Referee (CSD-89-511)
Alan Jay Smith

Implicit Storage Schemes for Quick Retrieval (CSD-89-510)
Simeon Naor

A Prolog Benchmark Suite for Aquarius (CSD-89-509)
Ralph Haygood

The SPUR CPU Behavioral Model (CSD-89-508)
Shing Kong

Design Synthesis of Monolithic CMOS Operational Amplifiers (CSD-89-507)
Han Young Koh

An Evaluation of Redundant Arrays of Disks using an Amdahl 5890 (CSD-89-506)
Peter M. Chen

Clocking and Synchronization Circuits in Multiprocessor Systems (CSD-89-505)
Deog-Kyoon Jeong

Aspects of Full-Custom VLSI Microprocessor Design and Implementation (CSD-89-504)
Daebum Lee

Algorithms for Weakly Triangulated Graphs (CSD-89-503)
Arvind Raghunathan

Restructuring Symbolic Programs for Concurrent Execution on Multiprocessors (CSD-89-502)
James Richard Larus

Simulation Analysis of Data Sharing in Shared Memory Multiprocessors (CSD-89-501)
Susan J. Eggers

A VLSI Chip Set for a Mutiprocessor Workstation (CSD-89-500)
Daebum Lee, Deog-Kyoon Jeong, David A. Wood, David A. Patterson, Mark D. Hill, Shing I. Kong, George S. Taylor, David A. Hodges, Susan J. Eggers, Garth A. Gibson and Randy H. Katz

Pseudo-File-Systems (CSD-89-499)
Brent B. Welch and John K. Ousterhout

A Framework for Multimedia Communication in a General-Purpose Distributed System (CSD-89-498)
David P. Anderson and Robert Wahbe

Disk System Architectures for High Performance Computing (CSD-89-497)
Randy H. Katz, Garth A. Gibson and David A. Patterson

The VLSI-PLM Board: Design, Construction, and Testing (CSD-89-496)
Lau T. Nguyen, Linda G. Bushnell and Vason P. Srini

Modeling the Behavioral Substrates of Associate Learning and Memory: Adaptive Neuronal Models (CSD-89-495)
Chuen-Chien Lee

Machine Characterization Based on an Abstract High Level Language Machine (CSD-89-494)
Rafael H. Saavedra-Barrera, Alan J. Smith and Eugene Miya

Massive Information Storage, Management, and Use (NSF Institutional Infrastructure Proposal) (CSD-89-493)
Computer Science Division

A Computer Aided Design Methodology For Printed Circuit Boards (CSD-89-492)
Linda G. Bushnell and Vason P. Srini

A computational model of texture perception (CSD-89-491)
Jitendra Malik and Pietro Perona

Verifying a Multiprocessor Cache Controller Using Random Case Generalization (CSD-89-490)
David A. Wood, Garth A. Gibson and Randy H. Katz

Techniques for Logic Validation of Digital Circuits (M89/140)
Hi-Keung Ma

Electrical and Optical Test Structures for the Investigation of Lithography over Topography (M89/139)
J. Ramirez

The Dynamic Response of a Tactile Sensor (M89/138)
E.M. Sladek and Ronald S. Fearing

On the Interaction of Functional and Timing Behaviour of Combinational Logic Circuits (M89/137)
Patrick C. McGeer

Numerical Error in Electron Orbits with Large omega_cc Delta t (M89/136)
S.E. Parker and Charles K. (Ned) Birdsall

CAD for Nonlinear Control Systems (M89/135)
A. Teel

A Viterbi Slave for a Large-Vocabulary Real-Time Speech Recognition System (M89/134)
A. Narayanaswamy

A VLSI Word Processing Subsystem for a Real Time Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition System (M89/133)
A. Stolzle

Extensions of Two-Level Minimization Methods with Applications to Multi-Level (M89/132)
A.A. Malik

Optimization-Based Control System Design for Infinite-Dimensional Systems (M89/131)
Ywh-Pyng Harn

Exploiting Cellular Automata in the Design of Cellular Neural Networks for Binary Image Processing (M89/130)
Leon O. Chua and B.E. Shi

Architectures for Statically Scheduled Dataflow (M89/129)
Edward A. Lee

Self-Timed Integrated Circuits for Digital Signal Processing (M89/128)
Gordon M. Jacobs

Kinematics, Planning and Control of Dextrous Robot Hands (M89/127)
Zexiang Li

The Application of Knowledge-Based Systems to Design Verification (M89/126)
Rick L. Spickelmier

Consistency in Dataflow Graphs (M89/125)
Edward A. Lee

A Stability Result (M89/124)
S. Sheikholeslam and Charles A. Desoer

Modeling Complex Manufacturing Processes Via Integration of Influence Diagrams and Neural Networks (M89/123)
F. Nadi

