Pattern-Based Languages for Prototyping of Compiler Optimizers (CSD-90-608)
Charles Donald Farnum

Performance Prediction by Benchmark and Machine Analysis (CSD-90-607)
Rafael H. Saavedra-Barrera and Alan Jay Smith

Introduction to the Berkeley Unigrafix Tools, Version 3.0 (CSD-90-606)
Carlo H. Séquin and Kevin P. Smith

BiblioText Version 5.0: A Hypertext Browser for Bibliographic Data and Notes (CSD-90-603)
Michael L. Van De Vanter

Construction of Smooth Curves and Surfaces from Polyhedral Models (CSD-90-602)
Leon A. Shirman

Constraint-based Document Presentation (CSD-90-601)
Wayne A. Christopher

Can Logic Programming Execute as Fast as Imperative Programming? (CSD-90-600)
Peter Lodewijk Van Roy

Meta-Scheduling For Distributed Continuous Media (CSD-90-599)
David P. Anderson

Transparent Process Migration in the Sprite Operating System (CSD-90-598)
Frederick Douglis

Implementation Issues For a Network Continuous-Media I/O Server (CSD-90-597)
George Homsy, Ramesh Govindan and David P. Anderson

Abstractions for Continuous Media in a Network Window System (CSD-90-596)
David P. Anderson, Ramesh Govindan and George Homsy

Simulation of Anisotropic Crystal Etching (CSD-90-595)
Bill Foote

Fine-grain Parallelism with Minimal Hardware Support: A Compiler-Controlled Threaded Abstract Machine (CSD-90-594)
David E. Culler, Anurug Soh, Klaus Erik Schauser, Thorsten von Eicken and John Wawrzynek

The Pan Language-Based Editing System For Integrated Development Environments (CSD-90-593)
Robert A. Ballance, Susan L. Graham and Michael L. Van De Vanter

Implicitizing Rational Parametric Surfaces (CSD-90-592)
Dinesh Manocha and John F. Canny

Coherent User Interfaces for Language-Based Editing Systems (CSD-90-591)
Michael L. Van De Vanter, Robert A. Ballance and Susan L. Graham

Detecting and localizing edges composed of steps, peaks and roofs (CSD-90-590)
Pietro Perona and Jitendra Malik

PPP: The Pan Program Presenter (CSD-90-589)
Christina L. Black

Exploiting Fine Grain Parallelism in Prolog (CSD-90-588)
Ashok Singhal

Improved Error Bounds for Underdetermined System Solvers (CSD-90-587)
James W. Demmel and Nicholas J. Higham

A Simpler Analysis of the Karp-Zhang Parallel Branch-and-Bound Method (CSD-90-586)
Abhiram Ranade

Sentences, Situations and Propositions (CSD-90-585)
Robert Wilensky

Stability of Block Algorithms with Fast Level 3 BLAS (CSD-90-584)
James W. Demmel and Nicholas J. Higham

Extended DCG Notation: A Tool for Applicative Programming in Prolog (CSD-90-583)
Peter Lodewijk Van Roy

Implementing Ada Fixed-point Types having Arbitrary Scales (CSD-90-582)
Paul N. Hilfinger

An Interactive Multimedia Tutoring System For Digital Signal Processing (CSD-90-581)
Sam Pointer

Summary Information for LANs at Level 1 in IS-IS (CSD-90-580)
Keith Sklower

Pythia: A Parallel Compiler for Delirium (CSD-90-579)
Oliver Sharp

MIMIC, A Custom VLSI Parallel Processor for Musical Sound Synthesis (CSD-90-578)
John Wawrzynek and Thorsten von Eicken

Modeling Implicit Quadrics and Free-form Surfaces With Trimmed Rational Quadratic Bezier Patches (CSD-90-577)
Seth J. Teller and Carlo H. Séquin

Corner-Stitched Tiles with Curved Boundaries (CSD-90-576)
Carlo H. Séquin

Hybrid Memory Management for Parallel Execution of Prolog on Shared Memory Multiprocessors (CSD-90-575)
Tam Minh Nguyen

Performance Measurements of the First RAID Prototype (CSD-90-574)
Ann L. Chervenak

Software and Performance Issues in the Implementation of a RAID Prototype (CSD-90-573)
Edward K. Lee

REDER: REtrieval of Documents based on Evidential Reasoning (CSD-90-572)
Lung Albert Chen

Parametric Bernstein/Bezier Curves and Tensor Product Surfaces (CSD-90-571)
Brian A. Barsky