Self-Synchronizing Concurrent Computing Systems (M89/122)
Vijay K. Madisetti

Bias Voltage in Finite Length, Cylindrical and Coaxial RF Discharges (M89/121)
Michael A. Lieberman and S.E. Savas

Hybrid Control Schemes for Robot Manipulators and Hands Under Contrained Motion (M89/120)
A.A. Cole

On Rules, Procedures, Caching and Views in Data Base Systems (M89/119)
Michael Stonebraker, A. Jhingran, J. Goh and S. Potamianos

Global Optimization: A Naive Approach (M89/118)
Leon O. Chua

Determining the Axis of a Surface of Revolution Using Tactile Sensing (M89/117)
M. Berkemeier and Ronald S. Fearing

Traveling-Wave-Tube Simulation; The IBC Code (M89/116)
I. Morey and Charles K. (Ned) Birdsall

Robust Learning Control (M89/115)
G. Heinzinger, D. Fenwick, B. Paden and F. Miyazaki

Analytic Solutions and Particle Simulation of Cross-Field Plasma Sheaths (M89/114)
M.J. Gerver, S.E. Parker and K. Theilhaber

On the Optimal Control of System Described by Evolution Equations (M89/113)
T.E. Baker and Elijah Polak

Rate Preserving Discretization Strategies for Semi-Infinite Programming and Optimal Control (M89/112)
Elijah Polak and L. He

On the Rate of Convergence of Two Minimax Algorithms (M89/111)
E.J. Wiest and Elijah Polak

Distributed Databases in a Heterogeneous Computing Environment (M89/110)
Lawrence A. Rowe

Evolution of the Microfabrication Facility at Berkeley (M89/109)
K. Voros and P.K. Ko

1-D Map for the Double Scroll Family (M89/108)
Leon O. Chua and I. Tichonicky

The Global Analysis of Fuzzy Dynamical Systems (M89/107)
Yung-Yaw Chen

Longitudinal Control of a Platoon of Vehicles I: Linear Model (M89/106)
S. Sheikholeslam and Charles A. Desoer

Connections Between Some Criteria to Compare Fuzzy Information Systems (M89/105)
P. Gil, M.A. Gil, M.L. Menendez and L. Pardo

The Effects of Perfect and Sample Information on Fuzzy Utilities in Decision-Making (M89/104)
M.A. Gil and P. Jain

Comparison of Experiments in Decision Problems with Fuzzy Utilities. A Criterion Based on the Expected Value of Sample Information (M89/103)
M.A. Gil and P. Jain

A Note on Zadeh's Probabilistic Definition (M89/102)
M.A. Gil

Sufficiency and Fuzziness in Random Experiments (M89/101)
M.A. Gil

Stability of a Class of Nonreciprocal Cellular Neural Networks (M89/100)
Leon O. Chua and T. Roska

Approximate Tracking for Nonlinear Systems with Application to Flight Control (M89/99)
John E. Hauser

Oxidation of Silicon in an ECR Oxygen Plasma: Kinetics, Physico-Chemical and Electrical Properties (M89/98)
D.A. Carl, D.W. Hess and Michael A. Lieberman

Problems in the Control of Flexible Spacecrafts (M89/97)
Omer Morgül

Control and Stabilization of Flexible Space Structures (M89/96)
John J. Anagnost

Nonlinear Control Via Approximate Input-Output Linearization: The Ball and Beam Example (M89/95)
J. Hauser, S. Shankar Sastry and P. Kokotovic

An E-Active Barrier Function Method for Solving Minimax Problems (M89/94)
J.E. Higgins and E. Polak

Indirect Techniques for Adaptive Input Output Linearization of Nonlinear Systems (M89/93)
A. Teel, R. Kadiyala, P. Kokotovic and S. Shankar Sastry

On the Extension of Newton's Method to Semi-Infinite Minimax Problems (M89/92)
Elijah Polak, D.Q. Mayne and J.E. Higgins

Fuzzy Logic in Control Systems: Fuzzy Logic Controller-II (M89/91)
C-C. Lee

Fuzzy Logic in Control Systems: Fuzzy Logic Controller-I (M89/90)
C-C. Lee

Parallel Direct-Method Solution of a Sparse Linear System of Equations (M89/89)
A. Ghosh

Consistency and Observability Invariance in Multi-Level Logic Synthesis (M89/88)
P. McGeer and Robert K. Brayton

Extended Stuck-Fault Testability for Combinational Networks (M89/87)
R.C. McGeer, Robert K. Brayton, R.L. Rudell and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Image Thinning with a Cellular Neural Network (M89/86)
T. Matsumoto, Leon O. Chua and T. Yokohama

Multilevel Behavioral Verification for VLSI Design (M89/85)
Seung H. Hwang

A Self-Learning Rule-Based Controller Employing Approximate Reasoning and Neural Net Concepts (M89/84)
C-C. Lee