Interactive Type Synthesis of Mechanisms (CSD-90-570)
Eric Enderton

Analysis of Multithreaded Architectures for Parallel Computing (CSD-90-569)
Rafael H. Saavedra-Barrera, David E. Culler and Thorsten von Eicken

Numbering Document Components (CSD-90-568)
Michael A. Harrison and Ethan V. Munson

Naming, State Management, and User-Level Extensions in the Sprite Distributed File System (CSD-90-567)
Brent Ballinger Welch

Integrated Digital Continuous Media: A Framework Based on Mach, X11, and TCP/IP (CSD-90-566)
David P. Anderson, Ramesh Govindan, George Homsy and Robert Wahbe

The Design and Evaluation of In-Cache Address Translation (CSD-90-565)
David A. Wood

Design and Simulation of the Key Components of the Aquarius IIU System (CSD-90-564)
Darren R. Busing

Input/Output Buffers for ASP (CSD-90-563)
Angela Cheng

SRP: A Resource Reservation Protocol for Guaranteed-Performance Communication in the Internet (CSD-90-562)
David P. Anderson, Ralf Guido Herriwich and Carl Schaefer

New Pseudo-Random Generators for Weak Random Sources (CSD-90-561)
David Zuckerman

Rational Curves with Polynomial Parameterization (CSD-90-560)
Dinesh Manocha and John F. Canny

Maximizing Performance in a Striped Disk Array (CSD-90-559)
Peter M. Chen and David A. Patterson

Programming Language Support for Geometric Computations (CSD-90-557)
Mark Gordon Segal

A Compiler for Application-Specific Signal Processors (CSD-90-556)
Kenneth Edward Rimey

Multi-Valued Decision Diagrams (M90/125)
T.Y.K. Kam and Robert K. Brayton

Algorithms for Three-Dimensional Simulation of Photoresist Development (M90/123)
Kenny K. H. Toh

Hot-Wall Silicon Epitaxy (M90/122)
Carl J. Galewski

HIP: A Hypermedia Extension of the Picasso Application Framework (M90/121)
B.S. Becker and Lawrence A. Rowe

Cache Consistency and Concurrency Control in a Client/Server DMBS Architecture (M90/120)
Y. Wang and Lawrence A. Rowe

A Multiprocessor Scheduling Strategy (M90/119)
G.C. Sih and Edward A. Lee

BEAR-FP Manual Distribution 1.0 (M90/118)
M. Pedram, W-M. Dai, M. Marek-Sadowska, G. Carvalho, Jr., D. Wang and B. Chen

Robotic Control and Nonholonomic Motion Planning (M90/117)
Richard M. Murray

The Effect of Integrator Leak in Sigma-Delta Modulation (M90/116)
O. Feely and Leon O. Chua

Combinational Logic Optimization Techniques in Sequential Logic Analysis (M90/115)
Sharad Malik

Phase-Locked Loop Macromodels (M90/114)
E. Tan

Multiple Layer Cellular Neural Networks: A Tutorial (M90/113)
Leon O. Chua and B.E. Shi

NECTAR: A Knowledge-Based Framework for Analog Circuit Verification (M90/112)
Theologos M. Kelessoglou

Vector Quantization Code Book Design Using Neural Networks (M90/111)
T.M. Parks

A Framework for Satisfying Input and Output Encoding Constraints (M90/110)
A. Saldanha, T. Villa, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Performance-Oriented Technology Mapping (M90/109)
Herve J. Touati

Interruptible Electric Power Service Contracts (M90/108)
C-W. Tan and Pravin Varaiya

A Dual Quadratic Programming Algorithm for Performance-Driven Placement (M90/107)
A. Srinivasan

An Application-Specific Ad Hoc Query Interface (M90/106)
B. Smith and Lawrence A. Rowe

Indexing Techniques for Multidimensional Spatial Data and Historical Data in Database Management Systems (M90/105)
Curtis P. Kolovson

The Identification of General Pseudo- Reciprocal Vector Fields (M90/104)
R. Lum and Leon O. Chua

Techniques for IC Symbolic Layout and Compaction (M90/103)
Jeffrey L. Burns

Novel Routing Schemes for IC Layout Part II: Three-Layer Channel Routing (M90/102)
D. Wang and Ernest S. Kuh

Novel Routing Schemes for IC Layout Part I: Two-Layer Channel Routing (M90/101)
D. Wang and Ernest S. Kuh

Characterization of the Processing Plasma in an Engineering Prototype Reactor for Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation (M90/100)
R.A. Stewart, X.Y. Qian, D.A. Carl, B. Lake, Jr., J. Benasso, R. Lynch, C.A. Pico, Michael A. Lieberman and Nathan W. Cheung

Synthesis of Verifiably Hazard-Free Asynchronous Control Circuits (M90/99)
L. Lavagno, Kurt Keutzer and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Bifurcation and Chaos in Power Systems: A Survey (M90/98)
Pravin Varaiya, Felix F. Wu and H-D. Chiang

Layout-Oriented Technology Mapping and IO Pad Assignment (M90/97)
M.P. Pedram, N. Bhat and K. Chaudhary

An Inversion-Layer Mobility Model for CODECS (M90/96)
D.A. Gates

FAULTS: An Equipment Maintenance and Repair System Using a Relational Database (M90/95)
D.C. Mudie and N.H. Chang

Convergence Rate Analyses of Optimization Algorithms for Computer-Aided Design (M90/94)
Edward J. Wiest

Developing a Guide Using Object-Oriented Programming (M90/93)
J. Konstan and Lawrence A. Rowe

A Standard Software Platform for Shared Memory Multiprocessor Signal Processing Systems (M90/92)
M. Arya

Stochastic Cycle Time Optimization of Sequential Systems (M90/91)
A. Srinivasan, S. Seshadri and J.G. Shanthikumar

Design and Modeling of Deep-Submicrometer MOSFETs (M90/90)
Min-Chie Jeng

Investigation of a Focused-Image Lens-Hologram Projection System for Microlithography (M90/89)
Ginetto Addiego

Horseshoes in the Twist and Flip Map (M90/88)
R. Brown and Leon O. Chua

The Identification of Pseudo-Reciprocal Piecewise-Linear Vector Fields (M90/87)
R. Lum and Leon O. Chua

The Identification of General Pseudo- Gradient Vector Fields (M90/86)
R. Lum and Leon O. Chua

The Identification of Pseudo-Gradient Vector Fields (M90/85)
R. Lum and Leon O. Chua

Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation for VLSI Fabrication (M90/84)
X.Y. Qian, Nathan W. Cheung and Michael A. Lieberman

Sheath Motion in a Capacitively Coupled Radio Frequency Discharges (M90/83)
B.P. Wood, Michael A. Lieberman and Allan J. Lichtenberg

Metal Vapor Vacuum Arc Ion Implantation for Seeding of Electroless Cu Plating (M90/82)
X.Y. Qian, M.H. Kiang, Nathan W. Cheung, I.G. Brown, X. Godechot, J.E. Galvin, R.A. MacGill and K.M. Yu

Axial RF Electric Field Intensity and Ion Density During Low to High Mode Transition in Argon Electron Cyclotron Resonance Discharges (M90/81)
D.A. Carl, M.C. Williamson, Michael A. Lieberman and Allan J. Lichtenberg

Picasso Widget Writer's Guide (M90/80)
S. Seitz and P. Schank

Picasso Reference Manual (M90/79)
P. Schank, J. Konstan, C. Liu, Lawrence A. Rowe, S. Seitz and B. Smith

A Case Study of Ad Hoc Query Languages to Databases (M90/78)
J.E. Bell and Lawrence A. Rowe

The Berkeley Process-Flow Language WIP System (M90/77)
C.J. Hegarty, Lawrence A. Rowe and C.B. Williams

Incremental Synthesis for ``Engineering Changes'' (M90/76)
Y. Watanabe and Robert K. Brayton

On the Interpretation of Grades of Membership in Fuzzy Data from Random Experiments (M90/75)
M.A. Gil

A Connection Between Fuzzy Numbers and Random Intervals (M90/74)
M.A. Gil

Calculation of the Emission Spectrum of DFB and DBR Lasers (M90/73)
J-P. Weber and S. Wang

A Comprehensive Analysis of Distribution Automation Systems (M90/72)
L. Murphy and Felix F. Wu

Generic Properties of Continuous Piecewise-Linear Vector Fields in R^2 (M90/71)
R. Lum and Leon O. Chua

Device Modelling by Radial Basis Functions (M90/70)
A.I. Mees, M.F. Jackson and Leon O. Chua

A 1-Bit/Cycle Algorithmic Analog-to- Digital Converter Without High-Precision Comparators (M90/69)
G. Jusuf and Paul R. Gray

MIS-MV: Optimization of Multi-Level Logic with Multiple-Valued Inputs (M90/68)
L. Lavagno, S. Malik, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Simultaneous Potential and Circuit Solution for Bounded Plasma Particle Simulation Codes (M90/67)
J.P. Verboncoeur, M.V. Alves and V. Vahedi