MARINER: A Sea of Gates Layout System (M89/83)
W.A. Christopher

A Commentary on the POSTGRES Rules System (M89/82)
Michael Stonebraker, Marti Hearst and S. Potamianos

GM: A New Gate Matrix Layout System (M89/81)
D-M. Xu

Automatic Layout of Silicon-on-Silicon Hybrid Packages (M89/80)
M. Pedram

Parametric Instabilities in the Discrete Sine-Gordon Equation (M89/79)
C.G. Goedde, Allan J. Lichtenberg and Michael A. Lieberman

A Retargable Microcode Generator for the Lager Environment (M89/78)
M.F. Mar

Asynchronous Dynamical Systems Part II: Non-Determinism and Realization (M89/77)
K. Inan

Test Structures for N-Level Metal (M89/76)
D.M. Drako and D.E. Lyons

Planar Multilevel Metallization Using Additive Pattern Transfer (M89/75)
D.E. Lyons

An Elementary Proof of the Routh-Hurwitz Stability Criterion (M89/74)
J.J. Anagnost and Charles A. Desoer

SCHEM: Parameterizable Schematic Entry System Using Automatic Symbol Generation (M89/73)
J.S. Min

Extraction of Topography Dependent Electrical Characteristics From Process Simulation Using SIMPL, with Application to Planarization and Dense Interconnect Technologies (M89/72)
Edward W. Scheckler

Simulation of Topography Scattering for Optical Lithography with the Connection Machine (M89/71)
J.K. Gamelin

SPICE3 Implementation of a Non-Quasi-Static MOSFET Model with Level-2 DC Model (M89/70)
H.J. Park, P.K. Ko and Chenming Hu

Separable Semantic Optimization (M89/69)
W. Hong and Eugene Wong

Effects of Excimer Laser Radiation Properties on Condenser Illumination for Microlithography (M89/68)
W.N. Partlo

An Integrated Graphical Environment for Operating IC Process Simulators (M89/67)
A.S. Wong

CNN Cloning Template: Hole-Filler (M89/66)
T. Matsumoto, Leon O. Chua and R. Furukawa

CNN Cloning Template: Connected Component Detector (M89/65)
T. Matsumoto, Leon O. Chua and H. Suzuki

Factorization Approach to Nonlinear Feedback Systems (M89/64)
Charles A. Desoer and M.G. Kabuli

Steady-State Methods for Simulating Analog Circuits (M89/63)
Kenneth S. Kundert

An Empirical Study of Three Hardware Cache Consistency Schemes for Large Shared Memory Multiprocessors (M89/62)
B.W. O'Krafka

Generalized Multi-Server Queueing Systems (M89/61)
N. Bambos and Jean Walrand

Robotic Assembly and Hand Design (M89/60)
C.S. Sallaberger

Asynchronous Dynamical Systems I (M89/59)
K. Inan

MOLE - A New Template Based Router (M89/58)
A. Srinivasan

Compile-Time Scheduling and Assignment of Dataflow Program Graphs with Data-Dependent Iteration (M89/57)
S. Ha and Edward A. Lee

Distributed RAID - A New Multiple Copy Algorithm (M89/56)
Michael Stonebraker

On the Linear Convergence of the Pshenichnyi Method of Linearizations (M89/55)
E.J. Wiest and Elijah Polak

Zero Dynamics of Regularly Perturbed Systems are Singularly Perturbed (M89/54)
S. Shankar Sastry, J. Hauser and P. Kokotovic

Canonical Realization of Chua's Circuit Family (M89/53)
Leon O. Chua and G-N. Lin

Recurrences, Iteration, and Conditionals in Statically Scheduled Data Flow (M89/52)
Edward A. Lee

Theoretical Aspect of Relaxation-Based and Nonlinear Frequency Domain Circuit Simulation (M89/51)
Tammy T.-C. Huang

Algorithms for Multilevel Logic Optimization (M89/50)
Albert R. R. Wang

Logic Synthesis for VLSI Design (M89/49)
Richard L. Rudell

SPICE3 Distortion Analysis (M89/48)
J.S. Roychowdhury

Benchmark Circuits: Results for SPICE3 (M89/47)
T. Quarles

SPICE3 Version 3C1 Users Guide (M89/46)
T. Quarles

Adding Devices to SPICE3 (M89/45)
T. Quarles

The SPICE3 Implementation Guide (M89/44)
T. Quarles

The Front End to Simulator Interface (M89/43)
T. Quarles

Analysis of Performance and Convergence Issues for Circuit Simulation (M89/42)
Thomas L. Quarles

SOVAR: Smart Memories for Out-of-Order Execution VLSI Architectures (M89/41)
Gregory A. Uvieghara