Multi-Folding: A New Chaotic Attractor Formation Mechanism in a Drive R-L-Diode Circuit (M90/66)
S. Tanaka, T. Matsumoto, J. Noguchi and Leon O. Chua

Design and Management of Curtailable Electricity Service to Reduce Annual Peaks (M90/65)
S.S. Oren and S.A. Smith

Pricing Delivery Priority and Spec. Level of Semiconductor Products (M90/64)
K.J. Min and S.S. Oren

Optimal Architectures for an Integrated NTSC Decoder (M90/63)
K. Nishimura

The Design of the Berkeley Process-Flow Language (M90/62)
Lawrence A. Rowe, C. Williams and C. Hegarty

Monitoring, Maintenance and Diagnosis in a Computer-Integrated Environment for Semiconductor Manufacturing (M90/61)
Norman H. Chang

A One Dimensional Collisional Model for Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation (M90/60)
V. Vahedi, Michael A. Lieberman, M.V. Alves, J.P. Verboncoeur and Charles K. (Ned) Birdsall

Power Absorption Corresponding to Ion Losses in Parallel Plate RF Discharges (M90/59)
A.H. Sato

Model of Magnetically Enhanced Capacitive RF Discharges (M90/58)
Michael A. Lieberman, Allan J. Lichtenberg and S.E. Savas

Control of Interconnected Nonlinear Dynamical Systems: The Platoon Problem (M90/57)
S. Sheikholeslam and Charles A. Desoer

Sheath Voltage Ratio for Asymmetric RF Discharges (M90/56)
M.V. Alves, Michael A. Lieberman, V. Vahedi and Charles K. (Ned) Birdsall

Performance Limitations on High-Resolution Video-Rate Analog-Digital Interfaces (M90/55)
Yuh-Min R. Lin

Multistart Method with Estimation Scheme for Global Satisfycing Problems (M90/54)
L. He and Elijah Polak

A Reconfigurable Multiprocessor System for DSP Behavioral Simulation (M90/53)
Wook Koh

Cell Generation and Two-Dimensional Folding for VLSI Layout (M90/52)
D-M. Xu

Optimal Decoding for Sigma Delta Modulators (M90/51)
S. Hein and Avideh Zakhor

High-Speed Clock Recovery in VLSI Using Hybrid Analog/Digital Techniques (M90/50)
Beomsup Kim

Electron Beam Probe Measurements of Electric Fields in RF Discharges (M90/49)
A.H. Sato and Michael A. Lieberman

A Structured Editor for Process Specification (M90/48)
J.C. Sedayao and Lawrence A. Rowe

Parallel Query Processing in XPRS (M90/47)
W. Hong and Michael Stonebraker

A Generalized Quadratic Progamming-Based Phase I-Phase II Method for Inequality- Constrained Optimization (M90/46)
E.J. Wiest and Elijah Polak

Don't Care Minimization of Multi-Level Sequential Logic Networks (M90/45)
B. Lin and A. Richard Newton

Modeling and Characterization of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment: An Application to LPCVD Reactors (M90/44)
Kuang-Kuo Lin

Variational Edge Detection (M90/43)
Niklas K. Nordstrom

Arnold Diffusion in Weakly Coupled Standard Maps (M90/42)
B.P. Wood, Allan J. Lichtenberg and Michael A. Lieberman

Mechanisms of Silicon Etching in Fluorine- and Chlorine-Containing Plasmas (M90/41)
D.L. Flamm

CLING/SQL - Common LISP to INGRES/SQL Interface (M90/40)
D. Charness and Lawrence A. Rowe

Control Primitives for Robot Systems (M90/39)
D.C. Deno, R.M. Murray, Kristofer Pister and S. Shankar Sastry

Invariance Properties of Continuous Piecewise-Linear Vector Fields (M90/38)
R. Lum and Leon O. Chua

Transaction Support In Read Optimized and Write Optimized File Systems (M90/37)
M. Seltzer and Michael Stonebraker

On Rules, Procedures, Caching and Views In Database Systems (M90/36)
Michael Stonebraker, A. Jhingran, J. Goh and S. Potamianos

S-TREES: Database Indexing Techniques for Multi-Dimensional Interval Data (M90/35)
C.P. Kolovson and Michael Stonebraker

The Implementation of POSTGRES (M90/34)
Michael Stonebraker, Lawrence A. Rowe and M. Hirohama

A Unified Framework for Version Modeling Using Production Rules in a Database System (M90/33)
L-P. Ong and J.K.S. Goh

A Comparison of Two Representations for Complex Objects (M90/32)
A. Jhingran and Michael Stonebraker

A Method of Centers Based on Barrier Functions for Solving Optimal Control Problems with Continuum State and Control Constraints (M90/31)
Elijah Polak, T.H. Yang and D.Q. Mayne

Modeling and Simulation of Hot-Carrier Effects in MOS Devices and Circuits (M90/30)
Peter M. Lee

Global Properties of Continuous Piecewise-Linear Vector Fields Part II: Simplest Symmetric Case in R^2 (M90/29)
R. Lum and Leon O. Chua

Third-Generation Data Base System Manifesto (M90/28)
The Committee for Advanced DBMS Function

A Novel Approach to IC Performance Optimization by Clock Routing (M90/27)
M.A.B. Jackson, A. Srinivasan and Ernest S. Kuh

The Complete Canonical Piecewise-Linear Representation I. The Geometry of the Domain Space (M90/26)
C. Kahlert and Leon O. Chua

Kinetics of Photoresist Etching in an Electron Cyclotron Resonance Plasma (M90/25)
D.A. Carl, D.W. Hess and Michael A. Lieberman

Grasping and Manipulation Using Multifingered Robot Hands (M90/24)
R.M. Murray and S. Shankar Sastry

Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation for Impurity Gettering in Silicon Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation and Dose Loss in Impurity Gettering Experiment (M90/23)
H. Wong, X.Y. Qian, D. Carl, Nathan W. Cheung, Michael A. Lieberman, I.G. Brown and K.M. Yu

Global Properties of Continuous Piecewise-Linear Vector Fields Part I: Simplest Case in R^2 (M90/22)
R. Lum and Leon O. Chua

Multiple-Output Shared Transistor Logic (MOSTL) Family Synthesized Using Binary Decision Diagram (M90/21)
T. Sakurai, B. Lin and A. Richard Newton

MOSFET Model Parameter Extraction Based on Fast Simulated Diffusion (M90/20)
T. Sakurai and A. Richard Newton

A Simple MOSFET Model for Circuit Analysis and Its Application to CMOS Gate Delay Analysis and Series-Connected MOSFET Structure (M90/19)
T. Sakurai and A. Richard Newton

The Picasso Application Framework (M90/18)
Lawrence A. Rowe, J. Konstan, B. Smith, S. Seitz and C. Liu

Experiments in Hierarchical Routing of General Areas (M90/17)
B.D.N. Lee

Intermittency in a Piecewise-Linear Circuit (M90/16)
Leon O. Chua and G. Lin

VLSI Implementation of a Configurable Multiprocessor System for DSP Behavioral Simulation (M90/15)
A.K.W. Yeung

CNN Cloning Template: Shadow Detector (M90/14)
T. Matsumoto, Leon O. Chua and H. Suzuki

Finite-Termination Schemes for Solving Semi-Infinite Satisfying Problems (M90/13)
Elijah Polak and L. He

Human Factors Evaluation of a Textual, Graphical, and Natural Language Query Interfaces (M90/12)
J.E. Bell and Lawrence A. Rowe

Improving Software Fault Tolerance in Highly Available Database Systems (M90/11)
M. Sullivan and Michael Stonebraker

Theory of a Helical Resonator Plasma Source (M90/10)
Michael A. Lieberman, Allan J. Lichtenberg and D.L. Flamm

An Elementary Proof of the Routh-Hurwitz Stability Criterion (M90/9)
J.J. Anagnost and Charles A. Desoer

Special Issues in Semiconductor Manufacturing (M90/8)
Costas J. Spanos, E.D. Boskin, Y.K. Fong, T. Garfinkel, H. Guo, C.J. Hegarty, T.H. Hu, S.F. Lee, T.L. Luan, G.S. May, J. Ramirez and E. Rosenbaum

A Tool for Collection of I-V Statistics Using the HP-4062 Semiconductor Parametric Test System (M90/7)
C-R. Ni

Bivariate Time Series Analysis of Simulated Annealing Data (M90/6)
B.B. Sorkin

Univariate Time Series Analysis of Simulated Annealing Data (M90/5)
G.B. Sorkin

BERT - Circuit Oxide Reliability Simulator (CORS) (M90/4)
E. Rosenbaum, P.M. Lee, R. Moazzami, P.K. Ko and Chenming Hu

BERT - Circuit Electromigration Simulator (M90/3)
B.K. Liew, P. Fang, Nathan W. Cheung and Chenming Hu

BERT - Circuit Aging Simulator (CAS) (M90/2)
P.M. Lee, M.M. Kuo, P.K. Ko and Chenming Hu