Notes on Fundamentals of Optimization for Engineers (M89/40)
Elijah Polak

FLIP: A Graphic User Interface for Management and Utilization of Facilities (M89/39)
A.C. West

Secure Random Number Generation Using Chaotic Circuits (M89/38)
G.M. Bernstein and Michael A. Lieberman

An Algorithm for Optimal Slewing of Flexible Structures (M89/37)
T.E. Baker and Elijah Polak

BEAR Manual (M89/36)
W-M. Dai, M. Marek-Sadowska, B. Chen, M. Pedram and S. Solden

Report on the 1989 Software CAD Databases Workshop (M89/35)
Lawrence A. Rowe

Indexing Techniques for Historical Databases (M89/34)
C. Kolovson and Michael Stonebraker

Design of a Finite Dimensional Stabilizing Compensator for a Flexible Beam with Point Actuators and Sensors (M89/33)
Y-P. Harn and Elijah Polak

The Complete Canonical Piecewise-Linear Representation (M89/32)
C. Kahlert and Leon O. Chua

Implementation of Algorithms for the Periodic-Steady-State Analysis (M89/31)
P.N. Ashar

Model of Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation (M89/30)
Michael A. Lieberman

Simulated Annealing: Theory and Applications to Layout Problems (M89/29)
Fabio I. Romeo

Retiming and Resynthesis: Optimizing Sequential Networks with Combinational Techniques (M89/28)
S. Malik, E.M. Sentovich, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Extraction of Topography Dependent Electrical Characteristics from Process Simulation Using SIMPL, with Application to Planarization and Dense Interconnect Technologies (M89/27)
E.W. Scheckler

Ethernet on One Phone Line (M89/26)
Martin H. Graham

Multiple Query Optimization Through State Transition and Decomposition (M89/25)
W. Hong and Eugene Wong

High-Speed Data Transmission on Telephone Wires (M89/24)
Martin H. Graham

A Divide-and-Conquer Algorithm for the Automatic Layout of Large Directed Graphs (M89/23)
E.B. Messinger, Lawrence A. Rowe and R.H. Henry

Diffusion on Two Space and Time Scales (M89/22)
Allan J. Lichtenberg and B.P. Wood

A Circuit Disassembly Technique for Synthesizing Symbolic Layouts from Mask Descriptions (M89/21)
B. Lin

Charge-Sheet and Non-Quasi-Static MOSFET Models for SPICE (M89/20)
Hong J. Park

A Unified Approach for the Control of Multifingered Robot Hands (M89/19)
Z. Li and S. Shankar Sastry

Alternatives in Complex Object Representation: A Performance Perspective (M89/18)
A. Jhingran and Michael Stonebraker

The Case for Partial Indexes (M89/17)
Michael Stonebraker

Parallelism in XPRS (M89/16)
Michael Stonebraker, P. Aoki and M. Seltzer

A Performance Study of Optimization Algorithms on a Database System Supporting Procedures (M89/15)
A. Jhingran

Exact Nonlinear Attitude Control Laws for a Flexible Spacecraft (M89/14)
J.J. Anagnost and Charles A. Desoer

Robot Motion Planning with Nonholonomic Constraints (M89/13)
Z. Li and John F. Canny

On Motion Planning for Dexterous Manipulation, Part I: The Problem Formulation (M89/12)
Z. Li, John F. Canny and S. Shankar Sastry

Design and Implementation of a Six Axis Robot Controller (M89/11)
G.B. Doshi

Nonsmooth Optimization Algorithms for the Design of Controlled Flexible Structures (M89/10)
Elijah Polak

Stochastic Neural Networks (M89/9)
Eugene Wong

Exact Algorithms for Output Encoding, State Assignment and Four-Level Boolean Minimization (M89/8)
S. Devadas and A. Richard Newton

A Unified Phase I-Phase II Method of Feasible Directions for Semi-Infinite Optimization (M89/7)
Elijah Polak and L. He

On the Design of Finite Dimensional Stabilizing Compensators for Infinite Dimensional Feedback-Systems Via Semi-Infinite Optimization (M89/6)
P-Y. Harn and Elijah Polak

Control and Stabilization of a Flexible Beam Attached to a Rigid Body (M89/5)
O. Morgul

Modeling and Model Inversion Issues in a Nonlinear Automatic Flight Control System for the YAV-8B Harrier V/STOL Aircraft (M89/4)
J.F. Sifer and G. Meyer

Control Experiments in Planar Manipulation and Grasping (M89/3)
R.M. Murray

Accurate Timing Verification for Digital VLSI Designs (M89/2)
Young H. Kim

Implementing Boltzmann Machines (M90/1)
Eugene Wong

Optimization Techniques for Neural Networks (M89/1)
A.H. Kramer and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli